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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2A The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Dee. ll, 1974 ne Batcher Back in the days when I was a boy (and long before), this time of year — when it was so cold in the morning you took your clothes to the kitchen to get dressed behind the wood stove, when you had to heat water to prime the pump, when you didn’t have to wear overshoes because the mud in the road was frozen solid — this time of year was “comm’ up on hog killin’ time.” In those days, every farm family put down some meat for the winter, and that usually meant butchering a pig, smoking the hams and bacon, canning some, salting some and pickling some. Then with whatever was left, making sausage and scrapple and head cheese and souse. It was a lot of work, and even though I was too young to help U. N. Wants To Hear from Armed Unit in Korea UNITED NATIONS (AP) -The American military com-mand in South Korea still calls itself the U. N. command in many of its press announcements. But the ll. N. secretariat says it hasn’t heard from that U.'N. agency in four years. P. K. Banerjee, a secretariat official, told the general assembly’s mq,in political committee? that the last report from the command to the security council was dated November. 1970 He said it did not include suc h information as the names of commanders, the troop strength or the nationalities of the troops. Cuba and Tunisia demanded the information during debate on the future of the U. N command, which was created at the outbreak of the Korean war in 1950 much, I knew it was worth the effort. I could taste it was. Nobody ‘‘puts down” meat like that anymore. About as close to a pig most of us get is peering at a portion of one through a plastic package at the meat counter. It is possible, however, to savor some of those good oldfashioned goodies and possibly even save a little money in the process — if you will pick out the appropriate plastic-packaged portion of the pig and do a bit of boning-out in the kitchen. A (reed Bay The Boston shoulder or pork butt often is one of the best fresh pork buys in the butcher’s meat case and one that offers all sorts of possibilities for “putting down’’ (these days, that means freezing) some pork for the winter. The shoulder comes off the pig just forward of the loin. In most meat markets across the country, it is sold whole or half or sliced into steaks. The best buy usually is the whole shoulder rather than the boneless half, even though you are paying for a bit of bone. Some of the most tender tidbits are around the bone. Bania# a Snap Boning out a Boston butt is a snap. The only bone is a portion of the shoulder blade and you don’t have to be a master butcher to take it out. The shape makes it easy 1) The bone is flat on one side and only extends approximately half way through the butt, so by simply following around it with the blade of your knife you can easily remove the bone entirely. Once the bone has been removed, the possibilities for putting down some good pork meals are many and vaned. 2) The whole butt may be rolled and tied to make an outstanding roast for the oven or rotisserie. 3) Slices from the butt may Czech Communists Seek To Downplay Masaryk Role be fried, braised, baked or barbecued Any recipe that calls for pork chops may be used with pork steaks from the butt. The nice lean solid piece just above the blade is great sliced thin and used with vegetables in any number of Chinese stir fry recipes 4) Or, they may be cubed and strung on a skewer for teriyaki or sate The Boston butt has a good ratio of fat to lean, just right for making your homemade sausage, if that appeals to you. In any case, do not worry over and be sure not to discard any bits and pieces of meat and fat that are a result of your “cutting up”. These can provide one of the most memorable morning meals of any kid who ever warmed his hands over the scalding trough when it was “hog killin’ time” on the farm Scrapple Put 1L$ or 2 pounds of pork scraps and the bone in 3 quarts of water and simmer gently until the meat is tender (about 2 hours). Strain off and reserve the broth; there should be about 2 quarts Chop the meat fine. Return the broth to the heat, bring to boiling and slowly add 2 cups of yellow corn meal. Cook, stirring constantly until thick Add the chopped meat and season to taste with salt, pepper and a little sage or thyme, if you like. Pour into 3x5-inch loaf pans and refrigerate until firm For a great old country-style breakfast, slice the scrapple into 14-inch thick slices, brown them in butter and serve with real maple syrup. (Coovrtgfct Chronicle Publishing Co. 19,74) Killi ions J, — V' rn 7JW BP fee yyC: Styled by Marty Gutmacher! this 4 piece Wordrober is on absolute essential! It's perfect for that weekend away! Solid pant with cardigan locket plus a square dot patterned long skirt and V-neck belted top with white dickey. Green or poppy bright. Available in sizes 10-18 AU FOR ONLY 50.00 Cedar Rapid* Downtown Second floor and Lindale Plaza Iowa City Mall Shopping Center on Six at Sycamore Brazil Discovers New Indian Tribe BRASILIA (UPI) - Brazil s National Indian Foundation confirmed that a hitherto unknown tribe has been discovered in the jungles near the border with Peru, in the state of Amazonas The agency said Indian expert Valnir Torres Barros managed to make an initial and friendly contact with the Indians who until then had never seen a white man BONN, Germany (AP) — Czech Communists have begun a new campaign to downgrade the influence and work of Thomas Masaryk, founder and first president of Czechoslovakia This most recent effort is viewed by some observers in the West as reflecting a strengthening of the Soviet influence on Prague’s policies. Masaryk. who led the Czechs to independence in 1918 and became the country’s first president, has undergone several reversals of historical fortune at the hands of Communist theoreticians and writers The alternating attacks and praise indicate the strength of Masaryk’s posthumous influence on Czech life. The Communists once dubbed him “the unforgettable president- liberator” and a fighter for social justice. But recently, Communist party historians and journalists have drummed up another campaign to erase his legend and emphasize the influences of the Russian Revolution and the Czech working class in the founding of Czechoslovakia after World war I. the West said Masaryk “deserved the greatest credit for undermining the revolutionary struggle for powei^ right after World war I' and accused him of shedding “the workers' blood” in putting down labor strikes. Masaryk, also a well-known social philosopher, wrote against the violence of the Russian Revolution and theory of the class struggle, For this and for his tendency to look to the West, Masaryk has been a barometer of his own attitude towards Moscow. The most recent campaign indicates, according to observers, that Masaryk still represents a real or imagined threat to the Czech regime and mirrors its solidly pro-Moscow stance. The still unresolved death of Masaryk’s son, Jan, who was foreign minister after the 1948 coup, is part of the family mystique The younger Masaryk died in a fall from his foreign office window in 1948 The Communists said then — and still maintain — he committed suicide But there is a remaining body of opinion which says he was murdered One recent Czech magazine article seen in by the new rulers of the nation. 2 PC. SUITE Sofa and matching chon Reversible zippered cushions Scotchgaord Hareuion cow. 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