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Weekly Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 12 1887, Page 2

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Weekly Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - November 12, 1887, Reno, NevadaState saturday. November 12, 1887. State pair Herond department. Group 33. Best Sample flu see miss Linda Towles Premium Best Sample hops n. P. Brown Pisa Lintn group 34. Best 100 bit. Early Rose potatoes go. Alt Premium 50. Best 100 potatoes any variety t. G. Herman Premium go. Best dozen parsnips goo. Alt Premium Best dozen carrots Leo. Premium 91. Best dozen Long blood beets Geo. Alt Premium Best turnip beets Geo. Alt Premium Best dozen beets t. G. Herman Premium f1. Beat 10 bin tomatoes Lorn. J. Galt Premium 81. Best 25 drumhead cabbage goo. Alt Premium Best 25 ibs. Cabbage any Louis Capuro Premium Best half dozen cauliflower Geo. Alt Premium half dozen lettuce we. Riley Premium Bost 50 ibs yellow onions go. Alt Premium h Elf Clozel marrow Squash i. I5. Jojnson Premium Best and largest pumpkin o. C. Loss Premium dozen Sweet Corn Ison Peck Premium Best Mammoth Squash we. Mathews Premium 91. Best Quarter dozen Watier Moons o. 0. Rosa Premium Bost Quarter dozen cucumbers we. Kiley Premium Best Quarter dozen antelopes mrs. James Gault Premium Best lobs White Beans we. Finley Premium Best 10 ibs Royal Beans we. Riley Premium Best 10 pole Beans we. Liloy Premium Best 10 ibs. Chestnut Beans Wai Riley Premium Best 100 ibs. Early Pearl potatoes t. G. Herman Premium h. M4 Best Corn we. Riley h. M. Fourth group 35. Largest collection Best and largest collection flowering plants in Bloom mrs. D. B. Buy Premium Bast collection ornamental Fol Inigo plants mrs. L. J. Flint Premium Best display pm Flo work my. A. H. Manning Preu Oinui Best and largest display Cut Flowers mrs. Ross Lowers medal. Best display hanging Basket plants. Mrs. T. K. Hiners Premium 50. Best display preserved Flowers h. F. Rhodes h. M. Bost display pansies mrs. Ross Lewers h. M. Best display asters mrs. Ross Lewers h. M. Best display Dalias mrs. Ross Lavers h. M. Group 36. Best cheese not less than lolbs., mrs. Theo. Winters Premium Best and largest display cheese mrs. Theo Winters Premium group 37. Best lot 10 it Bailor in Rolls mrs. Jas. Galt Premium beat firkin or j in butter not less than 201hn., three months old or Over mrs. W. W. Poitou Premium Best display groceries f. H. Cook co., diploma. Group 38. Best Quarter dozen Baker s Broad o. Hartung Premium 50. Best Libs Pilot bread o. Hartung Premium 50. Best lobs. Biscuit ii o. Hartung Premium 53. Best 10 Obj. Crackers o. Hurtling Premium 50. Best 10ibs. Crackers o. Hartung Premium 50. Best 10 ibs. Crackers o. Haryung Premium 50. Group 39. Beat display Honey e. A. Moore medal. Best Box Honey e. A. Moore promo uni bust variety fruits in jars mrs. Theo. Winters Premium Bou variety jellies Murf. Theo. Winters Premium Best variety preserves mrs. Theo. Winters Premium Best variety pickles mrs. Tubeo. Winters Premium 50. Best observation hive italian bees e. A. Moore h. M. To birth group 40. Best one dozen variety apples w w. Morton Premium Best half dozen varieties apples. Mrs. James Gault Premium gboup41. Best display pears we. Riley Premium Bost display peaches 0. H. Symon Dii Premium Best display plume we. Riley. Premium 50. Bent display quinces we. Riley Premium beit display grape c. H Symonds Premium 50. Group 42. Best dried apples j. 8. Toll. Premium 50. Best exhibit fruits in variety we. Riley Premium Best i lived vegetables diploma. Group 43. Best Riding bridle , diploma. Group 46. Best top buggy j. F. Hill medal. Best open Boggy w. J. Luke modal. Best top baggy Nevada a. Nadon Premium Best Carriage j. T. Longabaugh Premium Best Silky j. F. Hill Premium Best 4-Spring Wagon h. Bernard Premium 50. Best set Wagon wheels j. F. H. M. Best farm Wagon j. T. Longabaugh diploma. Best unfinished Carriage gear w. J. Luke h. M. Best ladies a Stolon j. F. Hill h. M. Best Park Wagon j. F. Hill h. M. Best cart h. M. Bernard h. M. Best top Wagon h. M. Bernard h. M. Best display Carriage work Nevada w. J. Luke diploma. Group 17. Best display furniture John Breuner Gold medal. Best display Rattan chairs Heywood bros., diploma. Group 48. Best