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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa By Judy Daubenmier The Rev. Ralph David Abernathy called on President Richard Nixon to resign Wednesday because “he is to- (Photos on Picture Page) tally insensitive to the needs of black people and poor people.” Abernathy, speaking at Kennedy high school’s Issues Week, said if Nixon does not resign, then citizens should “build a fire under the congress of the United States” to impeach him because Nixon is no longer effective. “The only promise he has ever kept was to take the crime out of the streets. He took crime out of the streets and put it in the White House,” the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference said. While jails and prisons are full of able-bodied black men and women, Abernathy said the real criminals such as former Atty. Gen. John Mitchell and Nixon go free. “Nixon promised to bring us together, and yet he is trying to keep our children apart by opposing busing,” the black leader said. In a press conference following the speech, Abernathy said he expected Nixon to re- House Pay Proposal Rejected by Senate DES MOINES (AP) - A pay plan proposed by the house for the 21,000 employes under the state merit system was rejected Wednesday by the senate. The senate voted 31-17 to reject the house amendment to the bill the senate originated. The senate version would appropriate $7.2 million to the merit plan to fund “adjustments.” The adjustments would average 6.5 percent pay in-, creases. But Sen. Elizabeth Shaw (R-Davenport) said individual employes’ increases, would vary as their merit system classification was compared to similar jobs outside government. The house version would have; appropriated $8.5 million and provided a IO percent pay raise for all employes under the merit system who earn less than $8,000 annually. It would grant a flat $816 annual raise to employes who carn more than $8,000. Employes under the merit sys-, tem comprise one of three large groups of state workers. The other two are Iowa highway! commission employes and board of regents’ employes, whose salaries are considered in separate appropriations. The measure that failed in the senate returns to the house, where that body can either vote to go along with the senate, or send the bill to a joint conference committee for a compromise.Daley: Raise Salaries To Insure Integrity CHICAGO (AP)- Mayor Richard J. Daley has suggested a salary of $8,000 a year isn't enough to keep a fellow honest — be he alderman or newsman. Asked Tuesday what he thought of a city council subcommittee recommendation to raise Chicago aldermen’s salaries from $8,000 to $17,500 a year, Daley told Reporters: “I think the only way you can keep people in office with the amount of integrity that everyone wants is to pay them adequately and properly. Surely, you can’t be paid $8,000 a year and stay honest in your jobs.”Jobless Benefits Decline in March DES MOINES - Iowa’s job-less workers received $4,270,-665 in unemployment insurance payments during March, compared with $4,777,069 in February. The Iowa employment security commission noted this was an over-the-month decrease of $506,405. In March, 1973, unemployed workers received jobless payments amounting to $3,900,911, an over-the-year difference of $369,754 under the current tally. Construction workers were paid $1,511,929, the highest current March total received by workers in a single industry. The amount represented a drop of $210,002 from February payments to construction employes. The next largest payments total of $1,413,851 went to unemployed manufacturing workers, $224,945 below the February level. Laid off trade employes ranked third in total March payments, getting $712,538 for a gain of $13,824 over the preceding month’s payments. sign before the November election. “Resign Soon” “I really think he’s going to resign. I don’t see how he can possibly carry on. I think he will resign very soon. If he does not resign, then I really think he’s going to be impeached,” he said. Abernathy said freedom promised for blacks IOO years ago has so far been a “bad check which has bounced and been returned marked ‘insufficient funds’,” leaving blacks “isolated on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of an ocean of plenty.” What good are the legal rights to eat in a restaurant or stay in a motel, he asked, if a black man can’t afford to pay the bill when it comes because he doesn’t have a job. “Americans Poor” As long as five percent of the people control 95 percent of the wealth in the United States, Abernathy said all Americans, not just blacks, will be poor. “We have to take the political power out of the hands of all white males and distribute it among the young people, the black people, and the females,” the civil rights leader said. In a press conference following his speech, Abernathy said an Edward Kennedy and George Wallace ticket for the 1976 presidential race is “a possibility and it might even win, but it would be a terrible mistake because Wallace is the symbol of racism in this country.” Run with Black He said Kennedy should run with a black man or woman as a vice-presidential candidate. Abernathy also said the black movement “has as much steam, more wisdom and experience than we’ve ever had. The issues have changed, the tactics have changed, the strategies have changed, and the movement has changed in keeping with the times.” Emphasis now is on registering people to vote, which is “not as spectacular as filling the jailhouses of Alabama” or a one-day march on Washington which arc more interesting to the news media. Not Concerned He said Watergate is not as much of a concern for black people as it is for white people because “we’ve had Water-gates all along,” saying black leaders have been under surveillance by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and had their telephones bugged. Abernathy, a leader in the