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Weekly Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 12 1887, Page 3

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Weekly Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - November 12, 1887, Reno, NevadaSaturday november 12, 1887 Towie and ouf Fott j rom Froy i Dotty journal. Brevi ties. Have Yon paid your taxes the weekly Jubenal has no Superior Theo. Winters came Down from Washoe last night. John f. Base of Gold Hill was in town last evening. Fred e. Holmes is now manipulation Rice s milk Wagon. What became of Wheeler the packing establishment Man. 8opt. 8. L. Jones was a passenger for the Bay last night. Hon. W. E. F. Deal is attending to a Oast before judge Bigelow. Geo. W. Map a returned from the Northern country yesterday. Or. Bergstein went below last night to Bay furniture for Bis new House. Two unfurnished rooms to let. Enquire at p. Meyer s Cigar store. 8-lw Hay is steadily advancing in Price and sales have Baen made at in the stack. Judge Thos. H. Wells private Secre tary of the governor was in town yesterday. Send your Job work to the journal Job office if you want Good work at Low prices. The daily is Only one bit a week delivered by Carrier. It is Wel Worth it. Another Dynamo will shortly be placed in position by the electric Light co Wuo is still growing can t Reno make a bid foe the National Soldier s Home the location is Good As can be found on the coast. Paymaster Geo. F. Mills of the Vir Ginia Truckee was in Reno last night off the boys at this end of the Road. The first Section of last night s Over land was forty five minutes late and the second Section an Hoar and forty five minutes. J. L. Stevenson and wife left for los Angeles last night. Or. Stevenson will return in a Fow Days Bat mrs. Stevenson will remain daring the win Ter. . A Hardin and family arrived from Mason Valley last night the lady members continuing on to the Bay. Or. Hardin will return Home this morn ing. The jobs a narrowly escaped having an and. For a last wife yesterday but the gentleman from High Boob after Dili gent search found her at the dress makers Jast where be should have looked Foi her at first. Some of the Lovelock Farmers Are Busy blowing. J. It. Thies proved by actual Experiment last year that Winter wheat does Well on the Meadows and requires less irrigation than that sowed in to Spring and he has now two gang plows running steadily preparing the ground for Winter sowing. Wedding b. Mosher and miss Mattie Laird were United in the holy Bonds of Matrimony by Bev. J. E. Wheeler at Sacramento yesterday. For nearly twelve years the Young Man has been an attache of the journal and of Lato years Foreman of the office and general assistant to the proprietor. The Jou Bini gives him a first Grade certificate of character. His conduct has always been exemplary and his honesty and integrity worthy of Emula Tion. He is worthy of the hand and heart of the Best girl in the Laud and will prove a Model husband to the object Othia affection. She who was miss Laird and acknowledged one of the Best and sweetest of Placer county s Young ladies will find that in becoming mrs. Mosher she has become the wife of As Noble and upright a gentleman As Ever Drew the breath of life. The to Bunai wishes them both All the blessings this life a visit mom judge Virginia report wednesday has this judge Young of Beno who was up Here As one of the attendant escort on the remains of d. O. Adkison was Busy All monday afternoon in shaking hands with the Host of friends he possesses on the Gomstock. The judge is a old timer having arrived on the frowning slope of old it. Davidson away Back in 60. For several years he was it Busi Ness Here with h. 8. Beck the Pioneer furniture Man and in Silver he met his Fate the estimable lady who now bears his name having married him some after. They have raised a Moat Esti Mable family and the judge removing to Beno has been elected for nine successive years Justice of the peace for the rising town of Beno. The judge honoured our Sanctum with a visit yesterday. Dak abbe lab s to canal reporter Learned yesterday that the South Side canal company of which Dan Wheeler our enterprising townsman is president is extending its dam across the Trokee River. This dam is about four Miles West of Beno and the water appropriated through it when completed will ran through the main canal so m to crib the water Anc use it for irrigation purposes. This canal will be about 75 feet Long and when the objects which Ore now assured Are accomplished under the manipulations of j. W. Carroll the con tractor much Good will result to the the Battle Mountain Central a Vadan of tuesday says b. L. Fulton and Allen c. Braggo Beno Are in town. They Are wide awake business men and Are known As the Early Birds. Ci4mnb of the fahd ago. The that Bering of in Plaas Fer Yean. The Winnemucca Silver state of wednesday says the Indian fan Dango closed last night. It was the largest gathering of red men held in Nevada for years nearly 600 men women being in attendance. To