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Weekly Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 12 1887, Page 1

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Weekly Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - November 12, 1887, Reno, NevadaWeekly Nevada state journal via lice toward none with Charity to All and with firmness in the vol 25. Weekly Reno. Washoe county Nevada. Saturday. November 12. 1887. No 253. Published every saturday morning c. C. Pow inc and Tebis or by 80 re Mouths 1 delivered by Carrier in Keno 50 cents per month. No paper forwarded by Mill unless paid for n Advance. Me3tator Gorman. Mill appointment my m director or the Baltimore and Ohio. Bai Timboe nov. Slates senator Arthur p. Gorman who is also recognized As Tho head of the Maryland democratic ring has been appointed the state Board of Public works As one of Tho state directors of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The appointment a looked upon As of great political significance from Tho fact that it is known that ten of the directors Are or. Gorman s friends and will do whatever he bids them do. One More director it is thought can be i y brought into the fold which will Uku practically give or. Gorman control of one of the greatest corporations in the world. With this control he can place any one he sees fit at the head of the Road who can Issue orders All along line in regard to the Way it would bii1 the company to certain elec tiuu.4 go. As that Road employs thou suit a of men in the state of Maryland it can be easily seen what Power or. Gorman can exert. Republicans indignant. The republicans Are very indignant that the appointment should have been made before the state election but they claim that it shows that the democrats Are afraid of Defea. On next tues Day in which Case there would of course be no Hope of or. Gorman receiving such an appointment. The democrats in taking this step have aimed a mortal blow at or. John k. Cowen general counsel for the Baltimore Aud Ohio Railroad. Or. Cowen has for a num Berol years been or. Gorman s most bitter political opponent and in his speeches during the present Campaign Bau burled invective after invective upon the head of the senator from Maryland. In return or. Gorman has accused or. Cowan of being a Railroad wrecker having betrayed or. Robert Garrett a Trust Anil various other things. Anything hot pleasant. Thus it will be seen that or. Cowen who also a director of the Baltimore and Ohio will have to sit at the same table with or. Gorman which would be anything else but pleasant and it is therefore confidently believed that the former will resign. This is exactly what or. Gorman wants As or. Cowen bos always been recognized As the most bitter antagonist the ring every had and to bus Dona More towards breaking no that body than any other Man. Should he resign his position with the Baltimore and Ohio it is thought be will remove to another City and there to out of the Way. Cowen a speech or. John k. Cowen addressed a Large mass meeting to night composed of in dependent democrats and republicans and in the course of Bis remarks referred to the appointment of senator Gorman and said that he understood his resignation As general counsel was expected. He was not surprised at this As it had been hinted at before. I at he said thank god if i lost my Posi Tion i won t lose my Honor or my civic virtue. It is the last threat of the Gor Man ring against Washington nov. Bland of Missouri arrived Here to Day. He thinks the House will pass a Tariff will this Winter. He said he thought be Bill would be a Compromise on the part of the Tariff reformers inasmuch 9 it would include a repeal of the to Naco tax. Personally he thought the National Revenue ought not to be touched t All but he would agree to let the to Lacco tax go if it were Occam Panid by Orosi Verible redaction of the Tariff. He said he thought there ought to be a eduction of the Tariff to the amount of bout the free list ought o to largely increased and there should e a reduction of duties on other in Orts on manufactured material Aud Ommo Ditis of every Day consumption ngut to be placed on the free Lii to or 3e duty on them greatly reduced. He Aid be thought there was no need of and would be no financial legislation except inasmuch As the Tariff legislation finances. The Only Way to improve the financial situation was to taking Money out of the pockets of he people and Locking it no in the reason by. Mil bum an in Ohio. Lie Hays the will have to the War is sirs. Cleveland november Ator John Sherman addressed the re publicans of Youngstown to night. Among other things he said three months ago Here was no disposition on the part of the republicans to revive the War Issue or to stir animosity be tween the North Anil the South. The recent Celebration in the South and the glorification of Jeff Davis with a speech made by Jackson