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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., Auk 5, 1974 s Pool Party jo/ette photo bv Dole Hnnkirn Chatting in front of the Roman decorations at the annual Elmcrest pool party Saturday evening are, from left, Mr. and Mrs. Don Allebach, 321 3 Blue Ridge drive NE, and Mr. and Mrs. Marv White, 3701 Terrace Hill drive NE. The Allebachs helped to design and build the props for the Roman theme of the party. Society for Women Features Miss Or Is Bride of David Raak ANAMOSA - Mis> .lulu* \nn Ortgies and David Scott Raak were married Friday in a 7:30 ceremony at St Paul's Lutheran church The Rev Marvin P. Mueller officiated. Parents of the bridal couple are Mr and Mrs Alvin Ort-gies of Anamosa and Mr and Mrs (’. Dennis Raak af Ireton Attending the bride wert* Mrs Tony Martin. Mrs Mike Rourke and Mrs Burton Joseph. III Mr Raak was his son s best man and groomsmen were Roger Langstraat and Mark Allen Dave Hoppe and I)oug ( aspers were ushers The bride wore an empire gown of silk organza styled with a scoop neckline with a wide ruffled collar of Venise lace. long sleeves with ruffled cuffs and a eourt-length train with a deep hemline flounce Her elbow -length veil was held bv a Camelot cap and she t arried yellow roses The bride’s attendants wore polyester organza gowns with matching hats in color'' of yellow, pink and blue, respectively. Pat h carried a bouquet of pompons matching berun wn Also in the wedding party were Dan Raak and Richard ( rump as acolytes Following the ceremony , a reception was given at the home of the bride's parents # * * I he couple will he at home in Shelby after a wedding trip to Florida Tile bride was graduated from I plier Iowa college and the bridegroom from West mar college. Both are teachers at Shelby-Ten-nard ( ommunitv school. Wo mens Golf Sheryl Zacek Repeats Vows Mrs Ray Duna-hugh Flight winners were Mrs Tom Merryman and Mrs A A Griffin, championship. Mrs Don Terrace and Mrs George Schmidt, first, and Mrs. Oda Poorman and Mrs. Paul Patterson, second Mrs George Schimek and Mrs Dunahugh had birdies Wednesday is guest day and members are to register at the pro shop for their guests Coffee and rolls will be served at K with a shotgun start at 9 A potluck lunch will follow at tile (Kerlook pav Ilion. Twin Pines The Norris Hunts were club house hosts to twenty-four golfers participating in twilight golf Sunday Prizes were awarded to Mrs John Lewis. Mrs Bill Soh vv it/cr. Mrs Hunt and Gilbert Kingery John Lewis and Alan Ten-nessen had birdies and Bert Hoffman sank an approach The Alan Tennessens. 177K Sherbrook drive NFL wert* at-home hosts assisted by the Don Johnsons and Rocky Millers SI NXN POTT FR HONORIO AT BRID XL SHOW FR Miss Susan Potter. Aug 17 bride-elect of Frank Moore. was hon or I'd at a bridal shower given Saturday evening bv Mrs Robert Gable. IHI4 Flighth street NU Mrs John Ostberg was co-hostess to the 25 guests Parents of Hie engaged couple are Mr and Mrs Ralph Potter. 1152 Thirty-first street. Marion, and Mr and Mrs Vernon Moore of Knob Hill, Ark IOU \ CITY - Miss Sheryl Zacek. daughter of Mr and Mrs Gene Zacek. 5300 Kesler road NAV, Cedar Rapids, was married to Ronald L Renoux during a 7:30 ceremony Saturday The Rev Samuel FL Bowser, grandfather of the bridegroom, performed ceremony at his home. The bridegroom is the of Mr. and Mrs. Loren Renoux of Washington. The couple will reside in Iowa City where Mr Renoux is employed by Advanced Audio Engineering Co tho son Mrs. Renoux Bridge Marion C lub W inner* in a Mitchell movement game of duplicate bridge played Saturday, 12:3(1, at the YWCA are North-south — Bruce < uthbertson and Joe Verbick, first, and Mrs James Smittkamp and Paul Medal fie, second; east-w est — Mrs Nate F'ruik and Clyde Nowlin, first, and Mrs Richard Swarzentruber and Phil \rnell. second The next game will be played Wednesday at 7:3(1 at the YU We * Side ( luh Winners ut the Mitchell movement game played Sunday at Welly-Way were North-south — Mrs. George Xlberts and Mrs LU Busby first and Mr and Mrs How -aid Wilfong. second; east-west — Mrs Thomas Mullin and Richard Moenk, first, and Bruce Hillier and Frank Ze-man. second The next scheduled game will be Thursday at 7 30 at Weltv W av LINEN SHOW ER FETES MISS NANTY DAM ISH Mrs Mark LaGrange of Amana was hostess at a linen bridal shower given Friday evening for Miss Nancy Burnish. IIH Eighteenth street NFL Eleven guests shared the courtesy. Miss Damish, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles J Damish of Platte City, Mo., is the Sept 13 bride-elect of Gary Strand-berg. 1720 I) avenue NE. He is the son of Mrs Marge Shiers of Burlington ON THIS DATE in UMH. tin* Culled States argued before the I N Security Council