Montgomery. Ala., bus boycott during the 1950s, said his appearance at Kennedy high school was his first before a high school audience outside of his home community of Atlanta.Luther Allowed Nursing Program DECORAH (UPI) - Luther college officials have been notified the Iowa state board of nursing has approved the opening of a baccalaureate nurs-: ing program, beginning next fall. Officials said the first graduating class would be in the spring of 1978. A college spokesman said Luther is the seventh college in the state and the only ] institution in northeast Iowa to offer a baccalaureate nursing program. The college will affiliate with Methodist hospital in Roches-; ter, Minn.; Winneshiek County Memorial hospital in Decorah and other health care agencies in northeast Iowa. Officials said they were contacting several potential candidates for the position of department head. Success Is Reported on Use of Study PacketsMurders Parents In Movie Dispute WINONA. Miss. (AP) - A 14-year-old boy said he shot and killed his mother and stepfather because they wouldn’t let him watch a television gangster movie, authorities reported. “I knew the boy,” said Deputy Sheriff Doyle Nail. “He was very quiet . .. one of the finest kids you’d ever meet in your life. He was polite and friendly in every way.” The boy, Charles Forrest, was in jail Thursday pending charges in the Tuesday night deaths of his stepfather, Charles Wind-field, 47, and his mother, Mary Jane Wind field, 39. CENTER POINT — Feedback from four sources indicate the individual study packets being used for the first time this year at the school are successful, according to secondary school Principal David Lammars. Lammars made his report to the school board Wednesday night saying the feedback comes from students, staff, a joint county school system consultant and hard data. This hard data process, a standardized test, is still to be completed, he noted. Student Comments On the whole, Lammars indicated, the individual packets received such comments from the high school students using the material as: “I like it. It lets you go at your own pace and you weren't pressured by the kids that are a little smarter than you.” “I think the packet system is very good for the advanced students. However, for a slower student who can’t make himself work this is a bad system, unless the teacher can still spend a lot of time with him.” Noted Opposition Lammars also noted there was some opposition to the new method of instruction, especially in one student comment: “I didn’t like the individualized courses because I was in favor of the traditional system because you had a definite thing to do each day. In other action, the board approved a six-week summer band program which will be directed by instrumental music teacher Paul Clark. Clark will receive $990 for a daily program from June 17 through July 26. A discussion of salaries for non-certified personnel for the 1974-75 school year was tabled until next month.Services Are Set for Angelo Vollmecke, IOO CALMAR - Angola Vollmecke, who would have celebrated her 101st birthday next month, died Wednesday night at the home of her son, the Rev. Joseph Vollmecke. Survivors in addition to Father Vollmecke include another son, Leo, Fort Atkinson ; three daughters, Sister Corona and Sister Verona, at Siena Center in Racine, Wis., and Sister Bonetta, at Pewaukee, Wis.; seven grandchildren and six greatgrandchildren Services Monday at ll a.m. at St. Aloysius Catholic church in Calmar. The Rosary will be recited at 8 p.m. Saturday and at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. Sunday. Friends may call at French funeral home after 3 p.m. Saturday. Burial: St. Aloysius cemetery. Wait Don’t store it. . . sell it fast with a low-cost Classified Ad. 398-8234. Want ads will help you find lost items, use them for quick results Dial 398-8234.TmfoQlwi See Us For Everything You Need! GOLF Barnet LAWN FOOD NON-BURNING IRON ADDED » *■«< «. t NORTHUP KING LAWN FOOD 5,000 Sq. Ft, - Reg $5 95 Save $1.00 10,000 Sq. Ft. - Reg. $10.95 $095 Save $2.00 Week-End Special CYMBIDIUM ORCHID CORSAGE 50 Cash & Carry Fast and Fine Grass Seed 50c off 2 lb. Box - $1.00 off I lb. box. 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Tre< California Redwood Bird Houses Reg. $2.98 Blue Bird Houses Humming Bird Feeders Onion Sots Seed Potatoes NK & Burpee Seeds e Toro and Lawn Boy Mowers Our Own Special! • Ruby Red Fescue Seed for sun or shade • Poa Trivialis fine blade for shade — mix with fescue for best results • Kentucky Bluegrass - Sun or light shade. I GRASS SEED • Shady Mix - and Sunny Mix • Park Kentucky Blue Grass • Quick Germinating Bluegrass 4-SEASONS HARDWARE - FLORIST GARDEN SHOP 31st and Mf. Vernon Rd., S.E. • OPEN SUNDAYS • 363-5885 lf you've been hearing bells lately, they’re coming from the roof of Perpetual’s downtown office. During April, on a trial basis, you can hear the nationally famousi Schulmerich carillons play many of your favorite melodies at the following times: 9 a.m., I 2 noon, 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. These bells also strike the hour, and half hour during the business day, with the famous Westminister Peal. Let us know if you enjoy these brief musical interludes. We would appreciate receiving your opinion of the carillon bells. Your response can determine whether we retain these chimes as a part of the downtown Cedar Rapids community. YOUR RESPONSE INVITED CLIP OUT BALLOT SS PERPETUAL I SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION I 10 Second Ave., S.E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa • Telephone 366-1851 I I Iowa City Branch: I 32 East Washington Telephone 338-9751 MAIL OR BRING IN TODAY Please check the “bell” of your choice. I enjoy the carillon chimes and would like them to remain as a Perpetual fixture. I would like to see the €arillen chimes removed. I I I I I I I I I I ;

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