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Weekly Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 12 1887, Page 4

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Weekly Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - November 12, 1887, Reno, NevadaTo 13 k r saturday november 12. 1887 town Axtt you Way from Wetona Sayfi journal. Bkevihe9. Garden track in demand. Two trains a a Neit week. Heavy Frost yesterday morning. Senator Kaiser waa in town yester Day. The Boscowitz sinners left town lust night. Imn Ayres returned to the by last night. Peck a iad boy waa around town yesterday. The weather is observed of All observers. John Howell is still quits Nick and remains at tha Bay. Don t fail to Purchase a ticket for the militant Ball. Billy Sonerson Ana his Morry band of minstrels will be Here on the 17th. Judge Sawyer h. M. Levy and Sec rotary Holmes of the Savage were Pas sengers for tha Bay last night. A. C. Lowell of fort Bidwell who has been dangerously ill with typhoid fever is rapidly getting better. The Board of county commissioners will Bolt a special meeting next Mon Day when town business will a Iran acted. It is reported that the recent Rich strike in the Alaska Mina Pike City Sierra county cal., embraces a pocket. Stile senator Kaiser and j. W. Free have Deidad to raise Miles on a Large scale on their ranch in Churchill count. Y the Sierra Valley Leader asserts that Reno a Good place for Quick doctors jilting rom their advertisements and Bra in that m Sojor Gordon commandant of the poit at fort Bidwell was in town yesterday on his Way to the Post having been to the Presidio on court martial business. The business of the Western Union Telegraph company at thu place has so increased As to necessitate the placing o 250 additional Battery cups in their Battery room. Members of the ladies Guild of the Trinity episcopal Church Are hard at work preparing for tha Bazeir to be Given by them at the Nevada theater on the evenings of november 22d and 23d. The Winnemucca Silver state says John spar a of the firm of Sparks Tiquin who own thousands and tens of thousands of cattle in Eastern and Idaho has purchased a ranch near Keno and will remove his family to he do. A Mammoth Batch. Head i b Zerille Bell wealth and Udom plentiful capital application Only herded. Battle Moust Aih nov. Corros Crum ranch in Battle Mountain is a Beautiful As Well As a prolific piece of property. But i did not have Lime to give it the necessary consideration when i was leaving thu interesting country of which i will have More to say in the Star future. However on the invitation of or. Robert Blossom son of 3. A. Blossom i visited the former s extensive ranch. It consists of acres surrounded by a wire Fence. To this be recently added per Purchase acres More of Rich pasture land which was being fenced in when i left. The ranch is Only one mile from the Battle Mountain depot and is reached Over one of the finest roads in the country. The Humboldt River runs through the Centre of it and is supplied by numerous creeks and Springs during the Spring and summer season with vast Quanti ties of water. These sluices under the management of the younger Blossom have been utilized wonderfully. There Are now Over potty Fink dams on the various parts of this embryonic Rhode Island from the base of which All the water needed for irrigation Pur poses is appropriated. There is a Large Force of men employed on every Section of this vast Domain. But to give the Reader some idea of what a acre Inch is and the number of men needed to run it i need simply say that he kills seven heaves per week some of this however is consumed in the neighbor ing mines of Pittsburgh and Blanco the major portion of it never leaving Iube Mountain. Hundreds of Tona of Rich Alfalfa have been Laison from this ground in the last season but when you consider the fact that he has something like head of cattle with seven stallions and Coo head of horse Yon can imagine what a Little a Arr must be provided for. I noticed in this connection an Artesian Well which is located near the residence of the family and on investigation found that it was Clown Only 150 feet but that it yielded d .4 Kiel plate. Wonderful a temperate rewarded. Enough Gallons per nearly to irrigate one fourth of this Andrew Pine has just received a printed notification of the death of his grand father father Daniel at Paw Paw iii., on october 20th, last. The old gentleman was born on Dee. 21, 1786, und at the time of his death was 100 years 9 months and 29 Days of age. The Bev. W. H. Smith in speaking of him when be delivered the funeral Sermon said a lived under the Rule of every president of our country being a voter in the elec Tion of All excepting the first three and of the fifteen presidents born after him he outlived them All excepting b. Hayes and Grover Cleveland. He was always on the Side of right principles hence the incident of his last presiden tial vote was in perfect keeping with his Christian life As he said i expect this in the last time i shall Ever vote and i want to vote for in closing Hia remarks the minister said so passed Bis Heutte spirit away. So quietly did he breath Bis