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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - July 24, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioIt to j til i Ila to ripest edited it o. Baile y y he Cilto Annati to net by Manlay july to 1938. A i of 9l to Deil Rockacy Biog the annual catalogue of Wood College is an address delivered by the Rev. Aydelott d. D., president and professor of and intellectual philosophy. The subject of the address is a the great want in schools which is assumed to be a a an education eminently prime Isles process and agencies. I Lull Mir a stain so by several consid one of which is that the tendency in this being to a continual accumulation of Power in the hands of the people it is of vital import Tanee to bring them under the controlling influences of just such a system of religion and morals As c Hris Trinity after adverting to several facts illustrative of our a Strong democratic tendency he a a a a f a a Quot of a a a prom these and Many ther signs of the times we gather that As a nation we Are 1 shut up to the Faith of democracy. There is no escaping the Issue. The people have All Power and Are it conscious of it our character our happiness our All is in their hands and we must Trust and do not our people deserve a generous Confidence ? we Linc Erdy believe that they do. So much integrity of purpose Wisdom in counsel and Energy in action in times past warrant Strong Hopes for the future. And Why should we distrust that Providence too which has heretofore so signally spared us a for ourselves we do not distrust Providence but to distrust the people. A review of our history from the beginning alls us with fearful apprehensions. We began Well. Our Start was from High ground in morals in politics in religion. The people were intelligent they venerated the principles of civil Liberty they bowed Down in reverence to the Laws they were singularly moral and religious. All circumstances seemed auspicious to our advancement in every Good Way. Never before was a nation placed in a situation so entirely favourable to at least the perpetuation a free government. The Bible was read and reverenced every where and its principles constitute a a basis of or political institutions. What has followed ? look Over the history of the Republic. Not a year has passed since the revolution in which evidence has not been furnished of nations deterioration. We have been steadily going Down Hill. Individual Independence has been supplanted by a base trucking to popular sentiment. Our tendencies to democracy have been constantly associated with tendencies to mob Cracy. While the sovereignty of the people has been magnified beyond All limits the sacredness of personal rights has ceased to be a great practical Maxim in the mind of the Public. The results Are seen All Over the United states. We know and the world knows that the american people Are now peculiarly irreligious disorderly excitable licentious i rebellious against All authority devoid of a Gene Ous and an intelligent attachment to Freedom and amazingly regardless of personal rights. Consider the records of our history fur the last seven years. It has been a period of Stormy excitement. The North particularly has been heaving with agitation. A is the South slavery has succeeded in chaining the mind of the people. He must be Blind who does not see that the Only reason Why a Fri Are no mobs against free discussion in the Touth is because there is no free discussion there to mob Quot what Liberty of speech and of the press is that the full exercise of which is interdicted on pain of Lynch Law the reason Why the North has been the scene of so Many outrageous mobs is because the pro slavery spirit has not yet triumphed. Free discussion is not quite in Progress atrocious violence on peaceful though unyielding resistance or. Victory hangs doubtful god Only whose shall be the shout of flowed at Alton and the press As if a horrid dream broke Forth in alarm a the country we honed that Victory in favor of Law and mob spirit was Only stunned our fears were realised. It has again revived its True character and purposes May be read in the Renias of Pennsylvania Hall. T we repeat then that pro do distrust the people and she Lido so until we see More individual Independence a better appreciation of the foundation of civil Liberty and a More exalted Rev for personal rights. Things can abound a pure Chris pervade the Public mind but this will never be until those whose business it is to disseminate right principles shall cease to Humble a hmm is before Public opinion shall quit All Sovereign people shall plainly and of Wisdom expose to them their fearlessly proclaim the whole truth and with Especial emphasis that which As a nation we most egregious resolved that As citizens of Indiana we feel a deep interest and anxious solicitude in the Prosperity of her citizens and the preservation of her civil institutions regarding also the rights