piano c. J. medal. Best Organ c. J. Best Honey extractor e. A. Moore Premium Best Bee Hivo e. A. Moore Premium Best in Chiao for ranking Springs Jas Egin diploma. Best Orch Strone c. J. , h. M. Best violin w. F. P. Lyell ii. M. Best display celluloid toilet sols we. Pinniger h. M. Best display gents Furois big goods a. Bergman diploma. Best display chemicals and assaying outfit c. M. Fassett diploma. Best display drug and toilet articles s. J. Hodgkinson diploma. Best exhibit hardware stoves etc., Manning Jaques medal. Best loom weaving Mitchell Smith medal. Best display larger Beer John Weiland co. Group 40. Best mowing machine j. T. Longabaugh Best Grain separator Manning Jqnes Best farm Gate j. Highs Don h m. Best Fence machine j. Brown diploma. Group 50. Best churn j. L. Blot Hen diploma. Best washing machine Manning la jul cuts medal. Best Patent faucet s. A Denison h. M. Group 51. Best display boots shoes gaiters Aud slippers John Sund Claud modal. Bost pair custom made gents boots y dry goods f. L by bro., Mecial. Specials. Pin Cushion and handkerchief Case mrs. A. J. Severance diploma. Vegetable Pompon mrs. A h. Havener diploma. Pin Cushion mrs Fiuk Robb diploma. Hand in Iule gloves mrs. E. M. Thompson diploma. Go Eikill i embroidered Tunner mis. D. Lachinah diploma. Embroidery Ami Chenille work c. W. Jones diploma. Night gown mrs. Hewlett diploma. Bolting cloth painted Banner miss Annie Mclaughlin diploma. Tapestry painting mrs William Lucas diploma. Chenille embroidery mis. J. J. Nicholson diploma. Table Scarf Lustra painted do. Douglas diploma. Hand made opre ail mrs. D. Sohl diploma. Pin Cushion mrs. Edith Davis diploma. Pillow slips mrs. Eager diploma. Laundry bag mrs. Lizzie Burke diploma. Lamp mat and hairpin receiver mrs. H. J. Thyebo diploma. Display of embroidered work mrs. C. W. Jones diploma. Pillow Shams mrs. W. Senff diploma. Shadow painted Banner Reckio Fredrick diploma. Paper Flowers mrs. C. A. Wilfred diploma. Embiri cleared Mirror miss m. Alt diploma. Slipper Case and lamp mat mrs. Barke diploma. White skirt mra. Andrews diploma. Pin Cushion my. Sarah Cook diploma. Best stockings Wool knit Besita Doten Premium darning Maggie Winters Premium Bsat skirt Crochet Louisa Lucas Premium Best Skitt White Julia Reese Premium Best Crochet trimmings Julia Reese Premium Best Rick rack trimmings Rosie Tarbert Premium Best set underclothing. Clara Graff Premium 50. Best apron Jessie d. Ford Premium Best Patchwork quilt hand sewed Cora e. Shaff Premium Best toilet set Lillie Rosenstock Premium Best penmanship Kittie Rice Premium Best drawing orphans Home Premium f 2. Best Crayon Lillian Booton Premium special. Pin Cushion Annie Robb diploma. Outline embroidery Louisa Ward diploma. Pin Cushion Belle Budden diploma. Samples knitting Daisy Holcombe diploma. Pin Cushion Bertie Meade diploma. Group co. Misses under sixteen. Best dried apples Clara Graff Premium Best dried peaches Clara Graff Premium Best dried plums Clarn Graff Premium group 61. Group 57. Misses a Deb 20 and Over 1c. Best assortment tatting ladies Ait society Premium beat six buttonholes miss Longley Premium beat Crochet tidy Ray Fredrick Premium Bost White dress trimming miss Longley Premium Best fancy apron trimming Nellie Kelly Premium bust White skirt miss Longley Premium Best flannel skirt Nellie Kelly Premium Best set underclothing Ray Fredrick Premium 50. Best Novelty braid trimming Helen Shelby Premium Best opera Hood ladies Art society Premium Best handkerchief Box ladies Art society Premium Best toilet set Hay Fredrick Premium f 1. 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Best Oil Harry Mighels Premium Best drawing p. Mighels Premium Best map drawing p. Mighels Premium Best pen drawing p. Mighels Premium Best specimen penmanship Sam Doten Premium Best Wood carving by hand Fred Lutz Premium Best herbarium containing plants Gay Manning Premium Clay moulding orphans Home Premium specimens hand sewing orphans Home Premium group 62. Best Oil painting Independent of collection ladies Art society Premium Best and largest collection of pm Tings by same artist j. B. Monaco Premium Best Poi trait painting j. B. Monaco Premium Best pen drawing mra. S. Davis Premium Best display and collection photographs d. F. Evans medal. Best