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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Partly cloudy tonight with lows in the upper 20s. Cloudy Wednesday with highs in the mid 30s. CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 335 CEDAR RAPIDS. IOWA, TUESDAY. DECEMBER IO, 1974 ROCKY APPROVE ___ASSOCIATED    PRESS,    I    Pl    NEW    YORK    TIMES SENATE Report by Ehrlichman Admitted Doubt Food Price Easing In Early '75 WASHINGTON (AP) - The agriculture department said; today that retail food prices! could rise as fast during the first half of next year as they! have risen this year. Ehrlichman. Quit 2 Weeks Later Gazette Leased Wires WASHINGTON — A 1973 re-. Super market prices through port in which John Ehrlichman June could go up at an annual made accusations against three rate of 15 percent, “barring a of the men w’ho now are his co- sharp collapse in domestic and defendants at the Watergate world demand.” said J. Dawson cover-up trial was allowed into Ahalt, a staff economist preevidence Tuesday over the ob-jsenting the department’s analy-jections of the co-defendants’ at-;sis of the food price outlook. I Ellen Zawel, president of the But Judge John Sirica excised! National Consumers Congress, some paragraphs, including one J said in response to Ahalt’s pre-in which Ehrlichman told pared address to the depart-former President Nixon that the ment’s annual national agricul-names of former Attorney Gen- tural outlook conference. “The eral Mitchell, former Assistant prospect of another 15 to 20 per-Attorney General Robert Mar- • cent increase in food prices is dian and Kenneth Parkinson, a mind-boggling.” lawyer for the 1972 Nixon cam- Pood prices last year jumped paign committee, had been 14.5 percent and they have ingiven to him among “names of j creased about another 15 per-participants” in the cover-up ef-]Cent so far this year. The three, along with former; Highly Uncertain White House chief of staff H R | A year ago the department Haldeman, are on trial with predicted a 12 percent increase! during 1974. However, poor har-j vests reduced supply and in-1 creased prices. Ehrlichman’s lawyer. William Ahalt said prospects are Frates, tried Monday to let the “highly uncertain” for the last jury see the report hand-written half of 1575, when economists by Ehrlichman en April 13. 1973, | again hope for bumper U. S.! two weeks before he left the grain crops. W’hite House.    |    “lf    weather    cooperates in the When other attorneys objected U. S. and around the world, and on grounds the report was da- economic activity weakens!    _ ,han expected. production School Bonds said, ^assure your Honor .uf. increases relative to demand Ehrlichman and I are not trying growth could be quite large. Lidht in C R to damage or hurt any other de- leading to significant slowing in1 *    *    * fendants.”    price levels,” he said.    Balloting    in    the $89 million! w.cuiMnTnw'/U    •    .    .    * ^ j Sirica ordered these sentences “Conversely, with world grain school bond issue referendum 'vASHIV,™N (AP) Intm-mileage standards deleted:    stocks at precariously low was running slightly ahead of “r ““J a . f IU for purchasers of economic^ By Mike Deupree ** ii m i m aonStirf m .ii,>u I !„„„u    /    un*-    .    day that the adminstration may cars or, conversely, weight and1 JI rn (meaning Mitchell), levels, another year of poor balloting on a similar issue six . jh „a |me , J horsepower tilxes im„rt re. A controversial ordinance re- Mardi an, LaRue, attorneys growing conditions, at a time months ago, according to a8 8. a Msonne tax norsepower taxes import re    entertainment in tav- n-Rrinn ParVir^n unH Rittman Txhnn Irw    ,    jo    increase in an effort to reduce strictions; fuel allocations and.;*>u,dimK entertainment in lav- OBrien. Parkinson and Bittman when world food needs are ex- check with precincts around 2 f . (.onsumr)tion    as a .ast resort nasoijnf, ration !ern* W,H not receive its second have been given to me as panding. could ignite a rapid p.m. Tuesday.    fue consumpUon    as a last resort, gasoline ration.,    ^ names of participants in his cf- pace of food price advances! By 2 p m., with 37 of 40 pre- u cou,d ** Part °* a P80*'    I?. ,    ,    .    ,    dav fort but I cannot say whether throughout 1975.”    cincts reporting to The Gazette, a8e’” of energy legislation, ^0**ton add others wh() toy** *    ..    lrt. this is factual.” The additional    „t    ReSDonse    4,043 persons had cast ballots in being considered by the White atojj gasoline tax    tTu^sdav    bt sa'fetv references were to campaign    Hot    Response    the referendum on the $8 9 mil- Hous®» he said’    'T,d 60 3 leSS pamfuI W3y 10    y.    m ti \ ?mrT' aide Frederick LaRue. Paul Ahalt said additional in-iion bond issue for junior high Interviewed on NBC’s “To-cut consumption.    DrowsedTnri^nSk^°! advanced strongly Tuesday. The O’Brien, attorney for E. Howard creases in processing, distribut- remodeling    day" show- Morton said the tax    Many    Ways    1    ^    ll , in    2 P m Dow Jom*s average was Hunt, one of the original Water- tog and marketing costs will    April    30, 3,016 persons '"crease could be used to pump    en cq    ^^rence    ct    me    other three up 17 2, at 597 l5 Gamers out- gate defendants.    