that I S bombing of North Vietnamese torpedo boats and their facilities was an act of defense against attacks on C S warships in the Gulf of Tonkin love 70 . . . being with her in the delivery room uhen your second child is born, TM »♦« OI N* ow “AH    »#*•'*od if74 by Ut Anfibi low** Colorado calls you Hod vice versa. Colorado is happening Right now And you re invited to torn in on aft the excitement and adventure that make Colorado such a groat vacation des ti nation We ve plenty of gasoline for you for information or tor tree Colorado Vacation Planning Packet coli toll free weekdays from 8 30 a rn to 4 30 pm Mountain Day ight Time Or write Cotoiado 829 State Cap'OI Denver Colorado 80203 Colorado. (COO)325 3083. TOWN or TRAVEL COSTUME s So versatile . our trans-season costume in yarn dyed IOO0/, polyester for easy care Choose camel or burgundy check in sizes IO to 20. Rising Trend Shows Women Are Moving into Ministry By George Corell NEW YORK (AP) — Women arc crowding the seminaries and moving increasingly intl* tho ordained ministry The number of women clergy in the United .States has gone up a third in the las! decade to a current total of about B.5IM) among the nation s more than 3(H),WHI clergy. But few of the women ministers — an estimated 111 percent — have become pasters or associate pastors of congregations The prospect is particularly clouded for (he ll women of the Episcopal church, ordained as its first priests last Monday by four bishops in defiance of church rules Quick restraints were clamped on their ministries. But in other churches, too, ordained women mostly are sidelined to supplementary tasks, such as chaplains, teachers or counselors in institutions By habit and attitude, congregations generally are reluctant to install women as pastors. Gaining Acceptance Gaining acceptance in thai role “is a very tough struggle for them," says Valerie Russell, executive director of the task force on women of the United Church of Christ, one of the first major LLS. denominations to ordain women. Its Congregationalists forebears began doing so more than a century ago. and the present merged denomination has about 350 women ministers — about 40 in pastorates — among its 9.400 clergy The largest — but proportionately smaller — number of women clergy is in the United Methodist church, which has 500 of them among more than 34,000 ordained personnel Like most major Protestant bodies, Methodists have accepted women for ordination only since the 1950s Some denominations, notably the Southern Baptists, the Lutheran Church in America and the American Lutheran Church, began allowing women regularly into clerical ranks only since the beginning of the 1970s. "It's definitely a rising trend, a pattern of our times," says Constant IL Jaequet. research director of the National Council of Churches. The pressure for it is acute in hold-out denominations, especially in the Episcopal church, where it ha. become a recurrent, narrowly resisted proposal in conventions. Demands for it also are simmering in the Roman Catholic church The Rev. Richard McBrien, of Weston. Mass., said as he stepped down recently as president of the Catholic Theological Society of America thai the time had come for church scholars to insist on women s admission to the priesthood. The call for it has increased among Catholic women’s organizations as well as among theologians, and I S bishops have a continuing study on it The Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches remain the main ( hristian bodies prohibiting ordination of women, along with Episcopal church so far as authorized practice goes. Women also still are excluded from ordination in two other major bodies — the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Church of .Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon). Broken Barriers However, across most of the ecclesiastical spectrum, the drive for women’s place in the ministerial corps — and in church leadershop roles generally — has broken down the past “male only" barriers. Women's situation in the church "is improving,” says Mrs. Russell. “So many more extremely capable women are knocking at the door." Seminary enrollment, a rarity for women until recently, now amounts to more than IO percent — 3,300 women among the 33,000 students in principal U.S. seminaries. In some of them. 45 to 50 percent of the seminarians are women. Even though women increasingly are being admitted to the ministry, they encounter special problems in being accepted as pastors. “Most of them, especially the unmarried ones, have had difficulty in finding a congregation,” reports the Rev. Elsie Gibson of Hartford. Conn., a United Church of ('brist minister, after a study of women’s ministerial experience. Church research