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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8 The Cedar Rapid* Gazette: Thurs., April ll, 1974 What Young People Think Watergate Dulls Republican Image Tic-Tac-Toe That Teaches Once in a while you and your friends probably find yourselves with little or nothing to do. Or maybe you and your family are traveling and need ideas to help pass the time. A clever and enjoyable way to use these moments is to play “creative” tic-tac-toc, tic-tac-toe that teaches. It is played similarly to the customary game, but besides requiring careful placement of your marks, this new method requires a correct answer as well. To begin, draw the usual playing figure for the normal tic-tac-toe game which consists of boxes made by crossing two horizontal parallel lines with two vertical parallel ones. You may wish to make the figure a bit larger, as some of the creative ways will need spaces large enough for words. Once the figure is drawn, you begin your contest. But instead of using the simple X and 0, try some numbers. The starting player will place a number between zero and five in a box of his choice. The other player must now double that number in his mind, locate a strategic box. and place the correctly doubled number in it. Again, it is the starter's turn. He must take his opponent’s number, double it in his mind, and place the correct answer in a carefully chosen box. The game continues with each player doubling his opponent’s previous number and filling in a box until a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical tic-tac-toe results. Or if a player fills in an answer that is not correct, his opponent wins. 4 (2) (32) Other numerical rules for the tic-tac-toe game may be used. Perhaps your rule will be to add three to the opponent’s number each time. Or very young players may wish to add or subtract just one each time. And counting backwards or forwards by two’s (odds and evens) is always fun. ♦ * * Now you may wish to use letters of the alphabet. For example, the starter puts any letter in a box. The opponent must think of the letter com ing just before that one in the alphabet and place the correct answer in a box, and so on. Cedar Rapids Emergency Numbers Ambulance.........366-7654 F.B.1..........402/348-1210 Fire............... 398-5343 Highway Patrol .... 364-5171 After Hour*  363-5629 Police............. 398-5353 Sheriff............398-3521 (Clip and carry in your billfold) CUSTOM Picture Framing X&me/tt HINT    HMLlPHfM FREE tm 333 5th Ava. SE By Nancy Gilbert Gilbert Youth Service The majority of today’s young people feel that the Republicans have been seriously damaged as I a result of Watergate. Sixty-three percent of those polled said that Watergate has damaged the Republicans, 29 percent felt that it didn’t and the rest gave no answer. I To the question “Whom would you like to sec run for President in 1976 and why?”, came I !these responses: “Senator Howard Baker, be-! cause he has a good head on his shoulders,” says Joe Jack, 17, creative tic-tac-toe using Fayetteville, Ark. words. Decide on the rules for “Edward Kennedy because he your answers before you is probably best qualified for begin. Maybe your words the job.” says William Farmer. -must all have the same first letter. Maybe they must all Perhaps one player must fill in only vowels and the other player must use only consonants. Go a step farther and play have the same vowel sound. the same number of letters, or an identical number of syllables. Maybe they must rhyme. 