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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. I.own tonight, 60s. Highs Wednesday, 80s. rn VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 209 J tdut CITY FINAL IS CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, TUESDAY, AUGUST 6, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, I PI, NEW YORK TIMES AWAY Embattled President Yows He Won't Quit WASHINGTON (AP) — Facing the gravest crisis of his presidency, Richard Nixon bluntly told his cabinet Tuesday he will not voluntarily leave the nation’s highest office. that should indeed be overriding.” Simon said there was no discussion of the 25th Amendment, a constitutional provision under which a President can tempo- Cabinet members who rarity step down and allow his emerged from the urgent, 90- vice-president to become acting minute session quoted the Pre' Chief Executive, ident as saying he ‘‘intends Simon said while Nixon didn’t stay on and allow the Constitu- ask for expressions of support tion to be the overriding fac- from his cabinet “of course he tor.”    got it.” “We have laws in this land /'We’ve got a country to run,” and he is sworn to uphold the ^mon said. 4 Let s not have this laws,” Treasury Secretary tragedy obscure the fact that we have a lot of determined Text of Nixon Monday T1”6 Vk""'*" °n    ^ ’    y    lems as the economy. statement on page 2.    „ 1 *    Kissinger    Warning Simon told newsmen as he left Secretary of State Kissinger the White House.    emerged to tell newsmen U. S. foreign policy traditionally has Solid Backing    been bipartisan and that “no Nixon got solid backing from foreign government should as-the cabinet members.    sume” any alteration in this Participants in the meeting because of Watergate, said Nixon stressed that he Kissinger ignored repeated would not resign.    questions about whether he per- “The President sincerely be- sonally would favor a Nixon res-lieves he has not committed an ignation. impeachable offense,” Simon Secretary of Labor Brennan said. “He also believes the Con- was asked if any cabinet stitution provides for a process members indicated they wanted --------- —    out of the administration. “Everybody’s staying on,” he responded. “They’ve got a job to do.” Short Notice Summoned on short notice,! every member of Nixon’s cabinet came to the White House for ‘ the late morning meeting which! Ford Calling Off Defense Of President Where Seven Died UPI Telephoto Firemen swarm over the tangled wreckage of cars parked in a four-story downtown Miami building which collapsed Monday, killing seven people and injuring 16. G.O.P. House Chiefs Agree He Should Quit WASHINGTON (UPI) — The J his position and joined the pro-Republican house leadership impeachment forces, reached an agreement Tuesday “Nixon’s statement makes a that President Nixon should re- case for impeachment and I will sign, Rep. Anderson (R-Ill.) so vote in the full house,’’ the said.    Iowa Republican said. Anderson said House G OV    -Should    Resign" leader John Rhodes would endorse the resignation call at an    KeP-    Carlos    Moorhead    (R- afternoon news conference. If    Calif.),    who also voted against Nixon refuses, Anderson said, impeachment, said he now Rhodes was to call for his im- would vote for the obstruction of peachment.    justice article, adding, “I think The meeting of the G.O.P. he should resign.” leadership came as Republicans1    Hop'    Charles    Wiggins,    (R- throughout congress were de- Calif.), who carried the main fecting from the President’s burden of Nixon’s defense in the side.    judiciary committee, said he Anderson, No. 3 in the house felt a Nixon resignation should (Republican leadership as head be announced by Vice-president jof the policy committee, said    Ford. Wiggins    had called    for those attending the meeting be- Nixon’s resignation Monday. side himself and Rhodes were Wiggins amplified this Tucs-Republican Whip Leslie Arends day by saying that because of I (111.), Barber Conable (N.Y.), the international implications of and Samuel Devine (Ohio). a presidential resignation, Switch Sides    American military forces should Nixon’s remaining Republican place(l on alert during any I supporters on the house judici- transition period and Nixon ary committee Tuesday an- should leave Washington, per-nounced a reversal of their posi- (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) tion. “It is clear to me the evidence is there to support Article! I. the obstruction of justice! charge, said Rep. Hutchinson of Michigan, the ranking Republican on the committee. Hutchinson, in a statement, said hej feels he as been deceived. Hutchinson was among IO Re- No Visit by President to West Branch Don t Go Further, Period WASHINGTON (AP) — \ice- followed Nixon’s admission RlQ OoGninQ president Ford says he is sus- Mondav that he tried two years    ^ r    ^ pending his pubUc defense of ago to thwart a crucial phase of President Nixon against im- the FBI-S watergate investiga- OTUUK IVIalKeT peachment in light of Nixon’s !tjon    ^    •    ■ statement that new evidence vice-president Ford canceled VI7cM Pl L-ODDSO “may be damaging.”    