single photograph d. F. Evans Premium Bast card photograph d. F. Evans Premium group 63. . Best Oil painting Independent of collection mrs. M. H. Marett Premium Best Pence aug e. P. , Premium 50. Best wad v color painting Linda Tolles Premium Best and largest collection paintings by same person ladies Art society Premium Best porcelain painting ladies Art society Premium 50. Best Coll action crayons and Pas tall miss Lindsay diploma. Best Oil painted Banner mrs. R. H. Lindsay diploma. Group g9. Best display Salt Rook and Pablo Nott Leete Premium Stewart s Kew idea. The Central Pacillo a ostensibly Nevada s United states senator is a Generator of Ideal. The last one is a ten million National Normal school to be located at the National capital in which Stewart Castle no. 1 is. This idea is one that will make both educators and statesmen smile. It is a Large idea involving the expenditure of ten millions of dollars of the Peoples Money to advertise the Central Pacific Railroad s right Bower. It is a potent idea worthy of the brain that would Dis member Idaho and portion her parts to the adjoining states and territories. It is a High sounding As it is utopian. It is slightly tainted with centralization which is always dangerous. The journal does not Disfavour nor Mal schools but advocates them. They Are essential parts in the system of Edu cation. They arc recognized As such by most of the Northern states which have made provisions for their establishment and maintenance As they have made most Liberal provisions for the support of their common schools. The National representatives have recognized the fact that non the intelligence of the people depends the perpetuity of the government hence the Liberal donations of lands to the several states for educational purposes. For Many years Don Gross has practically fluid to the Severa states that each is the guardian of it educational interests that each should see that school houses Are built her and their. For that purpose a Section was set aside out of each township i lieu of which Congress granted to an Nevada accepted the two million grand yet this mental hero Uleu who has Bee and if in fact a Ca Khornian would hav Nevada contribute to the erection of a ten million institution which would prove an incubus on the nation to gratify his vanity in creating an idea. Verily it is a forerunner of what we. Stewart will do for the state of Nevada while to is representing the Central Pacific Railroad for the next six years. News of the mornin8. Senator Henni a ctoo4 opinion o the California delegation. An franc ibo not. Hearst will leave for Washington at the and of the week. In an interview with Call reporter the senator said you must not go off with the idea that i Rill revolutionize things in Washington or really i am not such a fool As that. Can t expect to accomplish great things u the floor but can do something in he committee rooms. California shall not go empty handed for Lack of asking. Shall strive to obtain an appropriation or Mare Island of All that is necessary to equip the said for building the largest vessels. Morrow is a Good Man and is doing excellent work. Stanford is a Strong Man. He has a Good pull with tha republicans and i have a Good Chance of help from the democrats. So you see Between is All we ought to be Able to guard the interests of Cali Torii better than if she had a one potty delegation a believes that Cleveland will not Only be successful but that he will carry Massachusetts. Denis aka Sinev. Ono of his characteristic let tres to to . New Yolk november Kear Ney is taking n hand in Tho local Politi Cal straggle and has addressed n series of letters to Henry George concerning the chinese question. To Day he prints it 19 expected although not Yot authoritatively announced that the Den ver and Rio Grande will soon put on a additional fast express train Between Denver and Ogden. This action will be to keep Pace and compete with the Union Pacific which will begin next sunday running two daily Overland trains in the Central Pacific. The Rio Grande will Endeavor to make the sumo time connections with the Central Pacific it Ogden As the Union Pacific. Arrangements Are be ing made with Tho Burlington route to have fast connecting trains from Chicago to