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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday. Lows tonight 20 to 25. Highs Thursday, mid :i0s. VOLUME 02 NUMBER 336 (Ifcliir l\npitb CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER ll, 1974 FORD ttytHt _ ASSOCIATED    PRESS,    UPL    NEW    YORK    TIMES SURTAX Five-Year Road Plan Approved By Tom Fruehling AMES — The Iowa highway commission Tuesday morning approved a $413 million road improvement plan for the fiscal years 1975 through 1980. As expected, the five-year plan includes about half of the (See breakdown by county on pages 1 and 3B) projects which had been scheduled to be completed in last year’s program. The major factor involved in the cutback is inflation: Construction costs have risen 42 percent in the last year. Maintenance costs have also gone up. Coupled with these conditions has been a reduction in revenue. Lower fuel usage in 1974 had resulted in a smaller distribution to the road unit from the state’s fuel tax.pool. In addition, the federal government has released just 76 percent of the state’s apportionment, while 90 percent has been expected. All areas of the state are affected by the depressed state of road construction; with many projects deferred and a large number pushed out of the five-year plan. , *    . There is a chance for a speedup in construction, if the state obtains funds impounded by the federal government or if the state legislature provides additional money Mi ■ A Swan Ducks In Every winter a large number of ducks make theif home on Cedar lake near downtown Cedar Rapids, presumably because there is usually open water in the lake and because there are grain processors nearby where grain spills v/iil provide food. The last several days they have had a guest — a lone swan who has been seen swimming in the water with the flock of ducks and who Wednesday morning when the photographer arrived was walking by himself on the ice. . Albert: Rocky To Win Easily Convicts: Forgetful1 Ehriichman Sees Scant 'Willinfl To Testimony Draws Fire I SI ll I jg IV I WASHINGTON (UPI) — Re-dience so he can get lau Die/ Hold 3 Hope for It This Year laughs peatedly reminding John Ehr-from them.” lichman that he swore to ‘‘get Neal, a veteran Nashville law-j the truth out,” the chief cover-iyer who once successfully prosup prosecutor claimed Wednes- ecuted Teamsters President I day Ehriichman told a grand James Hoffa for the govern-Vi hi f \ i n, 7" iury 125 times that he cou,d not ment* merely gritted his teeth;. WASHINGTON (AI » — Pres-.ig inmates at Walpole State | recan or n0f remember in- and pressed on. But he exploded J,J* e,n 1 ^rd was described prison who took three hostages formation about Watergate. a few minutes later when the ^ n e s d a v as convinced ruesday are 'willing to die be |)    (    James Neal's W »as excused.    |    chances    are    small that congress fore being dehumanized any    .    . •    1    will pass his proposed 5 percent further,’’ a newly elected slate e^-examination of the former    Sirica Agrees senator said he was >toid White House domestic adviser    remarks Mr p :    W!dnwdayach    objections0 fromX defend    ™de    fr0nl of this ^ ;    A Massachusetts corrections;    admonilions by Judge John sirj.    despicable - remarks that I official and several other per- ca    was up here trying to impress Isons entered the state prison    .    [the audience and the press,” Wednesday, apparently to nego- EhrlichmM, who broke down jyjea| said grjm|y “j resent it Hate.    I"1 the stand Tuesday while re-;and he cughl t0 bc ad. ‘    ,, ,    _    counting the time former Pres-    •* u borities said the hostages ident Nixon asked him    to resign,    Sirtca    aereed that    unless - two guards and a medic — (acknowlPrleoH    that he    had from    ^ir,Cd    agreed that    unless had been tied at the wrists and J -i « i£»    *    r    grates could prove the    charge, uf “ea 31 l"e1.w™ ™ April 17, 1973,    on to prepare for    it w„_ nnt    w R ntPH ankles and were held at knife-1 hic Prand iurv annparanrcc th JR was not warranted. point by the eight, who included MavVand o P    ! Wel1’ 1 think 801116 °f the five convicted murderers. !    statements he’-s made are despi- ‘‘No Idea”    cable,” Prates shot back, glar- Neal then asked him if he had    ing at    acr0S9 coart' The hostages    had not    been    not saj(j “j can’t recall” or “I    roorT1,    Som€ of the cheaP shots Not Harmed income surtax to combat infla-tion-recession problems before this session ends. White House Press Secretary Ron Nessen said Font has now virtually conceded defeat on the No Live Telecast NEW YORK (AP) - Spokesmen for the three major television networks said President Ford’s speech tonight would not be aired live. j bai mod and had been fed, auth- don't remember” 125 times in s niade orities said. those grand jury appearances. surtax for this session, adding that no decision has been made I say the facts |on a legislative