M to pressure on prices. But ^d voted by 2 p.m. at 37 of 40 money back into the sagging f 8    ‘Paced losers 5-2 on the New “Dean believes the jury may he predicted such increases will lPrecincts.    economy.    -    "7    Steinbeck    said    he    is    withdraw-    York    Stock    Exchange. now have enough facts to indict he more in line with over-all    9    8S5    p^ons voted in But one of ,he problems to be The4reu.aru man> P°M‘ble ways mg the ordinance “. . . due to    ---- JNM and JSM, but I question Price trends than they havent election, in wdiich a $7 8 considered, he said, is: “How do t0 establish a gasoline tax eys- public response and the confu- AP Wirephoto SECRETARIES THREE — Cabinet members listen to a d iscussion at the Washington seminar on energy policy. From left, Claude Brinegar, secretary of transportation; Frederick Dent, commerce, and Peter Brennan, labor. Balloting on Idea of Gasoline Tax Hike Refuses To Die tax cred- Council Changes Mind, Withdraws Film Ordinance House Must Still Act on Nomination WASHINGTON (UPI)—The senate Tuesday approved the nomination of Nelson Rockefeller for vice-president. The vote was 90-7. WASHINGTON (AP) - Nelson Rockefeller’s nomination for vice-president headed toward certain senate confirmation Tuesday. An overwhelming number of j senators were prepared to vote! for it despite the decision of Sen. Goldwater <R Ariz.) to op-! pose confirmation. Only two other senators — one Democrat and one Republican! — announced a decision to vote 1 against the former New York governor. The nomination must still be voted on by the house judiciary committee and the house of representatives. In a letter to President Ford,; I Goldwater said he originally expected to support the nomina-1 tion but changed his mind “It is now apparent to me that Mr. Rockefeller did in effect use his own personal money to accomplish the purchase of! j political power,’’ Goldwater ' said. His remarks were echoed by Sen. Scott (R-Va.), who said he objected to the more than $2 million in gifts and loans made by Rockefeller to associates in the New York state government. A different protest came from Sen. Abourezk (D-S. D ). He said he is less concerned about allegations of impropriety than about the impact of the Rockefeller fortune on the nation’s foreign and military spending ,i policies. Stocks Soar; Dow Up 17.21 NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks whether it does.” The’ refer- been this year, when middlemen mTliion bond issue for junior y°u Set the tax money back into t, m ln Mor’on/ vrrs,on* [he sion surrounding this issue.-’ Bock Yule Lights ences here were to former bave accounted for 84 percent of'high remodeling was rejected.    the economy in an equitable    The    key    section    of the ordi-    lf M Qf Overdone tuc fashion?” “I think we have to through dn in(°mc tax credit, nance se^s down stringent re-    wfCruU/Ic look at the other alternatives But the refund would not neces-qUjrements regarding building! WASHINGTON (UPI) White House counsel John Dean, I the increase in retail prices Mitchell and deputy re-election The consumers congress pres-director Jeb Stuart Magruder. ide"t blasted the department in “JNM <meaning Mitchell), her response, saying, “Retail Vesco grand jury In New York Pr,ces are merely the noxious and of the Klein grand jury in I tip of an iceberg whose founda-Washington.” These were inves- t‘on has been systematically ig-tigations of fugitive financier oored by myopic decision-Robert Vesco and suburban de- makers, veloper Joel Kline, whose name She said food inflation is was spelled wrong in the memo, j fueled by “the interplay of sup-Tlie jury heard none of the ar- P^ a"d demand factors and the guments Monday and Tuesday, costly structure of the domestic nor the judge’s ruling that he i ^ood delivery system would eliminate references to “While farmers go broke and the guilt or innocence of anyone, consumers are exhorted to bite pure speculation and informa- the bullet, all the food industry tion unrelated to the case.    manages to do is pass the buck. she said. “Consumers Phony, Charade    will no longer tolerate, and can Chief prosecutor James Neal no longer afford to pay, the called the report phony and a pass-along.’ Inflation has increased (Continued Page 3, Col. 7J Have You Voted? Polls Close at 8 p. rn. (Continued: Page 7, Col. 4.) said Tuesday the administration lias softened its stand. ___________  B       —      The f i rf. t,” he added.    jsarily    match each    individual    s    construction .fire    avoidance    pre-'    administration    has    given    its Refuses To Die    actual    gasoline tax payments.    cautions,    occupancy    limits    and    blessing    to    homeowners    who Morton has suggested    a 30-    other    matters to    be    complied    wish to    put up    Christmas    light- Although    President Ford has    ccnts-per-gallon tax that    would    with    by taverns    or    bars    that    inf?    this    year    —    as    long    as    it’s condemned    it to death, the no-    bring in an estimated $28    billion    plan    to show films    not    overdone, tion of a fuel-saving gasoline tax a year at current consumption It would repiace the    Interior Secretary Morton refuses to die.    levels.    