at Maeon ga., have compelled the republicans to face the Wisnes that with their consent would never again be brought to the surface the bringing of general Gordon into the Ohio was a bad Politico move of the part of the Democrat a reduction of ten hours will be made in the running of the old express train on the Union Pacific Between Ogden Omaha beginning on the 15th inst the Central Pacific will not reduce the tanning time of its old express train deeming the shortening of the time by the new California limited express Saf i Orient for present purposes. The 100-mile bicycle race a Bosto saturday was won by 8. P. Holling Worth of Indiana. Time 8 hours 4 minutes 40 moods. Hip Kesei Active Bland. Be the Lonae will pass 1 Bill i has Winter. A Sioss the the san Francisco Cli Ronile Bays not Many year ago one through train Day was amply sufficient fur All the rans Continental traffic and they who and been accustomed to spend a month r so on an Isle Man voyage to or from new York considered seven Daya As Arnost lightning Speed. But times Aud Ond Tiona have changed and now we re promised very soon a reduction of ally two Days in the time of the trip Cross the continent and two trains ally on the Central Pacific Road and possibly on the Southern Pacific As Well. There 18 a marked contrast Between our Overland trains a Day and one and a increase in the number of trains Ven More than the shortening of time Hows the growing importance of Cali Ornia and the added attention which he is receiving at the hands of the Ider settled states. Our recent rapid growth and our Hay no come so prominently into Public Avor is due to More than one cause and it would be a difficult matter to Adust the relative proportions of the fac ers which go to make up our increase n population in Prosperity and in material Progress. First of course is he intrinsic Merit of California itself which no Adverse circumstances and no mount of detraction could injure or Oneal for a very Long time. Mankind ill find in Lime what suits it Best Len and women will if left to them elves go where life a Best Worth Liv no and where the maximum of pleas re and enjoyment of Comfort and con Estment can be had with the minimum f exertion and with As Lew of the Dis comforts As possible and that Laud is California. It is no More strange that or state should commence to Settle up rapidly than that should seek the Loney Laden Flowers the Only wonder is Bat the bees have been so Long in their Earch for the Flowers. The second Factor is found in the Ong delayed but finally accomplished Banga in the policy of the Central 7aoilio Railroad company or Tia Louthern Pacific company of Kentucky As it was christened after its new birth. His change took Many years to bring about but it is a Radical change. It consists in a word in the reduction of rights Aud fares. It would take a second Darwin to race the evolutionary Stepa by which he present schedule was derived from he first Tariff and with those slow processes we need not concern ourselves. T is enough to know that the change Las been made and that such change u.3 resulted in stimulating to a High degree immigration of All classes to this state in increasing the volume of Busi Ness and in materially lifting the state ont of Tho Slough of dullness and Stag nation into which it had partially slip de and from which its extrication teemed problematical. Never though was a Concession More painfully or unwillingly granted. Never there so Many wry faces so de que it forebodings so Oft renewed predictions of disaster and ruin to the rail Road company As attended these changes. Elad we accepted the statements of the Railroad people in their entirety we should have been compelled to believe hat each successive reduction brought he Rood one step nearer to compulsory cessation of business and its directors and stockholders one remove nearer to the almshouse. If any outsider sought to Controvert such predictions or state ments he was promptly silenced by being informed that railroading was so Complex and in Ligate that none but the initiated the Illuminati could Hope to have even a glimmering Conception of the True state of the cose and that All knowledge of transportation problems was kept securely looked in the breasts of the past masters of the Railroad Craft. And yet the people were right and the Railroad experts were wrong. All the traffic will Bear was not the Basic Princi ple of railroading and finally after Many groans and contortions and much Hook if Over the Crow the Railroad Anebo Ritieni have admitted it. They have come to see at last that they Are dependent upon the people not the people upon them Anc that Low rates Are More compensated for by increased business. It May not be especially kind or Gen Arons to say i told you but it is not in human nature to always resist it the Railroad company has Learned its lesson c lesson which it can never for git and a