package for 1975 urtax will be are Mr. Neal is going back to I and whether the The negotiating group includ- “j have no idea,” Ehriichman Tennessee t0 ^ for P°litical of* included, ed Deputy Correction Commis- replied after his lawyer William ICt    Jobs    legislation sTerjacJk°SlBahokman8iof ’ W    J?    objf*d    *    ,hf ^    L“‘    “**“"*    Ford met for TO minutes with line', the Rev ElSrd IWrnan UcL^,o~    '    a    Ws    Tu£    of    tath land a state legislator who had R mdn 10 answer-    day, Ehriichman told how he parties at a White House break- met with the inmates earlier in Frates tre(^uently objected to and former White House chief of fast. Nessen said he urged the day    1    Neal’s questions on grounds that staff H. R. Haldeman drove to congress to pass public service State Seri -elect Bill Owens nf EhrIichman had not hcen per- the presidential retreat at Camp jobs legislation “with a trigger- . Boston met with the inmates milted 10 give. a .c?,T,p!et6 a"*> (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) jin* mechanism ’ to turn it on and later told r^nortPrQ thpviswer* replied, It looks to    _ and off depending on the level /had SS him Xof 18    .«"*.“ >’m «•* «? d° a"> nil    of unemplc^en,® i mands. talking this morning I’m going i bjj h    al • a I to have to interrupt.” In addition, the inmates re-! portedly demanded a meeting    Elliberg Breakin I with the news media, Governor Neal questioned Ehriichman Sargent or Gov.-elect Michael, about the 1971 entry by the j Dukakis, Correction Commis- white House “plumbers” into sioner Prank Hall, former Wal- the office of the psychiatrist to By Judy Dauhenmier pole inmate^ Danny Nolan and Pentagon Papers defendant Daniel Ellsberg and what Ehr- Bond issue Fails; Mull Third Try A senate labor subcommittee j later approved a $4 billion emergency public service jobs bill designed to give 53O.CO0 persons employment in the next 18 months. The full senate panel was to act on it in the afternoon with a State Gives OK To Contract for 1-380 Bridge By Staff Writers AMES — The Iowa highway commission Wednesday approved a $13,911,000 contract for construction of the 'proposed five-in-one bridge and dam at Cedar Rapids, subject to the approval of the city council. The city portion of the contract would be $7,750,000. Mayor Donald Canncy indicated the city council is not expected to approve its share.    .    WASHINGTON    (AP)    —    House]ate voted 90 to 7 Tuesday to con-,(R-Ariz.), Helms (R N. C.) and Hie low bidwas    speaker    Carl    Albert    predicts the firm the nomination. .    Scott    (R-Va.i. bv Cramer Bros. Construction    ^    y    other    four    are reoarded Co. and Jensen Construction i houso will follow the senates, The seven “^“rswho voted j aj iibcralj. senators Abourezk, Co., both of Des. Moines. There j example of voting overwhelm- against it said they did so for    Bayh    (D-Ind ), Nel- were six bidders. Tile second lo-*ing|y to confirm Nelson Roeke- variety of reasons,^ ‘fading ^ (p.Wis.) and Metzenbaum iroct Kin WDC wui non hiphpr than . .    ...    Rockefeller    f An $8.9 million bond issue to {senate vote planned for later in Hriim') n^int end pd o' do' vv i\ h^t he pay for junif>r hi8h schocI re-The week information that was obtained I    downde,eat' Sponsors Said ,hey Were Cer' in the operation. other state officials. Played Chess Owens said he was told that    Was °^ta*ned Tuesday for fhe second time as *a>n Ford would approve it even the three hostages — two    .    voters in the Cedar Rapids though it goes well beyond his guards and a medical assistant    . And y°u recoP1iz^    break-    Community school    district gavel0wn    proposal. The subcommit- — were in good condition, had was    an(^ ifRproper? (^e measure 56 percent approv- ^ dropped the trigger require- ;been given coffee and    played    ^ca^ as^ed.    The prosecution    aj (j0wn slightly from the    last    ments. chess through the night.    But he    contcnds ^at    fear of disclosure    referendum.    “Moratorium” said he never actually saw the    ^    L'noffic,al,r‘'turns,'h0" j**3! The President, in his session hostages while meeting with the    persons voted in the referen- w„h ,h    leaders. lnma,cs    8    P    ,    dum' W1,h ,he vc,e sPht 7 287 asked them to declare "a mara- About 80 state policemen were    ,east improper. I wasn t yes and 5,706 no. The measure *0-™ on notifies while we on alert at fhe nearby Foxboro    sure whether it was    illegal,”    needed 60 percent    approval to    wnrk    t    nn <nlvina nnr barracks but were not moved    Ehriichman said, adding after pass.    economic oroblems ” Nessen into the prison.    Neal challenged him on this, “I j The turnout Tuesday was I(^d reDorters David Brown, a correction de- knew it was, very unwise.” more than 3.000 votes greater Qne    at    stssi0n partment spokesman, said there    “The purpose of that opera-    than in a similar bond issue    ref-    Anderson ^ < R-Ill i said were 60 other prisoner    in the    tion was to    stage a covert    erendum last April, when 9,865    Forcl    has n(jt ruled out cellblock, but that they were not    operation to get the medical persons voted.    