of our sister states and their citizens and that die attempt of any person or persons to agitate the subject of anti slavery in our state thereby throwing among us the fire brands of civil discord we do consider As a direct insult to the Correct understanding and intelligence of the people of this stale and Quot that we pledge ourselves to support and maintain the majesty of her Laws a a peaceably if we can forcibly if we must. Resolved that we would most respectfully request All persons engaged in or preparing to form an anti slavery society in any part of this state to desist to abandon their fanatical career and pause Ere the course of their policy May produce the disastrous and horrid results of a repetition of the affairs and tragical scenes of Alton new York Philadelphia St. Irmis Boston Nashville Utica Albany Cincinnati and Many other places Jund which May Lead to arson murder and other crimes within the limits of our hitherto peaceful state which to her Honor be it said has not yet Felt the Shock of an infuriated mod the action and consequences of which is to be deprecated by All peaceful citizens and they will reflect upon die cases of Lovejoy of Dresser of Garrison and others before the Honor of our state May be tarnished. Resolved that die Constitution of the state of Indiana As Well As All her legislative enactments Are bated upon principles of anti slavery therefore it is unwise impolitic and i precedent and per Feydy nonsensical to agitate the question in any manner or to form any association for the suppression of slavery within the limits of this state Are better qualified to judge of their constitutional rights and privileges than any interlopers sent to us from we know not where nor by what Means resolved that Ever since the formation of the state of Indiana and her admission into the Union As Well As during her territorial existence an uninterrupted and free Intercourse both social and commercial has existed Between the citizens of the states of Indiana and Kentucky which Intercourse and Exchange of kind and Friendly feelings we Are desirous to preserve and cultivate and with our utmost exertions at All hazards we will cultivate and maintain Between the citizens of the two states. Resolved that Milton Gregg Esq. Editor of the a a political Beacon be requested to publish the proceedings of the meeting and that the journals of the state be solicited to insert the same and the meeting adjourned sine die. Jabez Percival Chr. Hugh ferr Sec a. After this valorous display of loyalty to slaveholders the deemed it their Best course to adjourn. We Are informed that one of the most Active in this exhibition was the keeper of a grog Gery the abolitionists who had yielded place but for a Little while assembled in the afternoon at the same place and without opposition organized a society and passed the following resolutions c a. Resolved that the Freedom of speech and of Ress and the right to petition Are invaluable to freemen and formidable to tyrants Only resolved that we As american citizens regard that right As purchased for us by the costly treasure of the blood of our forefathers As secured to us that Magna Charla and palladium of american try the Constitution and As dearer to us than even life itself. Resolved that a voluntary surrender of that right by any american citizen or citizens for the purpose of appeasing the Wrath of any portion of the american Community much less that of an infuriated mob of Lawless desperadoes would be a Pross violation of duty a base act of cowardice a stain upon the memory of our forefathers and would be utterly subversive of american Liberty and the interests of Man. Resolved that the conduct of those ministers and others who have insisted that the Bible justices slavery is abhorrent to our feelings disgrace us to the Christian character and has a direct ten Dency to infidelity. Resolved that All churches without any exception whatever that knowingly tolerate slavery within their communion Are to the extent of their participation in this sin apostate from the Faith of of Christ impure and corrupt sustaining vice and crime of the most disgusting character and darkest resolved that it is the duty of All ministers of the gospel to lift their voice against slavery As a most shocking abomination and flagrant sin against god and Man that no circumstances can justify. Resolved that the time has now come in which it is the solemn duty of a very Christian Patriot and philanthropist of every Man who fears Lis god or loves his country to do something towards the banishment of slavery and the slave Trade from our Laud. Resolved that we regard All the calumny slander and misrepresentation All the mobs riots miming of houses destruction of presses and pro Sippi confirm is the truth of these remarks. He thus states the reason nature and tendencies of or. Colf Ioune a measures. 