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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 23, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy and warm partly Cloudy and warm tonight with Low in the 60s. Thursday partly Cloudy hot and humid with thunderstorms. Yesterday s High 83, Low 49, today at 7 a.m., 55. Sunset 8 38, Sunrise 5 11. The planet Venus is now prominent in the Early evening sky Low on the Western horizon. Bennington Bennington Vermont wednesday june 23, 1965 Anner founded in 1841 daily 1903 no. 19,793 to cents in Laconia Fri shuns comment on red riot charge Laconia . Up a the Federal Bureau of investigation Fri has declined to comment on whether it planned to investigate charges that weekend rioting by motorcycle enthusiasts in this resort City was communist instigated. Mayor Peter Lessard charged monday that members of the hell s Angels a Lawless band of California cyclists blamed by police for triggering the saturday night riot had been trained in a How to Start the 28-year-old mayor said he had a reliable reports Quot that the instigators were communist a riot Lessard asked the Fri to investigate. New Hampshire state police and a spokesman for gov. John w. King said they had no evidence to support Lessard s charge. More than 80 persons were injured nine seriously and scores were arrested in a four a hour Battle Between leather jacketed a wild ones Quot and police and National guardsmen. An unidentified 16-year-old Cambridge mass., youth was quoted tuesday As saying a member of the Hellas Angels told him 304 of the West coast motorcycle hoodlums started out from los Angeles to attend motorcycle races in Loudon ., 14 Miles from Here. A the cops got 91 of us on the Way but we did no to Stop for a red Light or a Stop sign the whole trip Quot the youth said the Hellas Angel told him. The Cambridge youth who was struck by a Shotgun blast during the riot said a tall Blond californian with rings in his ears triggered the Melee by standing in the Middle of the Road and halting traffic along Lake . Traffic Survey begins personnel from the state Highway departments planning division were stationed on . 7 South of Bennington Village tuesday afternoon for the Start of a special traffic Survey to be taken in this area. Motorists Are stopped and interviewed to find out their origin destination and other information about their travel plans. Similar interviews were being conducted on Monument Avenue North of the intersection with . 7. Other orig in destination interviews Are being conducted today on Vermont 9 and on Walloomsac Road West of old Bennington. Traffic volumes and turning movements will also be checked at key intersections in the Bennington Village area tomorrow. The traffic Survey will be repeated at the . 7 and Monument Avenue Points on Friday. Hagerman. Miss Henry appeals for cock fight ban Montpelier up a the president of the Bennington county humane society holding up a fighting rooster confiscated at a cock fight last Winter pleaded tuesday for revision of the Vermont s Laws on cruelty to animals. Miss Jean Henry told the House agriculture committee that a Coe fights Are going on openly in Bennington on a regular basis and have been for years Quot she removed the fighting cock from a Box she brought to the Public hearing waved the beautifully plumed Bird and urged the committee to approve a Bill making cruelty to animals a felony rather than a Misdemeanour. Included in her testimony were pictures taken of cock fights the spurs taken from the Cocks during the massive state police raid in Bennington last january that netted 47 fighting Cocks and stories of alleged atrocities to animals during the brutal fights. While she was testifying the cock crowed loudly at regular intervals in the Small committee room. Miss Henry said cockfighting goes on around the state. A was i walked Down the Street in Montpelier today with the Box in my hand some fellow asked me a where is the cock fight going to be a Quot she said. She showed a cockfight Magazine in which Vermont cock fighters advertise. Capt. Robert Murray of the Massachusetts society for the prevention of cruelty to animals said Massachusetts Law after which the Vermont Bill is patterned make it difficult for undercover Bird fights to be run. The Bill provides penalties of up to $200 or a year in prison or both for a encouraging Quot cock fights. . Viet Nam policy strains soviet ties in Viet Nam air ground War intensifies touring tourist helpers a these tourist information Booth personnel from All Over Vermont had a Chance to familiarize themselves with Bennington area attractions this morning. The group which will cover 