I_ inciU(jina possible taxes and taking part in the incident. He    records of a poor man    needing    In that election, a $7 8 million    marKjatorv conservation mea- Asaid the trouble had not spread    psychiatric help and blacken his    bond issue to pay    for remodel-    sures    _' t0 restore consumer to other sections of the prison, image in the press, isn’t that it, mg four junior high schools was    jn the economy which is home for 500 inmates. Mr. Ehriichman?” Neal asked, favored by 5.695 persons and op-j    whether Fort had Brown said, the prisoners ap- “No, sir.” Ehriichman said. posed by 4,160 others, for a 57.7 chanued his mind on wage mice Lawyers Clash    ,Percem favorable    vot>'    ,controls, Nessen said Ford bv- Inflation Effect west bid was $60,000 higher than the low bid. feller as vice-president s political philoso-1 _    .    . family’s billion-dollar < T>-Ohio). R-Colo.) I parently were upset over a routine weapons search Tuesday and the cancellation of a prisoners’ banquet that night Full Amnesty lieves ‘‘there is no need for either standby or In the first bitter personal! clash of the trial, Neal accused The cost of renovating McKin- r stan<«>y or ^ mandatory Frates of "despicable” conduct ley, Franklin, Wilson, and Roo- ^mje-price controls, deserving of judicial censure. sevelt has increased $1.1 million    me*    ‘a*er    * Frates fanned a long-standing since then due to inflation (nrmic and budget advisers an traff About two years ago Uh . _ (o ^ M,t wcek lunate of the ct y_s^portion_of | Albt,r| mad(. m the project was $1.2 million. The estimate was million last spring. * * * The highway commission Wednesday .approved contracts for bridges at and near the interchange of interstate 380 and highway 30 south of Cedar Rapids prediction at ally regarded a increased to St 4 3 news confererK,e a^er sen' are S€nators See Recession Easing in Mid~'75, Recovery in 76 PHILADELPHIA (AP) — By,in the single-digit range in the: the middle of next year Anteri- second half of 1975, and the fed-1 during Neal’s withering Lew Bells, chairman of the    J* prepared for    a    speech -examination of Ehrlich-1 citizens planning committee for    ”ednesday night    before the popping up repeatedly the bond issue, told The Gazette    ^usiaJ-‘ss Council.    su%' Three of the seven are    goner-    "If    I    had    voted    for    him    some I grams    and    due    process    for    ac-    with    objections and finally ac-’over 800 volunteers called about    8™ n not J*' 4    !    .    as a conservatives. | people    would    say it    was    because    cused    inmates    in    disciplinary    cusing Neal of “trying to put on 12.000 parents of school-aged    ma)or economic speecn. Coldwater of the contribution and if I voted j proceedings.    a show for the press and the au- children Tuesday.    “Recommendations” against him others would say Ij (Continued: Page 3. Col. 8 ) Kissinger Meets with Student Stabbed ^    T    t    ss r r* • t At Boston School breek, I urk Utticials “We figured if we got 12.500j por(j emphasized that he and persons out, we would win, ’ he;his administration are con-said. “Thats what we had;tinually reassessing the econom- ic situatkm, Anderson said, and The worsening economic pie- j that by the time congress recon-turc on the national scene may Venes Jan. 14, they “will have have affected the vote, he said. | m a j o r recommendations to Supt. Craig Currie agreed the make.** Secretary j had no ideas of his own for solv- | economy had “some impact” on J Anderson said Ford told the BOSTON (UPI)*4— A 17-year- BRUSSELS (AP) The bridges over highway 3o]ca’s recession will begin taper-leral budget may be close to bal- old white student at racially Lf state Kissinger met separate-|in8 the Cyprus crisis.    'the    outcome    of the voting Tues-: leaders he placed top priority on arc to be built by Jensen Con- ing off. and full economic reeov-janced by the end of 1976.    Boston    high    ly    Wednesday    with    the    foreign    Esenbel    was    particularly    day.    passage    of    a pending trade bill t ruction Co., Des Moines, for j cry should occur in 1976, Uni- “The industrial world was sch<>oi was stabbed in the f_0,T;*;,7inicfnrc nf T,.rU«v nnH r. downcast about getting negotia-    Currie    Encouraged    before    this    session of congress tions started, and in an unusual ..j-m stin somewhat en- end*- statement about the actions ofLouraged. With the increased! Anderson reported that Sen .    .    |    •*    f    D    i    i    ich    bv    i hlaek ti emeer Wed ministers of Tilrkey and Greect* dovvncas* a^)Ut gettm8 negotia- $709,656. Construction is to begin versity of Pennsylvania econo- shaken by the oil crisis, but ap* ain Dy a Dlack tanager wed- ,,««£.