JL__ With many of his top energy Mo&t of the money could be officials still talking it up. he refunded equally among all citi-may yet find the proposal zens over 18, drivers and non-among their forthcoming rec-]drivers alike, he suggests. That ommendations. They .suggest would work out to a payment of that, when    he sees their other    around $150 a year to    each proposals, he may decide the adult. tax isn’t so bad after all.    A    driver whose    car covers The administration, heading 10.000 miles a year at 20 miles]« - Fnu»hii«»ff for cabinet-level energy policy per gallon would break even,) talks at Camp David Saturday, recovering as much as he paid is known to bi* considering such out for the extra tax. moves as mandatory automobile Marion Bypass Faces An Uncertain Future l^ss than Tax charade — “One coconspirator j giving a self-serving statement to another co-conspirator that they could rely on in case things came unstuck.” But he said he had no objection to its introduction as evidence. AMES - A Marion was told Tuesday morning by the Iowa highway corn- bought in 1978 and 1979. So the delegation from 1>xPrtiSSway already faces a two-year delay. Nixon Tapes Bill to Ford Marion planning director Herman Thompson and Hay Mayor Those who drive more would miss,on    Inat    while a    bypass    gjjj (jryn^y t0jd cornmjs. find their refund less than their; around    the city is still    planned,    sioners Tuesday there is una- gasolme tax and presumably it may    not be    accomplished for    nimity in Marion on the planned would be encouraged to start severaj    years    route from highway 13 looping W A S H I N G TO N (AP) — final house passage only hours has indicated he will rule on the cuB*ng down on their driving. partial riffht-of-wav nurehase sou*h and east and eventually Congress has passed and sent to after senate passage in order to fundamental question of who Neal said Ehrlichman had tes-President Ford a bill directing prevent tified three or four times under the government to take posses- veto, oath that there never was such sion of former President Nix-Earlier in the trial, on s tapes and papers. any possible pocket owns the material; ment or Nixon. a report Ehrlichman said he had found the document recently at the bottom of a box of his notes, still being kept in House Approval Monday means the ten days Ford has to act on the The bill also orders drafting    bill one way or the other run out of regulations for public access    a week from Friday. This to the tapes and papers “to weans congress would have the White provide the public with the full chance to override any truth, at the earliest reasonable before ending its session He said    he    drafted    the    memo-    date. of the abuses of govern-    ^ oice-vote passage by randum    after    Nixon    told    him    to    ment power” known as Water-    the house and senate indicated Partial right-of-way purchase '“'’"’"J    J    "7,u    for    the freeway-!vpc road south;::":1* T" an txIell5l0n 01 •he govern-    bj    :    le“    0[    Marion is included in 1980    “    r°adh    . «* last year of the newly-draft-    h‘«hwaJ'. commission non-drivers would pocket the , ..    *    ,    estimates    place the cost of the full $150 as a bonus for relying    5    •    *    j    L    j    , Project in excess of $215 mil The bill sent to Ford directs on public transportation —11    rmrrnmmim/ — Provisions the General Service and Programming and scheduling [jon Adminis- their own legs to get around director G.W. Anderson pointed prjmc conduct a Watergate investiga- gate. tion The report notes at the! Ford ha; congress has the given no indication ride a veto. vote: start that “so much of this is 0f whether he will sign or veto The bill would nullify a tration to take possession of the veto materials and draft regulations to provide public as well as both court access to them. The court order last week to over- clearing the way for public broadcast of the Nixon tapes the after the Watergate cover-up The idea still has some unre- out [bis represents a token fig- woujd he to relieve olved complications, however. ure {0 sb°w *bc concept for a highway 151 through Witnesses at public hearingfr bypass to relieve heavily-con purpose of the road present Marion. on energy policy Monday pointed out some of them: How to keep from penalizing under gested Seventh avenue i consideration. But commission people who must drive more David Shaft of Clinton told the in a low critical area than 10.0U0 miles a year to earn ten-member delegation that which has an average daily traffic count of 22.510 vehicles and a sufficiency rating of just 19 Chairman This rating places the highway Mills Will Yield Ways Unit Helm WASHINGTON (AP) - Rep. Wilbur Mills (D-Ark ) will not seek reappointment as chairman of the house ways and means committee, Speaker Albert said Tuesday. Albert told reporters he had received a call from Bethesda naval hospital, where Mills is under treatment, and “without going into details, Mr. Mills, due to his health and on the recommendation of his doctors is not