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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa WMW.* ■\9*jMpjjp BIG GEORGE! The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Dec. 13, 1974 V|rgiiPartch Consumer Debate: Higher Tar in Cigarets or Furniture Inflation I haven I eaten in days so it s gotta he the air I'm breathing-it's fattening!'* State Approves Aid Payments AM KS — The Iowa highway commission Wednesday gave approval for the payment of relocation assistance claims, right-of-way acquisition and condemnation awards. Action involving Eastern Iowans included the following: Clayton county — Elmer DOT Adopts Policy Statement AMES — As required by the legislative act which created the department of transportation, the DOT Wednesday adopted a policy statement for submission to the legislature The stated goal of the transportation unit is “to assure adequate, safe and efficient transportation facilities and services to the public.” To accomplish this goal and carry out its plan to “develop a total transportation system plan,” the DOT will “encourage and assist” the following: Development of general aviation, airport facilities and air-carrier services; the general development of and efficient use of highway transportation; public passenger transportation systems; a viable railroad system, and programs for proper use of river transportation. WM tm Senior Citizen Buses Cedar Rapids System Telephone 383-8244 Area Ten (SEATS) In Cedar Rapids 398-5005 Elsewhere 800-332-5096 V - RNE HOME FURNISHINGS Open tonite til 9 Available In Our Jewelry Dept. The Texas Instruments SR-IO electronic calculator ... a good deal more for your money. SCQ95 new low price V W [• an extra function calculator at an economical price I* Special key functions square roots, squares, reciprocals, change sign, scientific notation — as well as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I* Instant 8 place occurocy, from simple arithmetic* to complex equations. |» fast recharge long life NiCad batteries AC adapter/charger included. Pocket portability. Weighs only 9 ounces. I* Automatic (full flouting) decimal placement in answers. By Michael J. ( onion WASHINGTON (UFI) -One Issue Ixung thrashed out these days on an obscure level in the government’s regulatory machinery presents an interesting question in terms of trade-off for the consumer. The two sides involved are arguing, among other things, whether Americans should be subjected to higher furniture prices or exposed to cigarets with more dangerous doses of tar and nicotine. The issue is whether the government should order the furniture industry to start turning out upholstered products that are more fire resist ant, such as when a cigaret is dropped on them, or whether the tobacco industry should be forced to make cigarets that put themselves out before they set the upholstery on fire. The furniture industry says prices for its upholstered products would jump by 25 percent if it had to burn-proof them to handle present-day cigarets. The tobacco industry says cigarets that would go out if not puffed on would cost more and would be so tightly packed that the smoker would be getting an unacceptably high dose of the same cancer causing elements the govern ment has been trying to notify pimple about for years. The tobacco people say a cigaret left untouched really doesn’t burn that long anyway. The furniture forces say they tested one that burned for 27 minutes without puffing and for up to 50 minutes when wedged down between furni ture cushions. The cigaret makers say a self-extinguishing cigaret is technically feasible but practically impossible. The furniture makers say there are no k^s than 27 different patents out for self-extinguishing cigarets. Schutte was awarded $15,000 for relocation due to U.S. highway 52 construction. Right-of-way for highway 52 is to be purchased from the following Clayton county property owners: Eugene Miller, $27,063; Helen Ingles, $5,500; Gilbert Barnhart, $50,000; LcRoy Ixieffelholz, $17,250; and Guttenberg Community Golf Club, Inc., $10,725 Linn county — Relocation claims for interstate 380 construction were awarded to the following: Edith Mozena, $1,806; Kiln and Donald (Jordon, $3,000; Bradford and Donna Gordon, $3,000, and George Snyder III, $1,548. 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