*    .        ' April I and is expected to take (mists predicted Wednesday. parently is stopping short of.wsday, a city spokesman said (in a U S. effort to promote a 130 days,    “The    year    1976 is going to be (economic breakdown, while pre-j ^ °^1CiajL°^ |:Tiayors A bridge over a county road is! a good year,” was the view of paring a cautious recovery.”jBcc said Michael Faith, 17, was to be built for $198,815 by (the Wharton Econometric Fore- the forecast said. “In this recov- I Hated in “dangerous” condition. Schmidt Construction Co., Win- casting A*ssociates. “The begin- cry, energy conservation should A youth identified as James field. The project is to begin Jnings of the recovery should be play an important role.    .White,    18, of Roxbury, was ar- April I and is expected to take noticeable in 1975, but the full “A recession is a painful way I rested and charged with assault 30 (jays    (effects will be* taking place in j to counti*raet a strong inflation” and battery with a dangerous A._ _ (the midst of electioneering and but it could,have a positive weapon. Hie spokesman said it Base    Recaptured    | bicentennial celebrating.” result, the forecast said. ‘‘Prior.was not known if White was a ... Th miiitarv The reP°rt predicts reduction,t0 the wave of layoffs, the com-1 student at the school. i u tndflv ihat 0* the inflation rate to 5 or 6 bination of falling production1 Schoo command    ^    ri,(.aptured,'    Percent by the end of 1976 but and labor hoarding led to ex- ordered (    says unemployment will con- trqmely pow productivity re-1 closed for the week. About 55 tinue high, surpassing 7 percent, suits.”    I    Boston    policemen were on duty Professors Lawrence Klein, F. During the recovery from the at the school when the stabbing Gerald Adams and David Rowe,*recession the productivity of!occurred, the authors of the report, fore- workers should improve, the re- Three black students were incast that car ,siUes will drop port said. “It is through this I jured Tuesday when their school below 8 5 million for 1975, inter- j route that profits should im-bus was stoned and three stu-est rates will continue to de- prove even though wage rates dents were suspended because cline, inflation slwuld peak be-(continue to grow at about 9 per- of a scuffle between whites and I secretary scheduled Wednes-fore the end of 1974 and be backjcent per annum ”    blacks    at the school.    (day’s meeting even though he government the Mo Tau base camp 15 miles south of Hue. officials immediately South Boston high Totluv'* Brief book review: ‘‘The covert are too far apart. Copyright Cyprus solution    another nation’s legislative    "^ "^    same    pattern ' coci^l^ong (D-La.), chairman of the The hour-and-45-minute break-    p r o c e s s, seemed to blame    tjnuos \    cjear    majority    sup- caress    ports the need for and means of and Milih Belibel of Turkey    I He termed "unfortunate the    financiBg the remodeling,”    said was described by American    decision by congress, first set    currje sources as somber because of out in November, to cut military j “But because of that continu-l the refusal by congress to con-(aid to his government because jng ^ |n jaw that gays| tinue U.S military aid to thetof its invasion of Cyprus last you havc t0 have w    tbl.| Ankara government    ,lJsumI™r    ,    ,    t     measure    fails    "    I The secretary followed with | ‘‘Turkey and the an hour session with (Continued Page 3, Col. 7) Today's Index _    .    . ., .    United    (*urrje    although    the    na- „    .    m.,    •    a    m    a    I    atcs    dec,ded    011    a    C(Jurse    °(    tional    economy    and    employment Foreign Minister Dimitri Bit- action in October on Cyprus,”\p[cture ]]as w0rsened recently ales who said that Kisemger he said. “But unfortunately theLnrttixWy not true in our could play “a useful’ role. jaction taken by the United' But this statement, even when States' congress since then has joined with an Esenbel expres sion of hope, did not overcome the dour atmosphere that has settled on the Kissinger party. This is no surprise since the hampered the progress we could make.” This arrangement blew up after congress voted to cut off aid to Turkey by Dec IO unless progress had been made toward a settlement community. We still have a low unemployment rate. External communication has influenced the attitudes lie re. “I feel saddened for the young people who will continue to be offered unequal educational op- (Continued: Page 5, Col. I.) Comics ...................7D Crossword ................ 7l> Daily Record ............. 3A I Deaths ..........   SA Editorial Features ....... 6\ Farm ......  2C Financial ................8D Marion ................... 81’ Movies .........  LTC Society .........   4B-IB Sports  .......11)41) State ................. 1B-3B Television ................IIC Want Ads ........... IOU-131 > ;

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