the credit of the red men it must be said that they were Well behaved. This was to a great extent due to the vigilance of the officers and their avowed determination to prosecute to the full extent of the Law anybody and everybody caught Selling whisky to the indians. It was noticeable that to piste Ora tors in addressing their people claimed As their heritage All the land in Nevada. They said the land on which the rail Road is built is theirs but As the Railroad men treat them Well and allow them to ride free on the cars they have no fault to find. They Laid stress upon the fact hat White men Are fencing All the lands on which there is any feed and that hey the indians cannot find feed for heir ponies in Winter. They do not Ike this and it May cause trouble. Only a very few of the indians not a half dozen in All wore the 17. S. Gov irn meat blankets and they were from he reservations. The others do not of and never did receive any assist Ance from the government. Their Lead no men feel that they have not been As Well treated As if they had gone on the War path occasionally As they get no annuities in provisions clothing or Money and never got a cent for their ands. What we we. Buffer editor of the Woodland Democrat is trying to get up a manufacturing Boom n Yolo county and his advice in that re Gard is applicable to this City. He says when there is not enough work in a own to keep a Good sized Labouring class Usy there can to no Lively times. This is the Case with Woodland. There a capital Here an abundance of wealth ase and luxury and All that goes to Ward making people Happy. But there s not enough of that Backbone and new which turns the wheels and wields the Hammer and speeds the Oom. Why because there is Noth no to support it. Woodland is a City f wealth. There is a crying need for More industries to keep up the business f the place Woodland needs factories and Mills and workshops. Until Somo Hing is done in this line it will be the ame old Story of the hungry mouse hat entered the barrel of sweetmeats Brough the Bung hold and ate so much hat it could not get out. The resources f Yolo county warrant a move in this ire Tion and it should to taken and Aken soon. Where there is to much health there should to heard the rattle and whirr and thud of factories and Mills not the continual hum of Idle society and the slow Road of unhurried the new York world f sunday october 30th, has the follow no notice of Lew Dockstader s min Trees which our people Are beginning o feel so Well acquainted with Dockstader is at it again and this me it is a burlesque on mrs. Potter s Lay. It is called mile de brass and will be done on tuesday night for first time. Dockstader will be the win Ning curly Bellows docks Tad who makes love to mrs. Person Ted by Bart Shepard. This ought to e Fanny and probably will be. There s for this week an almost entire change f Bill. Oxygen is the part finish while Franks and Manan do a new swell song and dance her 2yes of Violet the song that leached my a most Beautiful Allan is to be revived by general re meet and Sung by or. Jose while Lieger and Frillman contribute the of the Mill and i fear no Mullaly s orchestra presents the overture rom Claude while the electrical dolls quadrille Sandbank in n Cleveland s trip is kept on Tho programme. _ the Mill the Green file bulletin says the Centennial Mill in Grey started monday and it is o work smoothly. J. P. Keener Al Hong not the contractor has had much to do with the management of the work and or. Folks the superintend ent sneaks very highly of him As a Mechanic. Good reports come from he mine and we Hope the receipts from he crushing will justify the addition of in Stamps to the Mill. Keep him away from w. D. Miller a san Francisco drummer was nested at Portland wednesday charged with attempt to commit an outrage on a chambermaid at Tho oilman House. He claims that he Only kissed her it being his custom to kiss chambermaid at All lie hotels where he stopped. James say of Spanish Spring Valley who bos been ailing for some time was successfully operated upon by or. Bergstein yesterday. The patient is doing Well and the physician is confident of his speedy recovery. The chronicle is officially requested to announce that the new Mill at the Chollar Shaft is not yet ready to drop its Stamps and will not begin crushing Ore until the arrival of superintendent Hamilton and w. S. Hobart from san Francisco who Are expected next sunday or monday. The main Belt is not in place and there is considerable work yet to be done in the pan room. The pan capacity of the Mill is for 60 Stamps and the entire Structure was built of a size to admit of the addition of 20 More Stamps when required. Under the Logan process of amalgamation adopted it was necessary to put in five separate lines of pipe in the pan room. The retort room is one of the most Complete in its appointments of any yet constructed on the Comstock. There Are three separate each provided with a steel retort with a capacity equal to the requirements of an 80-Statnp Mill. Of Fern a tamil Brevi