consequence of its completed education should be a state of better and More amicable feeling Between tin people and the corporation. Lassen Cobitt Progress. He tent developments made in big Valley. Eleber Tribune. The Progress this Valley has made in recent years and the scope open to it for Cather advancement it placing it fore most among the valleys North of the Sacramento. In extent the largest of any it contains no unavailable land and can already boast of a population of nearly souls consisting mostly of Well to do Furneis tin a Stock raisers it enough land unoccupied to accommodate As Many More. The amount of natural Hay harvested u the Valley this year is estimated at lot less than and yet not More than half the ground was mowed and with the present irrigating schemes n Progress we venture to assert that tons of Bay will be harvested Nunally within five years net counting he Many top of Grain harvested each and continually increasing. The same can be said of Grain. A new years ago we boasted of our Large Rop. We harvested then about bushels and thought big Valley was Dong wonders. This very poor be for Bushela rets harvested and if All the tillable my i were Farmed which it will to in a new years out Grain crop will count up nto the million Bash la. These fuels cannot Long remain an Loti aed. Capital is lying Idle in the Ider portions of the state and a seek no profitable investment and Here is Field for the investment of millions of dollars in different enterprises which will return much better interest than is now ruling in the lower counties. A Good evidence of the Prosperity of he people and Valley is the fact that new houses new barns now fences and new Bridges Are being built All around As they were ten years ago Beds and ornamental ices Large and substantial barns fences and Strong Bridges. Within he scope of our Little Village was completed within a Short time a new school Incuse second to none in the new Bridge across Pitt River West of is another one a in Progress across be same River South of us and a Large us elegant residence is in construction n the suburbs while within a few Miles Fine residences Aud Good barns re springing up and Many More Are in contemplation. On the whole the people of our by can congratulate themselves and when the Day for thanksgiving comes an with the Best of feeling return Hanks to the giver of All Good for the Many blessings bestowed on them. A test Case has been made under the new statute of Michigan which makes it a felony punishable by Fine and imprisonment to induce a female to Ente a disreputable House. news Cleveland was the first and Only presi ent to visit the City of Memphis Tenn. A Novelty is an automatic Pencil that writes Blu red Violet and Black As de ired. Ten thousand chrysanthemums Adom d the Public Parks at Washington this the total registration of voters in Chicago for the coming county election s or less than last Spring. A member of the legislature of Nova Scotia has been expelled from that body or hiring carriages to convey voters to lie polls. Camden n. J., enjoys an amount of Ilisa probably More than any other town f its size there were 360 marriages d Camden last month a Philadelphia policeman was recent y convicted of assault and Battery for hacking a citizen who refused to move in when ordered. California wine is stated to be in reusing in demand in this Section of he country at the rate of about a Mill on Gallons per year. Philadelphia Ledger. Between and of the Money raised in St. Louis for the Euter ailment of the grand army men in hat City was not expended and it is now proposed to us it to secure the National political conventions that will meet next year. A suit that was brought with a flour so of trumpets against the new York Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad com Pany for has been dismissed upon the Promise of defendants to pay costs that amount Only to 80. Moody and Sonkey have decided not o engage in Tabernacle work Nuy More Xci t occasionally. The reason they Ive for making this decision is that experience shows that better results can e accomplished by Labouring directly with the churches. A Telegraph operator in Jacksonville i a., has been summoned before a com Tittle of citizens to explain Why he old a woman operator at Tallis Faasee hat there Wero 350 cases of yellow lever in Jacksonville and Tho committee Bas recommended that his resignation do accepted and that any pay due him for services be withheld. A novel suit was Taforo Tho courts in new York City a few Days ago. The writer of a Small text Book left his manuscript with a Well known school Book publishing House for examination. At the end of three months he got answer that it was declined. The fool ish Man sued the publishers for damages but the Case who thrown ont at once. State fair financial con awarded. F1xaxcial state Likht. Annexed will be found Secretary Stod Dard s statement receipts and disbursements of the late state fair receipts. Season 00 single tickets grounds Pavilion. 