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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday. Pows tonight, upper 50s. Highs Tuesday, around 80. VOLUME 92 NUMBER 208 n p itU CITY FINAL IS CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, MONDAY AUGUST 5, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMESGRIFFIN BACKS ESIGNATION SAN BENEDETTO VAL DI SAM BRO, Italy (UPI) - A Fascist rightwing organization calling itself “Black Order” claimed responsibility Monday for bombing the Rome-Munich ItaliciLs Express Sunday, killing 12 persons and injuring 48 others. A statement claiming responsibility for planting a time bomb ' aboard the train was found in a telephone booth in Bologna. It was signed “Ordine Nero” — [ Black Order. ‘‘Salvation of Italy” ‘‘The Nazi banner did not die in Berlin in 1945,” the statement said. “It continues to live for a great Italy, Fascist and Nazi. Nazism will return for the salvation of Italy. It will spring up again. “With the TNT bomb we put on the train, we wanted to demonstrate to the nation that we are able to put bombs where we wish, at any hour, in any place, where and when we like.” Trade union leaders called an eight-hour general strike throughout Bologna province and strikes of up to four hours in the rest of the country to protest the bombing. A special police anti-terrorist squad headed the investigation of the blast and fire that erupted in the train in a tunnel under the Appennine mountains early Sunday. Two of the injured were Americans. Approached Tunnel Gary Leonard Palma. 21, of s°ys,PreJiclenf ^ouldu No TV Talk Help Nation, Himself. p WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen preside, and on whether to set | g| ^ | | F ll | Robert Griffin, the assistant standards for introduction of ev-senate Republican leader, Mon- K^‘nce 01 eonuftion    Ll*    V^l day called on President Nixon to    Git    Public    All resign.    Senator Mondale (D-Minn.),1 iwi^wll I 1(1113 “We’ve arrived at a point in prepared testimony, urged WACUIMnffVV,r /An where both the nation and his; the committee to set rules to in-L ,    ^    (    1    ~    res' own interests will best be sure the senate can subpoena J iNlxon has rejected, at. served by resignation,” Griffin the tapes and documents of 64 st 10r now’ suggestions that said. Griffin became the first member of the senate’s Republican leadership to urge Nixon publicly to resign, although other Republican of- ----------   —    o—   ---i, . .    , ficials have done so previous, proceedings in any impeach- *^aryland m°unta‘ns. where he Iv.    (ment trial take place in public,1 spent Sunday in confer- ,    , .    |    iand on radio and television latices with key aides and adit e said he believes the Pres-!3 a on raq!0    jvisers ident will follow the course he (Continued- Page 3, Col. 4.) suggests and offer his resignal _ White    House conversations^10 ,ake lns case against    inn- being supplied special prosecu- Pediment to the public with a tor I>eon    Jaworski under    last    rna-ior address, aides report, month’s 8-0 supreme court    rub    The President returned    to ing.    Washington Monday from    his Mondale also urged that all ( amP David retreat in the iiad Jury Choice s Begun in Nowlin Tria Speculation that Nixon was preparing an impeachment address was spurred Sunday when he summoned his top two speech writers and his impeachment lawyer to his mountaintop retreat. But after a five-hour discussion with speechwriters Patrick Buchanan and Ray Price, law- -UPI Telephoto it approached the tunnel. “I was trying to sleep tion. Before entering a committee; meeting in the Capitol. Griffin read from a hand-written statement on a yellow legal pad and declined to answer all questions. ! Griffin said in a letter to Nixon released over the weekend that he would vote to remove Nixon Tom F melding from office if he defied a senate I    NEVADA    —    Jury    selection    yer    dames ^a*r    anc*    White subpeona for Whtie House tapes. | began    Monday    morning in Story | Ho“so    Alexander    Haig “I want you to know now that county district court in the Ronald Ziegler, a presiden-if you should defy such a sub-! murder trial of George Junior lial sPokcsman said "there will poena I shall regard that as an! Nowlin.    not be a speech this week.” impeachable offense and shall, Nowlin, 31, of rural Keystone,    Not    Resigning vote accordingly GnHU said. ji§ „„ Wa| hfr, for (he March ^ spokcsma„ Deputy Prpss , ; killing of Michael Servey, IS, of Secretary (ierald Warren, also I he senate rules committee is; cedar Rapids    I    said he knew of no plans for a hearing specific proposals tori A change of volute from Linn written presidential statement overhauling its impeachment    Now-on impeachment. trial rules against what some , /..    A    .    .