ties. Windy yesterday. Two trains a Day to Morrow. Battle Mountain a booming. Liable to have a storm soon. Skunks Are plentiful around Beno. Cal. Adams is Over from California. Fishing has commenced in Earnest at mud Lake. House repairing is going on All Over town. The health of Beno is rapidly improving. Only six Rae Are at work in the la Panta mine. Union was assessed fifty cents per share yesterday. The weekly Joth Kal is issued to Day. It is Beno s Star weekly. Improvements on the Golden Eagle hotel Are progressing rapidly. B. Butner has been appointed watchman at the Carson mint. S. S. Sears has sold his residence at Elko to mrs. Lowe for weather prophets have set their pegs and predict a Long Bard Winter. Large quantities of Bay Are being shipped from this Vicinity Westward. Orange trains will soon be chasing each other across the Plains eastward. D. B. Sessions of Bancroft s history was a West bound pause Nger last night. Lang and loaded freight trains Are Rushing both ways across the Conti nent. A heavy Force of men will Boon be put to work in the Chollar and Potosi mines. Several parties a the Vicinity of Beno Are going to Experiment in Grapo culture next season. Several Well known Comstock miners have gone to China to take charge of mining properties. Hon. J. W. Haines of Genoa is Able to be out of the House again and is steadily improving the potato crop in this Vicinity is very heavy and there is no danger of it Spud famine in Nevada. Forty tons of Ore Are shipped daily from the Crown Point mine to the Vivian Mill. This Ore averages per ton. Morris Yost the Miller at the Silver Star Mill in Beno is a direct descend ant of Baron stuben of Fame. A Zephyr played the part of scavenger yesterday and for a while the air was filled with old paper Straw dust tin cans and other debris. If the present weather continues for a while longer our sewerage system will be in a completed state so far As the present lines arc concerned. Don t forget mrs. Alt s popular Soiree at armory Hall to night. These Cool evenings Are most enjoyable to the devotees of terpsichore. Good music will be in attendance. U. S. Senator Stewart is expected to arrive in Carson on tuesday next and will remain at the capital until the Sun Day following when be and his family will depart for Washington City. The annual election of Hawthorne mining District was held on november 6th. There was a Good attendance and considerable interest was manifested but the contest was Friendly. J. H. Hammond was elected recorder. Louis Dean imported a Kangaroo dog last Spring to tackle the coyotes around his Granite Creek Range. He has Given the dog a fair trial and now thinks he will Send for some kangaroos to see whether or not the dog knows anything. Lake Vallet Eail Boad. Of incorporation have been filed with the san Francisco county clerk As follows the Lake Valley Railroad company to construct a narrow gauge Railroad from the Southern terminus of he Railroad by the Carson and Tahoe Lam county by Point in Section 22 in said county. Length of the proposed Road is estimated at about fire Miles. The first directors Are h. Yerington and g. F. Ford of Carson Nev. W. S. Wood and j. H. Dobinson of san Francisco and a. J. Ralston of Oakland. Capital Stock divided into 200 shares All of which have been subscribed by the directors g. F. Ford taking 195 of them. A Concession to Nevada cattlemen. The Southern Pacific company has granted a Concession to the cattlemen of Nevada which is of considerable importance. Hereafter cattle shipped from Points in Nevada East of Beno to California for the purpose of feeding and being cared for May Stop in transit at any time from oct. 15 each year to april 15 the following year providing the through rate be prepaid that the same cattle be re shipped and that the further sum of be paid for each car Load re shipped to defray the expense caused the company by in a delay. Cattle Silver state says l. God Hanx has eight oar loads of cattle at Iron Point and 375 at Winne Mccoa awaiting shipment. Horn Chapman have about 100 head at Iron Point and h. J. Pratt has 108 head at the same place. The times review says Altube Brothers have started with 167 Beeves from Independence Valley to Iron Point. Building intendant Parish of the Bunker Hill and Dwarf at Galena has commenced the erection of redaction works on the property. The Mill will have a capacity of Twenty tons a Day. These mines were purchased of the original owners by the present company or Rexo k. Volton the Austin reveille of wednesday says a. L. Falton who his made a clean out record As a Nevada journalist arrived Here last night in company will Allen c. Bragg to see to matters per Taining to the masonic order in his official duty As Gracd High priest of the state of Nevada. His visit will be of prime importance to his fellow brother masons in that it revives their Zeal Anc interest. Or. Fulton sold the Beno Gazette to c. S. Preble and c. S. Young the first of lost february and Retiree from the management and editing of a wide awake newspaper that was grow ing up with