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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa MI NAIIOHAl WI AINU «*VICf K>MCA#f ii TAW *%* «-l2 - >4 2*33 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., December It, 1974 M Richard A. Ainsworth Council Praised for Decision On Films; Suit Is Threatened Frank Cosgrove, n •    .    n    Richard    Andrew    Ainsworth, rrominent v->. l\.    65(    Tower    Terrace,    died    Tues-! Accountant Dies fo|‘f)w'n8 a sudden illness. By Mike Deupree    holies? Haven't we got enough Cedar Rapids), who served as Frank M. Cosgrove! 58. of 611 & Xre helled woSTor^ Cedar Rapids d* cowcilmenj0^ problems? 'he asked ; floor manager of the bin in the v.iir,,,    cl-    j    jI    ’    wn    rc    ne    ndn    vvorK(a    lor    ,    ... , „ , Charles Chapman, owner of ‘senate, said he was not lobbied ‘ ”    10    veals,    Ile    was    part owner of    ^    ^    ^    ens    av    ■ Chappies Lounge and vice-pres- regarding the bill. He also said the senate specifically prohibit-age Assn., said the council's ed such ordinances by cities to reversal took him by surprise, make sure the law was uniform IOWIIT UMttftATVtfS Wednesday following a sudden Ellis and Hiawatha pharmacies. I for deciding lo retain an ordi-| jdenToT the Linn 'countyBev'er-illness. Formerly    of    Omaha,    he    Rom    Sept.    19, ITO.    in Cedar    nance    prohibiting    films    in    lav- hail Ix-cn a ( ed.ir    Rapids    real-J    Rapids, he and the former Opal,    erns ent or 26 years.    Evans    were    married    Nov. IO.    Rul    th(,y    wcrp    a)j0    warned    He    said    the association    would1 throughout the    state. probably    take the    ordinance    to    “The    theory    behind that was cour‘;.    the    legislature    wanted    common may prompt a ■<*'« E3 E3 SNOW! SNOW Att MOW . W WI ATHTI f OrOC AST ^ Rain is expected Wednesday night from Florida northward to western New York. Some snow is indicated for the upper Mississippi valley while generally fair weather prevails elsewhere. A certified public accountant 1934 jn Cedar Rapids. He was a , U * A aud partner in McGladrey, Man- member of Trinity United Moth lh,Mr ^“ton sen, Dunn and (.0., Mr. Cos- odist church and was a veteran court fight. grove was a member of both the of World war II.    Iluth Redman, 316 West Post Iowa and Nebraska Societies of |„ addition to his wife, he is road aw chalrman „f ,h„ Certified    Accountants    and    the    survived by a daughter, Ann    * American    Institute    of    C ertifiedjSehooley, Newton; three sisters, Public Accountants.    j    Kathryn Nesper and Corr inc He was past president of the Marshall, both of Cedar Rapids, and Laura Maxson, Elkhart, Ind ; two brothers, Forrest, Cedar Rapids, and Herbert, San Jose, Calif., and three grand- ! Downtown Kiwanis club and a j member of Cedar Rapids Elks I club; Cedar Rapids Country club; Pickwick club and past director of the Cedar Rapids! children Chamber of Commerce.    Services! Horn April 29, 1916, at Clinton, Turner chapel west by the Rev. ho was married to Miriam Ayejwilvm Hvdc Buria|. Linwood March 14, 1944. at Omaha. He was a member of St. Michael’s I chapel west “I wouldn’t have a dirty (enforcement, without a hodge-movie in my place." he said, podge of different laws and dif-“I rn against them as much as ferent definitions of obscenity,” he (Armstrong) is or this group he said. is. He said he doesn t think such films should be shown, but sees no reason why a person can’t stop by for a cold beer Porn Oases Riley said without the section, something legal in one city