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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Cloudy with a chance of rain tonight and Saturday. Lows tonight mid 40s. Highs Saturday upper 50s. VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 93 rn Cottar CITY FINAL IO CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. FRIDAY, APRIL 12. 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Revenge on Lebanon Is Israeli Vow By United Press International The residents of the Israeli! town of Qiryat Shemona buried their dead Friday in anger and sorrow and with vows of revenge against Lebanon for harboring the three Arab guerillas who massacred 18 persons Thursday. In Beirut, Lebanese Premier Takieddin Solh met with envoys of the five major world powers to try to prevent any Israeli army attempt to strike into Lebanon against Palestinian guerilla bases. An Israeli punitive attack ap-p e a r e d probable. Caretaker Prime Minister Golda Meir said in a solemn statement Thursday: “The Lebanese govern-; ment must know that we regard it and its citizens who are aid-, ing the terrorists as responsible for the massacre.” More Attacks A guerilla spokesman promised in Beirut that there would be more such attacks to “keep alive the struggle for the liberation of Palestine.” Other Middle East developments Friday: Israeli and Syrian artillery and tanks exchanged fire on the Golan Heights for the 32nd consecutive day after Syrian troops tried to advance up Israeli-held Mt. Hermon. An Israeli spokes-; man said two soldiers were' wounded. White House To Turn Over "Some Material" WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House, facing a house judiciary committee subpoena for tapes and documents, says it 25. Tuesday the White House said it would deliver some of it after April 22. In a vain effort to head off a subpoena, it prom- will turn over at least some of j ised just before the committee the materials.    met    Thursday to make a partial Presidential Press Secretary Ronald Ziegler on Thursday said President Nixon would give J the offer, which was made by the committee materials “con-; White House lawyer James St. sistent with his constitutional responsibilities.” Clair in a telephone call, Republican members backed away Ziegler said the materials, to    „    _____., • r j    ....    I    trom it    when they    were unable be turned over within    two weeks, would bear out    the    to get it    in writing. Presidents past explanations of his Watergate role and “receive the support of the house.” However, Ziegler declined to say that the response would comply fully with the demand by the house committee. “Conclusive” Reply GSA Calls Tax Ruling Irrelevant WASHINGTON (AP) - The General Services Administration said Friday the pre-presidential papers President Nixon donated to the National Archives arc government property and cannot be reclaimed by the President. A spokesman for GSA, parent agency of the National Ar-The subpoena was served on I chives, said his agency consid delivery in a few days. But after urging support for St. Clair in his office next to the White House within two hours after its issuance had been approved by the committee. ered the gift legally binding, even though a tax deduction Nixon took for the gift has been disallowed by the Internal Revenue Service. The subpoena spelled out in! More than half of the papers detail the conversations the I in question consist of Nixon's ■■we will answer this commit-    Thhey    involve    I    general    correspondence    as    vice* nutation and previous ones fromjS?' /}    ^    ?'    g    ”"2 the committee at the end of the!- - - K' l,ald(,man’ John Important items were removed Easter vacation (April 22),” El Derailment —UPI Telephoto The first car of a two-car Chicago elevated train dangles above a downtown intersection after it failed to make a turn during rush hour late Thursday. Twenty-three people were injured although only one was hospitalized. The accident knocked the track out of service overnight and an estimated I 1,000 commuters were forced to find other ways home. Ehrlichman and John Dean.! before the gift was made. 7ieeler said “The answer we1 former Atty* Gen- Richard The remainder consist of win give will be comorehensWe Kleindienst and Asst- Att-V- Ge" I documents collected between and exclusive"    Henry Petersen.    