•'    ., I    „ see    as an    uncertain    backdrop    of    s attorneys due to what they .Senator    (ioldwater (R-Artz.i senate support, for President:cons‘djpr(,d, , •‘excitement ai rid;and House O O P. leader John Nixon    prejudice in Linn county which;Rhodes of Arizona had suggester „    ,    they argued would prohibit a cd that Nixon make a major I he committee went into fa;r    4l.    • ,    .    .    ,    i    £    lair trial.    public address on the issue, closed session to hear from nine    1 senators Monday in the first of    Main    Concern    Disclosure    thai    Nixon    had two    such    .sessions    to    take    testi-    The main    concern exhibited called,    sPcechwGtera to hlx mony before drafting recom- by Assistant Linn county Attor- ^orshe^s^n/d^ HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) —(the women and IO other persons death is still pending from the side the prison yard said the [**®ndations    to be used    if    the neys Eugene Kopecky and Rich-    „jpnjnr~ ulltWwn^?1    r°„ ----------------------- “    art Pundl in fir    SSSfartdSJT es- of the prospective jurors was, “No,” the spokesman said. “Nothing has changed.” New Strategy Meanwhile, the Washington Post quoted White House One prospective juror was ex- sources as saying Nixon is being where his    foes mustered a dear cused for causo• at tho roOUpst    urgcd ^ .key adv*sers    a(*opt fen short    of    ti^ of Kopecky, when he said. V.    a new impeachmen.    cfcnse made up my    mind.” and admit-;posture in    which he would acted he could    be neither fair nor knowded^e    somc degree of par- "TROJAN HORSE" — Prison officials dubbed it a "Trojan Horse" and Justice of the Peace J. W. Beeler termed it a "pretty hell of a good fortress." Both were referring to this shield used by three convicts in an abortive escape attempt at the Huntsville, Texas, state prison. The shield consisted of lawbooks strapped to blackboards. Victims Kin Praise Prison Tactics Aliquippa Pa"was one of~10(X) Relatives °f the two women h°s- hostage. Two of (he convicts Harris county tHoustoni medi- four persons died inside a crude "ouse impeaches Nixon passengers aboard the train as;ta«es ki!led du(in8 [he shootoutjalso djcd and another hostage cal examiner.    "Trojan Horse" Carrasco had Meanwhile, there were that ended a lengthy siege at the state prison here have was wounded. “At no time was there any constructed of blackboards and timates within the senate that whether the Story county resi-thought given to the granting of thick lawbooks. The shield, de- there are neither 67 sure senate dents had knowledge of the Universe ’ ^of Praise{* Texas department *^rs- Resedas husband, R. L. any illegal freedom to any cap- signed to get Carrasco from the votes for conviction, nor 34 case CtyWanultud^sa^-Alill^r5 for i,s handling    issued    ,    sfa.entent    Sutv    tor.-,    saTd    Estelle. “Trojan Horse” Burks and other officers in- of a sudden, the train stopped th® si,uadon'    jday saying: "In spile of the and there was a loud noise, a Tr0-V stand‘cy. ™ ex-F Bl I tragic outcome, from our per-blast. The windows shattered a8ent and former hushed sonai standpoint, my family and and I stood up and started , du*ia Standby, said his fami- j wjsb eXpress our great corn-screaming.    was av'are d official poll- mcn(jation of the handling of the “We all tried to run out of the cy ^?*Ln0 I?,™3*0. 'V ,    !3?0!    recent prison break and preced- library to an armored getaway needed for acquittal.    All    but    three    said    they    had ei car, collapsed as officers fired Experienced head-counters be- heard or rea(j about it. lieve that if Nixon escapes conviction it will be on a vote (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) would be allowed to leave the jng even(S by officials of the prison walls.    Texas department of correc- “If we did not have that poli- tions.” tram,” he said. “Everyone was trying to help everyone else.” The other American victim, John Maiolano of Wilmington,)^’    Beseda    said    that W. J. Estelle, Del. was released after treat-    ?    