1 upon looking into Tbs Progress of abolition he saw that the main Piliar of Ito strength consisted in bar fundamental error which from the foundation of Tbs government has separated the Federal from the Republican party co wit a they holding that the Constitution emanated from the people of the United states As one consolidated indivisible Mase whilst the republicans have Ever insisted that the Constitution was adopted by the people of the several Tes As separate Independent political communities. Believing that this Federal heresy had obtained a fearful predominance in the non slave holding states and by making the inhabitants of those states responsible in their consciences for the exist knife of slavery with us threaten Toa Ciao i Dato their efforts to abolish it or. Calhoun adopted fee Only alternative which could arrest the evil by embodying in the resolutions which he submitted the True principles of fee government and by thus relieving the scruples of Northern men enabling them to unite with us on the common platform of the Constitution in defending it. If we Grant that each Man in this country had a separate and direct a gency in establishing the Constitution then we must admit that the of each state have a right to interfere with the municipal concerns of fee others. Or. Calhoun s resolutions expressly deny this they assert fee True principle upon which the government was organized and for the first time this principle has been sanctioned by a solemn vote of fee american Senate in fee adoption of the resolutions thus affirming the doctrines Laid Down in the president s inaugural cause Iff Indiana. To Public notice a number of persons to toe formation of an anti slavery so Jhune 30th, at the Stone Chapel on East Fork of tanners Creek a Chapel belong to themselves. It having been announced that ton was to be the order of the Day Idowu from Lawrenceburg and other to abolitionists and Many of them determined to defeat the object of toe meeting. Accordingly they attended out friends of order behaved in a dior Quot mall a finally elected their president and secretory and passed tue Irown we copy toe resolutions As we find a repository that As citizens of the United states the rights of each state As we As of individual., to be clearly defined by upon the subject of slavery u la cements of the Legislatures o and non ure holding states sad consider As s Public incendiary am a Uch any person or ter sops who manner attempt to form any Assoc a for its direct object any interference opon the subject of Larery within the limits of the stale of Indiana or to any manner interfering with toe rights of citizens of slave holding state. Gay to Ibex which kicks his master for the Law recognizes Only a similar responsibility. Daily news. Slavery has its own code of ethics. The interest of the master is the Standard of morality in toe slave. According to the revised code of via Ginia there Are seventy one offences for which toe penalty is death when committed by slaves and imprisonment when by Whites. Christianity says from him to whom much is Given much will be required from him to whom Little is Given Little will be required. Slavery completely reverses the Rule. The following Case published in the june number of the Law reporter by weeks Jordan amp co., is another illustration of the Justice of this system a a the present number contains several interesting cases. The details of one of them would be almost incredible did it not come in the shape of a judicial decision. We refer fee Case of Hinds it Al. Is. Brazeau it Al. P. 33, which was decided in Nachez last january the facts were these a Elisha Brazeale left Mississippi where he permanently resided sometime in the year of 1326, and took with him to fee state of Ohio a negro woman and her son John Monroe Brezeale for the purpose of emancipating them and wife the intention of then bringing them Back to that state. He accordingly executed fee deeds of emancipation whilst in Ohio and returned with the negroes to his rest r. J. Breckinridge in a speech delivered feb. I Dence in Jefferson county where he continued to reside in r j til his death. By his will executed after the deed he Reci South now gives vigor that Wear fee chains and do you think they will always Wear it without a struggle 1 for would it be strange if that pure and holy being in whose hand fee Power is should make their own guilty passions the instruments of the Christian statesman of july 6th, contains a singular letter addressed to the editor by z. Kingsley a Florida planter giving an account of his a a colonization Experiment mide in the Island of the result was that having a coloured family and children he had settled his son songs wife their children and several coloured people whom he had liberated in that Island and they now Are All living there in toe enjoyment of almost every thing that can make life pleasant. What interests is most however is toe Good sense with which he Speaks of our relations with Hayti. It has been the policy with slave holders hitherto rather to let our Commerce suffer