795 75 grand stand 295 50 50 from fines. 27 50 Entrance fees. 00 privilege restaurant 60 00 Bay and Gram. 15 00 Candy and soda Pavilion. 75 00 privilege bar and of gnus. 00 fruit. 125 50 wheel. 200 00 Pavilion. 10 00 licenses. 275 00 life member ship 39285 pools. 1.p09 85 20 diseub3emknts. Repairing track and keeping same in order 600 45 paid purses. Balloon ascent signs. 300 00 premiums in 1st Dep t. 97950 "2d, 3d, 4th Aud 5th dip to. 40500 11 Musio. 450 00 employees at Pavilion. 25700 labor preparing Pavil Ion to. 227 03 rent race track. 50000 adv i using. 75270 miscellaneous Coyote telegraphing cigars 129 96 Secretary s salary 300 00 National trotting Asso Cintioni. 81 25 11 v. T. Excursion train 135 00 office expenses station Ery Eto. 67 70 Indian Pony races. 72 00 Sadioa Toor moment 110 00 11 drayage. 7 68 refunded on pools. 14345 medals. 187 10 32 a Washio Tou special pres ident Cleveland s t be recast the latter part of this i. Lamar will go on the supreme 1. He and Post master general Tilas win made Secretary of the the dispatch says that Don m. Dickinson of Michi will be the next postmaster Gen eral unless he declines the appointment which has been tendered him. Republicanism Means the Protection of american labor and american capital. Democracy Means free Trade As far As the party dares to go. It makes very Little difference what promises a demo crat May make before the election if he is sent to Warbington he must support the measures of his party or he might As Well Pat a wooden Man in Bis seat and go borne. Sixth Dat sept. 27ih. Class District 3 in 5 t. E. Heating s Reno 1st Premium 0 Geo. Toberty s 2d Premium 3. P Smith s Engineer 31 Premium time 3 in 5 p. Garrett s Wallace 1st Premium Jen. Doherty s 2d Premium. I s. 0. Tryon s col. 3d Premium time dash Ige Downer s Lugn Premium time seventh Day sept. 28ih. Mile and re peat m. Starkey s sleepy Premium time 35, in 6ve p. Sweeney s Premium time eighth Day sept. 29m. 3 in 5 s Premium time mile dash i. Stevenson s Premium time mile dash t. P. Whale s Premium time ninth Day surr. 30in. Quarter mile dash m. T. Waters Mollie Premium time in five Ohn Blue s Premium time 2.39. Five eighth dash i. T. Waters Al. Premium feed contests. Fiest Dat sept 21si. Of three quarters of a mile Theodore Winters Premium time three eights of a mile. Two Yeai nods m. T. Walters Al Premium time 40. Half mile dash Sam Gowan a Premium time 49 running one Aud one eighth mile dash Theodore 1st Premium m. T. Walters Mollie 2d Premium time second Dat sept. 23o. E. Reno 1st Premium Geo. Doherty s Premium jag. O Neil s 3d Premium time 3 in 5 p. Garrelt s 1st Premium Geo. Doherty s 2d Premium 8. C. Cal. 3j Premium time dash of one Milo Jno. Faylor n May lot Premium Lige Downer s Lige 2d Premium w. B. To bunter s 3d Premium time third Dat Bupt. Dash Sam Gowan s Premium time -.50 mile dash m. T. Walters Al Premium in 5 j. P. Sweeney s Premium time 2.53, fourth Day sept. 24ih. 3 in 5 s. K. Trefry s Premium time 256, 3 in 5 t. E. Heating s Ned Premium time fifth Dat sept. 27. Purse one Quarter of a mile dash Tubeo. Winters Premium time mile and repeat w. B. To bunter s Premium time. 37, 38. Mile dash Lige Conner s Lige Premium time dash 1-year-old Colts 0. O. Bogers Premium time tenth Dat oct. Is. In five Ohn p. Sweeney s san Premium time in five p. Smith s Premium time eque3tbianism. For most accomplished and Graceful Ady riders miss Notta m. Winters first prize Alne mrs. , second prize value Misa Carrie j. Mol Tosh third prize Alue miss Alice Noyes fourth prize value Phemis Jisi first department. Group no. Horses. Makes. Jest four year old and Over f. A. Clara Premium houses. Iest one year old Theo. Winters cd Premium group no. Horses. Stallions. Iest four year old and Over Tubeo. Winters Premium Best one year old w. D. Mabob. Jest one year old Joe Frey a Premium group no Opall work. Stallions. Out four year old and Over Joe Hunan s Premium sept three year old Josie Harris Blooming Premium Best one year old a. Smith s Premium makes. Best four year old and Over a. Smith s Nell Premium Best three year old Jas. Gault s Premium Best two year old Jas. Gaud s Premium tb.im8. Best single gelding four year old end Over Jas. Gantt s Premium beat single gelding three year old c. C. Stevenson s George Premium group no. 4-Dbapt horses stallions Best four year old or Over h. Steiner s Premium Best three year old e. C. Hardy s St. Prem in 915. Best two year old e. C. Hardy s Premium 95. Mams. Best for year old or Over t. G. Herman s Premium beat three year old a. Smith s lady Premium group no. Opall horses. Beat sire dam and three Coli Jaa. Galt s Jim and Premium group no. 6-Roadstebs. Stallions. Best four year old or Over w. H. Caughlin s Arthur Premium join three year old e. P. Smith s Premium eat gelding four year old or Over e. L. 