930 Miles during a six Day trip through the state took a whirlwind tour of the Bennington historical museum before setting out for mount Snow and Points East. In front Row Are mrs. Rita m. Starr in striped dress of the Vermont new Hampshire information Center in Montreal miss Gall Macalister of the Vermont development department s new York City office mrs. Viola Goodyear who dispenses information in the greater Bennington association office mrs. Lorena c. Mcgoff assistant to the add s director of publicity Thomas Hall Oba president and Richard c. Barret museum curator. House tables fall election court Reform goes to conference 150-75 to table a measure calling for a special legislative election nov. 23 until the Federal courts Rule on the Vermont reapportionment plans. Most experts feel the court edict calling for reapportionment by july i contained a tacit order to hold special elections this fall. If no provisions Are made by the legislature the court will set the election dates observers Felt. Opponents of the resolve to lengthen legislative terms said the Assembly is not a party to the reapportionment suit and it is doubtful the court would lend credence to any petition from the body. Rep. John Masterton a Goshen head of the House judiciary committee said the resolve a does not constitute a valid legislative act since the House has no standing before the the members killed his move to recommit the Resolution to his committee on a 150-78 vote. The three judge Federal panel sitting in the Vermont Case holds a hearing thursday but it is not certain the jurists will Rule on the realignment schemes before the lawmakers terms lapse by court order july i. The Senate today refused to concur with House amendments on the court reorganization Bill and a committee of conference was called to Iron out differences Between the Chambers. The Senate Bill has an effective Date of feb. I 1967, while the House wants the revamping to take effect july 1966. The Bill a less stringent version of a Bill supported by gov. Philip h. Hoff proposes that five of the 17 municipal courts in Vermont be abolished. The measure makes five of the 12 see legislature Page to col. 6 Saigon up �?. Navy planes flew deep into North Viet Nam today and carried out two bombing raids against the Moc Chau Barracks 80 Miles Southwest of Hanoi. In ground fighting . Planes and vietnamese troops killed More than 200 Viet Cong. . Planes flew 52 sorties against the communist North today but the main weight of the american bombing offensive was Felt in the South where scores of planes hit communist positions. Fighting flared from one end of South Viet Nam to the other. The raids on the Moc Chau Barracks were the third in three Days and emphasized the importance the military command attaches to the North vietnamese training Center. They followed tuesdays raid on another Barracks Only 80 Miles from red China. The first raid today was carried out by a dozen a4 sky Hawk jets escorted by f8 crusaders. They dropped 12 tons of bombs and raked the base with Zuni rockets and 20 millimetre Cannon fire. Pilots estimated the 15-minute raid destroyed another to per cent of the Complex. Before the communists could recover a second wave of a dozen sky Hawks returned with 17 tons of High explosive bombs. Pilots said they scored direct hits on Between five and seven buildings and left three in flames. In the bitter ground fighting the communists carried out two determined assaults Only five Miles from Saigon but were driven Back. They also returned to the attack on Dong goal 60 Miles North of Saigon where the Viet Cong attacked again with mortars and automatic weapons. Heavy fighting was reported from thua Thien province 400 Miles North of Saigon and near the Border of North Viet Nam in the Danang area where . Marines were reported using tracking dogs for the first time and far to the South of Saigon. Pilots encountered no anti aircraft fire and All planes returned safely a spokesman said. The raid was one of 40 sorties flown Over North Viet Nam today. The spokesman said the emphasis in the air War was placed on strikes against Viet Cong targets in South Viet Nam. Tuesdays raid North of Hanoi marked the second time in four Days that american planes stabbed that deep into communist territory. . Officials disclosed that one of the targets hit tuesday a the Barracks at son la 125 Miles Northwest of Hanoi was bombed last Friday. The original report on the Friday raid placed the target we St Southwest of Hanoi but authorities said the announced location was erroneous. Briefing officers meant to say a West Northwest Quot of Hanoi a spokesman said. The breaking of the so called