than to treat the haitians with that respect which a Sovereign and an Independent people May justly claim. Or. Kingsley takes toe right View of this matter. The concluding part of his letter is As follows a a a France has now consented to the Independence of Hayti to which it has formally relinquished All its claims i will say a few words in answer to some objections which i have Beard made by very prudent people to the policy of mention probably thought this Trade an Hong to lie of turning a Penny and have set me Down a political heretic m this matter Aleo. A a my i have opposed the Eyetee of speculation m Pobi lands and have endeavoured to secure the Rale there w actual settlers at reduced prices in proper Quantrieu. Fee whig convention no doubt believing that the a we ought to provide for fee Rich and leave Rich to take Osage of the poor have condemned Roe in this also. I have opposed the practice of members of Congress woo had an interest in Banks of voting feat their own Bank re per should be received for Public duet and that they Mould use the same paper in the Purchase of land script or to e Purchase of Public land for fee purpose of Sale and speculation. The whig convention no doubt must have been of opinion that such practice was but a a fair business transaction and very laudable employment for members of j i have voted against subjecting the papers and package carried in the mail to inspection and detection by fee Del Ferent port Mortero. Por this oho i am Mortlo Taulby us big convention As having not sustained fee Opit Leei of a Are majority of the state f have contended feat All men Are born Seq a a Fly no Independent and have an. Indisputable right to Hie Liberty and fee Pursuit of happiness. In this particular i have no doubt i am entirely anti Pode to fee whig this with them was pro Balkjy deemed my worst heresy As i have never been Able to discover that it formed any part of the Faith of the True whig. 1 could extend the comparison and so Tow the difference Between the whig convention and myself Mitch of Farber but Lime will not 2d, before the Maryland colonization society led the fact the Uch. Leej i a attn declared marked a the abolition fanaticism is not a a his intention to ratify and devised his property real and per i Meneou raging the growth and cultivation of the Island of tonal nor even an indigenous monster. It is a Sonal to the said John Monroe acknowledging Bim to be his 1 Hayti which objections i presume originated in the fear son. Hta executor proved his will and took charge of the i of having a free coloured government and powerful people foreign an English scheme engendered More in j estate and have continued to hold it and receive his profits. So near to oar own slave holding states. If this evil of sit hereditary animosity to the Republic than in any the complainants claimed the estate on the ground that e la. The deed of emancipation was void As being contrary to the enlightened or even serious regard Lor the inter Law it 0fthe Sute and that being so the said John ests of humanity not Well Monroe was Hill a slave and incapable of taking by devise or a Wise saying Thia. So then England Haa go How a a flu Savpmm court Appel in away Twenty millions and liberated 800,000 cited that fee deed of emancipation was void that John slaves just out of sheer spite to the United states Bra Aue a ther Are slats and belong to the.,., fee estate of the fat Kei of the former and the husband of if such be her hatred what must be her love. The latter and that the Este goes to Disint relations who claim it Iri this suit. When it is recollected that Many per a new argument in favor of inter i sons in Louisiana and Mississippi live in terms of the great Nav. Improvement. Est affection with Quad rooms who Are often very Beautiful feat fee one in this Case had lived wife the Teutor Many nation arising from a natural cause could be obviated it certainly would be prudent to remove it. But As Hayti enjoys so Many permanent natural advantages Over any equal portion of our neighbouring continent either As it relates to climate soil or situation moreover its great extent and extraordinary Fertility renders it capable of supporting a Large population of at least fourteen millions of people which Independent of All our efforts to the contrary will fill up by natural increase in a few years would it not be our Best policy to cultivate a Friendly understanding wife this formidable people 1 improve their moral habitat and Advance their civilization As fast As lays in our Power 1 Hayti was form Erly the commercial Emporium of fee Western world it supplied both hemispheres with sugar and Coffee it is now re or. Segar at toe late session of the general As i years and his son bad been educated As fee heir of a Wear i covering fast from s state of anarchy and destitution 1 Fey Man and feat fee father and the husband in this Case brought on by the French revolution. Its government took Perns to go hundreds of