going to seek the chairmanship of the ways and means committee.” Albert added that any decision as to whether Mills will want to continue as a member of the committee will be made later and that there was no specific discussion of whether Mills might resign from congress. Close Friend Albert said the call was made on Mills’ behalf by another member of congress who is a close friend of the ailing chairman. He declined to name this congressman. The speaker said he also spoke to one of the doctors attending Mills and said he was given the impression that the doctor believed the decision was a wise coe. Asked whether a spot on the ways and means committee would be kept open for Mills to take if he should be able to do so, Albert said, “I hope so.” The committee chairman is to be designated when congress reconvenes. The tentative date for the new session is Jan. 14 Stunned Colleagues Mills entered the hospital last week, complaining of exhaustion, a few days after he stunned colleagues by appearing briefly on stage in Boston with Mrs. Annabel Battistella, a stripper with whom he has been friendly. In October, Mills was involved in an incident when a speeding automobile in which he, Mrs. Battistella and others were riding was stopped by police near the Tidal Basin and Mrs. Battistella plunged into the water. Mills emerged from the automobile bleeding from cuts and scratches on his face and officers reported he appeared to bt* intoxicated. Mills later told his Arkansas constituents he was embarrassed and humiliated by the episode. He was re-elected to congress in November. Wide Jurisdiction Mills since 1958 has been chairman cf the committee, which has, a wide jurisdiction including tax, trade, social security and welfare matters. He came to congress in 1939. For many years he enjoyed enormous prestige as congress’ leading expert on tax matters and had the reputation of running the committee with a firm hand. His private life was considered eminently respectable. Rep. Al Gilman iD-Ore.), the second ranking Democratic member of the committee, has been functioning as its acting chairman Albert said he did not get any detailed information from the doctor about Mills’ condition. “The medical processes have not been completed,” Albert said. Today s Index hearsay I cannot vouch for it ultimate truth.” Ehrlichman testified later (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8 ) Today'* Chuckle We may complain about the ht'tt in the summer, but at least we don’t have to shove! it. G»yrt»ef the bill. The measure would]Sept. nullify an agreement Ford's 7 agreement between trial would not be Nixon and the Ford administra the bill aff worked out with Nixon forjtion giving Nixon control over The bill’s public access regu preserving the tapes and toe tapes and records and stor- lations would be required to be papers, although the significance of that agreement already ha . der this category'. How to handle the tax paid by ing them near San Clemente. drafted in When Ford later agreed with would go three months and trucking companies and other into effect three vehicle-fleet operators who oth- been placed in doubt by a subsc- toe special prosecutor to retain months later unless vetoed by erwise would add it to the cost the W atergate prosecutor Avoids Pocket Veto quent pact between Ford and .toe materials in House until they were examined Nixon’s access to the tap>es creasing inflation. by investigators, Nixon filed    and    papers    is    assured,    although    How    to get    it    through a suit and claimed the Sept. 7    he would have    to    go    to    Washing-    congress    controlled    by the op- Rep. John Brademas (D-lnd ),    agreement was being ignored,    ton    to use    them    or    have aides    position    party    and    apparently house floor manager fcr the bill,    That suit is pending in U.S. dis- said he submitted the bill for    trict court here and the judge project is “hanging on the cliff.” He said if the 42 percent inflation factor in construction costs does not case or if new funding is not generated by next year, the bypass probably will tx* excluded from the next five-year plan Already Delayed make copies to be sent to San little inclined to raise taxes on a In the plan approved last Clemente.    public already burdened.    year.    right-of-way was to be the White either the house or senate. of their services or products, in- Traffic Flow Comics ........... ...... 23 Although strongly supporting Crossword ...... 23 the bypass plan, Commissioner Daily Record ....... ....... 3 Donald Gardner of Cedar Deaths .......3 Rapids expressed doubt traffic Editorial Features .. ....... 6 flow would be* eased if a suit Farm ......... IS able connection with First ave-; Financial ........ ...... 24 nue in Cedar Rapids is not ac Marion .....14 complished. Movies ........... ...... 21 A highway commission map Society .. 12, ll tentatively has a tie-in at Thir-, Sports .............. 17-28 tieth street drive, although the State .... ........ . 18, ll Linn county regional planning Television _______ ...... 22 (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5.) Want Ads ...... .. ... 26-21 ;

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