last that his daughter Wulc big at his bedside was not conscious of the when the Sigels bore his soul to its Haven o seven children survived him with 18 grandchildren and 40 great grandchildren the majority of whom were pres ent at his Homo on his 100th birthday. Sex sheriff Pine of Washoe is ins of Bis sons while Uttero Are two of his Chil Dren still living in California the Young est of the seven being 67 years of age. Sheriff Ulrick of Carson married to one of Hia grandchildren and has several children. His was a miss Lucy Allen and she was his co stunt compan Ion for Over sixty years dying at the advanced age of 87. The longevity of this family is one of those strange Phenonia Nas we so Seldom Road of and therefore very remarkable. Andrew Pine the grandson spoken of above leaves to Day where he will succeed or. In Lemberto in the fruit Candy and vegetable business and we Trust that he May live a Long a his famous Grandfather to enjoy the fruits of a Well spent life. A blog Tel or wort it or her Hon. To Roo g. Platt son of re. Doctor Platt of Grace Church be ? York passed through Kano to Carson on tuesday last to confirm the Sale of the Central Nevada Railroad. He re turned yesterday after completing his labors and said to a Jot Osal reporter that he still had High Hopes of Austin s future that the Railroad would be under the management of or. Hindi Cliffy but a new Board of directors would be elected. That the new company held a mortgage of some on the Man Hattan Mill and mining co., and that he believed the differences which Fez isted Between the two parties now striving to secure Complete control of that valuable property would be amicably settled and Austin Bloom again in All her Pristine glory. This Good news if half corroborated will be a morsel dealt out to Many still in that Camp who hardly know which Way to turn. Hate nor the enterprising grocer Man a order to Cater successfully to the tastes of his various customers brought up from the Bay on sunday a Mammoth cake of of Filzer cheese. It weighed Iso pounds and yesterday afternoon very Little of Tho ii Avory article was left. Many of oar citizens took advantage of this Opportunity and with a few bottles of Beer some German bread Aud French mus Tard regaled themselves to their Theatta Content. Such regard for the people s wants will naturally popularize from that indulges in it. Of Kab at c. 3. Alford a geologist and mining Engineer of London England Baa been Over to Gar fled Esmeralda county for n week past examining the car fled mine. He is one of the proprietors. To expresses himself As Well pleased with Tho prop erty. The mines Are now producing from to per month with Only a five stamp Mill to work the Ore Bat the milling Power will noon to in creased. Or. Alford left for his Home it esterday. Going Sullivan Aud her daughter miss Maggie will leave on this morning s train on a visit to new York City. They will be absent for about Mouths. Or. Sullivan will accompany them As far As Muon. The to Busai wishes them Bon voyage. Examination of William f. Patten who killed the Chi Nese Cook sunday morning occupied the attention of Justice Young yesterday afternoon and after bearing the Evi Dence the Jodge ordered the prisoner discharged on the ground of justifiable homicide. Mammoth ranch. Water i was in formed by or. Choc a was so plentiful that he knew of no instance where it could not be Tappell at a depth of 175 feet. This Well on the Blossom ranch has Force enough to flow 11% Fott above the surface thus giving it an impetus to cover a vast area of the most arable and richest Laud in America. Here is Good Lor those who Are in shrug Pell Mell aft Tir an igntj3 Fatus in a More Westerly locality. Parties passing by these valuable lands thou Sands of acres of which can be Pur chased from the Central Pacific Railroad company and private owners look upon them As vast deposits of Alkali soda Etc., covered with Sagebrush. Why this is so is because the press of the state has been negligent in its duty toward the people. It such facts As these can be substantiated by witnesses not at All interested in them How easy it would be if a More Public demonstration of Nevada s Rich soil was constantly Given to the world it is As Plain As the nose on a Man s face that if the thousands who Are daily arriving in California from the farming regions of the great Western states knew of the possibilities they Roll Over in their sleepers and Emigrant trains thousands of dollars would be added to the wealth of our state and on popu lation increase beyond on expectations i Hope some of on enterprising news papers will join with the journal in its Endeavor to bring these facts to the notice of strangers and then the Bat the born site will stand out pre eminently among the great sisterhood is the Best adapted for agricultural and cattle purposes of any of them while her Mineral productions must Ever continue to command the grand position they have for so Many years maintained in the financial world. Or. Blossom has a Large Brick Kiln on the ranch where he is manufacturing for his own purposes and will build an elegant mansion on the site of Hia pres ent dwelling. The wort has already be