the Community and which responded to every pulsate of business Enterprise. His cat into the cheese of our polite col campaigns was not a Small slice and Bis paper therefore dictated to the Bosses and necessitated their attention. Knowing that Bis nature requires the stimulus of politics to Koop the dissatisfaction of one s thoughtful moods to drag our life in too slow a Pace we not be surprised to see him Start or Purchase an interest into Ono of the state papers and enter again the Busy life of the newspaper world. He bad the Gazette for eight years and did much to build up Rena while at the same time he saw beyond his horizon and said a Good word for the state. Or. Fulton is the Laud agent for the Southern Pacific Railroad company and tells us that his increasing business has compelled him to devote All his at Tention to that alone and that to peo Plo Are now beginning to realize the importance of some of the grazing land found in Many parts of Nevada and Are now anxious to possess it. He will re turn on to Morrow s Allen 0. Bragg one of Beno s old residents is Here to see Austin and the greater part of Eastern Nevada. He is now engaged in the raising of cattle and is much interested in the grazing ranges around Here which support cattle so Well during the Winter. He hag met quite a number of his former acquaint ances Here and has co cause to regret he made the journey which has enabled him to Hunt up old associations. He wiil return to Beno with his brother in Law or. In Lou to Morrow. Losing his Crow who shot and killed curly Hogan in Carson on Tho 5th of july 1836, is slowly Bat surely losing his reason. It in mind is shattered and to labors under the impression Flint a is continually followed by parties who seek to kill him. The shooting of Hogan was entirely justifiable and Young Crow was fully exp Onerato but the act has preyed upon Hia mind until it can stand the Strain no longer Aud it is Only a ques Tion of a Short time when he will be come a mental wreck. In his rational Momenta his conversation is perfectly natural but even then a wild or scared look is discernible. Those who Ara interested in Tho Young Man should Endeavor to induce him to leave the immediate scene o the tragedy and Inid other and More pleasant surroundings he might gradually forgot the trouble that is weighing upon him. He 9ih instant win. E. Lemmon of Reno and mias Kate Mccormack of Sierra City were mar ried Aud on the Lola instant returned to Reno to be congratulated by their numerous friends thursday evening not being allowed to go by without a Larga number calling upon them at the residence of r. S. Osburn. The Young couple deserve nil the blessings marital relations offer and the journal sincerely trusts that they May enjoy ally the Good things of this world for All the years to come. They will be Austin reveille of tuesday says Beno will have a number of a stinites on her streets this week. James Nagle an j Charley Lamb have be to Reno to get work at the Educ inn Gater where they will Settle a Home for the Winter. Martin will stay in Reno should he secure employment there if not he will go to Virginia City where he has friends. Wilson an old resident of Beno has been adjudged insane and will be committed to the Asylum. For some time past his mind has been gradually failing but during the past new Days the change hag been very rapid and his friends deemed it expedient to place him in Safe keeping immediately. News oif the morning. Three oases of Small pox in san fran Cisco. A fire broke out in the chinese quarters at Fresno yesterday morning and 40 buildings were consumed. The loss is about very Little insurance. Spies Parsons Engel and Fischer four of the condemned anarchists were hanged yesterday. Governor Oglesby commuted the sentences of and Schwab to imprisonment for life. Daring the first few Days of the com ing session of Congress the president will nominate store Tail Lamar to fill the vacancy on the supreme Bench caused by the death of Justice Woods and at the same time postmaster Gen eral Vius will be nominated to succeed Lamar As Secretary of the Interior. It is stated on authority that All the doctors agree that the Crown Prince is affected with a cancer Bat that farther examination is needed to decide whether it will be necessary to excise the whole a Onyx or Only part. The Crown Prince will give Bis decision to Day whether or not he will submit to Tho operation. The governor Oglesby a decision in regain to the condemned Anar hints seems to meat with general approval on this coast he was undoubtedly placed in a very trying that would bavi caused a less determined individual to give Way before the clamor of those who used every influence it their command for a sweeping commutation. The idea that it was Public policy to exorcise leniency towards such disturber of the Public peace was hooted at by Ell fair minded men. The Only Way to Dea with such criminals is to hold them accountable for the crimes they of Domngo and make them suffer the penalty pre scribed by Law. Anarchy is something that must be met by