might be illegal in a nearby The Weather High temperatures Tuesday, low temper- i attires overnight and inches of precip ta-li MMM L.Angeles 44 44 53 39    Miami    49    51 45 12    Min apolts    44    24 40 32    N Orleans    51    52 .05 43 20    New York    34    31 34 23    Phoenix    41    34 *4 73 Seattle .,51 47 SI 44 .44 Washington 39 27 Anchorage Atlanta bismarck Chicago Denver Duluth Honolulu Houston view drive, Marion;    James Wood, 160 Brentwood    drive) NE; Mark Kaune, 516 Fourteenth street    SE; Mark Aller.j 1300 Oakland    road NE; Thorn-! as Small, 2911 Sixth street SW; George Durin, 3600 Honey Hill; (drive SE; Scott Solyntjes, 155 m — Missing    ~    , Crestridge drive NW;    John Extended Forecast — No pre- Alessio, 222 Glenbrook    drive citation is expected Fnday'^,^" through Sunday with lows in the|Yoisley, 4308 Sherman street teens and highs in the mid 20s NE; Brice Page, 555 Twenty-j to lower 30s.    (first    street, Marion; Patricia Heyer, 132 Twentieth avenue' C. R. Weather    SW;    Laura Rieger, Cedar *»    l    en    *    •    , J Rapids; each    fined $30 and' High Tuesday .............•• ,45;COsts. Jeffrey Carlisle,    917 F Low'    overnight .............. 29'avenue NW;    fined $25 and safety were met Many Protests The councilmen decided 19SHOPPING DAYS I T11L CHRISTMAS City Wages C. R. Council To Discuss Cedar Rapids chapter of Citizens for Decency through Law (CDL), thanked the council, and! particularly Safety Commis-1 sioner James Steinbeck, for withdrawing a controversial or-) and watch a film of Super Bowl|town dinance designed to replace the! highlights,”    “We    would have oases, sort of 1*30 n rn Fridav J™™*,aw    Resolve    in    Court    lLas I.«>u p.m. rnaay at q^e proposed new ordinance    jnography, and that just doesnt would have permitted films if). Eann°y sajd he believes the make sense,” he said. , Jim. ai umana. ne Kripnd, mav ca.i al TuraerrC(’uiremen,s '"Bivins cating *•““* 1,6 rPsolv<,d ln thf He said the legislature limited mber of St Michael’s .    ,    ,    y    capacity    and    fire and building ( 0urt systern*    I the law to minors because it Episcopal church and had at.,Cnai)C1 Weal    ----------—‘    1 Davenport. Amhr°S° C°"'*e    Arthur    L.    Rose Surviving are his wife, Arthur i^e0 Rose, 91, of 812 Miriam, a daughter, Mrs,. Jack! E*8bth avenue SW, died Wednes-Ballard. Fairview Heights, III.;, Chowing a brief illness. He and two grandchildren.    had been a farmer and had re- Services: IO a m. Friday at T*rec^ fro™ Wilson & Co. St Michael9* EoisconRl church Born Fch, 25, 1883, in Norwsv,. L    »,    ,.    —    r    „— — -— —- by the Rev. Thomas C Aycork. ^ had residpd "> ('<'dar R«PWs J “    p    I>*', ”?"**’ .for Play'"hg gamPS was an ingra.e. sn , aeuueu , r Mr- ?rvr,s ,b0dy T & are two daughters P ^ MTK Z™ g "P *    8    vote    at 111." Dominick,;aid been donated to the Lmversity ‘wming arc lw° daughters,    -L    >dw of Iowa medical school Final Lucille Ixickhart and Theola!. ^ n? Je 3 the first read- City Attorney Dave McGuire inurnment will be    at the Cedar    Hatfield, both    of Cedar    Rapids, |ln* ^°Pd‘"a"Cf.*** ■ gaVe    a !>rief PJ[Planat>on of    re’ Memorial Chapel    of Memories    and a son'    Stanley,    Tipton:    ^rs' R^man said hrr ODian1- cent    relevant court decisions at a later date,    three grandchildren and three!23 on 1S cncerne(* about both and read a section of the state Friends mav register at Cedar great-grandchildren.    Ithe    safetv    aspect    and    the    possi-    |aw The section prohibits cities Memorial funeral' home after I Services: 3    p m. Friday at .