gun and next Spring its completion is a spu3mdio Chance. A business for Enterprise Muir Hen read. Fob furniture and upholstery business that has been established in Keno for Over eight years. The store can either be rented or purchased at a reasonable Price. Apply to w. L. Needham this advertisement was handed into the Jota anal yesterday and owing to the rapid strides lie no is making in a progressive business direction one of on staff was dispatched to the Well known establishment to inquire into the reasons which prompted or. Need Bam to dispose of Hia business. On entering to saw a Well stocked store room and heard the Click of the Ham Mer and the grating of the saw in the rear and at once approached the pro proprietor. In answer to various questions he said in substance my inter ests in California absorb almost my entire attention. Had i no other Busi Ness but this in Keno i would never sell out however this business demands the entire attention of anybody who wishes to make a Success of it. There is to danger of failure if the party Pur chasing will devote his time and Atten Tion to it. I have been hero Over eight years sir and pm Chaix like have risen from a scorching fire and 011 the ruins of losses have built up a Good Trade. The ground with the buildings i own and occupy has a frontage on Virginia Street of 75 feet and a depth of 140 feet to Douglas Alley. There is no such frontage on this popular thoroughfare and i Nave no hesitancy in stating that no More favourable Opportunity Ever presented itself to an enterprising business Patty. But i must go and the first bidder will be Tho most fortunate pro vied his offer will come Biry Way near what i consider the properly w rth. My desire to dispose of this business does not imply in any manner a Lack of Confidence in the future of i must go to California nud that a the main reason i want to and Tho re Porter walked away still More convinced that Bono was All right. From sunday t Brevi ties. Frank Cook a in bum Genesee Val Ley. H. W. Higgins returned Home yester Day morning. T supt. Whid came no from wads Worth last a igbo. Hon. W. E. F. Of Virginia was in town yesterday. Governor Stevenson was Over from Carson yesterday. Geo. Oltsher departed for looms Placer lust night. Henry j. Pratt of the Little him Boldt arrived from he ranch last even ing. J. Mack the Virginia City attorney Zaoie Down from tin1 Comstock night. Go to Jetke Becker s for lunch Aud Beer and All the Good eatables and drinkable. W. Chamberlain bus gone to to Hawk to bring Home twice or our bars of Bullion. H. Lindsay has been retained by the state to fight the induction works water Cuse. Mian Zua Harding it now station agent of the n. C. B., iming taken Lawrence Easl nud s place. John t. Murphy has purchased the interest of or. Far am in the Steamboat Spring and a the sole proprietor. The list of slate fair premiums is completed in this morning s to Obnel. The weekly will contain the full list. The election in new York May not have pleased some persons but every body who Euta at the Palace ree tamant is cd ruin to be Bisti Feneci. The ladies of the Trinity a Broh Guild have to hold their Bazaar a the theater on the a Veringa of the 21st anit22d instead of the 22 j and 23d. The ladies Are very Busy making the necessary arrangements. The line of the c. C. Railroad has been extended to Jig Orville two Miles beyond Kooler. The a a tension is Caid to have Boon built to comply with the terms of the company s charter which would otherwise have soon been forfeited Jig Gerville is the site of the old Cerro Gordo Landing on Owen a Lake e. E. Moore of White Bock Elko county who is so Well known among the cattle died of Nevada us being like Louis Dean one of the Best natured and jollies to of the lot left Reno wednesday morning for , county California. He will be absent for several Mouths its he Baa Large interests there Damn Udouj his attention. He nevertheless is my George erupt will in about Oce month drive several Hundred head of cattle Truffi White pipe und Elko coun ties to the Stone c ism Ringo in Nye county Fitu Vitril Ubo i 30 Wile South by Guiont. The Cuvier understands that it is Iho intention of several cattle Kings to drive a portion of their herds into Nye comity knowing that the Cut the will find plenty of feed during thu Winter become Glass in Washington tee i , Yuki Uia county w. us Der recent Date writes us follows proft Saor sent me Tome Ecil of Brome grass which i Plis Tel Spring on dry land which Coald but be migrated it grew a Large lot of seed. Three weeks ago a neighbor turned in his mules to Graz a upon it to see if it would be liked by Stock. The Trules tools a liking to it die it Down close to the ground. To frosts have not Burt it and it has grown again six inches High and if it will endure the Winter and not freeze out. Root and Branch As Johnson gins does Hie i Biuk it will to quite in acquisition Tor the dry lands in shh sect Itjin of the country. It is growing Gully while Bunch grass and every other native grass has been dry for months. The Broutie grass As often As eaten Down Springs no Green again t1if Law Iov of Clr urow log inv trim a soit. A reporter of the to canal paid