Denver and by this plan it is expected to make As Good time Between Ogden and Chicago via the Rio Grande As Vul Tho Union Pacific connecting with any of to Iowa roads. The scenery of the Rio Grande route has always been Tho chief reason for its patronage by through travellers. Now by making As Good time Between Ogden and Chicago As the Union Pacific route the Rio Grande managers Hope to Leai the Union Pacific. A letter in the evening san in which he says a vote for George in a vote for a plague worse than cholera and closes As follows Wake up you Horny listed sons of toil Wake up and find out what going on in your name. An attempt s being made to Load you off Liko droves f cattle to the Slaughter House on a Ilse Issue. Ask your leaders Tho Rameau us of All this and demand an immediate explanation. Auk Henry George if he b in favor of flooding this country with Oriental serfs to pull Down your wages and lengthen your hours of labor and it a direct answer. If he says top him As you would a hot potato or a de hot stove lid. The now York Sun opposes Senato Stewart s proposition to expend in the establishment of a National Normal school at Washington such an appropriation it declares would be an outrageous perversion o the people s Money. Thero is no reason for such an institution it says and if i were founded it would be of no sort o advantage to anybody except those we Weie interested in the Job which it i designed to promote. Weba teb 8 oict10kaiiv. Keel Lou of he Bonk expected be completed next Irenr. To new Haven conn., nov. Preside in Porter of Yale College assisted by a Large corps of literary authorities including professors of Yale University and other institutions has so far progressed toward a Complete re vision of Webster s dictionary that it will probably appear Tho coming year. Tho Cost of the revision will be about or. Porter says the Gener ally a forms of spelling will to observed so far As possible though advocates of the advanced methods of spelling like professor Marsh of Lafay Ette College and professor Whitney of Yale favor the adoption of the new form of spelling. Many words in Gen Oral use will be Anglo sized As far is pos sible though some words of greek and latin derivation May retain their Foi Meigu plurals. All words of recent origin which convey distinct ideas and recognized and used by reputable authors will be incorporated in the re vision. The word undo i Bui Ieve to convey it specified idea expressed by no other word and though it May be hard to give the meaning which the word conveys i think it will be incorporated the Sis Tom. The word Boycott is also a word of definite meaning of re cent origin and it also will probably be attempt to Nevada City Cal nov. Wages Here for years have been per Day. Last week three strangers were put to work in the Providence Quartz mine at 50 per Day and last night 50 men waited on the strangers and notified them they must quit working for less than the regular wages. The new Comers promised they would but went to work again to Day the owners of the mine assuring them Protection. Reduction of wages in this mine Means a reduction in All others and the miners say they will oppose All efforts in that direction. How did new Troik go Tho attorneys for Robert f. Morrow under indictment for jury bribing whose Case is set for trial in judge sul Livan s court san Francisco on Vonda next has filed an application for change venue. The application i based on the difficulty in obtaining jury in the other trial and the Public sentiment alleged to prevail Adverse t Morrow which it is claimed will pre vent his getting a trial in that cite a Washington dispatch of Tojo 7t says it is stated at the Treasury do apartment that All the democratic clerks in that department from the states of new York Maryland and Virginia Havo gone Home to vote at the election to Morrow. Clerks of Republican Prool i ties seem to show Little interest in the election. Oregon voted against prohibition. Cook s plurality Over Grant in new York is ten thousand socialists paraded in new York last night. Foraker ran several thousand votes behind Bis ticket in Ohio. Another operation will be performed on the Crown Price at Berlin. The president has duly proclaimed the reciprocity treaty Between the United