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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 24, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Dorset Field club plans Active Tennis season baseball standings Hinsdale entries Bennington Banner thursday june 24, 1985-9 Dorset a plans for another Active Tennis season at the Dorset Field club have been made by the Tennis committee under its chairman Seward Woodard of Peru. Back for a second summer As the club s Tennis pro will be Max Cogan of the Castleton state College physical education dept. The annual Independence Day tournament will be run by Julian Orton at Salem n.y., Long an Active member of the club with Tom Ketchum summer resident Here in charge of the Junior tournament for those 18 and under. Of special interest this summer will be the Junior invitation tournament from aug. 2 to 6. It is planned that top Junior players 16 and under from All Over new England will compete. Responsibility for this five Day event first of its kind to be held at Dorset will be with Earle Matte club member from Glens Falls and Seward Woodard assisted by local Junior members Jackie Winters and Tom Ketchum. Round Robins will continue to be scheduled every sunday at la . Under the direction at Bill Manley of Manchester. Ladles Day As in the past will be held on tuesdays from la . To i . With mrs. Barbara Smith in charge. Men s Day on saturdays from to . To i . Will be run by Julian Orton and Earle Matte. Junior clinic Day on thursday mornings during july and August will be resumed again this summer under the instruction of Max Cogan with Jackie Winters responsible. Club championships will be run by Barbara Smith Julian Orton and Tom Ketchum with responsibility for the inter club matches in the hands of mrs. Carol Mcnealus. National w los Angeles 43 Cincinnati 39 Milwaukee 35 san franclsco37 Pittsburgh 34 Philadelphia 33 St. Louis 30 Chicago Houston 29 new York 23 league. Pct. Go 26 .623 27 .591 2vfe 26 ,574 4 29 .561 41/2 32 .515 v/2 32 .508 8 37 .448 12 37 .439 121/2 41 .414 141/2 45 .338 191/2 wednesdays results san Francisco 6 Pittsburgh i Cincinnati 6 St. Louis 2, night Milwaukee 6 Chicago 2, night Only games scheduled Green Mountain results wednesday june 23 Trode condition. Fest weather Rainy Coal. First�?1,000, clmg., i fur. To Sun Don Cut show 6 60 4 40 3jo i Battle Stripe Ernst 4 20 3.20 4 Lucky r Ledezma 5 40 also Trust him rare dance Day from Dallas de s broker breakfast in bed Bene Ducato live dangerously. Time 1 27. Second�?1,000. Elm., s fur. 9 Uncle Tim Pruden 21 00 6 00 5.20 4 Admiral Howe Rodriguez 4.20 3.20 3 my Emory Ernst too also Bunny Leo Rush for Gold social Loa or. Behoc Alec Williams Truster. Time 1 00 4 doily double 10-9 paid 139.20. Third�?1,000, cjmg., fur. 3 atomic Jet Kessler 7.40 4 00 3 20 7 Toms Ace Erdos 50 3.60 1 Eon 2rd Huslander 20 also done raining Prodon Fortune cookie Bie Dace Island King. Time .59 3. Fourth�?1,000. Clogs fur. 6 spy Mon Thorndike 3 20 3 20 2 0 2 Kim t Donahue 5.60 3 0 5 Harlem kid Riggs 2.60 also show boy Bel Beau s last War brass or. Mad River flaming Amber. Time 591. Fifth�?1,000. Rime fur. Better than Sunshine a electric clothes dryer Stop in today Cin Rai Vermont Public service corp. 6 our Little Letts Sigler 16 40 4 20 2 6c 5 Jebneh s Belle Marshman 3.00 2.4c 1 pen pal sue Cordelia 2.6c also Mory Ciare Bello select preen Sunset girl. Scratched Sirius Imp. Time i of 4. Sixth�?1,000, cima., 5 fur. 2 a Sinnung Ledezma 4 00 9 40 4.40 1 miss Elmwood Pruden 3.60 20 4 Prince an to Quarells 3.40 also a Mission s caper Werts Volle risky sister to Morlot Vegol. Time 1 01.2. Seventh�?1,200, allow., s fur. 2 mod miss Kelly 5 40 3 60 3 10 1 Golden Louis Thorndike 3 00 340 6 tip preen Ledezma <60 also Lovely Stone Ain t be final count mikes Lassie. Time 59. Count Mike Lassie. Time 59 eighth�?1,200, it mg., mile 4 jobs Island erns 13 80 4 60 2 60 2 tour Tan Johnstone 260 220 6 on final Cordelia 2.60 also gunwale Idle threats tin Tulloh. Time 1 40.2. Twin double 6-2-2 paid 3 300.40 Only three horses necessary