1948 and 1962. including some The conversations all took newspaper clippings. Ziegler spoke several hours place in February, March and Th„    r„vfllv„H    arn,.nd after the subpoena was hand- Aoril last vear when according u.V, ^ delivered to tho Whitp Mniisn ♦ ♦ *•    r u .. atcorang the question of whether Nixon delivered to the White House. 0 testimony of Haldeman Ehr-|made (bc gif, bcfore congress A failure to comply with the J'chman and Dean, the Water- aboiished aifowjng deduction for subpoena could lead to a con- 1 gate cover-up was under discus- such donatjons Thus lhc sion in the White House Facing Death Penalty, Hid For 29 Years Moderate' Increase in \ French Need ii •    •»    t \r c Wider Role, University I union oeen\ Lgfijj-j- Says stitutional impasse, as a legal brief prepared by the judiciary committee staff in support of issuing a subpoena makes clear. Watergate Panel Given Name of The staffs brief said,-Realis 'Contact' at IRS Really, the President probably cannot be compelled to comply spokesman said, the GSA considers the tax ruling irrelevant to the question of whether the papers now belong to the government. White House View WASHINGTON (AP) - By Margy MeCay AMES (AP) — Students ■allocated to student aid — the; at board seemed to be able to, PARIS (UPI) with a subpoena by use of the j senate Watergate committee Leftist Fresi- Srocosse.s?.fe,ther 11,0 houseor,has obtained the name of the Secretary of State Kissinger THE HAGUE (UPI) — Police focused on the Mid-East with a said Friday th.it a Dutchman, Iowa’s three state universities agree onlv on the need for a tu- dent*a^ canchdate Francois Mit-|rne couns    .    former federal tax official a1 morning meeting with Egyptian under scntcncc of doath ,or apparently will be paying more JL    (errand    said Friday that France T Ii at realization.prompted eged to have furnished the foreign Minister bahmi and an ,    ..    .    „! to    m .ohnnt    in thn tall of 107s    !ltlon hlke'    should    adopt a    wider role in in-    ReP-    Edward    Hutchinson    (R-    White    House with    tax data on its The board considered    a    policy    j ternational affairs and end its    Mieh.).    the    senior    committee    friends and    enemies, under which tuition would be set!boycott of world disarmament!Republican, to cast one of the talks    I    three votes against issuing a structional costs, generally 25 to I    a    five-point    pro-1 The action came at the end of 35 percent.    gt“Mpn    e^hn    t ...    , . v:. J    .    . Men who are more free: a a discussion on general tuition; But Iowa State university j more just socie(y a more fra. policy    at    the    boards    monthly, President    W.    Robert    Parlwlternal    peopie;    a stronger cur- a    more involved .    . L    o - World wit ti primps <mpnt 90 ■    to go to school in the fall of 1975 afternoon session with a Syrian v'oria war 11 crimes, spent 29    »    ^ delegation to discuss troop dis- years in hiding in the home of engagement with Israel. He also his parents. was meeting with Soviet; A police spokesman said Jaco- Foreign Minister Gromyko. ; bus Philippa, 56, appeared in Soviet leaders wound up their good physical and mental health talks with Syrian President and was “almost relieved” Hafez Assad and both sides con- when five police officers, acting The state board of regents; decided Thursday to adopt a- policy of “moderate” increase a certain percentage of in-in tuition at the schools. at the demned “Israel’s ruling circles on a tip. went to the two-story faceting at Ames.    J    warned    the board that instruc- r e n c y and the external forces backing home and arrested him Thurs- No definition of ‘ moderate" tional costs should be only one prancc it.” The Assad visit to Moscow day.    was given, but Regent Donald factor in determining tuition. Mitterrand, 57, Socialist party had been expected to last three Premier Joop Den Uyl said it Shaw, Davenport, suggested it    Overall Cost days and there was no explana-Kvas unlikely Philippa would be be based on a set of principles tion of its early windup.    |    executed.    