states and Hawaii to continue until 1891. The Irish world claims that Henry George s Loos is entirely due to defection of catholics on account of George s attitude toward tha Popo in the Mcglun Case. Louis Lingg one of the condemned anarchists attempted suicide wednes Day by placing a dynamite Shell in his Mouth and deliberately applying a Caudle name to it. The tissues of his Throat neck and Tho front of his jaw were torn away. Mayor Hewitt says that the result of Tho now York election is a forerunner of the certain Aud re election of president Cleveland. Ito accounts for the shrinkage in the labor vote by what he Calls a change of senti ment among Henry George s former Fol lower s. The resolutions adopted at the inter provincial conference at Quebec recently representing All Iho provinces of the Canadian federation Are just made Public. Among other things while professing fealty to great Britain de Clare in favor of full reciprocity with the United states. Joseph be visits the Pells Aud u shown How the ballot is cwt in America. New Yoke nov. Chamber Ain yesterday got his first insight into he american Way of conducting an Ile Tiou. He visited several polling Moths and received a Good Deal of at Tention from the who re Garding him an a citizen and a voter lied him with ballots. A Friend explained to Chamberlain what everything meant Aud gave a practical exhibition of How the machinery of election worked voting himself. Chamberlain took lunch with William Smith Deputy minister of Marine of Canada and in Tho Olev Yoou took a Skivo in the Park. Tha data of his departure for washing ton has not yet been settled because of Uncort Swinty As to the a rival of sir Charles Tupper. Victor de losses that Bis father count Ferdinand a lessons will soon make another trip to Panama. He repeats the Promise that the canal will be opened 1889, and that no further loan for the canal will be required. The latter is intended to to assure alarmed holders of shares in the Panama canal. Peace reigns at Tahlequah Indian territory and in the Council House the loaders of the belligerent factions Are trying to arrange a Compromise. May s party still maintains a Send look in the Senate. It is Learned that the Council expect to obtain for the lease of the Cherokee strip a sum double that now received. He said glue of ills Lenom Juaton the presidency. Senator Sherman speaking at the people s theater at Yong town Ohio thursday night ridiculed president Cleveland s action on the pension Bills and said the saving thus accomplished Amoun cd to about twelve thousand Dol Lars and would Obront halt pay the Cost of the White House Paris nov. New 7 i Ald s european edition pow said to following last night after Thi i i of president Grevy or. 151 u me More loquacious. He Pas. Air with sex congressman John j3. I Viii of Boston. During Tho conversation or. Elaine said i have had the bist physicians in London Paris and they have pronounced me in perfect health and condition. I am quite assured of my Ronsini nation but should i not be elected i would not even then give up politics. I consider the Sena worship of a Good sound state equal if not Superior to Iho presidency and As a position Worth seeking. All i want now is perfect rest and tto Voronuk it forced pay Cunnin Nairn expenses. Washington november government printing office has been thoroughly canvassed for Campaign contributions Tho cashier went to every person in tilled to vote 111 new York and made it apparent that they must go Home and vote Aud on their fur. Nish the names of the precincts in which they voted. Never in Tho history of new York went democratic by 000 majority. The country voted Ell right but the vile City downed Fred Grant and the Republican stale ticket. Riddleberger will now take Bis thumb out of his month and go off to one Corner. Why Are w. M. Boardman and w. L. Enox allowed offices in the court Hong. They have no More right to free rent than any of the other lawyers. And who pays for the Wood and Gas burned in the rooms occupied by these gentlemen the new York supreme Cost on monday decided that the United labor or Henry George party is entitled to an election inspector at each polling place. The claims of the socialists and Irving Hall were rejected. The greatest interest