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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Partly cloudy tonight with a chance of rain through Thursday. Lows tonight 50. Highs Thursday 70 to 75. LO CITY FINAL IO CENTS VOLUME 92 —NUMBER 91 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL IO. 1974 GOLDA ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES OUT President: Bottleneck In Congress SAGINAW, Mich. (AP) -President Nixon Wednesday charged congress with providing the “bottleneck” that has led to the higher living costs and unemployment, especially in Michigan’s auto plants. Nixon, arriving in Saginaw to campaign on behalf of Rcpubli-can congressional candidate James Sparling, said men like Sparling are needed to push his programs through congress. Rural Parts Nixon spoke to an estimated 5,000 persons at the airport before taking a helicopter to rural northeast Michigan parts of the1 Eighth district to speak on behalf of Sparling. Campaigning for the first’ time since 1972, Nixon said this ‘ is the first time in 12 years that the U. S. is at peace with all the | nations of the world, adding that! the problems the nation does have “are the problems of peace.” Nixon was greeted by Michigan’s Republican leadership on: his arrival at Tri-City airport. He walked with Sparling to shake hand? with many persons on the fringe of the crowd. The crowd carried many pro-i Nixon placards and American flags, but there were also signs urging that the President be impeached Needed Legislation Blaming local unemploymentj DES MOINES (AP) — Iowa bi* 7,-7, rf ,,f,cony'der *whit*Housc propos- charged that congress has not 133,4 mill,on by 1J" lf ,hc lc8,s'    al    to    wait    two    more    weeks    be- passed needed legislation    lature adopts most of the spend-    fore    replying    to    the committee's Nixon said major congres- »ng and tax relief proposals bc-?ional priorities for improving fore it. the lawmakers’ fiscal of-the economy include legislation fjcer predicts lo regulate natural gas and to G RanRln ,d (h relax auto emissions standards^    m(,ans    „ Referring to his meeting with Wednes<fc Enough Gas To Take    Exhausted, Summer Trips: Simon c,... ^KINGTON (UPI) — En-[gasoline stations that rely on ^ - Jf *3    «    IV    vV? Irrevocable WASHINGTON ergy chief William Simon said foreign imports.    ( Wednesday there will be enough *imon ',okl the house legal | ,    and monetary affairs subcom- j gasoline available for Amen-    mittec    Tuesday that oil    embar- cans to take their normal sum-    g0    may have been a good thing mer trips this year.    because it    crystallized concern Simon said that with    rapidly    [or cncnp'    problems that had improving gasoline supplies — 3ccn neglected for \eais. as oil is again reaching this    The    embargo came    at pie- country from the Middle East    P1    -v    10 ri8 1 hmc •    • • at a - the situation has returned    to    !me whcn    the seriousness of , “near normal.”    hc efne/f    probIem, *as a ,ma J .    ; tor of debate — and it made all As the supplies again begin ;0j us reajizc (hat it’s a fact, not a question,” Simon said. Job-Seeker -UPI Telephoto Bidding for d role at the Charles Playhouse in Boston is this kitten in a shoe. Cats and kittens are to be auditioned for non-speaking walk-on parts in "Moonchildren". Nixon Delay Angers Panel $33 Mi11ior. State Budget Deficit Seen to land on this shore, we’ll have a sufficiency of gasoline with the production levels that have been established certainly by the end of May,” Simon said. First Shipment The Federal Energy Office reported Tuesday the first major shipment of Mid-East oil since the lifting of the oil embargo had arrived at Norfolk, Va. It totaled 344,000 barrels. Exxon Corp. said its own initial shipment of Arab oil — 50,-000 barrels of crude aboard the Esso Barcelona — was due to arrive Wednesday in New York harbor. The FEO also reported that oil production in Saudi Arabia now was 8.3 million barrels a day — higher than before the embargo — and might go to ll million daily by next year. Oil Profits “A few years earlier and we would have dismissed it as an unimportant inconvenience. A few years later and its impact would have been too large for I any federal program to avoid or alleviate.” TEL AVIV (UPI) — Premier Golda Meir told her Labor party Wednesday she will resign Thursday. “I am exhausted,” the 75-year-old Mrs. Meir was quoted as saying in reference to the cabinet crisis she has grappled with since the October Mid-East war. There was no immediate word on the future of Defense Minister Moshe Dayan who is being urged to resign over Israel’s war shortcomings. “Continue Controls” Not Dayan's Fault Party members attending the c    I,,    ,    ..    (dosed meeting quoted Mrs. Simon urged the subcommit- .. . o _ ,__________Meir as saying, This time my decision is irrevocable. I have tee to make sure the FEO is allowed to continue to control oil and gas prices. He said it would be necessary so long as 60 per- (Continued: Page 2. Col. 4.) Call Mitchell To Testify in \ Own Defense Simon predicted that first WASHINGTON (AP) — Mem- the White Housc to reverse its can be completed by the end of (luarter. profds of ™aj°r od .    r ,,, .    ,    •    dnrisinn    th*    Fatter    3nH    that tho companies will be so high as to witn tormer Commerc bors of the house jud.cu.rycom- dees,on.    the    Easter recess and UujMta ^ Pembarrassing.. ,0 thcm|(ary Maurice Stuns for mittee met in a mood of anger and resentment Wednesday to The committee had demanded additional materials a response to its request for the at that time tapes bv Tuesday.    committee to complete its inquire Clair Letter    ry Pulpily,” he said. The White House said Tues-    Rodino Comment requesrfor*taperof ^presidential Iday .J1?4 “additional materials” j Rodino (D-N.J.) had no im- would be given to the committee mediate comment on St. Clair’s sometime after congress re-netter, which was not delivered turns from its Easter recess | until after the house had ad-April 22, but it didn t say what j journed and most members had the material would be.    jeR James St. Clair, who is in Gazette Leased Wires NEW Y’ORK — Former Atty. Gen. John Mitchell was to take the witness stand in his own defense Wednesday at his trial with former Commerce Secre-conspir- will nermit the when compared to the first a(7 involving a 1972 Nixon re-.    . • three months of 1973.    election campaign contribution. conversations. At separate party caucuses, both Republicans and Democrats called the White House letter postponing any response until April 22 unsatisfactory Simon was asked to comment during an interview on the NBC-TV Today show on a statement by Sen. Jackson (D-Wash.) that oil company profits would be “obscene.” “I don’t think that I’d Rodino said last week ny before the New’ York federal grand jury which indicted him last year. However, Judge Lee ^[Gagliardi ruled that only rele- that adjective," Simon said. “I van‘ par,s of, !he testimony would say that in the tradition- could Presented he a1 way of financial reporting as Were prejudiced not to be GOLDA MEIR Defense counsel came to court reached the end of the road and prepared    to    read    a    complete    my decision has    nothing    to do transcript    of    Mitchell's    testimo-    wjtb Dayan ” She resigned a month ago because of party squabbling. But she changed    her mind    because of what she    termed    a    mil itary crisis on the Syrian front. Mrs. Meir said she would for- the whole world. “orld U'ad"s ,n ^ *2!£ haVe a'surplus* oMlte'milhon “T/T' f unsat,slaclor>'j charge of President Nixons de-, th;;Thrthe°cl,mmmec had'waitXmiSrrt toThe”f7rs7warter “of able'to ™d''tho'omirc''testimo- mall-v.tcndcr her resignation at tins week. Nixon said Americas „ )h end f |hc    f    ,    Individual    members    laked    of    tense against impeachment.' f enough and that he (last year that they'reAgoing to ny now. then follow it with Mr. acab.net meeting Thursday. iVfol America buTlor    30    S* “ SMbp0Cna ^ "* ^ Tct™“IdLSCI, loS.Mttchell*, testimony." protested Her dramatic move meant the not only for Amenea. but tor His esnma|c compares wi(h a t"ial    St Clair sa.d the White House,a subpoena for the tapcs if the gasoline shortfall and the Mitchells attorney. Peter Hem- [certain collapse of her frail co- » scheduled a lu'lT Irnit e th ‘m^^'tl^betwZ Nixon    “'^perience that the American    »«<*"    government    and    general by   rru. ______ __j ,r _us_, _;J_ _L t ^.Jswcrby lucsday.    people    have    had. ..............         