8 Jno. Premium Jost Mare or gelding two year old 3. H. Sweeney s Pat Premium jest horse Mare or gelding one year old t. G. Mollie Premium Marks. Jest Mare four year old or Over a. C. Rosa Maud Premium. Group no. 7-Carriage horses. Jest Sincle Borse a. A. Diploma. Group no. Horses. Jest horse or gelding Harvey Douglas Premium group no. Jest Jack b. E. Plait s Premium group no. 10 debt sullion any age or Breed Jestie Harris Blooming Gold medal jest Mare any age or Breed a. Smith s lady medal. Group no. Horn Durham cattle. Bulls. Jest for year old or Over Vuil Bros., prof. Premium jest two year old w. Marsh son s Duke of a Premium jest one year old e. W. Crutcher s Syl plies water Premium cows. Jest four year old or Over e. W. Cruther s Lulu Premium jest three year old e. W. Crutcher i Premium jest two year old e. W. Cruther s Claudia Premium jest one year old w. Marsh s wild eyed Premium Best Herd one Ball and four heifers w. Marsh son Premium and medal. Jest Heid of thoroughbred cattle Over two years old one male and four females nil bto-i., Premium and medal. Group no. 13-herefords. Bulls. Jest four year old or Over Hall Eek cattle co s 1st Premium boat. Win. Hunter s 2nd. Premium diploma. Jert ode year old Hall Eek cattle co s Premium cows. Jest four year old and Over. Hall Eek cattle co s Premium jest one Jear old Hall Eek cattle co s Premium jest Herd of herefords Over two years old Halleck cattle co s pick Empress Premium group no. Bulls. 3rst four year old or Over b. C. Platt s Grey Premium Best three year old c. C. Stevenson s Premium. Best one year old c. C. Stevenson s Premium cows fat four year old or Over b. C. Plantt s Princess Premium Best three year old a c. Stevenson s Premium Best two year old c. C. Stevenson s Premium Bert one year old c. C. Stevenson Lilla Premium Benoit Lull i four heifers under two Jen sold . Stevenson s Al Emma Phoebe Premium and medal. Beit Herd thoroughbred Jersey Over two years old c. C. Stevenson s Premium and medal group Angus. Bulls. Beat e w. Crutcher s Premium Best four year old or Over e. W. Cruther i Prem Ion Tab our 18-polled galloways. Bulls. Best four year old or Over Vail Bros Black Premium 920. Best two year old e. W. Orn Cher s Spring water lion Premium beat one year old e. W. Or Tober i cum oow8. Best two year old e. W. Cretcher s Prem am Best Herd thoroughbred polled Gall ways two years old e. W. Cruther s Spring water lion Galloway Premium group bolls. Jest four year old or Over m. Of Premium Jost three year old Leland Stanford s Mahomet of Palo Premium Iest two year old Leland Stanford s san Premium Best one year old Leland Stanford s White Premium cows. Iest four year old or Over Lelaud Stanford s Premium lest two year old Lelaud Stanford s aggie Albea Premium Iest one year old Leland Stanford s Premium jest Herd thoroughbred hols Leius Over two years one male four females Leland Stanford s Nadine Pietje Premium group full bloods. Cows. Sect b. C. Platt s Lily of the Premium group cattle. Hulls. Iest one year old Hall Eek cattle co 8 John Premium cows. Lest four year old or Over Hall Eek cattle co a Premium jest one year old Bros Premium group jest Bull any age or Breed Hall Eek cattle co s medal. Jest now any age or Breed Halleck cattle co s medal. Iest Bull with five calves under year Vail Bros prof. Medal. Group no. Merino sheep. Bau8. Iest two year old and Over e. C. Hardy s Merrimac Premium French Merino. Jest two year old or Over Tubeo. Winters Premium Iest one year old Tubeo Winters Premium 60. Group no. 8 wine. Boobs. Iest two year old and Over a. C. Hill s Billy Premium 50. Sows. Two year old and Over a. C. Hill s Premium 50. Group no. Trio Plymouth Bock a. C. Hill Premium Best Trio asiatics . Platt Premium 3est Trio leghorn b. C. Platt Premium jest Trio Hontans a. C. Hill Premium Best Trio b. R. M. W. Starling Premium sent Trio Oronin turkeys a. B. Hill Premium Lent Trio Muscovy ducks mrs. Jas. Gait Premium Best Trio Pekin ducks Ben Peck Premium Best Trio geese mrs. Jas. Gault Premium 18. Best Trio any age or Breed m. W. Starling medal. Special w. O. H. Martin s special Premium of for the Best exhibit in the live Stock Liepart Lent was awarded to e. W. Crutcher. Best calf under one year mrs. A. A. Longley s Premium medal. Hall Eek cattle be s 2nd Premium diploma. Beat matched team draft stallions e. 0. Hardy s Blondeau and St. Laurent diploma. Best matched team two year old fillies c. Lemery s Mollie and diploma. Best matched team one year old fillies t. G. Herman s Mollie Aud diploma. Best imported Norman stallion four year old or Over e. C. Hardy e diploma. Best Borong obied Noiman Volt one year old e. C. Hardy s diploma. Best Shetland Pony Hatter Geo. Russell s Bob diploma. Beat bed polled Norfolk cow three year old Vail Bros diploma. Bent one year old Heifer Vail Bros diploma. Beat calf under ail months Vail Bros diploma.
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