J    the prison system director, and ment at the same hospital in stltutlons 111 na5l0n> Stand- bjs associates “handled the situ- suPrcmc c>()Urt has recommend- ley said in an interview follow- atjon wit^ tbe greatest capabili- ed 10    court that former Seeing Sunday services at the First (v p0ssjbie *•    '    ond district Congressman Bar Group Asks 18-Month Suspension for Bramwell majority but required two-thirds DES MOINES - The griev-the prison system director, and ancc commission of the Iowa Bologna. .30 miles north of the accident site. Italian President Giovanni Leone pledged a “struggle against terrorism Presbyterian church. Mrs. Standley was a member government    -----'“"‘7 Z*~' "    —    i "They were shooting the hos- icrrorism ”    0    congregation and Eliza- (ages inside (he shield contrap- J. beth Beseda, the other hostage (inn anfj thpv wprp firinp    ,JS The recommendation the homicidal wb0 vvas killed, frequents at- (urftlinu 0 ei:* ah hon KmL«-M°nday I* reported to be the James E. Bromwell’s license to practice law be suspended for 18 James Bromwell made Once again   wno wa5 KU1CQ irequemiv ai-itumilou    _    -is*    *11 u-n hrnk-p madness of the squalid disciples    tended services at the church. ioL«- of violence and intimidation has    „    jlwac- claimed so many innocent vie- "Greatest Capabilit>    Texas    Ranger    Capt. G. W. ^___^ tims and tried, with its brutal They died Saturday night ®urks 8ave description of a federal income tax return action, to insert tension and fear after IO days as captives of bloody climax to the escape j^e high court is expected to ,    .    f Leone said.    three armed convicts who held aRemPt    in    which    drug smuggler    acj on j^e recommendation in enc< <in( a ’ m< most severe ever made in cases of the type involved. Bromwell pled guilty to failure to file Rhodes Delay    impartial    ticipation    in    the    Watergate On the house side, where de- ‘    '    wirtf    ™vJer uP while 5,rc-ssinK tdat *«“ bate on impeachment is set to    J1 no 'mention to break the begin Aug 19. Republican Lead-1 Duc t0 lhf Wlde publicity of law. er .John Rhodes of Arizona can- the case- JudR‘‘ Robert Osmund-    A story    by    reporters Bob celed a morning news confer- son allowed Nowlin’s two court-    Woodward    and    Carl Berstein ence at which he had planned to appointed attorneys to question    (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) reveal how he would vote. An th(1 prospective jurors individu-    - aide said Rhodes had become a^y *n a separate courtroom. ill, and the conference was put The Iowa City lawyers asked in our countrv, Four Believed Dead as Building Section Falls Fred Gomez Carrasco, his con- severaj weeks Man Accused of Terrorizing 3 Elderly Persons A man who allegedly terrorized three elderly persons in placed on probation tor three However, battles are likely in Kopecky indicated that 15 wit- Spfd'TSy'riSrt "is off until later in the week.    each one of the prospective The senate rules committee jurors what they knew of the already had decided it wants to case. stick mainly with the rules writ- As a result of this questioning, ten for    the nation's    only presi-    the defense also asked    for and In    December    he    received a    dential    impeachment    trial, that    was granted a dismissal of one one-year    suspended    prison    sen-    of President Andrew    Johnson in    juror who admitted    pre-trial He    was    1868    publicity had prejudiced    him. vict partner Rudolf Dominguez    Bromwell was indicted    in Au-    years*    fhe fanel an(4 !K'fofr® ,lh(‘ /u11    nesses would be called by the    held in    lieu of $56‘00()    bond in and the two handcuffed women    Rust 197;} by a federal    grand    The IRS    claimed he    had gross    senate on the role of Chiel Jus-    prosecution in the trial which is    the Linn    county jail hostages died.    iurv on three charges of    failing    ancome of    $16,800 and    $27,773 in    bee Warren Burger, who will    expocted t0 jast at jeast one jury on three charges of failing income oi »io,ouu ana    in    ^u.^., *miu "'“ expected iu idsi <ii it*dsi unc Kenneth F. Webb 29. of 220 Justice of the Peace J. W.'to file federal income tax re- f be other years included in the    I    week.    Town House motel! has been Beeler issued a preiiminarv ru I - turns for 1968. 1909 and 1970. indie nit fit    f«f    Fhe    panel    of    16    remaining    charged with attempted break ing on Sunday that Carrasco He pled guilty in November to Bromwell has insisted that he I on it if S fllfCKif* prospective jurors includes 13 in>r an(j entering, breaking and and Dominguez had committed failure to file a return for 1969, owes no back taxes, noting that if neither rain, sleet, hail nor women and three men.    entering, burglary    and burglary A corner of a automobiles from die debris in suicide after shooting their hos- a year the Internal Revenue the charges against him did not snow will deter them—then just Three Unn county deputies with aggravation MIAMI (UPI downtown building containing the search for victims    tages the federal drug enforcement A spokesman at Jackson Me- A final agency collapsed Monday, kill- morial hospital said that of the ing at least four persons and in- njne injured so far, two were in juring at least nine others. Sev- serious condition, including eral persons were missing and David Costa, deputy director of believed trapped.    (be    drug    enforcement    agency’s One of those killed was dead Miami operation. (Hi arrival at a hospital and Fire As he arrived at the hospital sunny Chief Don Heckman, who was in wjfb bjs jeg jn a temporary charge of rescue operations, splint and an intravaneous insaid:    I    know    Of    three    dead    still    iorfinn    Hrinmm*    intr*    his    arm in there now.” Service claims he had gross in- accuse him of failure ruling on cause of.come of $137,669    taxes. to pay what is the matter? Coovrlght are providing security in the I courtroom. Police Capture Vietnam Vet Sniper in Park jjection dripping into his arm. Costa said: Others Trapped    “Crawled    Out” He said there were three * f closed my eyes when I saw others trapped in the rubble jf coming (town. I bent over, that rescuers could see and at \\jien it stopped, I crawled out least four others not accounted 0f (bere»» for. "I think we’ve gotten 12 out was- the |nost terrifylng now.” Heckman said thing I ever saw,” said Heather About a 60-by-150 foot section Cappannelli, 33, a clerk who of the three-story concrete worked in a first.noor office m building dropped to the ground (be middle of the three-story at midmorning.    drug enforcement agency build The roof of the building was ing used as a parking area and the ..^jj 0( a sudden the building cars came tumbling duwn w.th was commg down on top of us,” the rest of the wreckage. A der- ^jrs Cappannelli said. "There rick was rushod to the scene and began clearing the wrecked i Continued: Rage 3, Col. 3 ) LOS ANGELES (AP)-On a Sunday, as families picnicked in the park below, a young Vietnam-trained sniper climbed to a rocky hilltop where he said he had “come up to die.” For the next six hours, the thick undergrowth of the promontory overlooking the lawns of Griffith park apparently became the dense jungle of Vietnam for the young veteran, dressed in an army shirt and helmet, clutching a rifle. Police said Johnny Marc Gabron, 27. held three hostages and kept IOO police at bay before hts psychiatrist talked him down off the 500-foot bluff No one was hurt. Gabron was taken to County-USC medical center where he was booked for kidnaping. His psychiatrist told newsmen that he had made an agreement with Gabron to have him sent back to the VA psychiatric center where he had been released on a weekend pass. “But the agreement is not being kept,” the psychiatrist said. Gabron. a French-born combat veteran wounded in Indochina. told the psychiatrist, Dr. Leonard Neff, he had been part of a two-man political assassination team in Vietnam An acquaintance later said Gabron could “put a bullet through (a man’s i head and see it splatter.” Deadly marksmanship may have been the sole ac complishment of the lonely young man who has spent much of the past 13 months in and out of hospitals for psychiatric treatment. Neff said Gabron worked as a dishwasher and a porter; there was no market for the skill he had acquired ‘He was a highly trained specialist as a sniper, and it w as really the first time in his life be had any sense of accomplishment,” said Neff. “He was very good at his job.” The episode may have been a flashback to his combat days, Neff said Gabron played the part, crouching in the underbrush with his high-powered rifle, telling one hostage, park ranger Kenneth Wichmann, he had “come up here to die ” “These fellows (veterans) are struggling very hard to get their combat experiences behind them. Sometimes they try to relive their experiences,” Neff said. Police said Gabron’s “experience” began shortly after 8 a rn., when Wichmann, 38 and volunteer ranger Stephen Chrisman, 19. drove up to the point to investigate a report of a man with a gun. As they approached, Gabron fired three shots, ordered the men out of their truck and forced them to handcuff themselves to the vehicle. "He said he had come up the hill to die but hadn t planned on us getting in on it.” said Wichmann later. Neff said Gabron was taking daily medication of valium, a tranquilizer. When Wichmann relayed that to police, Neff was called. Before he arrived, however, the third hostage, hiker Lee Pickard. 59, stumbled onto the scene and Gabron ordered him to sit with the rangers Special Weapons and Tactics units (SWAT) of the i*os Angeles police department began gathering below. After Neff arrived Gabron freed the hostages. Then he and the doctor talked. By 2 20 p.m. the young veteran said he would leave Said Neff: “When I got up there, he wanted neither to die nor to kill. He simply found himself in a compromised situation ” Webb is accused of aggravated burglary for allegedly threatening Frances Kovarik, 79, of 5184 First avenue NW. and Milo Karkosh. 65. of 605 First avenue SW, with a butcher knife. Grabbed Knife Police said Webb entered the (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) 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