and guidelines for establishing “I do not believe the sentence'tuition rates at regents institu leader, said, “I would like this to be Promises Revenge ,    ,, , will be carried A crowd of perhaps 20,000. newsmen, some wailing in sorrow and some shouting in anger, attended the funeral of 16 of the vie-! Judicial sources out.” he told tions, which was accepted bv! factor. He cited the overall cost of j^sence f <0^ ^rance^ inflation as another important re un!'Jer®a • He said “France is 1950 Sentence said absent, morally or physically, from i I some places where it ought to I ,    , ,. ,    ,    ,    wo!i    be — morally from Helsinki, Those guidelines say tuition; charged higher tuitions. For ex-j where it should debate collec-should be in the amPle» freshmen and sopho- fjve security and stability of the board’s budget preparation committee last month. Under another policy, advanced students were Reps. Charles Wiggins (R Calif.) and Trent Lott (R-Miss.). “Confrontation is the end of the line.” said Hutchinson. He added, however, that he expected the White House to comply with the subpoena. Refusal Impeachable? ; The GSA spokesman said, The however, that Nixon probably would be free to sell or otherwise dispose of other Nixon papers and memorabilia being stored at the National Archives but not included in the deeds donating some of his papers to the government. The spokesman said Nixon would be free to reclaim those John Caulfield. President Nixon’s former law enforcement adviser, named Vernon “Mike” Acree, now the U. S. Commis-, , sioner of Customs, as his nri- PaPerJs barnng any othcr legal mary IRS contact.    impediment. In two interviews, Acree vi- At the White House, Deputy Philip- adjustments saying he had done nothing “venal or illegal.” that he could not be considered Caulfield’s prime contact and that the in-The committee brief noted; formation supplied was similar that while the committee may to that given other administrant be able to enforce its sub- tions over the last 20 years, poena, non-compliance by Nixon He described some of Caul-could be taken into account by;field’s testimony as grossly dis-the impeachment panel.    ,    torted In litigation generally, a re-1 In executive-session testimony gorously denied that allegation J Pr.jSS Secretary Gerald Warren said it had alway s been Nixon’s contention that a valid gift had been made, indicating he would make no effort to reclaim the papers. Asked about efforts by private groups to help the President meet his bill for back taxes by purchasing some of his papers. Warren said he knew nothing about them. Another White House official said Nixon has tims at Qiryat Shemona and pa. who was taken to nearby range of $50 to $150 for residents mores would pay the least, with £Uropc and Brussels where fusal t0 Produce evidence per-; taken March 23, Caulfield said. t t    fh    nMOCtinr . .... .. .         •—    -    ”    l-!    .......... nonresi-1 juniors, seniors and graduate scrjous' proposiljons |or ,hejmits an inference that the mate-ihe was referring to Acree, until ““wm TSseVmiwv heard Police Minister Shlomo.Scheveningen prison, will be and $100 to $300 for Hillel. representing the Israeli I transferred to Assen in north- dents.” government, promise revenge, east Holland where a court sen-    Expressed    Hope An Israeli soldier and a tenced him to death in 1950. and graduate scr|0us    _________________ students paying increasingly, bui]ding of Europe are s(j||. rial is unfavorable to the cause, recently the assistant IRS com- , overdue taxes from 1969-72 larger amounts.    awaited    ;    of the person holding it. it said, missioner for inspections, when Million Offer awaited. Hoard president. Mrs. II. Rand Ifr^^‘ shaw.^lvho'said such ac-1 “'’Really. Franc<: is absent border patrolman also killed in; A justice ministry spokesman Petersen „ . ' e r d, . the attack in which a guerilla; said Philippa was convicted ofrsa"' J1a™n “Pr“ *“;jion would force community co l|on o] wonfl nope ai int Beginning ui uit,jeges to compe(e with the state . , r three-hour discussion that the1 •    aI>a    lr°m o suicide squad was blown up by i“volunteering for military ser- its own explosives, were buried vice with the enemy. Nazi Get-    ^| in their home towns.    many,    and aiding the enemy. I “Our hand will reach them He said Philippa served as an cy statement. But after consideration of sev from Vienna, where the reduction of world forces is discussed. rt t j __ I—...... geneva, where disar- universities for first- and se- mamcnt ta|ks afe he|d from cond-.vear students.    