He    is    expected    to convene the*! “But ... we have to sit back into Bad Axe, first stop on the en" whirlwind tour. The presidential* Rankins projections showed limousine paused at the Huron most of the major appropri- .V.  ------ itia*—iii mo i. i    Chairman    Rodi Hundreds of persons lined    J™ 1 n slirp0,1 ' uat    scheduled a full committee    the taped talks between Nixon both sides of the street as the    p    e    *c c    m. V'.°C c .j*    mecbng Thursday for whatever    and his chief aides about the presidential motorcade drew    ^,    a    (    ,111I) M) u    ; arvin (    action the committee wants to    time the Watergate cover-up was becoming known last year. “We expect that the review Recess    elections    in a few months. But the judge was adamant. ^ar^y officials said Mrs. Meir take. “Unsatisfactory” county court housc and Nixon    ations being considered by the “It is obviously    unsatisfactory spent several minutes chatting    legislature    this session as well    to with townspeople about infla-'as ^our proposed tax relief tion, farm prices — and politics, iplans. A few signs at Bad Axe called    ^an    *    Afford R for impeachment but there were He said the state could not af-no other visible signs of ill will ford to spend all the money the    , t    , in the clusters of onlookers.    legislature    is projecting, and at    Pr    uce. e ma The district has been held by    the same    time exempt food,    v    tltues a Prosurr committee Thursday to consider and take a look at how the oil He recessed the trial to retire to would sta^ on as head of a care (Continued: Page 2, Col. I.) company profits have measured chambers to go over the grand j *„a^e[ _C    j*!    u11.! a majority of the commit-rolicf tee." said Rep. McClory (R-II!.). Rep. Butler (R-Va.), com- 130 Passengers Possibly Exposed lo Radioactivity against all other companies Jury testimony and mark what can be held, but they added that elections are unlikely to be or-g a n i z e d until August, four months away. over a long period of time    and    he considered    relevant. He told you’ll see that they fall    in    the    Fleming that    he might admit middle range.”    more of the grand jury testimo- Trips Cost More    "y la(er in ,hc    a?ht ot Mitchell's testimony. As for gasoline supplies, he Crisis Deepened Delta Air j and Delta believes on the basis said; “If the American people witnesses indicated that ■ ■ ■    #    ,    f*The    cabinet    crisis    deepened T™ testimony 0^ prosecution ;earjjer Wednesday with a legal MHopinion hinting at Dayan’s rc- thc GOF for 40 years. Close Race Democrat J. Robert Traxler. the early favorite in the race now believer! to be quite close, has made Nixon and his admin- drugs and heating fuel from the sales tax. double the inheritance tax exemption and adopt the Curtis income tax revision plan. Gov. Robert Ray told news men later that he thinks the istra.ion the major issue. He s,a*e a«ord to exempt food feels the President's visit will an<l d™«s fr(,n> ,hl' 3 l>crct'nl his contention that sta,e sa*(”'tax- menting    Tuesday night, said,!    ATI ,.TTA npi “It    seems    a mistake not to    A1LAW A furl!    ----- --------------- r..rI aterial. It certain-    Lines' c,tmg ,he    danger    as    of    early    reports    of    its    investiga-    continue    to abide    by    normal    chelI    perjured    himself    before."/‘.'"P    T    ^7:T“"    “ presumption that    “minimal,” said Tuesday    night    tl0n    1 bat    exposure to    passengers    conservation    practices, we’ll be    the    grand    jurv    in    March    1973 sP°n*j,a,llty    °1',    sJ.ac    ^    unpre* the President is withholding ,hat it will contact each of the wai™",n?aI-’ y    able    to    live    in    a    normal    fash-    he    M    and    StL    L    °    ^ 1    comdia    cacn oi ^    were    be-    j0n    ”    Mitchell    and    Stans    are    Political    sources    said it could 130 passengers who may have tween Washington and Atlanta* c-    j    u.    ..    charged with conspiracy, perju- force him to quit and thus top- been exposed to the radioactive on April 5 and No. 585 between'    arnvIrir.'!aSr1    ry and °bstruction of justice in, pie the government. “f™ m °n two^llanta and Baton Rouge. La.J,a*kega normal auSnS-'vKa.    ^    J“st*?e Min‘ ham i th    Th    .    