Miles to prevent those he loved even being slaves when this is Reco led ted and that these individuals who Are perhaps As Well educated As the most wealthy Here Are to be sent into hopeless slavery and see the property rightfully theirs go to Distant relatives it is difficult not to exclaim wife a great and Good Many a a there is a mystery in troth Moro awful than the most cunning fiction hath Ever Sembly of Virginia delivered a speech in behalf of a Liberal system of internal improvement. The following is an extract from it a a sir if you would place the Union of fee american states upon a basis which nothing can shake be tart est that basis. That a fee foundation which never can fail you. Mutual dependence reciprocal by of Exchange frequent communications these Are fee pillars feat must sustain the grand Temple of american Freedom. If then we would prove ourselves worthy of our virtuous and Noble Ane Esterel if we would hand Down to our posterity that Rich proud inestimable incalculable inheritance which came to us Bright and pure from fee hands of our Patriot fathers if we would be a free United and a Happy people let us cherish fee policy of internal improvement unite fee East and fee West make our Sisters of the West the South and South West our neighbors ally them to us by contiguity and reciprocal interchange commercial social end political and we Teco this precious onion upon fee _ _ Rock of Ages. And i Tell gentlemen feat the opening i prostrated altars of christianity and fee rums and Degra Amiin Molmen in Farrin Flusa Fadz River and ibo Dation of its ministers. Beautiful. Extracts. From editorials in the colonization Herald. A a the most incredulous even among moderate and conscientious abolitionists must now be convinced that mendacity is s characteristic feature of abolitionism. It remains for these persons to determine with what propriety and show of Justice and humanity they can allow their names to appear among fee worshippers of so monstrous an idol a thing which its deluded followers would Fain erect on the one line of communication Between the James River and the Valley of the Ohio will do More to Check the Progress of abolition in the free states of the West than All the appeals which eloquence can make and All the arguments feat ingenuity can urge. Bring fee citizens of fee free states often among of \ let them see fee institution of slavery As it May really exist among us and they will never become abolitionists. And if Ever in any ill fated hour fee Union must perish which god in his goodness Long Long Avert we Shell even then be benefited by having connected our a elves wife our Sisters of the West. In the new Organiza Tion of Empire they May unite with us to build up another fabric of the Freezer Intercourse the better. Bring the citizens of the slave states often among us let them referring to the abolitionists in another article the Herald says we a conclude by saying May the lord forgive you May the sons of Africa forgive you As an association of fee Mosi designing hypocrites and senseless fanatics that Ever troubled a nation s peace and per led and disgraced a Noble speaking of the article published in our last number under the head of news from Liberia a it says v desperate at the now almost daily evidence of the Success and Prosperity of african colonization the abolitionists Stop Short of no meanness misrepresentation and untruth know abolitionism As it is and they will soon get by which they Hope to retard and injure this great and Glo sick of slave a. As for disunion a new Empire idiom a a 1&Quot a a a a a Quot a a a a a it a and All that Ohio and Kentucky will never allow it so or. Segar had better pull up his fancy circulating a Handbill and extracts from two letters headed news from Liberia a in that Road and Canter off in another. A fair Challenge. The Western presbyterian Herald having charged the editor of the Cincinnati journal with being an abolitionist is Well answered by this gentleman again a u or will fee abolition bipeds of the Buzzard Genus who live on moral Putres Cence assume the privilege of selecting one portion of garbage for their own use and leave the other with a protestation that it is very Sweet and Savory and fit food for the rest of Mankind a stands on a very respectable footing and it Only requires capital and education to become a country of great commercial importance and Able to Supply the whole consumption of fee United states with sugar arid Coffee. The european nations Are now taking advantage of this state of things and Are cultivating a Friendly commercial inter course with Hayti. Is it not our Best policy to profit by fee natural advantage which we have Over them arising front circumstances Peculiar to our situation and encourage As far As possible the industrious and most respectable part of our free coloured population especially the agricultural part to emigrate to that country now mostly vacant which is within a weeks sail of our