a Hanoi line Quot in the air War made it Clear that american strategy now includes raids on the Northern third of North Viet Nam an area containing Large and important military and Industrial targets. American air Power was credited with repelling the guerrillas in one of the nighttime ground actions in South Viet Nam an attack on Dong Xoai in the Jungles 60 Miles North of Saigon. Dong Xoai a District capital in Phuoc Long province was the scene of a bitter fighting two weeks ago. An american military spokesman said the latest strike on the town began shortly before Midnight when the Viet Cong opened up with mortars recoilless rifles and Small . A transport plane dropped Parachute flares Over the town and . Air Force sky Raider fighter bombers bombed and strafed the attacking guerrilla Force. Time seen full effect needed to determine of excise l a Cut the slashing of Federal excise taxes spurred sales in some areas but most merchants across the nation agreed it would take months before the full effect of the tax Cut is Felt. Effective tuesday levies ended on such items As handbags wallets cosmetics Luggage jewelry furs phonographs and records radios and television sets musical instruments cameras and film household appliances and lighters and matches. In addition the Federal tax on new automobiles was slashed from to to 7 per cent and the to per cent Levy on room air conditioners was eliminated both retroactive to May 15. A Survey by up showed re action generally mixed. A you can see the difference Here Quot said a Cleveland Auto dealer remarking on increased sales. But across the City a department store spokesman said it was too Early to Tell. A people Arentt going to run right out and buy diamonds and furs Quot he added. In Augusta Maine John Warren of Adams department store said jewelry sales were up 13 per cent while handbags sales were up 7 per cent. Cosmetics sales were Down 2 per cent he said. A it is hard to pinpoint in one Day but the customers Are talking about the tax Cut Quot Warren continued. A Washington d.c., department store reported no significant change in sales while a spokesman for an Atlanta store a they did not Knock the doors Down to Start buying Quot the Atlanta merchant said. A car dealer in the Georgia capital said people were aware of the tax Cut but they were just not buying. A i done to see where it has helped business not one Bud Wahle an automobile sales manager in san Francisco agreed. A a there la be a lot of inquiry Quot he said a but i done to think there will be much change in our in Boston a spokesman for Raymond a department store said sales were up a bit but not As much As anticipated. He blamed the heat 90-plus temperatures. Several new York merchants agreed that the City shot and muggy weather was not conducive to heavy shopping. Montpelier up a state auditor Jay Gordon took Sharp Issue tuesday with administration commissioner William Kearns that an audit discrepancy in the Highway department is merely a a matter of Washington up a officials said today that soviet american relations had cooled considerably because of the increased Tempo of the Viet Nam War. The russians who once were credited with trying to exert influence in Hanoi for a negotiated settlement now appear to be trying to match red China in the bitterness of their attacks on . Policy. No matter what Russia May say or do however the United states does not intend to abandon its military Effort to persuade the Viet Nam communists to Stop fighting and talk peace. The stepped up soviet propaganda offensive coincided roughly with the beginning of . Air attacks on North Viet Nam. The Kremlin which played a relatively restrained role while the Battle was confined to South Viet Nam apparently decided it would have to change tactics after North Viet Nam came under fire. Oas plan gels partial rebel Accord Santo Domingo up a col. Francisco Caamano de not a rebels have a agreed in principle Quot to two of the eight Points in the peace plan advanced by the organization of american states Oasis was reported today. Authorized sources said a Caamano counter proposal indicated willingness to accept Oas plans for the adoption of an a institutional act Quot temporary Constitution and the holding of elections within nine months. The counter proposal has not been made Public. It is said to list a series of provisions of the outlawed 1963 Constitution which the rebels say must be included in any institutional act. Maj. Gen. Antonio Imbert Barrera a Junta government has not yet reacted to the Oas peace plan. Junta sources say it will do so As soon As it has been told the provisions of the rebel counter proposal. The Junta is