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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO Tbf Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., Aug 5. 1974 Import Actors, Lions for Series •**•*»- *»!*•,* *f *    •    U    f.,    ,    ,    UN    I By Andreu Torchia NAIVASHA, K(»nya (\P) -What could he one of television's most expensive series is being filmed on the plains ut Kenya — complete with lions imported from the Coiled States. Imported lions* Coals to Newcastle? Well. Kenya lions do have their pride, hut they’ve had to swallow it lest filming of tin1 new “Born Free" series be delayed bv the paws that do not refresh Local lions are considered too wlid. so Columbia Pictures television producer Paul Radin brought nine which are list'd to cages, cameras and Hollywood casting. The “Born Free" series is loosely based on Joy \dam-son’s best-selling book about raising an orphaned lion cub. Fisa, and returning it to the wild in the days before Kenyan independence, when .Ion s husband George was a came warden. Series' Cost Trade sources say the cost record for a TY series — $250.1HH I per episode — is held bv CniversaFs New York cop show. “Kojak" Badin says lie s spending well over that figure, yet the NHC Telev ision network bought tilt' show sigh! unseen. “It s the first series e\er done outside the continental United States without a pilot." Badin said "We showed NBC directors a 10-minute film of cuttings from the original ‘Born Free' movie. “Fight days later, they bought the st rues " The show, which began filming here in May. is set for at least 13 weeks and is scheduled to appear Monday nights on NBC. starting in September Columbia officials say tilt1 program also has been sold to commercial TY networks in Britain. Australia. Canada and Trinidad Badin expects that additional episodes will be ordered after the first batch. “If it stops after 13 weeks. we will have lost a fortune." he said reline. Human Slats The feline star of the show is Arusha", who portrayed Usa in “Living Free", tin' nim ie sequel to “Born Free" rill' grand old cat of the cast is “Blake", a 12-year veteran et filmdom On the human side. Cary Collins plays (leorge \dam-son. Diana Milldam' is Jov and 11.t I Frederick is Makedde. their \frican assistant Filing headquarters have been set up on the shore of Lake Naivasha. about an hour's drive from Nairobi It s a resort area where flamingo, hippotami and giraffes mingle in some of Kenya's most attractive scenery Many in the I all-mem ber. largely British crew worked on one or both of the movms. “Born Free" and “Living Free", including Badin and animal trainer Cheryl Shaw ver. 25. of Santa Monica. Calif “When other girls wanted dolls for Christmas. I also wanted a tiger explained Miss Shaw ver. who tends “Arusha" these days Script Consultant The video veldt troupe also includes a staff anthropologist. a safari leader who dmi- AP Wirephoto Co-stars Gary Collins and Diana Muldaur, along with the lions, have been imported into Kenya for filming of Born Free for the upcoming season. The series is an adaptation of the book and films by Joy Adamson about the raising of an orphaned lion cub. Theater Time Schedule for Monday PABAMOUNT - “Sleeper" — 7. IO; “Bananas" — 8:30. IOWA - “S*P*Y*S” - I 55. 3:35. 5:55. 7:55. 8 55 . WORLD - “My Name Is Nobody” — I 30. 3 30, 5 25. 7:30. 8:40 TIMES — “The Sound of Music" — 2. 8. PLAZA — “Where the Bed Ferns Grow — 2. 3:55, 5 45 7:40. 9 30. STAGE I — “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" — 7..,5. 8:40. STAGE 2 — “Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" — 8. 9 50 STAGE 3 — “For Pete s Sake" — 8. 9:50 STAGE 4 - “The Parallax View" — 7 40. 9 40 FRYSTOWN I — “Blister and Billie*’ — 2. 3:50. 5:40. 7 30. 9 20 FA STOW \ 2 - “Herbie Bides Again — 1:40. 