in the election in sew York City yesterday was manifested Over the contest Between Fallows and Nichols for the District attorney ship. Oar ducats go that Fellows was i elected the office has there been such a com plete system of obtaining Money from both men and women for political Pur poses and in a manner that left no doubt in the minds of the employees that if the request was not complied with their places would be filled by others. Gen. Black commissioner of pen Sions has loft Washington on a tour to inspect the soldiers Homes in the West and especially to visit Tho Pacific coast to assist in selecting a site for a new Branch Home provided by the act of Congress to be established Here. The smallpox Scourge is breaking out again in the Northern part of Sun fran Cisco in the spaniard and italian quarters. Three new cases were discovered tuesday and Ono wednesday. Stewart s Zaroba hereabouts Are bleat ing in anticipation of the cold hard Winter they Are to endure while their Shepherd is away with Stanford. Index Union. By George Henry did not Cut of a Figon. In the new York election. The Fani Ianatto. Tic mantes am oink the what a Pew Lions or liquor a Winnemucca dispatch of Iho 5th to Tho ban Francisco bulletin reads As Fol lows Tho indians keep up their dance nightly Aud Obilo Only Young braves and to jews enter into the Circle Tho older ones seem to take a great interest in the affair. Captain John delivers Temperance lectures and cautions his people against the use of firewater yet be would be delighted to Hove an Opportunity to get a drink us would All the indians Unalp and female who at tend festivities. There Ore Over five Hundred men Here to night mostly Piu teb and their Sab Teru neighbors the bios hours. Few reservation indians attend. To Clay a Einai of Bucks enlivened the scene with a War dance. They were robust Savages wearing abbreviated garments. Their bodies and legs were painted Iri colors Black predominating and their Scalp locks were adorned with feathers. Patches of Rabbit fur were pasted on their breasts and feathers were stuck in their Mouths and noses. Thay appeared at the depot upon the arrival of the Emigrant train and simply awed the Passon Gors. They Sang their War song which sounded Liko the Sylla Bleska Lama Yata Kau inters sved with whoops Aud As evidence that they did not mean to kill Scop As the song indicated earned the stars Aud stripes on a pole. Owing to jealousies among Tho captains a Largo number of braves refused to Parade Only the faction participating. The rival factions Manifest much ill feeling toward each other and pc trait no speaker but Captain John who is almost Blind to address Thorn at Tho Fandango grounds. So far there has been but one fight among them. But this evening on infuriated Buck Cut his Squaw on the Arm. To was promptly arrested by the offi cers and Usu Rchrd to jail out of a crowd of two or Llu Flo Hundred indians. To opinion prevails among Iho Whites this evening that a few Gallons of firewater would inaugurate o War which would cause the loss of Many lives and the destruction of much prop erty As Tho redmen do not concede the right of the Whites to interfere in mat to is which they think Only concern Tho indians. An Indian looks upon his Squaw As Bis property which to Cau utans to pleases. Theno indians do not got a Dollar from the government yet nil seem lat sleek and comfortably clothed. V1cc Laro Yon disturbed at Highland of your rest by a sick child suffering and crying with pain of cutting Teeth if so and at once cd get a Bottlo of mrs Winslow s soothing syrup for children teething. Its value is incalculable. It will relieve the poor Little sufferer immediately. Depend us on it mothers there is co Miktoke t. It Dyment Ery and liar Rhea. Us testbed stomach und bowl la. Cares wind Colic softens Tho Flam mattion. End gives tone and in Prev to the whole system. Mrs. Wins lows soothing strap Lor children teething is pleasant to the tussle and is the prescription of Ono of the oldest and Best female nurses and physicians in he United states and is for Sale by All irow rifts Throup Bont the world. Price 2i b bottle. Fly the Crown Prince most submit to an operation on Throat. Laird of to oink in
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