21, of Cleveland. Ohio. Honest Nuder States,” says John Traverse, 18. of State College, Pa. Attack on Media “Clean up politics and strong labor unions. Take away some of their ridiculous power,” says Sid Sheldon, 21, of Sharon, Pa. “Honesty in politics, reduce taxes and inflation, solution to the energy crisis,” suggests Nat Perez, 20, of Santa Ana, Calif. “Attack the news media and show that the news media is harmful to the nation,” says Emily Lofaso, 16, of Metairie, La. “Getting the U.S. back in shape, concerning our ‘crises’, inflation, pollution, etc., etc.,” 17, of Solzhenitsyn Linked To Gogol by Soviets MOSCOW (AP) — The Kus-’tide is critical of Solzhenitsyn, s i an - language international lit is the first time an official Communist magazine “Prob- Moscow publication has men-lems of Peace and Socialism” is tioned his Nobel Prize or sought carrying an article by Czech ail- to analyze him seriously. thor Jan Prazki comparing ex-;    -- iled novelist Alexander Solzhen- Why take our word that want itsyn with 19th Century writer ads work? Try one yourself. Nikolai Gogol. Although the ar- Call 398-8234. rn (wiq) (U n frier) Randall Tabor, 17, of State Col-'candidate in the White House in P*m Edmonston Ieee Pa    l’7fi    'State    College, Pa. • rnnriTp Wjiilapp Hp'c honed1    “Cleaning    up the mess Nixon -Ralph Nader. He seems to and Zaks his mind He be- Twent>'-[our Percent felt they; made out of the government and be very honest and is against jievos in ]aw and order.” says had a 25 P^nt chance, 39 per-even the country,” says Ann the cheating of the American Tom Baster. 17. of    State Col-    cent felt they had a 50 percent    Chastle, 18, of Santa Ana, Calif, people,” says Andv Spero. 18, of ieRe pa    chance, 8 percent felt    they had    0f those polled 13 percent felt Dallas, Texas.    “William Buckley. He per- a ™ Percent chance and 3 per- we have seen our “last Wa- “Charles Percy.” says Bill sonifies what a President should    cent felt they had a    hundred    p    ^    ’ Bourquin, ‘JI. o Youngstown, be - especUdlv his    intellectual lucent chance. The    res, ex-    and 10 I*"** had no answer. Ohio. “He is a middler.,he-lln.v    'P-Sed    no    opin,on.    .    YEARS AGO ^ New.v roader and would be tough com- 0f Fayetteville Ark.    T°    the    question.    “In    your    .    *    ,    ,-7 petition for Ted Kennedy,” he    opinion,    what platform should®** c° records revealed adds.    ‘    G.O.P.    Chances    (ho ]976 candida(e run on?»Jthat a federal judge suppressed J'3 run came these answers: “Ecology and energy prob- Perhaps you will want them all to be compound words, abbreviations, or contractions. Think, also, of word meanings. Maybe your rule will be that the players must use only words for animals, names of colors, or names of countries or cities. “Ronald Reagan. He is very Fifteen percent of those polled intelligent and is a fantastic ad- said that they believed that the ministrator who can get the,Republicans had less than a IO lems. Also a concerned effort to right things down right,” says percent chance for getting their bring money back to the United Atty‘ Gen> Robert Kennedy. testimony regarding an alleged plot by Teamsters President James Hoffa to assassinate ARMSTRONG-CONGOLEUMLURAN 540 Patterns Choice 395 A W Sq. Yd. Ct EXPERT INSTALLATION OR DO mR OURSELF VINYL ASBESTOS 191 Easy To Install I 2x12 Tile &Up 30 COLORS IN STOCK Open Thursday till 7:30—Park in Rear Bosf&n (Ch'CCJija') New Vcrk (Var^ - Pe.no a. € I (je/Wtr Teens on Wheels Tic-tac-toe is not limited to just two players. Try teams or even solitaire. If you arc alone you can still play. Race with yourself to try and fill in all of the boxes with correct answers within a certain time or distance on the road, if you are traveling. Or make the rule of your game pretty challenging so that you must really think to be able to fill all of the spaces correctly. Tic-tac-toe need not be just a “doodling” game. By using the imagination and the educational skills you possess, it can be an activity of exciting, enriching, or remedial value. By Michael Lamm Dear Mike: I own a 1972 Polara with the 383 V-8 and 4-barrel carb. I average about 13 mpg on premium fuel. If I install a Used 2-barrel manifold and carburetor, will imy gas mileage improve enough to offset the expense? I plan to buy the used manifold and carburetor at a wrecking