wbjch    we    _ Another area of disagreement ,hese of the person holding it. it said. ; missioner for inspections, when In addition, unjustified disobe- spoke of "our capability at dienco of a subpoena can be IRS.    Hep.    Passman    (D-La.)    said considered an impeachable of- “By faat I mean the capabili- Wednesday that a syndicate of fense, ii; said.    Tv    of    conlerring    with    Mr.    Acreejbusinessmen. including former with a view’  ___ _____   The    committee    voted    33-3    to    Wllfl a VICW towar(Is seeing Louisiana Gov. James Noe, had have been    absent    subpoena 42 presidential tapes i whether*    or not    an    IRS    audit j 0ffere(j to    buy    the    papers for $1 fears.”    and related documents the    m^^^    accomplished    in a,million. wherever they are." Hillel said. officer of the German SS organ-1 eral t0pics — tiTiUon for nonresi-j‘pi'.”" '°r ,.Xned Thef Mitterrand, who made his re-panel believes are tied lo the ,e?al melhod'” "» «ranscrip»j Jim Asaff. a Dallas real es-■ We wont lay down our swords ,za ion and ac .rely planned|den, 'ins|ructionai costs as a Mrs. Mm^ cautioned ne marks a( a „ews confcrcnce is watergate cover-up. The sub- sa'd    .    .    ...    .    u , tate man who is co-chairman of factor    in    tuition    and    what    part I ^ against    selllllghlgh    rates    the    sole    representative    of    the    poena sets an April 25 deadline.    . Acrec    said be    did    have    what,a group    cai|ed    thc of the tuition increase    should    be    '    (Continued:    Page 3,    Col.    6.)    lrrtmm„nie*.c™ioiicf ki^ until everyone is brought to jus- and tice. “Government of Lebanon, thc blood is on your head if you don’t clear out the nests of ter-from your territory. Be- participated in raids on Continued: Page 3, Col. 4.) ror ware, we have warned you. U. S. Diplomat Is Watchdog Unit Voted for Commodities Exchanges WASHINGTON (AP The risks for farmers and others in KidnaniliP Victim ,louse ^a9 v°ted To 43 to the food-marketing chain WlUiia|Jiiig *11*11111 create a commission armed    L....... sweeping CORD(3BA, Argentina (UPI The house agriculture com- Union Approves Steel Contract WASHINGTON (AP) - The United Steelworkers Friday approved a new three-year con- Communist-Socialist bloc in the May elections to choose a successor to President Georges! Pompidou, who died April 2. MEDIA, Pa. (AP) - W. A. “Tony” Boyle’s attorneys says he will seek a new trial for the j with sweeping authority over! " ".“7    V’"    I    tract    with    the nation’s IO ma- -Alfred Latin. U.S. embassy I the commodites exchange in ™‘7,w h a P“bllc membcraijor steel companies providing i former president of the United branch public affairs officer in dustry, a booming business,witi. should be paid a dadyrme- a.    J ( about M?nT Workers this central Argentine city. was | an impact on prices of food and an annual level of $38,000 — for 6    .    b______I____j_:__ kidnaped at his home Friday j other basic products.     ‘    *-•-    *•-    01    cen,s    an the time spent on the job. The by eight men and a woman, ac-! The five-member Commodity cording to police sources. Futures Trading Commission.____ Witnesses said they believed ; would watch over exchanges I,0/1    .    as    ®^en    as    necessar>- Laun was wounded resisting his where contracts for future deli-abductors.    (Very    of    products are bought and - sold. Aid Put Off    Thursday’s house vote sends WASHINGTON (AP) - Legis- the proposal to the senate, lation that would provide in- j Widespread support is expected creased federal aid to victims There for the basic idea of the of last week’s tornadoes has legislation, but moves may be been put off until after the IO-1ma^e to strengthen the proday Easter recess of congress. I posed agency. commission would be required but not less than once a month. By 179 to 158, the house refused to change this to a fulltime job. Some congressmen said full-time commissioners could seek to build bureaucrat empires in Washington and part-time commissioners could stay in better touch with people j workers. convicted of hour for 350.000 murdering union