a Fly ing visit to Laughton Springs on Sun Day last and the pleasure of a Good swim in one of the Large Baths it this popular resort. It is located four and a half Miles West of Ueno and of insists of two immense Bath rooms u dimensions one is 20x30 feet the other 20x40 left each having an average depth of 4% feet the standing temperature of the water being 102 degrees fahrenheit. These Bath Bouses Are Well provided with carpets St Ries towels soap Etc., and even in mid Winter to the cemented condition of the surrounding Walls always maintains even temperature so that visitors i Erie use no chilliness whatever. The component parts of the water lire Ion Sulphur Borax Iron tto. Medical men soy that these Waters Are Good for Hent Natisin syphilis Etc. They lie ast about 100 Yards West of the c. P. I., and bid fair to become the most Amous in Nevada. They Are in the Ery Center of the Trokee River Wieb flows through or. Langhton s ranch and on the West fide of which to owns to mud Baths that to Hai now almost Eady for the use of his Petrous. This 3 .1 valuable properly but is not for Oftle. The ranch on which it is located produced two crops of Alfalfa but Neit ear to exp Eta three. Or. Lai Guton a about had of Angora goats hat he raised on the neighbouring Hills which in the Spring and summer Bomson Are fid with the Lich Butch grass on the ills adjacent. This Lurge drove is co v Aston ring in the Washoe Valley and Are valued at 50 per head. It will not to Ere the local Pupu action and strangers visiting Reno will Ake advantage of Tho close proximity of hese Many Are doing and spend n Grent Deal of their spare Ime in Tho delights following Waimer ions of conducive to health. There is a great Quantity sem bling Oats Are not eds re filled assured. Nahoun. Under the above head ing the new England and National journal of education has the following item regarding Beno s schools a teacher s Institute will be held at Keno in november. The schools of Nevada Are prospering under the administration of state superintendent William c. Dovey who succeeded the Hon. Cabs. S. Young last january. Virginia City Gold Hill Caroon Reno and the other Large town of the state continue their schools 40 weeks each year. Good wages Are Tyua teachers Aud Good school accommodations Are provided for the pupils. In september 450 pupils were enrolled in the schools of Beno. Under the supervision these schools of prof. Orvis the Palace Dett goons the Enterprise displayed by Oor dry goods merchants in the Way of elaborate exhibits of their goods is attracting wide spread comment. Yesterday a journal reporter waa passing the Palace dry goods House of Virginia Street below the potato fico and he was astonished at the Richness and variety of Tho selections. Possibly one half of the ladies married or single in and around Reno have not witnessed the combination of taste and Beautiful designs visible in the two windows referred to above. The North window contains Linen Oriental Spanish and Gim Puro laces Flonn chugs and embroideries Fine hosiery handkerchiefs kid and silk gloves ladies Etc., while the South window is equally As finely decorated with inks Ard Surah in All the new and 1 Palace dry goods store. in of anal is under obligations to b. H. Jin soy for a Saucer of luscious Straw ferries which Bob himself picked from he vines in his own Yard yesterday morning. Talk about los Angeles or Thermalito. Spend your Money at lome and bet on Keno miscellaneous. Powder absolutely pure. This powder never Tureen. A Marvol of Pui Ity strength and wholesome Morocco Dom Cetl Ali in the Ordinary kinds Abd Cumont sold in Competition with the multitude of of teat Short Woi unt Altim or phosphate pow ars sold in baking pow Peb co., 106 Wall St. New York. Money to be made. Out this out nil return to is and we 111 Send you free some thing of Grout value and importance to you that will Start you in business which will bring Yon in More Money right Awny than anything Dee in this world. Any one con do the wort Ana live at Home either Bax All noes. Some thing new that just Uio Uey for All work ers. To will Start Yon capital not needed. This is one of the genuine important chances of a lifetime. Those who Are enterprising and ambitious will not delay. Grand outfit free. Address to bit co., Augusta. Maine. Ring Are doing Good work especially in the primary department. The Board of education seek to employ the Best teachers and this year the Board sent to Eureka for mrs. Helen m. Atwood and to Gold Hill for miss Ada f. Lackay both of whom bad established a state reputation for their Superior excellence As teachers. The Jor Abnal Tould inform this East Ern educational journal that Good works being done in the higher departments of on Public schools As Well As in the primary department. Classes in latin geometry algebra Book keeping Etc., and students in the High school Are fully up to the standing of those in other schools. Beno on get to have a military Post. Nig shades Fine plaids embroidered d beaded Robes Etc. The whole Bli sment a fully represented in two Beautiful windows. There is a of win Ter goods on the shelves act counters that will naturally astonish the most fastidious