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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO Hie Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., April ll, 1971 For Better Health Increased Noise Levels Have Endangered The Ear and Mind By Dr. S.L. Andelman The increasing noise level in the modern world has brought greater hazards to the ear, our nervous system and our mental health. In order to understand how noise affects your system, you need to comprehend the term decibel (db). One db is determined by a scientific measurement about the faintest aound the ear can hear. Dr. S. L. Andelman can stand 90 db for eight hours if you then shut off the noise. But for every increase of 5 db. you must cut your exposure time in half. At 95 db, for example, you should avoid exposing your ears for more than four hours at a time. Earmuffs If you work in an occupation where the noises are over 85db. creases tremendously. At 140 you should wear fitted earPluSs The sound of breathing is <jbt the limit of hearing by man. or - earmuffs to shut out part of about IO db. Quiet conversation an increase of I db will require .the noise. At higher levels it is 60, a whisper 20 and the roar ab0ut lo million times as much;may be necessary    to    wear a of a jet plane taking off as high pressure as that which produced    padded helmet. as 150.    140 (th.    Everyone    has    a different toler- You don’t add up sounds the p>pn„pnt nr rontiniiniK nnisn ance for noise- Some are only way you count potatoes. Two al J,' of abou(    bothered when toed    or sick,    but machines each may emd 60 db wm result j ermanent hcarj    for others noise may    be    the of noise, but when they re next |oss. The vital hearing apparatus hnal blow which provokes a ncr-to each other you will have a can,t s(and |hc abuse and wi„ vous breakdown. total of about 63 db, not 120. 'be damaged    you    are    exPosed    to    loud Pressure    The    damage    is related to the 7 \S 7 ’„have yT hearing uctiiiagL    is malta 10 int|checked. Most emnlovers are go up the decibel amount of exposure to the noise, the sound pressure in- If your ears are permitted to re- --cover    between    attacks of noise, • you may not lose your hearing permanently. GEORGE! Virgil Partch Armed Forces Eastern Iowa Military Men Are Promoted —yy Three Eastern Iowa servicemen have been promoted. Steven Borders, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Borders, 705 Westland road NW, was promoted to marine lance corporal while serving in Quantico, Va. Leslie Ross, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fay Ross, 1525 Sixteenth avenue SE, was promoted to marine lance corporal while serving at Cherry Point, N. C. Ronald Rippon. son of Margaret Rippon, Manchester, was promoted to army specialist while serving in Germany. * * * Navy Airman Mark Winis- torfcr, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Winistorfer, 875 Keyes court, Marion, was named captain of the month for training squadron Kingsville, Texas. * * Hiawatha, 21 at the naval air station in led in joining the reserve, may I inquire at the army reserve center, 1599 Wenig road NE. afc    sfc Verlc H. Heindselman. jr., son rn* ta ii ji cn-7    Robert    Sievers, I ofMrs- D01™ Heindselman. 507    d    (he navy I Twentieth street SW, has been1 ____ selected to receive an army ROTO fellowship. A senior at the Colorado School of Mines majoring in metallurgical engr neering, he awarded an Bulldozer Ends Woe Of TV Repair Bills LONDON COLNEY, England was previously (UPI) — Tony Warner’s televi-army two-year sion set stju wouldn’t work after ROTC scholarship. The fellow- ^ nt 0n repairs. So he ship, awarded to the top live \ percent of all ROTC scholarship had the set .smashed to pieces students, enables him to attend by a 32-ton bulldozer as his fam-graduate school for up to two ily cheered on. years.    “The    TV was always going *    *    *    wrong.”    Warner    said.    “Good A three-month recruitment riddance to it.'’ campaign is under way in Min---- nesota and Iowa for all units of Looking for something hard to the 88th U. S. army reserve find? Let a want ad find it for command. All persons interest- you. “Eat your turnips. They’re organically canned.” As you scale, Pa ne I To Study United Way Agency Needs United Way President Dr. William K. Ramstad Wednesday appointed John Gerber as the chairman of an ad hoc committee to consider the advisability, feasibility, and probability for a continuing five-year capital fund program for United W’ay agencies. “There are many maintenance problems for agencies such as YMCA, YWCA, Jane Boyd Com triunity House, and others which have not been taken care of because we don’t have a system to fund these repairs. We are asking Mr. Gerber and his committee to consider seme alternatives and to make a recommendation to us as to how we can best meet this problem,” Ramstad said. ‘‘It is my personal feeling that if we don’t gear ourselves to meeting the ongoing and emergency repairs of our buildings, it won’t be too long before we will be faced with monumental replacement cost s,” Gerber said. now required to protect their employees from dangerous noise levels. If you don’t feel your employer is complying with federal regulations, report I heres one arbitrary rule of. him to your local law enforce-thumb which assumes that you Intent officials. Good Friday Service WHAT CHEER — A union Good Friday service will be held at the What Cheer Opera House Friday, from 7:30 to 9 p.m. The theme will be “The Seven Last Words of Christ' The event will be for the people of What Cheer. Keswick, Indianapolis, Deep River, Gibson, Delta, White Oak and Thornburg. The Tri-County vocal music department under the direction of Richard Rohloff will present special arrangements. Want ads will help you find lost items, use them for quick results! Dial 398-8234. Closer to You Car Loans where your SAVINGS earn the highest bank savings rates available 5.50% GOLDEN PREMIUM INVESTMENT ACCOUNT Interest compounded daily on money on deposit 90 days or more. $500 minimum (effective annual rate 5.65%) 5.50 7.25* 5.00 % INVESTMENT CERTIFICATES A choice of 4 Savings Plans. 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