tion,    not    to    postpone    going    to    investigation of financial mani- r i ^ d ^ Dayan is Delta is now in the process The possibility of exposure! Xw„ FnoianH    ,n    Lr    J    . I?ani not legally bound to damaging evidence.” Rep. Hogan (R-.Md.) issued a statement before the caucuses saying he was “sorely disappointed” with the President's decision not to honor the committee’s request. illustrate his contention Sparling is “Nixon’s stand-in ' Nixon himself may have the biggest stake. He hopes to give Sparling a ,    .    ..    ,    .    cxPosure|New    England    or    down    to    Flor-    pulator    Robert    Vesco    In    return    Ic^al1-    0011110    10 resign. of contacting each passenger was discovered when crews!ida jf ,hat bas been (hcj,. ,ra.    a^d.    ,hoy^k    a^ccret'Day3n rc<luested ,he opinion. campaign con-1 *Thc °Pblion sa»d that a min One Year Some legislators say they feel the state could afford more tax who rode either of the two found that this shipment had Hogan said    he    could    “only    flights    to explain the    type of    been improperly shielded.    to 5e gasojjn8 out therc feel this is an    additional    dilato-    medical    examination    which the    Iridium 192 is used in industry tactic by the President’s law- oassengers may desire to under-jal X-ray work.    Embargo ’(.ood yers.”    go.”    the    company    said.    The    material    was    shipped    by    But    he cautioned that it is go- “To wait until    tile    Easter    “The    radioactive    material!Value Engineering of Alexandria    mg to cost more to go    on the Industries of    trips because “prices are going i    to be higher, especially    among boost toward a victory that re,ipf ]{ dld not aPProve a $5-5 recess is an unconscionable was located in the cargo bins in Va., to Gamma could ease impeachment pres- (Continued: Page 2, Col. I.) delay,” Hogan said, calling on the rear section of both aircraft Baton Rouge, sure among house Republicans.---— ditional practice. There is going $200,000 cash    ...... . tribution from Vesco who is now    *s^er    *s.    responsible for what is a fugitive from    justice    in    Costa    done    nNnistry,    one Rjca    source    said.    “That’s why    if    you Gagliardi announced thcrc(read ,he opinion correclly you will be no trial session Thursday (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) have to opinion the conclusion that Dayan must go.” New Candidate? who arc shaken by three Democratic victories this year in special elections for house seats previously held by Republicans. For that reason, next Tuesday’s outcome may have more impact on Nixon’s future than the President will have on the local election. IRS Planned Audit of Rock Fans and Card-Burners also were The crisis was sparked by the release of a government commission's report blaming top army commanders for Israel s “Currently, when information agencies any law violations they problem usually by bringing in unpreparedness and exonerating Mrs. Meir and Dayan. Two of is received it is reviewed for in- uncovered not linked to taxes, dications of non-compliance. WASHINGTON (AP) — The 12,000 classified documents and non-violent groups Internal    Revenue Service    until had    compiled a list    of 16.000    being    included. recently    was prepared to    audit.or ,nd,v,dual*    “who tal1    Rock    Festivals ret en ny    was piipanu iv    |nto    ,he categ0ry 0f    posmg a the taxes of anyone attending a    threat and probability of tax “Included are those who pub-    "hen indications are received, In Southfield,    Midi., Vice-    rock festival or burning his    violations,” the IRS memo said, jlicly destroy and burn draft    hic searches, if possible, are president Ford    told newsmen    draft card, according to an IRS    ,.The magnitude and potential cards, destroy selective service    Iliade to determine if returns luesday night    that he had    internal memo.    of this facility is unlimited,” the records participate in and or-    arc bled and taxes paid,” the strongly urged President Nixon    The memo was made public    raemo sajd “a recent audit' tranize Mav dav demonstrations to visit the Eighth district. Tuesday by Sen. Lowell Weickei supports the conclusion that this Ford said he has everything . (R-Conn.). It is a January, 1^75. function offers high potential asiV1is to gain and nothing to Jose by status report on what was called „ Hpfprront in wiHpcnrpad tax    *•    i    •    i        ,•    .. stumping the area.    