while the prices for Cash Are not one per cent Moro than Pur chasers must pay in san Francisco. Such catering to then the fashion Loving portion of our Community com mands their unqualified appreciation and will no doubt be heartily enjoyed by the enterprising Levy co. I Sunset Cox s talked. Of for chair Man of the ways and Means com Mittee. He thinks a Compromise on the Tariff question Indian Wab cursor to Riburn says governor Stevenson has received lie following letter in be Gard to Indian War claims executive Bep abutment Washington october 29. Hon. C. C. Stevenson governor of Nevada Carson City Nevada dear Sib the president directs me to acknowledge the receipt of your printed letter of the 17tli instant concerning the claims of Nevada 011 account of Indian depredations and to aay that your suggestions in the a Natter will have careful consideration in to connection to a Boob you refer. Very respectfully d. S. Lamont private Secretary. The governors of California and Ore gon have written to governor Stevenson in answer to Bis printed circular letter to the preside it of the United states saying they would assist in bringing fhe matter be Tjie official the new time our is ont Aud the Jov Hal informs its readers thut no. 1, the East bound will leave Bezout a. M. No. 2, West bound will leave at . No. 3, East bound will Leavo Keno at p. M. No. 4, West bound will leave at p. U. The Keno Sleeper will ran on this afternoon train f a. O. U. Members who Are interested in the select knights of the a. O. U. "sv., Are requested to meet at the masonic Hall on satyr any novem Ber 12, 1887, at 7 o clock Sharp. By order of the committee. Fine top buggy made by a. Nadon of Reno which took the first Dremina at the state fair has been Puro wed by w. O. H. Megrun. Attention we Are now prepared to furnish All classes with employment at Home the whole of the time or for their spare moments. Business new Light and profitable Persona of either sex easily earn from 50 cents to 00 per evening and a proportional sum by devoting All their time to the business. Boys and girls Cetru nearly As much As men that All who 6ee this May Send their address and test the business we Mako this offer. To such a arc not Well satisfied we will Send one Dollar to pay for the trouble of writing. Fol particulars and on int Fri a. Address ttys of pc co. Portland. Minn. Dry goods carpet House his season of the year the demand for heavy dry goods such flannels blankets and comforters. Also cloaks and jackets is generally Large. Keep Jack Frost at Bay nearly every family is in need of some of the above mentioned articles but where to buy them we have made extra heavy Pur chases of Fine flannels blankets Etc., from the Best Mills also Fine Glaes wraps and jackets from leading manufactories and Are now prepared to offer them at prices which will be generally approved by every purchaser. Trot can Livo at Home and make More Money at work for us than St any Ling clue i this world. Capital not needed of tire started free. Both boxes nil Ages. Any be can do the work. Large earnings sure Roux Glrst Start. Costly Outt and terms bettor not delay. Cos b you nothing to Send us your address and und out if you Are Wale of will Rio so at once. H. it co. Portland. Mulno the buyers a Pink u tuned sept. Mud Breh 3.boo whole picture gallery. _ gives into Lomoe pro sea direct to on All for be Nonal or Tolly How to order and exact at every eat a Riaff Wear or books contain Rufon Notton gleamed from the Market of will mall a copy free to any and of 10 Eta. To deft., expend of mailing. Lot Bear from Ron. Montgomery Ward co. 887 of 999 Wab Arii arcane. Csc ago in. Weak nervous people and others suffering from nervous debility. Exhausting Chrome diseases premature decline of Young or old Ara pos it rely cured by or. In Tea Union Bare been Elt Patent can Wear free with male belts. Avoid Worth Lei imitations and to electric Send Sta new lines of Choice combination suits and Fine beaded Robes have just been added to our dress goods department. To appreciate them they must be seen. We therefore invite admirers of Fine and stylish dress goods to Call and examine them. Carpets Wall papers. We received a new invoice of Choice wallpapers Borders and Center pieces in various designs and colors As the assortment is now Complete. We respectfully ask those in need of anything in this line to Call and see the newest styles and get our prices. County orders receive prompt and careful attention. Palace dry goods and carpet House Virginia St., next to potato fico Keno Nev. Nails in even sorry state in the Union in sired. de and sold ton years. Whole family Cai die Belt. Rmon 700 cured la 85. Send stamp for pump lilt. . J. Home. Post Hrelja cured in Slit it Hreljac combined. Guaranteed the Only one to world generating a Eon Timion electro and Xac Nytle car rent. Sci Ento powerful. Parable Arold Franx Over cured. electric cured. Bend Statt of Hectric belts for la Tawil. Senior. 70s ten coffin Larcombe dealers in Choice groceries fruits candies nuts poultry fish. Butter eggs Sierra sleet. North Side of Railroad tuck Beno. Nevada. In spa Peri in spa Peri
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