yard and will install them myself. Also, ’will I be able to use regular grade gas with the 2-barrel? CUZ Dear Cli:: You can expect about 2 mpg more with the 2-barrel than you’re getting with the 4. You probably won't he able the the tor but also to install heads off the 383 in wrecking yard. Dear Mike: Our garden tractor has a 6-volt electrical system. Sometimes when it’s hard to start from standing a long time, we use jumper cables from our car. The car has a 12-volt system. Can this difference in voltage harm either vehicle? Bicycle Safety Course Dates Are Announced A bicycle safety course open to anyone who rides a bicycle will be conducted at several city schools on the next four Saturday mornings. Clinics will be held from 9 a m. until noon at the following schools. April 13 —Truman, | Tyler, Pierce and Harrison. I HARD STARTER APril 20 -Hoover, Arthur, Ken- Deer Starter:    wood. and Taylor. Not unless you leave the April 27— Coolidge, Grant, two systems hooked together I Folk, and Hayes. May 4 — for more than, say. three or Cleveland, Van Buren, Grant four minutes, in which case (Wood and Garfield. theres the possibility of Riders who complete the safe-burning out some 6-volt tv course will be awarded a cer-components, notably the tificate of achievement. tractor starter.    Sgt.    Lyle Covington, safety Write to Mike I^amm at Room coordinator for the Cedar Rap- to go to regular gas, though. because your compression 601, 50 Rockerfcller plaza, New ids ratio will stay the same. But York. KY. 10020.) if you're willing to live with decreased performance, you can retard your liming a few degrees so your engine will be able to burn regular. That, though, will probably offset the 2-barrel set-up's improvement in gas mileage. So to really do the job right, you ought to change not just the manifold and carbure- Accent on iauth police department, urges adults as well as children to attend. The safety course is co-sponsored by the police department and several civic groups. IO YEARS AGO - The Castro government demanded a 30-year prison sentence for an American convicted by a Cuban military tribunal of working with the CIA. Are you a safe Bicycle Rider? NOTICE! jjK The Cedar Rapids Police Department Announces: A New Bicycle Safety Testing Program * Jest your bike riding skills. Following are the times and lotations of the tests: • APRIL 13: Truman, Tyler, Pierce and Harrison Schools • APRIL 20: Hoover, Arthur, Kenwood and Taylor Schools • APRIL 27: Coolidge, Grant, Polk and Hayes Schools • MAY 4: Cleveland, Van Buren, Grant Wood and Garfield Schools. it Testing times: between 9 am-12 Noon at each of the above locations The Independent Insurance Agents of Cedar Rapids urge bike riders both young and old to toke advantage of this opportunity to test your bike riding skills! Independent Insurance Agents Be sure to story in Goxettel read the today’s Joe C. Ainsworth Agency American Ins. Associates, Inc. Bezanson-Whitehead Ins. 6urkhalter Ins. Agency Cook-Rowley Insurance Inc. Davis-Jones-Lamb Agency Inc. Jim Forrest Agency Kohl-Buechel Agency, Inc. Ed. McCoy Agency, Inc. Paul C. McCoy. Co. McLean-Bassin Agency McWhinney Ins. Agency Millhiser-Smith Agency Inc. Moore Insurance Agency, Inc. Al Morrissey Insurance Skogman-Ralston, Inc. Otto Slapnicka, Ins. of Cedar Rapids Slavia Agencies, Inc. John Stamy Stark Ins. Agency Welch-Donovan Ins. Robert T. Werning Ins. Whipplo-Winterberg, and Shepard, Inc. Witwer Ins. Agency Times    1    ameen    presents Spring Specials from Honeywell w-55mm 1.8 Lens List Price 379.00 Now Only 239s” w-50mm 1.4 Lens List Price 429.00 Now Only 269so HONEYWELL PENTAX SPOTMATIC F handles like a professional! SP I OOO List Price $319.00 Spring Special only $1 9550 HONEYWELL PENTAX SP1000 "Pro-forma nee"    f, on a budget! With exclusive bbmm f/2.0 Super-Multi-Coated Takumar lens for crisp, clear results from the toughest light situations. 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