a scheduled speech (to an agri-i ^    ■    * Ford said Monday he had not cultural group so that he could NEW YORK (AP) — The    ................ seen the new evidence and attend the White House meet- stock market surged upward 'indirect order to the FBI after watergateoffice'building.' would stand on his views that ing.    and    then    fell    back    Tuesday    learned    f^eral    agents    were the President is innocent of anv! Agriculture Secretary Butz.    ~    T    *    on    the    verge    of    discovering Dow Jones. avera8c-what he already had been toldTl At impeachable offense “until I enroute to the -cabinet meeting, Iowa Newt 4    . WEST BRANCH - President -    publicans who declined to vote    Nixon ^ wminj? (Q Wpst f    for any of the 1h,0<‘    '1    Branch Saturday to deliver the ment articles approved by the    majn addresS flt {he ]omh ^ committee.    versary of the birth of President The final committee member    Hubert Hoover WASHINGTON (AP) —-/meetings between Nixon and you know the Democratic break- to announce a reversal of posi- Beset by Watergate problems, Don’t go any further into this presidential    chief    of    staff    II.    R.;jn    thing, we’re back in    the    tl0n was Trent Lott of Mississip-    tbe    Tuesday declined Haldeman on    June    23.    1972    _    b|em area    the    FBI    PM**the ^    with regret a longhand,ng invi- Kivnn’c s,x days after ,he breakin at    House    transcripts    *noWjtation    (Q participate in the ^lxon s Democratic headquarters in the 18 not unck r    ^ President knew about the Hoowr Cen(ennial celebration (acting FBI Director L. Pa- cover-up and that is a clear ob- which op€ncd Tuesday with a Aflk    f    ..    investigation    trick) Gray doesn’t exactly structionof justice.    three-day run of free programs on the verge of discovering    investigation    17      ,    i.ott, like many other Republi- reminiscent of c h a u case, period!” That was President to 772.36, up 11.96, by 2 p.m. the President’s men. -—»--------     -    w...w—  ----------- 0,    ,    .    j    or 00    .    ,    .    ,,    1---------------✓      ™    the    outset    of    a    wide-rang-    ,    .,    .    .    ..    ..    .    — —». -------   —    nav< have reason to change them, said in response to a reporter’s whlch jumped -5.8- points in the The Watergate breakin six days jng political strategy discussion e ~ .    .    investlSat,on    1S    refuses to resign he will have no “I have come to the conclu- question that he “absolutely” first half-hour, had pulled back earlier had been committed by regarding the ongoing prcsiden- /ow leadinK jnt0 some P'oduc- cbojce but (0 V0(e for impeach- ‘ f>r know how to control it, and they t a u q u a can congressmen said if Nixon days of ,he Twpnties and Thir sion that the public interest is supports the President. no longer served by repetition    Assess Reaction    The Dow was showing a gain The newly released tran- the President: eXpreSSCd be‘ About three hours earlier ot ab°u‘ » early in the after- scriPts include P°rtions of threc "Now' on ,he lief,” Ford declared in a pre-1 .AD0J11    „ I. ’L ,    '    A    ,    - pared statement    Nixons    top White House aides noon, when cabinet members He said "tho wbo.e truth    Ton\ZTLnt    Testimony    Begins    in should be the objective of the rcac,Kin ,0 Njxon.s lastest admis. PresWent ■'''*<>" tluo,ed hlm as    '    J tial campaign, Haldeman told ‘ive a™s, 7 because lhey'vc men* hftnn »»I n I a 4    Inn    rHAnntf been able to trace the money — Another committee member President Nixon sent the word in a letter dated Aug. 2 to Duane Arnold of Cedar Rapids, investigation,    ^    _    wta    «ted    against_    a"    jmpeach; the banker. (impeachment senate trial before the saying he would not resign. Nowlin Murder Tria ment articles, Henry Smith III dential library Assn., co-spon- “ a na ;♦    in    Hi    ^CW 8    v,ew    sor    of    the    celebration. And, it goes in some «*■ • this new evidence, I must vote rectums we don’t want it to go.” for impcachment ()n the grounds    Received Tuesday ___________YYIII    I YIU I I I I la I    Mitchell    Plan    of obstruction of justice.’’    The    letter    was    received    here MThe aides insisted that he is1 Analysts noted that prices al-    MWYVIIII    IVIUIUCI I I IQI Ha|dpman said Mitchc|| had “j.ra.lically Unanimous"    ar°,hnTe^li Waiting for Facts    not going to resign and believe most immediately began to de- By Tom Fruehling    had her tonsils removed and come up with a recommen- Hep sandman of New Jersey, O'Donnell deputy special assis- The vice-president issued the he has a chance to fight remov- cline.    I NEVADA - Seventeen-year- was recuperating in another dation. analyzed and agreed to a stalwart defender of the Prwi- tant to the President. It read: statement two hours after Nixon al from office in the senate. Brokers agreed that a series old Beth Wernimont, Cedar brother s home in Iowa City, White House counsel o n dent durjng the televised im- “Dear Mr. Arnold: released transcripts showing he    developments    in Washington Rapids, said she was Michael where Servey and Miss Connolly    .    