^'V »f    ap^lc J''™nVrom refi“la(in8 "bscenily    or noon Thursday    and at the    Turn<,r <*»pel west.    Burial: .s^. aad al>"ul^20 other persons,pornography, church after 9 a.m. Friday. The1 ttcdar Memorial. Friends may    VmP,    w    °,P. ;arP I    Blame    State    Law the law to minors' because Lf. David Webster, chief wanted to be sure the law was county civil sheriff's deputy, I constitutional. ■ called the ordinance "unenfor- "When you're talking about f0    ceble” and criticized state legis-    adults,    the    law    has been in a withdraw the ordinance from    lators for not passing a stronger    state of flux,” he said. consideration after being flood- obscenity bill.     - cd by protests from citizens.; He said criticism should not: Tho protests were prompted by    bo directed at the city council. Mayor Don Canney’s remark    but instead at “people down in Rockefeller— (Continued from Page I.) was an ingrate, so I decided not in an Senator Mansfield (D-Mont.) is visiting China. Senator Bellmen (R-Okla.) was also absent. Bayh said he could not agree with the 9 to 0 rules committee vote approving Rockefeller. He said the committee declined to state if the nominee’s gifts and loans to New York state of- family suggests that friends paP at    XTio    g*T driinihle "and i “The concern being expressed!***'* violated state law. casket will not, effective state nb^ity law. is directed in the wLgW'!    ““    (1“ Noon Wednesday ____ 2 p.m................ Pirapitation......... Total for December . Normal for December Normal ithrough Dec. Total for 1974 ........ 35!costs. James Lem, 145 Brent- A discussion of wages H iY-T,** d,r.!vLNE; Wallace benefits of Cedar Rapids dty|!ne ' .. j3131 Wood avenue SE;Lmw,A „    \    .    vhome. None Thomas Eaton. 1941 Eighth av.|e m p I oy c s was scheduled; mc _ 0.19 enue SE; Roger Warden, 1626 Wednesday afternoon, at which, , . i 43 Park Towne lane NE; Stephen city councilmen were expected Ihomas nardiman ■3S.I6von4a uKh, 131 Ejrtview to discuss salary increases for' Thomas Hartman, 89. of 1224 so in dnv{' NW; cach <m«* 520 an I employes after the first of the Thirteenth street NW. died Nelson said the family wealth i I r j * '    FU    I    be opened after the servire The! Robert Armstrong, 370 Thirty-he said. “We have no workable 15 ,00 pervasive in the American and rla> und Arrangements by    street    SE    said    the    state law.”    economic system to be blended the Cedar Memorial funeral »arnn\ suggests that friends),,^ u„ /;I------„    |      ajd    fhe    section    with the machinery of the feder al government „    that friends! ;°unn street may, if they wish, contribute to    arc the American Cancer Society. an in- Counci costs. Barometer, rising ........ 29.84    Traffic    signal    violation — |year.    (Tuesday    following    a    long    illness^ Humidity at noon ......... 86%    Mary    Ann    Dirks,    1720 Arizona! Councilmen have said they **ormerty of Chicago, he had  w™*.    .    been    a    Cedar    Rapids    resident over 50 years. urn laity at noon.........marv/vnn jjirns, j i zu Arizona    councilmen    nave said mey Wind direction and velocity at    **    Jf    cryrEideV    3‘1°    Plan    to    grant    an    increase,    but    1 nina autxuon aim vriovuy    ^    Thirtieth street SE; Gary Long.    F „ ”    ,    . ., .    . ! .. \t p m. S at IO mph.    Coe college: David VanGorp,    have not ><'t    decided what the Hears Opposition to 2 Zone Changes rezoning requests viim rkp*    Thnr^Hav    7 25-    sun 11745 Valleyview drive. Marion ' increase will be. sun rises    inursaa>,    /..a.    sun John Ralston I133 First    aveJ Among the factors    to    be dis- N- Y- ho was carried to Win- (public nue SW; Anna Melcher!.    