Force and not encouraged by mercy. Such men As those who were hanged in Chicago yesterday would Only make capital out of Maercy if it had been extended to them. In Stead of checking the Savage butchery of bomb to rowers it would Havo encouraged the infamous work. Leniency would have been mistaken by them As the outgrowth of fear. Liberty of speech has never been denied in this country but there is a limit to that Liberty particularly when it leads to incendiary so and murder. The hanging of the anarchists yesterday and the suicide of Lingg. Will demonstrate to others of the same Olaski that it is a dangerous pastime to encourage the tossing of death Deal no bombs even in Liberal America. Laufe tub the latest gossip concerning Elaine is hat the Philadelphia news which has Oen a warm supporter of James g. 3uine for the presidency publishes a dispatch from Paris to to effect that the plumed Knight will not be a Candi Date next year. It says the dispatch was based upon an interview which William Livingston jr., sex collector of he poit of Detroit bad with or. Elaine n pans. Tha latter said to did not wish the nomination and spoke of the difficult position a which he would to laced regarding civil service Reform in he event of his election. If elected in 1881 he would have had to Mako simply a few changes in the cases of in oomph ent but after n democratic administration the immense party pres sure would practically compel a com Ilene readjustment in All departments of the civil service. He thought too hat a Man once Defeated for such a important office As the presidency was s a general thing a poor candidate to resent a second time although he implied that to might be an exception. The mormon situation. The report of the Utah commission a an exceedingly valuable document and Beds much Light on the mormon flit a Ion. The commission unreservedly of irm that the recent movement of the mormons in adopting a state cons Titu Ion with a provision prohibiting polygamy is simply a Sharp and insincere Levine to get Utah admitted into the Union As a state where she can regu ate her own internal Aff Iris without by real intention on her part to aban Lon polygamy. The commission say that they have evidence satisfactory to them yet Lack no the character of Legal evidence which will convict of sixty seven polygamous marriages the past of the arties to them being the very mormon readers who ostentatiously adopted a Onstot National provision prohibiting polygamy. The Constitution a silent on be question of unlawful cohabitation Rhiahi practically All that can be roved Ngai ust Morrno polygamists because poll Gainous marriages Are sol Muired Only a the secret recesses of he endowment House by mormon iders who do not scruple to deny them under oath. Thus in the last two years Only 11 persons have been convicted of Olga my but 289 of unlawful cohabitation. Even now numerous pros ecu Iona Are going on of men who have re Antly entered into polygamous rela ions Many of them the same met that rated the Constitution. The report shows that there Are More Han mormons in the territories f Idaho Wyoming Arizona Aud new Mexico and the states of Nevada and Colorado. More than one fourth of the people of Utah Are gentiles and they 3wn nearly one third of the assessed property but even with the Aid of the new voter s oath they were Able to Lect Only 5 of the 36 members of the territorial legislature in August last. The strength and compactness of the Dorron Church is shown by the state ment that of persons connected with it no less than Are officers or dignitaries of Rome patriarchs High priests priests elders deacons or teachers. The presence of remarkably Large number of children under eight years of o accounted for in part by the results of an investigation recently made by the Swiss government concerning the Hormon Central Mission at Berne. It was shown that part of the Mission s work was the exportation to Utah of children whom their parents were will do to surrender. Nothing can be clearer than that it Ronld be suicide to admit Utah As a state until polygamy is crushed be Yoi id question. Under the Edmunds act much Progress has been made in this direction but evidently something More Radical will be demanded before Long. The True remedy is to strip the mormons of All their political privileges and govern them by commission until they cease to set up organized Defiance of the Laws of the land. H. 8. Bock Fjeld of Springfield Ohio widely known hotel Man takes charge of the Baldwin hotel at san Francisco a six years lease from december next. The Baldwin will be re modelled refurnished and finely painted and decorated. On 1st they it Clevi Uiti and All Uin a Itti tire it Joy. Washington nor. It Groat rejoicing at the Wobito House Over the results of he election in new York and there a feeling of Grunt Confidence among the demo Erailia leaders Here respecting the next presidential contest. There is a belief Here that Levering the Defeated candidate for governor of Massachusetts will be rewarded for the fight he has Mode by receiving the