rival Joseph I “Jock” Yablonski. The contract worked out in an The jury which returned its verdict Thursday evening also all-night bargaining session was j found the ailing 72-year-old ratified by a committee of 600 Boyle, now serving a three-year federal sentence for misuse of UMW funds, guilty of killing Yablonski’s wife and daughter on Dec. 31, 1969. The convictions carry a man- related documents the;, believes are tied to the ^ atergate cover-up. The sub-  ‘a group called the National •<    ... p ,    de described as a casual, busi-,Committee to Support the Presi- Ri publicans Back Off    ness relationship with Caulfield dency said Thursday that the The    committee has    been    wait-    during    a    seven-month    period of    white House had promised a ing    for    the    material    since    Feb.    (Continued:    Page    9,    Col.    I.)    response by Monday on his group’s offer to buy the papers. Asaff said his group was offering to collect money to pay some $467,000 in back taxes and interest owed by Nixon in return "We have come to the end of ;I°r fac papers. the line.”    Reed    Questioned No Emotion    The    staff    of    the    congressional and    Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation concluded earlier this month that Nixon a    owed $475,431 in back taxes and Boyle Seeking New Trial Tony Boyle Today's Chuckle Chivalry can be defined as a man’s urge to protect a woman from everybody except himself.    —    Copyright across the country. Backers of The commission would police the full-time approach main-; and 17 cents the third. a $500-billion-a-year business in tained it would help lure more Steelworkers reportedly also which contracts are bought and competent people.    won major improvements in sold at exchanges across the All potential future contracts, t h e i r pension plan, which country. More than a year of including many not now regular sources said will now permit sharp price fluctations prompt- cd, would be brought under the full retirement at 62 instead of ed demands to improve the law law. The commission would 65. involving these markets, which have power to assess penalties Steelworkers currently I are intended to minimize price of up to $100,000.    average about $5.80 an hour. local USW officials. Sources said the steel agreement generally followed settlements earlier this year in the aluminum and can industries. Both those contracts provided wage increases of 28 cents the first year, 16 cents the second da{ j^e ferm daje was (Photo on Picture Page.) Sprague, who charged Boyle had ordered Yablonski killed and then authorized $20,000 in union funds to finance it. said: “This man used the blood and set for sentencing. Defense lawyer Moses, claiming the was insufficient, said he would file a motion next week for a new trial. “Originator” The jury of nine men three women deliberated only 4' 2 hours before returning verdict. “Guilty, first degree,” intoned foreman Clyde Parris three times for the three murder charges. Boyle showed no emotion. Members of the Boyle and Yablonski families were on opposite sides of the hushed courtroom’s center aisle when the verdict was read. All had their sweat of miners for killing.”^*. had con- cyes nvetcd on white-faced Special prosecutor Richard! we stop. Sprague previously I from eight others in the Ya-!m®v*n^ jn The carved armchair, blonski case. “Boyle was thc ~..b-------,    ...    L    , Sprague said. “We got back to ing t0 do * A. !"Ils dau8h* Television ................ 8 the beginning and that’s where    ’ A inette, held back tears    Want ^ds ...............21-25 yicted or obtained guiltv pleas deferent sitting erect and un-e\ idence i frrttvi QifThf    f    v,.    moving    in Boyle’s wife was heard to the originator,” i whisPer’ “Hc didn’T have any-1 (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7. i Today s Index Comics ................... 18 Crossword ................. 18 Daily Record ................3 Deaths .................... 3 Editorial.......... 6 Farm ..................... 14 Financial ................ 19 Marion ................... 9 Movies .......... 12.13 Society .................... IO Sports ......... 15-17 State ......................4.5 (Continued: Page 9. Col. 3.) ;

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