27(15;cusspd are ,he amount of    money! ifred E Brown June '• WI*- al    Cedar Rapids    city eouncil.l High    29; ISwithtand .treet SW;    IRhea availab|e as wc|, as    |he    rcsu„s (Cedar Rapids. He was employed    Guy    Rich.    2925    Center    Point Year Ago Today — low, 23; rainfall none Traveler's Forecast Thursday Bismarck..... Chicago ..... Cincinnati ... Cleveland .... •Des Moines , ■Detroit ....... -Indianapolis .. ■Milwaukee ... Mpls.-St. Paul Omaha ...... St. Louis ____ Sioux Falls ... ages compounding problems the Two rezoning requests met community already faces be-Bom July 7, 1885. at Utica, (opposition Wednesday during cause of alcohol. hearings    before the ‘Enough Alcoholics’ Coonrod 911 Eighth street sw, rtVdUtluie dS wt'u as me resultsi~rr z:— 7"'r'~I    '-/CJUC1    vumt   Haven t we got enough alco- Elizabeth    Bina.    1119    Eighth    of a survey by a Chicago firm.    | by Quaker Oats Co. prior to re-    road NE. said he represented street    SW;    Debra    Grommon.    The    survey    based on inter-    tirement In IWO. Mr. Hardiman    several neighbors    in protesting Iviews with employes and com-jwf \ member of Crescent i a zoning change from R-2 to B-l Weather, Hi>Lo I se* Kevin Glaus    Sixth    |    Parative data with more than 30 ^ge ^ A    *    requested    by    Eugene    R.    I^fe Cloudy 25-4 str’ot SE? each fined $15 and cities of similar size throughout ^istory and Ambar Grotto. bure at his home at 3017 Center David Md  ...the Midwest, suggests new wage! Survi,vm8 are two daughters.‘Point road NE.    i«*«viu,    mu., levels    and job    designations de-!^ra< A' *^-_^hneden, Clinton, J Lefebure now    operates a Armstrong suit, a disgrace and a down- prohibiting local action was,    . grading of all women in thel‘‘lobbied in by the Adult Film    Abourezk said Rockefeller is community.”    Makers Assn. of America.'the symbol of cold war think- He said the films would keep That’s the enemy.”    |‘n8    and    an advocate of uilf^c- people in taverns for a longer State Sen. Tom Riley (R.| assary military spending. period of time so they would1--------------------------------------------- consume more alcoholic bever- -*-« / k I i    I TV Networks Vote Reluctantly A number of senators voting Sued by U. S. PtCldy 42-32 costs. Clrng 45-35) Driver's license violation —| Cloudy 44-33!Cynthia Norden. 1316 Eighth! for the nomination said they did «o reluctantly. They said their reluctance stemmed from eitner the controversies that have ex-WASHINGTON (AP) - The tended consideration of the nom-justice department filed summation or their basic disagree-Tuesday accusing the three|ment with Rockefeller’s politi-major television networks of ac-1 cal philosophy, tions resulting in a monopoly! A larger number, however, over prime time    entertainment    said bis achievements during on April 29. 1973, as    programming.    his 15 years as governor and a the Watergate cover-up    began The lawsuits    accuse CBS.    career of more than 30 years of to unravel.    ABC and NBC    of controlling    public service outweigh any in- "Haldeman told me the    Pres-    access to prime    time hours to    stances of poor judgment that Watergate— (Continued from Page I.) PtCldy 35-221slreot NW; fined $15 and costs. Isigned t0 keeP cjty employes on J*"* .^^e4^^;IJlU’lr^na,,    and    rePair    ^hoP Cloudy 29-23 RpnortinE arrident — Mi- a competitive level with em P ’ M,ss * eight grandchildren for small foreign cars, a busi-i., . ■ , .    . . _ .    ..    .    . ,    ,    .    ..    .    „    a. Cloudy 39-281 chad Okken, Toddville; fined njoyes of other cities and ()f and three great-grandchildren, ness he said started as a hobby ldent had dec,dcd 1 should re*Thp P°»nt (hat independent pro-1have been disclosed 30-25! $2o and costs.    i    Services:    Chapel of Memories 13 years ago and is now his sole sl^n’    s    meeting    was    for ducers cannot get their pro- «* —    «»—I *    -    ■    riimnco    4«iirin»    «k«..4    it “ grams shown on the networks. Cloudy . Cloudy PtCldy PtCldv PtCldy - R. N. Marion; private industry. * * The subject of * salaries at ll a.m. Friday by the Very (source of income.    T*10 purpose of talking about it,’ Rev. Canon D. A. Loferski of St. He was informed bv building said Ehrllchman- Degree D-sys Economy— (Continued from Page I.) Friday Services for Gus H. Brunkan, 74 Tuesday ............. Total to date ......... Through Dec. IO. 1973 . Percent of normal year . Total normal year .... Coralville Lake Pool level Wednesday .. Births — Mercy Doc. IO — To the families ofj lane 34-19 Improper passing - 46-23 McNeill, route two, 41 fined SI.) and costs.    lilt-    ^tiuirn    OI    vxixrim \><is ,,, m, . i ,    ,    n , i    w    ui    *    f    *    i 35-10 i Intoxication- David Jacoby J rai..j hri;fK unHnf)Z,.n. Jc>hn s Episcopal church. Burial: (department officials he was in He (Nixon) said in substance  ________ 560 Ninth avenue. Marion;! ‘J*    .    *    ,    ;    [    Cedar Memorial. Masonic aer-violation of zoning reauire-that this was very painful for n .    .    .    DYERSVIIXE    — Gus H Brun- Bryce Fisher, 5 Turner alley ("JS tho v *.^un<! nu>(,,inK vices will be conducted by Gres-menus.    him,”    Ehrlichman said.    j Continued from Page I ) kan. 74, died Tuesday in the 1,937 ^^Drive^withoutlifhu^^Gene trwsurcr of the    A"    Mfson?    said    area residents who! "How could you tell that?”jsen a te finance committee.!Dyersvill^ommunil^hwpital. 1,569 clark, 3706 F    avenue    NE; I ilia I and char w Pnipn^v a    are asked to    mee at c cbapel ear,ier had supported the re-Prates asked.    warned    the    President    of    Bom    Dec.    17.    1899.    he    was ,=?,2 nff72l)_an^;V vloUtion rejwesent.itive of tho Pol, “l4*. a..m;    "!*    duf5'    werp    und('r ,hc    “In    his demeanor. He broke    tendency    to    make    a    owner    and    operator    cl    the    ftun- ! Edwin Zeller, 2115 E avenue! cemen’s Protective Assn. NE; fined $15 and costs. Claire .,Wilford. in response to a ques-    Z'luLI    o«^Vpm”n,irc McGinnla, 2202    Upland    drive!,jnn hv Mavnr ranJ,M„ld    "eral h0,me,    af'cr 2 F Thurs- day and at    the chapel after 9 683.11 I SE: fined SIO and coats.    'ion bv Ma-VOr Don CanrK'v: sald Faulty equipment — Bruce he was appearing as a citizen ‘Schulte, 5710 Ohio street SW; and as a representative of thou- f’arrv Swanson, 3416 Sue Ianr|    ,i5ndp^f;ii?SS5!|sands of    of    his    union NW, a daughter; Stephen Caro-; ..    ,    ^,*n’    ’J’    *    ' who depend upon the police, but Un 210 Fifth avenue, Hia- ^vli «i^.f *idX -I not as a representative of the f"inclif ;r,d„^STRATE. Thwy. poii« 5460 Cedar drive NW. a daugh-    strwt    NEt    f,ned    52    and ter; Hay Allan Pinkston, 5515* Cedar drive NW, a daughter.    Improper    turn Dec. ll — To the families of I Olson, 2403 Kiev Michael Strahala. 