considered unlikely to accept any Effort to reimpose the 1963 Constitution under the Guise of an institutional act. Berkshire landm9 hotel damaged in $125,000 Blaze great Barrington mass. Town clerk Here. The Bryant up a fire today swept the 85 House built in 1739, is situated room Berkshire inn a land in a Garden in the rear of the Mark in this Berkshire Hills inn. Town. Damage was estimated the Blaze apparently started at $125,000. In a mattress in a second floor All 12 guests escaped As room. Flames bolted through flames roared through the Sec the roof and smoke could be Ond floor of the 125-year-old seen for Miles around wooden Structure. A Section of owner Robert said roof collapsed at the height of the inn with a capacity of 160 the Blaze. Guests was booked solid for two employees Edward my july and August. Wheeler said Mahon and mrs. Juanita water damage was extensive. Wright 35, suffered smoke in he said the Blaze apparently valation and were taken to was touched off by a carelessly Fairview Hospital for treatment discarded cigarette. The fire did not damage the the Blaze was fought by fire historic William Cullen Bryant men from great Barrington House where the poet lawyer Housatonic Egremont and new was married while serving As Marlboro. Soviet failure to do so it was pointed out would have placed Russia at a considerable disadvantage in its contest with China for control of International communism. The major concern among Many nations which also is acknowledged Here is that the increasingly bitter soviet Amerle can disagreement Over Southeast Asia eventually could Lead to greater tension in Europe. Hoff doubts legality of Senate plan Montpelier up a gov. Philip Hoff will ask a three judge Federal panel to approve Vermont s reapportionment plan even though he is a deeply concerned Quot Over one Senate plan and convinced the two others Are unconstitutional. The governor s Brief prepared by the attorney general a office says that the first priority Senate plan is a of grave concern Quot because of the disparity ratio Between Orange and Addison counties. The governor said a second priority plan is clearly in violation of the state s Constitution and a third Senate priority plan for weighted voting is a completely unconstitutional Quot on a Federal level. Hoff contended that the House reapportionment plan meets Federal requirements of one Man one vote and a companion House Bill shifting the base from Legal voters to population is a court alternative. The Brief says that if the court cannot completely approve of the Senate plans Hoff a sprays that the court will actor is of its members but refused to act on a Bill calling for a special legislative election this fall. The House voted 148-52 for preliminary approval to a Resolution petitioning the Federal courts to allow lawmakers terms to run out on Jan. I 1967 instead of the july i deadline placed by the . Supreme court. In passing the resolve the House followed a move by the Senate which democratic gov. Philip h. Hoff had termed a an exercise in the lower chamber also voted on the inside Rural school District voters to be asked for $8.52 tax rate at annual meeting thursday a Page 3. Town rep. George Van Sant Voorde reports again on what a happening in Montpelier a Page 4. Pownal taxpayers approve All school District requests a Page 5. Area horse shoe tossers want to Start a Bennington league a Page 8. County agent John Page reports on Days of Green pastures a Page la. Cent Quot the first priority plan on a temporary basis until a state con Montpelier up a Stith tonal convention can devise the Vermont House voted tues a More perfect permanent plan. Day to seek perpetuation of the Kearns and Gordon in Over Road fund accounting Gordon a Democrat informed gov. Philip h. Hoff tuesday that a series of antiquated accounting measures account for a $1.6 million difference in two Highway department statements about Money owed the state by the Federal government. Gordon refuted Kearns statement that the discrepancy is a not a matter of lost the auditor said the finance division of the administration department cannot Tell right now whether the foul up Means a loss of Federal funds for the state. And said the auditor a no one is certain the a whole thing will be ironed out a a As finance director Bruce Mosher said tuesday. Gordon said the difference in the accounting methods makes it impossible right now to determine the consequences of the matter. The auditor said one report has the Federal government owing the state $6.1 million for Road projects since 1958, the other has the state being owed $7.6 million

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