3:30, 5 20. 7:10. 9. MARION — Features at ll. 1. 3. 5. 7. 9 I COLLINS — “The Macon I County Line" — 9; “Box Car Bertha" — IO 50 TWIXT TOWN - “Buster anti Billie" —- 9 15. "The Last Detail" - 11:15. TWIN WEST - "My Name Is Nobody" — 9:05: "Joe Kidd" - ll 15 TWIN FAST - "Tilt' Young Svv ingers" — 9 05. “The Swinging Pussycats" — 10 40; The Swinging Models' — 12 05 SPECIAL Tues. & Wed Vt Pound Ribeye or New York Strip STEAK Complete Dinner Includes • Tossed Salad or Cole Slaw • Home Made Roll • Hash Brown Potatoes • Coffee, iced or hot tea 2.09 REGULAR 2.89 Monday Night Pitchers of Oly $1.25 The Emergency Room 4650 1*t Ave. NE hies as a pilot in scouting locations, and Joy Adamson, the series' script consultant. She approves the outlines of each episode and a slice of tilt' profits from the show goes to the Elsa Wild Animal Fund sin* helped found Columbia officials say the footage shot for each show is rushed two limes each week to tile Nairobi airport and flown to Hollywood for processing, editing and scoring with music. “Labor is not as expensive here as in the United States but the logistics are terrific." says producer Radin "We're f ILI IHI miles —    17.Him kilo meters — away from home I base. "Every things a problem, from finding enough nails to build housing for the crew to casting, shipping film and getting the guest stars here Kenyan actors “One of the main problems is finding qualified Kenyan ac tors for African roles We ran newspaper ads and 2511 responded “Of a cast of 14 in the first episode. HI were Lemans In the next show. 7 out of 12 are Kenyans In a television series. you've got to change actors. you can’t have the same faces all the time. I'm afraid as we go with the series we may run out." Shooting “Born Free" in a studio lot would have been easier, but Badin wouldn't have it “This show couldn't possibly Im* done in Hollywood. ’’ he said “The essence of it is \frica. and you’vc got to be in Africa to get it \cadeim \wards Set LOS \N( JFLESf UPI) -The 47th annual Academy awards. honoring motion picture achievements in 1974. will be hold Tuesday, April 8. 1975. at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the Los Angeles County Music Center German Playwright Erich Kaestner Dead MUNICH. Germany (AP) — Urich Kaestner, widely honored German author, playwright, actor and director. died last week at the age of 75, a spokesman for the German Pen Center reported. Kaestner. horn in Dresden and known for a light, witty style, had trouble with the Hitler regime and was taken into custody several times Fv('ritually. however. In* was allowed tit keep on writing. Ills best known work was a children's hook. “Fmil and till' Detectives", which was translated into 24 languages and made into a movie. Other works included the novel. Three Men in the Snow". which was also made into a film, and numerous songs and plays At the time of his death he was honorary president of the German Pen Center, a literary organization He was decorated with the West German government's Grand Cross of Merit For tin* last few years hi1 has lived in retirement iii Munich. MEETING PLACE PT' TUESDAY IS CONEY DAY ’ (CNW DOC) 19‘ A & W DRIVEIN r SERVING NIGHTLY CHOICE PRIME RIB OF BEEF ROOM (JUST a LITTLE BIT BEETER) Appeaing At The Keyboard MARY PIKE Nightly except Fri 310 THIRD AVENUE SE, DOWNTOWN TELEPHONE 362 8679 I I I I I 1st Appearance “Brandy Role” 42-25-36 Exotic Beauty 10ft* St Intersection Now OPEN UNIQUE MOTEL Only 2 Minutes Downtown 852 A Ave. NE 365-9061 OPEN 7p!j t-)\ (pi Tuesday (J W Dinner at the Special Cut Filet Mignon Served with crisp, green Salad, Choice of salad dressing, Baked Idaho Potato, Butter and Cheese Sauce, French Bread, Butter ROOM {JUST A LITTIE IIT limn 310 THIRD AVE. S.E. DOWNTOWN 362-8679 You ll En/oy It At The Ranch1 Every Tuesday & Thursday Night Mexican Food s2” RANCH Supper Club 857-2641 On Highway 218 Midway Between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Keitidty fried ^kfektit • 1435 Ut Ayr SE    •    4640    1st    Ay*.    