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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa granting cigaret The Cedar Rapids city council met in regular session Wednes day, with the mayor and all commissioners present. The following business was conducted; all resolutions were passed unanimously and all petitions and reports taken under advisement, unless otherwise noted. Accounts, Finance Resolution authorizing return of bid deposits received for disposition of urban renewal parcels. Resolution permit. Resolutions authorizing amendment to public improvement contract for the demolition o f dwellings with Harmon Webb, accepting contract work of Webb for demolition of dilapidated structures at 1018 Ninth avenue SE and 1413 Third street SE and Paul Underwood for structures at 1117 Fifteenth street SE, and awarding contracts for demolition to Underwood for structures at HOI Fourteenth avenue SE and Webb at 1117 Fourteenth avenue SE. Resolution authorizing purchase contract with Highway Products, Inc., for two transit coaches at a price of $35,814 each. Resolution approving contract of Concrete Maintenance Co. for demolition in Oak Hill and Riverside areas. Third reading for ordinance offering reduced water rates to persons 62 years of age and mechanical code older who have incomes of ~ ,.    . $4,200 per year or less.    Ordinance    placed    on    file amending speed restrictions on Parks    certain    streets. Resolution granting pool Ii- Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., April ll, 1974 fications and form of contract: 113 Eighth avenue SE, subject to and advertising for bids for sanitary sewer in Blairs Ferry road at Milex lane NE. Resolution accepting warranty deed from the Guaranty Bank and Trust Co., executor of the Barbara W. Davis estate Resolutions filing plat and schedule and placing resolution of necessity on file for proposed construction of 1974 concrete paving program. Resolution accepting an easement for sanitary sewer from Richard P. Louvar and others and authorizing payment for sanitary sewer located at 1866 Blairs Ferry road NE. Resolution releasing subdivision bond for concrete sidewalk for Bjomsen Development Co. for Southtown place. several conditions. and others requesting concrete open burning, and from two peo- urging review and support of yw    Resian D*/    0    -1*1 alley pavement between D and pie objecting to spring burning the west alternate of 1-380.    _    P    9    ^    UI KO DCI FIO IT E avenue NE from Center Point dates.    Petition from Richard R. Ran- Because of Insomnia    ll road to Fourteenth street NE. Petition from St. George Or-sen requesting extension of the LONDON (UPI)—Robert Rob-    L.OS6S LOOT Petition from Harold R. Ja- thodox church requesting vaca- sewer line which terminates on    anchor    man of the Brit-    ^ ^ (CPI) — A bandit meson and others requesting the tion of Eleventh street SE from Estroy drive NE across Culver    Broadcasting Corp.’s early    . council restrain the Cook Tree Twelfth avenue southerly 316 street NE.    morning    current    affairs pro- 0 c a ™e'm    r) service from parking large feet.    Notification from the state gram ‘Today,” is quitting be- 0    on d sPet *c-c c Jeanette hi8hway commission that a pub- cause “I am slowly turning into ,ost hls balance and hls loot !oss block of Norwood drive SE. Public Safety Second reading for ordinance enacting and adopting a new Resolution authorizing a lease cense to Rod’s place, 834 First with Welty-Way Products, Inc., avenup NF for diamond number one at Ellis ‘    , / park from Aug. 15 to Aug. 18. , Resolution granting one class for the Amateur Softball Assn. A clut?    ,K!uor P0™1': state fast-pitch tournament. ,lu> c'lJss B beer permits and two class B beer on Sunday per- Public Improvements mits „    ...    .,    . .    ..    ,,    Resolution    rescinding    resolu- Resolution authorizing the city ,ion ,hat cslabljshcd a ftop siRn auditor to certify the unpaid and in the alley at the west property delinquent sewer rental charge Ijne a, thoJ rear of 225 SlxtcCTlth of Sunrise mobile court and avenue sw s, j westbound laundromat to the county aud!- traffic in the alley. tor.    „ Resolution authorizing Daniel Resolution establishing tw(>-Rockwell, assistant water pol-; ^*"7 parlung on the east »de of lution control engineer, to go to    road    r New York to observe and cvalu- north of Fourteenth avenue SW. ate Honeywell Corp. pollution Resolution rescinding resolu-control center computer system. hon which established two-hour Resolution appointing Darrell Peking on the east side of Iv. Freese weed commissioner Rockford road SW’ for 486 feet for 1974    north of Fourteenth avenue SW. Resolution approving final Resolution approving request plat of Sylvan lane first addi- of James D. Ledenbach for a tion.    certificate of occupancy to con- Resolutions filing plans, speci- duct a paper baling operation at Zoning Petition from H. K. and Lilly and James Igram requesting change of zone from R-4 to B-l for property at 812-820 Sixth street SW. Petition from Thomas D. and Linda P. Faught and Quik-Trip Corp. requesting change of zone from R-2 to B-l for property at 1426 Thirty-second street NE. Petition from Robert W. and Victoria A. Lehman requesting change in zone from R-l to R-2 for property on the southwest side of Glass road NE. Petition from B and R Investment Co. requesting change of zone from R-2 to R-3G for property on the cast side of Center Point road NE between O avenue and M avenue. Second reading for ordinance rezoning, R-2 to B-l, property at Sixth street and Twenty-seventh avenue SW. petitioned by Zinser Investments, Ltd. Public hearings held on six rezoning requests. Public Hearings Public hearing set May I for proposed sanitary sewer in Blairs Ferry road at Milex lane NE. Public hearings held on the following zoning matters: R-l to R-3G at Thirtieth street and Pioneer avenue SE; R-l to R-3G at 3715 Johnson avenue NW; R-3 to R-T at 202 Twelfth street NW; B-l to B-2 at Mt. Vernon road and Forty-second street SE; R-l to M-l on the north side of Blairs Ferry road NE, west of Council street; R-l to R-3G at 3102 F avenue NW’. Petitions, Reports Petition from Zinser Investments, Ltd., requesting extension of the water main for a 96-unit apartment complex on Edgewood road NW. Petition from Kermit C. Fol-kedahl, 3731 M avenue NW, requesting annexation. Petition from Donald P. Doric trucks and heavy equipment on Petition from  ..... -    ,    ..    , ......  *    than a block away. Police said the cycle tipped Alpha,    requesting permission to    tween F    avenue    NE    and J    ave-    leave his house at 5 a.m. to    over in rush-hour    traffic    and petition    I rom Alimony    Russell    hold a    bikc ridc May 19 to raisc    nuc ne.    present his early morning show    gusty wind scattered the cash. Skh rn    hndnf™' m°ney St. Jude's Children's Reports from various city de- for the last three years, said | The bandit escaped on foot. southwest of rte imersectkrn of Roseorth hospital.    P"ls.    Tuesday: “I go to bed at 9:30 'People were picking up soumwesi    or me intersection or,    - p m but r can never sieep be_    money all over the    area,”    said and Otis    avenue    Petition from Sixteenth ave-    (Continued.    Page3iCoI.4    )    orc al ,east 11:30. Thcn i kecp    one witness. "ae commercial club requesting wy| be seen Wam ad co|umn£ wakj    ,0 make sure h0‘ Stewart road SE. Petition from Ernest E. and the city take action to solve the Dorothy M. Miller requesting problems that will be created installation of a drainage tube by the closing of Fourteenth ayin the drainage ditch running enue SW through their property at 2211 Petition from Louis B. Blair, Rockford road SW.    superintendent of St. Luke’s Petition from A Better Com- hospital, requesting air rights munity, Inc., endorsing the over A avenue NE for a pedes- are read regularly. DRIVE SAFELY First avenue and Williams boulevard study. trian bridge and approval for proposed location of the column Petitions from seven people foundations, requesting setting of dates for Petition from Life Investors No. ACOOl, I 7 J jelf-wmding, day-dote calendar, 98.2 ft. water tested, stainless steel, blue dial, adjustable bracelet. $69.50 SEIKO, THE EXPENSIVE WATCH WITH THE BUDGET PRICE. 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