1400 Elm- j Marion; fined $25 and costs at 10:45 am. Friday, when the quest were under the impres- Mt tM4j ,r_,:nr  tre | casket will be closed. Friends mon their property, too, would dow n at one 'poTn'r and cried'” I Christmas tree out of laat-minute kan Implement business and the major legislation, tacking on all Yan Hale Feedlot Equipment kinds of amendments that might * fr001 1941    retire ment in 1968 may call at Cedar Memorial fu- be rezoned * * * In the other case, i Rogers, 115 Thirteenth ISE, objected to a change in zone. Ehrlichman said. “He said he regretted Donald ‘!v    '*ei?leven    include    tax    reform    and    gas streetiu    b :"g,    ! !'*®“^P'!regulations.    I    Mr.    Brunkan    was    also    a inrt I , h,. 6 .    °r    To    ,hal-    Anderson    said    the    member    of    the    Knights    of    Cohorn R F to R T requested byl'^J0, 5*    1    '    President    expressed    the    hope|lumbus. the Catholic Order ot White. Boltin — Turner R.W. Rinderknecht Co. at 1300    . f.,    ...    . chapel west at noon Thursday Second avenue SE.    tlVe    3S    1 WOuld haVe llked R°v- £Larl2,s.^haffey' . He said apartments he owns “Explain to Children" 'The council has passed a res-    Burial.    Linwood. Friends may    .    ctr^t    frnrri    . n . call at    Turner west. A sister, Jacross    the    strict    from    the    build-    sajd    on reflection I a m. Friday. Memorial Services hurst drive NE, a son; Everette Bowen, 4900 Center Point road NE. a daugnter. Births — St. Luke's Dec. IO — To the families of; Glen Hankemeier, Solon, a daughter; Timothy Kr>ek, Walker, a daughter. Iowa Deaths Luana — Mrs. Henry Mueller, jr.. 40. Friday at 2 at St. John Lutheran church. Visitation at Schultz’ Monona, after 9 Thursday. across the street from the build- Charlotte Streb of Walker, sui-jing have no parking except on-, ^d    rjght    and    that    he vives,    istreet parking, which would be' .    i    Si*"lundi'    E,,en    “    burner    pre-empted    by    drivers    going    to,a(tom.n. mayor and council have pre-j chapel west at 1.30 p m.     Li    [auomeys viously expressly concern that* 1 hur 1,1 . j elution staging its intention to refrain from any collective bar- •nth avenue,! gaining until July I, 1975. The len — Turner est at 1:30 P m.lf!*'    *’ by the Rev. Wilson *he Rinderknecht building. ...    ...    I    ••    I    Hyde.    Burial: Linwood. Friends The building, which will be ant (.ilks \Mth persons claiming' mav cajj Turner west until I expanded if the zoning is to represent city employes could j pm. Thursday. Die casket will; changed, houses doctors’ offices ho in#*mratne rf^AfmitiAn Af not ho DDonoci after tho service i be interpreted as ri'cogmtion ofj^t b the representative. Since no Dyersville — Our H. Brun- representatives have been de- Marriege Licenses , Loma Colbert and Richard) O’Brien, Linda Watters and John Vasquez, all of Cedar Rapids. Diedrielle Holiday and Herman Evans, both of Iow'a! City. Marriages Dissolved Monica O. and Jeff J. Chit-i tendon. Larry Thomas and Karen Kaye Finn. Jo Ann and Canoe Jerry D. Bemcr.    I    Steini Fires * 1:52 p.m. Tuesday. Surge in sprinkler system at 515 Twenty-seventh street SE. 7:33 p.m. Tuesday. Smoke bomb* to restroom at gas station at 3334 First avenue NE. 12:01 a.rn. Wednesday. Bro ken 7 4. Friday at 10:30 at th*': si^nateci bv the state employe    Te6H3g6rs SSuSSiK relations board, ratncilmpn feel Charged in Kramer’s with parish scripture could be accused of unfair A    i    n    I parish scripture at 8 Thursday. Elkader    Katherine    C. Miller, 85. Saturday at 10:30 at St. Joseph's Catholic church. Visitation after 7 Thursday at Witt's where Rosary will be recited Friday at 8. Decorah' — Nora D. Stren-moen, 87. Thursday at 2, Big Lutheran church. labor