NE • 1334 Edgewood Rd. SW TUESDAY SPECIAL r SHOR I DRIVE.IN THEATRE THS SWlNSEtS AMD THE PUSSYCATS AME TWICE AS MICE WEETHEE! TWIN EAST 845 V 6300 6TH ST. SW A HEMISPHERE PH TUPfcS RELEASE t « COLOR No. 3 * ANIMAL PASSIONS! IHE SWINGIN MODELS' GOURMET DINING ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL The Good FOOD BUFFETS now every night in the Grant Wood Kitchen Set Our New Czech Heritage Display Sun. thru Fri. 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. *2.76 Children under 10 ‘1.84 ROOSEVELT Downtown Cedar Rapids MOTOR HOTEL Connecting FREE Parting. Mental Patient’s Piano Music Keeps Him Going (OSTA MFSA. Calif (AP) — lh* hunches over the buttered old piano iii concentration and music fills the auditorium His left hand reaches over to help the fingers of his crippled right hand He is blind in one eye and his hearing is fading, but as his tennis shoes lightly touch the pedals, Robert Meyer c< I-ors the air with the concert melodies of Chopin and Bach For variety he adds some folk songs and religious tunes Meyer, 55. is mentally retarded He has spend the last 4H years in stair* mental institutions. the last 13 here at Fairy iew state hospital “Hi* just has tho innate talent He is a person who was born with music in him." says Anne Brooks, a psychiatric social worker and Fairview s music instructor keeps Him Going “This is the only thing, really, that keeps him going." she says, applauding with two other persons in the hospital’s 750-seat auditorium. The echo of applause sounds in the auditorium and Mrs. Brooks asks Meyer to close his performance He agrees, offering one last number. “This one is called The Missouri Waltz' for my mother." Meyer explains. She was horn iii Missouri Meyer’s mother was an accomplished musician and Ills musical love affair began at age four when he began plunking out tunes with one finger on an old keyboard Featured Pianist In hts younger days, when his fingers were less wrinkled and the music he memorized since early childhood came a hit more easily. Meyer was often a featured pianist at another state hospital before coming to Fairview. When he finished his performance. he was led away to ward 2H IJe turned and asked quietly, “Will I he getting supper?” “He would have been a great musician if it wasn’t for his condition." says Mrs Brooks. COLLINS ROAD DRIVE-IN THEATRE % MILE EAST OF CENTER POINT RO. ii ★ NOW thru TUES, it MACON COUNTY LINE” - PIUS - “BOXCAR BERTHA” BOTH IN COLOR - R A TITILLATING ROMP! DARING! PROVOCATIVE! “THE PEEPING CAMERA” ^ SHE CAME FULLY EQUIPPED... = Plus Bonus Hit===: “Sell, Sell, Sell” IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE MONEY . . . YOU DON’T GET THE HONEY . . . RATED XXXXXX LATE SHOW FRI SAT 11:00 PM IOWA 364-3412 WORLD 363-8321 PLAZA 393-8439 paramount 362-3269 TIMES 364-8613 NOW. Th., * *« SUTHERLAND & GOULD Matin... Do", - °l**"    . HENRY FONDA - TERE^“ ••MY NAME IS NOBODY — PO —    ” (D£M family entertainment* Matinees Daily -WHERE THE REO FERN GROWS Color Ends Tv** His Two Funniest Hits WOODY ALLEN S “SLEEPER” and “BANANAS" Color OPEN I__ id I I I l'w* PUNTY OF FRI! parking Back For th* Fun o« it! PAUL NEWMAN ROBtRT REDFORD BUTCH CASSIDY AHO THE SUNDANCE JUD Color PO — Final Week —    Tu#* PETER FONDA SUSAN GIORGI DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY -PG- BARBRA STREISAND at hor wuckioBt TOR PETE'S SANE’ Color    -PG- Now Kind oi Suspense w ABRIN RI atty “THE PARALLAX VIEW” -R- ■ .MU    III    * ;

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