hat    'be    only    wdy    ^achment hearings, said if -This is with reference to the authorized, six days after the has.lcn ,hejhouse impeachment! ,    ,    *>    visaed her March 9. According ^olveJ™s' a™ we re set up Nlx(m d(WS not resign, he will VPry kind invitation you extend- Watergate breakin, an effort to actions and to get on with the ■ caValvst for heavy buy- Mauve e    10 her testimony, she last saw beautifully to do it is for us votefor impeachme„t.    pd    to    the    ,.resldpnt    thr0URh keep the FBI from investigating‘rial. ,    ™    y    friend" in testimonv ^esrio^n lhem about 11:15 p m-that day 1°    i    i.tyr    Sandman told a news confer-veterans Administrator Donald evidence that Nixon reelection Bes going to proceed wah.    the murder tr J n^Cco™ Now 'vhen th,'y rc,urnc'd t0 Cedar Vernon) Walters call i at Clay pnce tha. thp transPnpt of!johnson to participate in tho money was involved.    ">e constitutional process, • said    1    he murder lr,al of t.eorgc Now- Rapids    and just say. Stay the hell out June n l972 conversation re- ,.m,monies commemorating the Ford said that since Nixon Co1: .!'.e0.rge J°UlWan’ Ha'g 5 '°P tion he Son    r.'mf!!;    Nowlin    t.    with    th,.    . I" an opening statement Tws- of this    .....'cased by_ Nixon Monday ".s Hlwh anniversary .rf the birth of cum tho ovWonrp mav ho Ham.    iS°n    Nowlin    is    charged    uith Z1''day morning, Asst. Linn County Nixon’s top aide advised the ^ typp 0f hard proof I believe president Herbert Hoover in "aina ho Fnrd will makp no Jau^wan sa^ ^at r<‘action 5 1C 8an- second-ranking senate /lurdfr ^crv/*V' 181 ^‘dar Atty. Eugene Kopecky contend- plan would work because it js necessary. I can see no cs- \Vest Branch on Aug IO of (hi* im of    to    Nixon’s    ad^*    M^h    IO    near Pall !ed that survey and Miss Connol- wasn’t    *    '    -    ^    VV°St further jMiblic statements on im Ljong was assessed at the staff. Nixon’s announcement that he sades-heptcr state Park.^^^^|p^||___     I    „    I______________   JBI.,........... .I ____ ... In Calendar is necessary. unusual for the spy cape from tbjs information.” ly ran out of gas enroute to agency to‘ put the hold on” FBI Sandman said there is vear. peachment ‘‘un ti It ho facts arc moeting and he termed it “bad” was releasing transcripts which M>ss Wernimont, first witness Fedar RapidSt that they were investigations that threatened to question in his mind but that the ,    „    .. . .    . more^fulty aiv a“a®le.^^^    ^“about what was expected.” | he said “may further damage iin,t.he,tr,al* [ought tears as she    for    a    ride”    by    Nowlin    expose    covert    CIA    operations    transcript    establishes    an    im-.    The I resident has had your Ford also said that as the man who would succeed Nixon told of the last time she .. ,    my case. •f ProciHpnf u'Prc imrwtaphpH j, 3 , 3Reports that his support in|?ervtT Md Miss Connolly alive ^vey later was stabbed 34 working the case 1 e s ,    •    J    ,    |    A    tidal    wave    of    adverse    reac-    congress    was    waning.    jm    ^owa    day    before    they    times    and    shot    through the back what it is. and remo\ed from office he tjon followed Nixon’s release onj The key issue in many inves- were alleged to have been invitation carried on his for- killed. properly has no constitutional; Monday of a ,latement and „ tora, minds/analvsts Jj(j role in the senate impeachment tape transcripts disclosing that tbe question of resolving th<> Her Parents having died, Miss debate and so should not daily he-    issup as m as jWe ^jwernimont lives with her involve himself in it •No Precedents” Gave orders within a week    congress and the White House, after the Watergate breakin    might turn greater attention to ivenue ^ \> the first vice-president    in    that the Central Intelligence    such economic problems as in- Andrew    Johnson (Continued: Page 3. Col. 3.)    flat ion and high Lntercst rates brother. Robert, at 1364 Second his position had no vice-president, Ford said, “there are no precedents to guide me except my own common sense and my conscience. “Both tell me to let my widely known views on the impeach- LUS ANGELES    (AP)    —    A ment issue stand until I have bomb exploded in a bank of reason to change them and to lockers at the passenger termi-refuse further comment at this nal of Los Angeles International time.” he said.    Airport    Tuesday,    killing    t w 0 ‘ Another compelling reason people and injuring 36. some for my decision.’ Ford said, is critically, that taking sides in the im-} The blast ripped    brough    an peachment debate within area 75 to IOO feet wide, congress would interfere with The explosion was N't ween his pledge to be a “ready con- the ticket counters of Pan dilator” between Nixon and American World Airways congress on other issues.    