L special compliance group set i violltion bv activTst crSuos    ,CS    ‘    *    *    th°    memo    said    .    Au8ust* 1973’ at the same time nin8 of a tax disPutp- and many InS°ba said “If he hadn’t gone, and the up inside irs to collect in-    .    .    11    als<>    said    IRS    agents    were    that allegations were being times misinforms when it does. He said that when the IRS election was lost to the Demo- L.ilieence information on all    memo    vvas    s,6ned    by    I    interested    in    the    tax    returns    of    made before the senate Water- a tax court commissioner says, does advise the taxpayer of the ........*    gr«ups    advW:a.ingi^"dJ^^"?1'~!'hose    ^    i.n,    !hi    sal?.    of memo said. Soys IRS hails To Tell Rights To Taxpayers WASHINGTON (API - additional information.    ,    . "It seems clear that when    the    ,uh*n^,bop    part>;s    three    ffct,i0"S first contact is made with    the    Wdn,cd    Payan    10    reslgn    ,0    ,akc taxpayer, there is no desire to inform him that he may go to court rather than discuss settle-; .ment. This is so because    the The IHS believes settlement is    the (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5. Today's Index Comics  .................7D crats, he would have been blamed anyhow,” Ford said organize    and attend rock    festi-    Weicker    said    Monday    that the    URS    often fails to    advise    taxpay-    |correct answer,    but    is    this    fair    _______ by | status report on what was called I a”‘deterrenr*to ‘‘\^dcsDrVad~’tax: Va*S    r’hiCh    yoUth    -?nd    special    unit    was    dismantlcd in    ers    of    their    rights    at    the    begin-    [°    the    taxpayer?    I    think    not,’    crossword    7D I    r    a    etcu11ent to wiacspreaa tax,narcotlcs ... the memo said. Aumist 1Q7.1 at thp same timelnino nf a tov Hicm.io ana Ingolia said.    Daily    Record    3A Deaths.......... 3A Editorial Features  6A Farm ......................6C Financial ................. SD Marion ................... 9D Movies ...............14C Today's Chuckle We know a guy who’s so rich he didn’t even know his son was in college. —Copyright 1974 persons or so-called extremist views. “Posing Threat” The unit was set up in the first year of the Nixon administration and by 1973, according to the memo, had amassed 8.000 files dn individuals and 3,000 on organizations. It had collected sioner of the North Atlantic re- fjrearms (0 the Irish Republican gi°n of the IRS. It was addres- army> who travei l0 Cuba> Ai. seed to IRS directors.    gerja or North Vietnam or who gate committee that the White The IRS often leaves a citizen ta* court option, it often tells House had used the IRS to bene- puzzled, said tax court commis-,bim such a course would be fit President    Nixon's friends,sioner Joseph N Ingolia. He    time consuming    and expensive. and to punish    his political “ene-    testified at a hearing on taxes    Hut, he said, for    a small case, The    document    said    that    the    are    engaged    in    “inciting    com-    mies.”    held by a senate appropriations    the court usually    takes an houri    Society    10B-13B IRS    was    collecting    information.    I motion and    resistance    to    author-; The memo asked agents in the    subcommittee.    for a $10 fee.    Sports    1D-6I) with the help of    law enforce-ity by encouraging defectors in    field to forward any intelligence    “He (the taxpayer)    is not    ad-    He    also said IRS does    not    State    1C-3C ment agencies, on    so-called vio-    the armed forces to enter into    about dissident groups to Wash-    vised of his rights to    go to    the    clear    up the misconception of    Television    4C lent groups.    alliances to subvert this nation    ington and directed them to re-    courts at this time but    instead is    many taxpayers that the    tax    Want    Ads .......   10D-13D It also said that    members of    ...” the memo said.    port to other law enforcement    invited to discuss or    settle    his    court    is an arm of the IRS. ;

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