practices if they recognize any bargaining units.) Wilford said he was pleading with the council to provide some kind of financial relief before the new fiscal year begins in July. Armed Robbery A 17-year-old girl and a 19-year-old man were charged Wednesday with the Nov. 17 armed robbery of the Donut land and six apartments A lawyer for the petitioner said additional parking is available at a nearby church. ’ C. R. Man Is Charged in Shooting, Theft DES MOINES IAP) - Three Ryan— Adrian Locke, 77. Friday at 2, Golden Congregational church. Bohncnkamp's, Manchester. Manchester — Wesley l«etts, 57. Saturday at 1:30, Bon-nonkamp’s, where friends may call after 7 p.m. Thursday. Monticello — Anna M (store, 4045 Fliest avenue SE, in iowa men are being held in con In addition to inflation, he which $583 was taken from two nection with the shooting and dren, dropped her head and said, the buying power of police employes.    robbery    of former Polk county closed her eyes >r Orville Armstrong that congress would resist anyjE oresters, the Dyersville such temptation    country club. Commercial club. * rm ,,    and    was associate member of Ground Zero    (he    lowa Farm    Equip. On a return trip Tuesday | ment Assn. oeu,.rt„M iii,    .    it.    inight from a Ford visit to New Surviving in addition to his tolaM.unevg’    if    datary    Ron    Nes-    wife, Veronica, is one daughter, sen said eight drafts of the    Mrs. Richard Ledenback. Ken- nes were necessary. He naa a    had been prepared but ton, Ohio; two sons, Wayne, large    sum    of    money available    to,th(. [>resldem appa'rpn^ reject J Ventura. Calif.; and Beryl. ed all of them.    Memphis; nine grandchildren; "We    re    starting from    ground four    sisters, Mrs Ray Ruamme- zero,'    the secretary said.    Ie,    Manchester; Leona “Regardless of what else is in Holscher, Dubuque; Martha Je-. ... ..    ,    .    I it, there will be a strong compo- senover and Emma Dunkle, ^d.l:keh,m,0eXplalntOOUr;nent of assuring business men1 Dyersville. that they have reason to be con- Services will be held Friday fident in the future of the na-    at IO:30 at the Basilica of St. tion's economy. The section on    Francis Xavier Visitation”after .    .    a    confidence is the only thing that    7 Wednesday at Kramer’s with water    glass    and    said    again    in    a    hasbeen agreed to.”    Parish scripture at 8 Thursday. small voice, excuse me.    : Meanwhile 00^, in the audience, his wife itoWard quick action on bill? him. "I told him I could not accept that offer. He asked if there was anything else he could do for me. I said that sometime I ► ton ‘children. I Ehrlichman broke down. He whispered, “excuse me,” took off his glasses, reached for moved Memorial fund established I tofl jP hisJu! chilj a*d unemployed persons through €ed«r HnpicU emergency programs providing ken sprinkler pipe at HOI. ............ ........ —,    m    A,    t    .    ., Twelfth avenue NW.    Gerdes.    89.    Friday    at    1:30    at    j    l>olice    each    of    the    last    five    years    (side    in    a    car 4:29 a.m. Wednesday. Over-(St. Matthew’* Lutheran church. heated furnace motor at 3600 Visitation after ll Thursday at robbery of former Polk county j closed her eyes. She dabbed at and firemen may be affected by I Police said a second 17-year-    Supervisor Orville Armstrong.    them w ith a    hankie. Haldeman.    aJjd extending unemployment provisions of the federal, fair old girl and a second 19-year-old    In custody at the Polk county!no sign    of    emotion showing. labor standards act. The act.    man are    being    sought    in the    jail in lieu of $100,000 bond each    looked at his old friend. which will include jiolice and    robbery.    