Korean    Air lanes. “The business of government -must go on and the genuine u Today's Chackle Some people know a lot mort laist Seen Early in March, she said, she expose ,sav' and Atwell Conner, and that and “the FBI agents who are peachable offense under the ,    .    ,    .    .    . feel that's first article of impeachment ward «lendar for cabful eon- voted by the committee - the    h,s sch*due far of the head with a 20-gauge Under questioning f r 0 rn one charging obstruction of jus-    s rn0n vvas un cr a shotgun.    Nixon,    Haldeman said the lice in the cover-up of the Wa-    lf circumstance. Bloodstained Clothes money used for the breakin was tergate breakin.    *    ’    e. ii J* *1    4    /nA-m    ViwAn    A f *    I    L    IL    t    j    01111.11    IO    [lf* I OC! 0001 ITI CfTl-O"* Dejpite objection.s by one of dirf('t|> tra“abl* h'!’    .    a . Mn"r< y IP* ! Uh ration at West Hranch. It now Nowlin's two attorneys, Miss campaign contributors through .dent will act with dispatch.    however,    that    it Wernimont identified several campaign finance chief Maurice Sandman said. My view now s    ,    jb|    ,    h the vote will be* practically 1    r (Continued: Page 18, Col. 5.1 I (Continued: Page ll, Col. 7j Two Killed by Dismissal, So New Subpoena Plan Airport Bomb be served,” Ford said “I believe I can make a nn^^nvolvinc w^cn >ou try lo them some s en "the impeach ^lin8 than w^cn >ou them to myself daily IM ment debate, in which I have no constitutional role    > something C oovrioht By Mike Deupree A mixup that resulted in dismissal of charges in a drug case last week has prompted a change in the methods used to deliver subpoenas to members of the Cedar Rapids police department. County Attorney William Faches said Monday he will direct the sheriff's depart-and! ment to personally serve subpoenas to police officers when they are to be called as witnesses. Last week Judge Anthony R Scolaro dismissed a charge of possession of a controlled substance when two state witnesses, both police officers, did not appear at a preliminary hearing Courthouse records show the two had been served with subpoenas, but both said later they had not received notice of the hearing. Subpoenas Taken For several years, subpoenas havo been taken to the police department and left there for distribution to the officers whose testimony is required. Until the last few months, that was done by sheriff's deputies. Recently, however, the subpoenas have been picked up by a police officer who makes regular trips to the courthouse The officer then took the subpoenas back to the police station, There they were cither given to a shift commander for distribution or placed in the officers’ personal mail receptacles. Faches said the distribution method was used to save money and to protect police officers from being served at home while they are sleeping. Balance Interests “Police officers don’t like to be served with a subpoena because they work all sorts of hours,” Faches said. “We’ve been trying to balance interests and it’s worked pretty well for the most part, but sometimes there is a problem ” He added he was not aware the subpoenas were being picked up instead of be mg taken to the police station by deputies, however. Faches said it would involve too much additional administrative work to check each the vote will unanimous.” Asked whether he thinks the .senate would convict Nixon if the house votes impeachment, Sandman replied, "I can’t see how thev could do otherwise.” Rep May ne Reversal Mayne (R-Iowa Mon- subpoena against the police day also said he had reversed convey to go out to Iow a on Aug. IO “With his sincere regrets that he must have me send this reply, the President has asked that I again express his warm thanks to you and the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Assn board of trustees for your thoughtfulness of him and that I to v oil his best duty roster to see when the officer worked and when he was off duty. Although “the courts could be more understanding in granting continuances” when an officer fails to appear, Faches said a dismissal of charges in a felony case does not mean the accused will never come to trial. ( ase Saved “All I have to do is turn around and file a true information, and the case is saved. There isn t any problem in the serious cases," he said. The drug charge dismissed (Continued Page 3, Col 6.) Today s Index Comics j Crossword Daily Record Deaths Editorial Features Farm Financial Marion Movies Society Sports State Television Want Ads ....... wishes. Morton To Speak Interior Secretary Rogers Morton, who was to have been master of ceremonies at Satur-1" day afternoon’s program if 17 President Nixon had accepted 3 the invitation, now will be the • • • I principal speaker. 6 The chautauqua-type pro-12 grams will run through Thurs-II I day. 9 Second phase of the observ* 16 ante, a three-day series of 10 seminars with presentation of 13-15 papers about the Hoover presi- 1,5 dcncy by nationally known It scholars, begins Wednesday at 20-23 !hf* Highlander motel in Iowa , City. ;

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