ninth�?1,100, elmq., 5 fur 6 find later Pasqua Remi 12 00 6 0 3.40 5 Milano Clark 3 60 2 40 2 procrastinator Thorndike 4.20 also a Silver Shode Sassy Bull von right Chelpo. Time 1 00.4. Scratched sugar Plum pc try. Attendance 2,006 Hood be 114,91 thursdays probable pitchers St. Louis at Cincinnati night a Stallard 3-2 is. O Toole i 5x Chicago at Milwaukee night a Buhl 7-6 is. Cloninger 10-4 Philadelphia at san Francisco a Bunning 7-5 or Herbert 3-4 is. Marschal 11-5. New York at Houston night a Fisher 5-7 is. Dierker 1-3pittsburgh at los Angeles night a Cardwell 4-2 is. Drysdale 11-5. American league Minnesota Chicago Cleveland Baltimore Detroit los Angeles new York Boston Washington Kansas City wednesdays results Washington 5 Chi. Of 1st, twi Chicago 5 Wash. 0, 2nd, night Detroit 2 los Ang. 0, night Minnesota 6 Cleve. 3, night Baltimore 6 Boston 4, night new York 8 Kan. City 3, night thursdays probable pitchers los Angeles at Detroit a Newman 7-5 is. Mclain 3-3. Minnesota at Cleveland Twilight a Pascual 8-1 is. Terry 6-3. Boston at Baltimore night a Stephenson 1-2 is. Pappas 7 2. Kansas City at new York a Sheldon 2-2 is. Stottlemyre 7-3. A n me i &Quot.5 0, my ideas at non 195. a it. N it Vod i canes "65. V Arv. Ire tier yorker do in of i Ody to j of 111 a non w on i set to Der g and Macnaul p cures by he a nor.? a non a. Inner major league Lin scores $300, Rev in s King a Kirk Sypek to Tan Ai sr0, nor. Winners a be w. L. Pct. Go 39 24 .619 38 25 .603 i 37 25 .597 u/2 38 27 .585 2 36 27 .571 3 32 37 .464 to 30 36 .455 10v2 26 38 .406 131/z 27 40 .403 14 18 42 .300 191/2 occasional chairs in danish modern Reg. S39.00 hairs reversible zippered poly foam cushions. Value priced at >24 95 320 Elm Street furniture inc. Bennington. Vermont a phone 442 5131 / 1865-Grant meets Lee at Appomattox a Century of useful Beauty up in smoke 9 out of 10 Forest fires Are caused by people who Don t follow Smokey a Abc s. When carelessness destroys our forests it destroys our wildlife and the priceless watershed that holds Back flood Waters. It takes a lifetime for a Forest to recover done to be careless. Always hold matches till cold be sure to drown All fires crush All smokes i dead out you can prevent Forest fires 5 a t pc vol so Ennior p a a r. Ii i Jar. Barde View Dick in of pm 5r.n-Ilar fifth incr 500, Maidens 2 year Quot is. F Doe Wand Tnyre Bvrd Ilona Airliner p by Pill Adion a sixth Pace 500, non winners 300, 1565. Subset time of girl dirty Den Topaz 5�guin seventh Pace in Xii Eop. Dark Hoven arc on boy Vicky to Jerry destiny j c Brooks Ados Suzette Gloria Heather Chris Forbes lady Emlen Abbes Victory $500, claiming Shady Parve not yet Holly Golden boy a Tomico Woy eighth Par s500 in their last voile Gre f a so Pixie sober counsel Trumon s Pride ninth Pace Cap. Sugar doll to a Sandy doll Dean 600, non winners five starts. Lucknow s Sally or. Tell dry Silverheels Golden pick 500, claiming Handi Joe velvet champs Victory Woteca Cher Ante express entries come in for horse show at Northampton Northampton mass. A entries for the 1965 edition of the National Morgan horse show slated july 22-25 at the three county fair grounds Here Are coming in at a record Pace according to show chairman Nathaniel f. Bigelow or. Of Goffstown no. Bigelow said this year s entries should top last years record of 550, Quot making the show again the biggest single Breed event in the in addition to begin the largest the event is also one of the few to be Given an Honor show rating by the National horse shows association governing body for All horse events in the country Bigelow said. An Honor show rating the chairman said is the highest accolade Given by the Ehsa and 1965 Marks the eighth consecutive year the Morgan show has been so rated. The designation is Given on the basis of smoothness of operation favourable reports by stewards and High Caliper of compete ten. Ala recent meeting of the show committee it was reported that All preparations for the event Are proceeding according to schedule and that entries have been received from As far away As California. American league Kan City too 200 Ioos 3 to i new York 530 too Fox a 8 9 2 Segul Buschhorn Dickson 3stock 4wyatt 7mossi 8 and la Che maim. Ford Hamilton 7 and Howard Gibbs 8. Winner Ford 8-6. Loser a Segul 4-9. Hrs Barker 4th. Los Ang too too oooo 0 4 0 Detroit 010 too Fox a 2 7 0 May Lee 8 and Egan a new 8. Aguirre 9-2 and Freehan. Loser May 4-7. Boston too 000400�? 