are Lawrence T. Holmes,    30. Sirica called a recess.    After fire employes after Jan I, could    The two    girls allegedly    robbed; Fort Madison, and Milford    E.    the recess, Prates began    a new    An    emergency    compensation result in employes losing part-    the store    while    Richard Ditt-    Smith, 26. Cedar Rapids    line of questioning But Ehrlich-    bill    was    approved    Tuesday    by    a time second jobs, he said    mar, jr., 815 Oakland road NE.    William Cartwright, 50, Des    man said    he    wanted “to go for-unanimous house    ways    and Polanskv said raises granted and the other man w aited out-1 Moines, was released under    ward on    that answer I was    means committee    while    the up to 300,000 public service jobs and extending unen compensation benefits. Way Cleared Clark road SE 7:13 a rn. Wednesday. Gas flujkh at 1944 Forty-second Street NE. . 9:04 a m Wednesday. Kesus-ritator call at 401 G avenue, NW * Magistrate's Court Speeding — Marion Reed, 1736 Meadowdale drive NW; Ronald Zern, 1316 Meadow'-' Cfoettsch *. Ships Collide ST. CLAIR, Mich. (AP) — Two cargo ships collided Wednesday in the St. Clair river hut were in no danger of sinking, the coast guard reported. It Pay* To Advertise $50,000 bond without security. working on.” have been less than the in-    Diurnal* was also    charged The three are accused    of en-    “It s important creases in the cost of living and    with armed robbery in    the hold-    tering the    Armstrong    home    said in a strong said the council is “. . . not    up last Wednesday of    the Bun-    Monday night    and taking    a coin    President asked showing the police officers very jgalow Tavern, 1502 H avenue    collection and    other items.    could explain to NE Police said Dittmar alleged much respect. rules committee cleared the1 to me.” lie way for house action on legisla- voice. ‘ The tion authorizing $2 billion for - I said he public service hiring. our children Talks were under way to , ,    ...    ,    .bring senate and house versions! ly drove a get-awav car while they left his home and the in- That basically was the end of 0f    legislation in line for con-! f    in IMI bv Th* Ooi*«* Co ana pubOtn*4 (laity and Sunday ai SOQ Third ove SE, (adar daptdt, lowa SIM* Second clat* pottoa* paid at Ctdar Rapids, iowa Subicrlptlon tain by cornar VS canli a, week By mail Nigm Edition and Sunday * i**u*» S3 IS a month. S3* OO a vaar At ternoon Edition! ond Sunday I *»*u*» S3 IV a month S40 00 a year Other »io'*% and U S terrttorte* SM OO a y»or. No Mon SubArriptiony accepted In or*a« having Gat«tte carri*' tervic* The Aitociated Aret* it entitled exclusively to th* usa tor repugiicatian et ail th* taco) news printed in this n*ws-popat os wail as an AR newt dispatches. Armstrong shot at the men as j why he was asking me to leave 20 YEARS AGO - A fire in- Craig Gardner, 19. of 1524 A av*!truders returned the fire. A slug the meeting spection report said 25 buildings enue NE, allegedly robbed the struck Armstrong in the band. at Iowa’s six state institutions tavern    --- for the mentally ill did not have Gardner was also charged adequate fire escapes    |With    the holdup of the tavern. sideration before next week. adjournment trV-T    v, 3 id to wk la. soy it vtith ffowari ** PIERSON’S DM ELLIS BLVD. MW H OH KB PHONE IM DD Flowers Always Show You Care tram 4 Seasons M2I MI. 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