appointment of United states marshal to succeed general n. P. Banks. The Pree deut will not be interviewed regarding the result in new York and its future political Tut it is very evident that he is blissfully con tent. The members of the Cabinet Bead of bureaus and divisions in the departments and democratic senators and representatives in the City Are sanguine of Success in 1888. Had Grant been successful in new York it was contemplated by the re publican managers to have nominated aim Lor vice president on he ticket with Blaino. His defeat not Only de bars him from the Hope of future Politi Cal preferment but renders it some what doubtful if Blaine will consent to accept the Republican nomination. Hud Grant been elected it would prob ably have shelved both Cleveland and Hill As democratic candidates and have made mayor Hewitt of new York the favorite for the nomination. Demo cratic Success is interpreted Here As As Suring Cleveland s nomination. The big majority Given Foraker in Obio adds strength to Sherman s candidacy for the Republican nomination and proves his sagacity in having of i sued the endorsement of his party in be Buckeye state for the Honor. For Aker will undoubtedly have friends in the Republican convention. If postmaster general Vilas a made Secretary of the Interior it will be of opted by supporters of the administration As evidence that or. Cleveland would like to Seo a Michigan Man Nom rated for vice president. Senators Vest Call and ugh were among the president s callers to Day and each had congratulatory re Marks to make on the result of thu sections. Colonel Lamout said the result is extremely Gratifying of course. I Don t see How the republicans can Hope 0 carry new Yook. They Hod Many bings to their advantage in ibis con est and if they were Ever going to carry the state they should Bave done 10 this Lime. They have Wou nothing Ince the presidential election and i Lou t Seo How they can Hope for any Hing from new York in the senator Voois cos said Tho result f these elections Means the continued Soe Doncy of the democratic party for be next Twenty five aed perhaps fifty ears Aud it Means the renomination of Leveland unanimously and his Triumph ant election. It also settles Blague. In will not be a candidate next year or be is shrewd enough to see that no the publican can a elected. But Down n Ray remarked the senator 1 feel Good Over old Virginia. Unless Omet Hirjig of an entirely unexpected lature shall arise there can be do doubt Brt Cleveland will carry new York next ear. Everybody seems to Reno Giza i at. I anticipated a falling off in the George continued the senator. Grady who you know opposed Cleveland told me two nights before the Lection that the Irish democrats would Esert George and the result proves that he wins right. Grady is a High Lay Man in the Catholic Church and be old me that the Church had had enough f Mcglynn and George and that it and decided that its members should it longer endorse the wild notions of George and follow an apostate priest of see the democrats who went with George last year returned to their party. George is now dead. Any Leader n politics who loses half his vote in be year m other prominent democrats talk in a similar Strain. Catt line axes. In. Trainin Cytlou with we Ator Hon Ford. Clara Belle Mcdonald senator Stan Ord messes. Bankin and Darwin flour nay and Sawyer All met wednesday at notary Public Holland Smith s office when senator Stanford testified concerti no which to bad advanced to Lora Bello the wife of b. H. Modon id jr., upon five certificates of Central Aciria Stock. The examination wa.5 it the instance if detective Gammage Wilh the object f showing that the Indore Ofiu of the name of r. H. Mcdonald 8r., upon the certificates were forgeries. Senator Stanford testified that mrs. Mcdonald Eaino to him with five certify ates of Central Pacific Slock each rep resenting ten shares and asked him to make an Advance upon them. He regretted being unable to do so As they were not endorsed. Thereupon mrs. Mcdonald left and returned some three weeks later Kiili t i in b. H. Mcdonald or upon Theiu. The senator firm in Bis opinion that the certificates bad not been endorsed when first presented him. Mrs. Mcdonald will be arrested for forgery in a Day or two. Death of n in Autoon of Stewart. Washington not. Infant son of mrs. A. S. Fox daughter of sen Ator Stewart of Nevada died at the Academy of the holy Cross yesterday Roig of diphtheria. Mrs. Fox is quite prostrated the Sodden death of her son. She will remain until the arrival of the senator and mrs. Stewart from the Pacific coast in december. In. Taro Ibon Ted any i los Ako elks november 9. People Are crowding into this City faster thin Ever. Over arrived to Day the Sarita feline Anil nearly an Naoy Over the Southern Pacific and excursions arc dated to arrive nearly every Day. Report of the Camilu inner at Vrubl Joseph s. Miller commissioner of internal Revenue has submitted his an Nual report to the Secretary of Treasury. The total receipts from All sources of internal Revenue