4 7 3 bait. Too 311 Fox a 6 7 i Lonborg Lamabe 6earley 6radatz 7 and Tillman. Barber s. Miller 7 and Brown. Winner a Barber 5-5. Loser a Lonborg 4-7. Hrs Yastrzemsky lot Conigliaro 13thtillman 5th. Saratoga results first Quot a Pace mile. 600 Nalda Adios Brosseau 9.00 4.0 3.20 Ozzio Adios Raiford 3.90 3 90 Bronco Bill Donnelly 9-70 time 2 12. Alao started Conestoga it ugly. Cherry Jean. Imperial Star de non Yankee Dottle put. Second Pace mile 600 Torrico Szklar 5 90 3 30 2.70 Peg if Quick Tingley 3 40 2 80 torrid Way Hamilton 20 a 2 11 2-5. Alao started mis mul floor Little Patti a., Cleo Rader. Missy Dee. Scratched Sharp daily double Anaida Adios a it and Cotta Rico i paid 33.60. Consolation double Anaida Adios a it and Sharp pint 2 paid 7.40. Third Pace mile 2,400 Ponco Tom Chretien 2.70 2 50 2.30 Dan free Hall is in Are 7.50 4.20 w w Smith Parker 4.70 time 2 0 2-5. Alao . Ford Stalwart pick a miss somebody a big Ace. E Foster stable entry. A fourth Trot mile $700 City limit current 10 00 4 60 2.50 cd Gloria s. Mcquigge 5 70 2 90 pm do Sny Pride la Rente 2 40 time 2 1124. Also started Prince Hoot. Alotta. Kate a daughter. Burning Blaze. Scratched Peg Hile pm Deans Pride finished second placed third for tipped on break at wire. Fifth Pace mile. 650 Shady Dale Ace Kelly 4 30 3.10 2 0 Sharp shoes Bogardus 4 40 Nab Bennett a time 2 12. Also started Kappa Kay. Volo. Tag Quinton boy Moonshine Nan dare. A sixth Pace mile $650 May doll Goodwin St 4 30 3 00 Lay Bob Parker 3 80 2.90 Melburn Belle fable 3 00 time 5 11. Also started Charlie pleasant Echo. Tatla True Kitty flare ginner Pat. A seventh Pace mile 750. Worthy dream girl Huff 6.80 3.90 2.80 frosty Charley Roaseau 4 80 4 00 Dale direct c. Lefebvre 5.80 time 2 12. Also started april chief Adios axes. Knight scene we March. Did not finish Forbes Rose Croft. Eighth Pace mile $1,200. Westleigh boy Parker 6 30 4 10 3.10 Laddie Foster 50 5.00 Denny vie Goodsell 390 time 2 09 3-5. Also stalled vigorous Wick Audey Hanover Dickie Volo. Thomas Brook Albert j. Ninth. Pace. Mile >50 adv wonder Heeney 6.20 4 to 2 50 Battle Chimes Well 7.40 2 0 rebel land sue Huff 2 20 time 2 13. Also started Cheri Eden direct Rob s boy Mickey Mac Pherson. Miss Bonnie Jack att 2,818. Handle $138,276. Minn. 010 320 oooo 6 7 3 Cleve. Oil too Ooin 3 51 Grant stigmas 9 and Zim Merman. Seebert Spring 3weaver 4mcmahon 6stange 8bell 9 and Sims. Winner a Grant 7-2. Loser Spring 0-1. Hrs Hall 13thcolavito 16thallison 12thvaldespino 1st. Wash 020 210 oooo 5 9 0 Chicago Ooi too oooo i 6 2 Richer 5-5 and came ill pm Zarro locker 2john 4wilhelm 5bollo 8 and Romano. Loser Pizarro 1-2. National league Pitts too too Ooin i to 2 san fran 010 too 4ox�? 6 la 0 Veale Sisk 7wood 8 and Pagliaroni. Sanford her Bel 3henry 8lunzy 9 and Hiatt Bertell 5haller 8. Winner a Herbel 5-4. Loser a Veale 7-5. Hrs Mays 22nd. Chicago too too Ioos 2 4 i Mhz 302 too Fox a 6 9 0 Jackson Warner 4humphreys 6hendley 8 and Krug. Blas Inga me 8-5 and Torre. Loser a Jackson 4-10x hrs a Torre 14thwollams St. Louis too too 200�? 2 6 0 Cincin. 010 203 Fox a 6 13 0 Simmons Dennis 6brues 7 and Mccarver. Maloney 7-3 and Pavletich. Loser Simmons 4-8. Hrs Pinson Lith. Profit seeking. Get All the facts about new Deal lifetime Homes exclusive franchise and discover what it can do for Youl you enter a Field of proven growth potential. You become part of a nationally successful organization with 25 years of experience in manufactured Homes. You meet the steadily increasing demand for new Homes with the advantage of the most highly Boukis after Homes in the Market. You make easier extra More profit. 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