specialist Jaequet points out that most Protestant churches are experiencing an over-supply of clergy, whic h makes the competition tougher for pastoral posts. “These jobs are very scarce,” he says, “lf it weren’t for the shortage, the chances for women would be much better." Nevertheless, the trend goes on. It all started in 1847 when Antoinette Brown, an Oberlin college student, sounded off in a campus debate about the rights of women in the ministry. She went on to seminary, even though her Congregational Church since merged into the United Church then excluded women from* the clergy. She started preaching anyhow, and finally, on Sept. 15, 1853, was ordained. Susan Spiller Married Saturday IOWA CITY - St. Thomas More Catholic church provided the setting Saturday fur tin* marriage of Miss Susan L Spiller and Daniel R Bevins. The 2 o'clock ceremony was performed by the Rev. Hubert J Walter Parents of the bridal couple are Mr. and Mrs. Richard T Spiller of West Branch and Mr. and Mrs Michael C. Bevins of Belle Plaine. Chantilly lace accented the bride's gown of sata pean which featured a chapel-length train A pearled bonnet held her elbow-length veil and she carried a bouquet of gardenias. Jeannette Paulson attended the bride as maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Jackie Reeves and Miss Vickie Bevins. sister of the bridegroom Their sleeveless gowns in blue floral print were styled with ruffled necklines and flounces ut the hemlines Each attendant carried a matching parasol and wore a blue picture hat. Serving as best man was Pat Bannon and groomsmen were Roger Utley and Joe Dunning. Ushers included Jayson Paulson. Bill Palmer. Dave Dreibelbis and Andy DeRiemacker. Kathy Crag-head was the bride’s personal attendant. Also in the wedding party were Scott and Tracy Bevins, brother and sister cit the bridegroom. A reception was given at the Highlander supper club after the ceremony. WWW (in return from a wedding trip to Illinois, the couple will be at home in Belle Plaine. The bride attended the University of Iowa and Northeast Missouri State university in Kirksville* where she affiliated with Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. The bridegroom, a graduate of Northeast Missouri State where he was a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, is associated with Bevins Motor Co., in Belle Plaine. Mrs. Bevins By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: Is it true that some women are just not enc out to be mothers? Unfortunately, because of inadequate birth control methods, I find myself stuck with two kids Before I had them, I had a job I really enjoyed and I was free to come and go as I please without being at the mercy of babysitters. My husband and I are drifting apart He still has all the freedom he wants, hut I can't go with him. A lot of resentment has been building up inside of me these last four years Sometimes I actually hate my children for robbing me of my carefree life. You would think that any normal mother would love her children dearly, hut if I had only one* wish. it would be that I had been sterile. Wouldn't it be nice if all the women in the world who want children and can t have them could change places with those women (myself included) who don't want kids and could have a dozen? I’m not a child abuser, but I still resent my children. I’m not writing for advice because nobody can help me. It’s just something 1 11 have to live with. After all, it’s not their fault that they were born. Ifs mine. lf there were a book entitled “How to Learn to Love Unwanted Children" it would be just what I need. NAMELESS IN GA. DEAR NAMELESS: You’re not alone, but most mothers sharing your feelings would not admit (even to ‘hem-selves) that they feel that way. It would make them feel too guilty . Your letter makes an excellent ease for birth control. Every child deserves to be a wanted child. You can’t possibly feel this way without communicating your resenlment to your children. (You may not abuse them physically , hut you are depriving them emotionally.) To quote the late Lord Brain: “When, wherever you live in the world, you can have children only when you wish, that will be a revolution with more far-reaching effects on the pattern of human culture than the discovery of atomic energy." ★ it it Problems? You’ll feel better lf you get it off your chest. For a personal reply, write to ABBY. Box No H9700. Los Angeles. Calif. 90089. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. OreiMH Hall s will be CLOSED Tues., Aug. 6 for Inventory Visit Hall s Wednesday for AUGUST SALE BARGAINS . . . See Wednesday 's advertisement in The Gazette for these bargains. HALL HOME FURNISHINGS 2nd Floor ;

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