for the fiscal year ended june 30, 1887, were As compared with for the year 1886, for the year 1885, for year 1884, for the year 1883 and 273 for 1882. It is estimated that will be collected from various soar Cei of internal Revenue daring the current fiscal year provided no Are made in the rate of us Trion imposed by the internal Revenue Law. The total Cost of collection for the past fiscal year including the salaries of officers etc., Wai being about pet cent of the amount collected. The coat during the previous year was about per cent of of the collections. The estimated expense for the next fiscal year amount to an additional head of divisions and two Mes sengers Are asked for to execute the pro visions of the Ole Margarine Law. The general condition of Tho service s reported to be Good. The redaction of the number of internal Revenue Dos rids by the executive order of May last very considerably lessened the lost of collecting internal Revenue taxes and Las not in any manner been detrimental of the interest of tax payers. Itai Load travel. I be new arrangement to Tralin by the Central Rome. The s. F. Bulletin says the Westward travel Overland lines continues to increase until Railroad men agree that it is larger As regards the daily average Tau it has Ever been before. Not Only is this due to the season a excursions that Are now beginning to come this Way but regular single passage Overland travel to California is much Arger than it has Ever been. It is out of Oil proportion to what it was ast year ibis said general superintendent Fillmore in speaking of he matter. Our rain from Ogden ast evening for this City contained Wenty fire Pullman sleepers Welve second class sleepers and the rent baggage and express cars. The train having Ogden to Day will Bave seven Eon because of this growing travel the Southern Pacific and Union Pacific officials recently had a conference and it wus decided to Bave two through trains icily from Omaha to san Francisco. Dis new plan will go Iota effect next the 13th inst. Superio end Eilt Fillmore states that one of the a rough trams will carry second class Verland and local the other simply first class passengers or the will menu travel. The trains will leave Maha daily at ten hours apart. The second loss train will leave first but he other will overtake and pass it at Ogden and reach the City nearly twelve ours ahead. By close connections and ast running these Overland trains will reduce the time Between Here and new York nearly Twenty four hours. The us from Omaha to this City Miles will be Mode in seventy two hours the fastest schedule time yet ordered on these lines. The saving in Ime can be readily illustrated by saying Bat the Overland which now reaches his City daily at a. M., will arrive y the new schedule at the evening ire Vivao. Between new York and Maha there Are several trains daily. Inder the new arrangement there Wilt in no rechecking of baggage at Ogden be Only rechecking to be required be Ween new York and san Francisco be no at Omaha. Pullman travellers will have to change cars on the Overland trip rom now York three at Chicago Council Bluffs and at Ogden. The rail Oad Are now corresponding ill the Pullman managers and it is loped to have at least Ono of obese Banges done away with. Fob he Ciervo peop1.f. My. Hark to Harry her Youthful by Bleim manager. In Niico Eulner november 1, mrs. Mark Hopkins is about to Lar wish society people Here in new Fork Ity and in her present Hogue great barring too muss., with our of the Bricest bits of gossip they Bave bad for Jinny Moons. She fans elected to Fol of the Lead of the bareness Bardett 3outts and take a Young Rasband to Hare her millions and her magnificent lome. The fortunate Young Man is or. Searles the superintendent of her or into at great Harrington and Bis age s somewhere Between 25 and 30 years. To marriage to take place in new Fork next tuesday and every Effort been made to keep the knowledge that such an event wan in contemplation rom the general Public. When the of the oldest Momer of the great Railroad firm left mrs. Hopkins one of the wealthiest in the world a Deal of the chances of her bestowing her Aad and of Ottoe open second Bao a and wan indulged in. It was stated after a few years that my consented to marry a Well known unit of this Eity but the report was Al ways denied by Tho of her family. Several times since she Mode gnat Barrio Goa her Legal residence Lave floated out to san Franeisco that she was about to marry a new Tork gentleman of about her own age Bat until now tier relatives Felt reasonably sure that she bad no idea of bestowing her band and Fortune upon Young Man. It u said thai or. Seartis excellent management of the vast of mrs. Hopkins in her adopted town Hai been one of bit chief to her favor. The altar. Newspaper Lemmon a Coom ack in Larrr Rulle by Bev. I. B. Anta Pii. We. K. Lem mod. Of Tamo Kun. Of ctr county of. Spa erf
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All newspaper archives for November 12, 1887

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