coast ? the natural prejudices of those emigrants toward the country of their birth would greatly tend to promote a reciprocal National attachment and would produce Harmony and Good will by an assimilation of manners customs and language tending to strengthen fee Chain of commercial relations much to our advantage. Finally sir i have to observe that if any coloured people of the above description should apply to you for further in for mation regarding Hayti Yon May assure them of a Good reception at George Kingsley a establishment near Porte plate where they wifi find a plenty of Good land to Multi uate which they May either rent or buy upon the most lib a eral terms and feat six months labor As agriculturists will Render them entirely Independent of All future want of provision. You May also assure them of Haytius being comparatively a much health ter country than any of our Seaboard countries South of new York. I remain very respectfully your most obedient. C. Kingsley a Florida planter. He talks like a Man of sense. The Island of Hayti will stay just where it is slave holders cannot Cut its moorings and Send it to the South seas neither can they Check its population and rising commercial importance. Free it will be and formidable too. Better every Way especially for the South that it be Friendly than hostile. As to or. Kingsley a colonization schemes they Are visionary. 9 new Hampshire conference. This conference commenced its Olasion for the present year on fee 4th int at Danville Vii Bishop Marti or amp sides. The first of the following letters As fee Reader will perceive has been forwarded by fee order of fee Confer ence. Daunt to it july 7th, 18�8 or. Editor a i was directed by the new Hampe Bire annual conference to furnish the following extract from few journal for publication a Zion a watchman. ,. E. J. Scott set. Of co. A resolved that it is fee sense of the conference bit a attendance on fee part of any of its members on conventions delivering abolition lectures or circulating volition periodicals does not involve immorality or militate against his ministerial the president decided feat the Resolution was not in but if an Appeal was made from his decision to the ence he would put to vote the motion to Appeal on condition that his decision together with a my of except has if he chose to present them be recorded on fee journals of conference. An Appeal was made and sustained. Their o adopt the Resolution was then put and prevailed eight no nine voting in the affirmative and one in fee negative. Whereupon the Bishop entered fee four Wing exception. A whereas i decided that the foregoing Resolution waa out of order on the ground that it approved what the Genera conference condemned and whereas an Appeal a take from that decision and whereas fee Appeal was sustained my decision overruled and the Resolution adopted a therefore i except to the said Resolution in part f allow that a attendance on abolition conventions delivering abolition lectures or circulating abolition periodicals does not involve immorality. But i except to fee expression that these things do not a militate against fee ministerial of any member of this conference and i except for the reason feat the last general conference exhorted the members and friends of our Church a to abstain from All abolition movements and associations and to refrain from patronizing any of their publications,1 and also expressed a fee solemn conviction that the Only Safe scriptural and prudent Way for us both As ministers and people to take is wholly to refrain from this agitating subject of abolitionism which is now convulsing the country and consequently the Church from end to end by calling Forth inflammatory speeches papers and see pastoral address. A Thomas a. a True copy attest e. J. Scott see. Of con. Will fee editor of Zions Herald copy fee above and oblige As the conference directed to to be published in feat paper also. E. J. 8cott. Jerry and All the personal abuse and murder that the friends of slavery and despotism have resorted to in order to put Down abolition As an acknowledgement on their part that our principles Are so Good it ure just and reasonable that Justice reason and a cannot combat them. Alas what will toe Lawrenceburg heroes do test he of the Greensburg repository seems to envy the Happy fellow who Drew up the Mobo crafts resolutions. A a they do Honor a says he a a to the head that indicted and toe hearts that adopted them. They Are emphatically a credit to that Public meeting to the county in which it met and to the poor Man he seems to have some apprehension that his Triumph will be abort his grief would Fain be poetical. It thus winds up r a from the anti slavery papers of a late Date we learn that it will not be Long portion of our fair heritage will be visited by toe withering influence of an anti slavery convention. We Hope and Trust it May not be Greensburg. Sooner by far would we prefer was it absolutely necessary the unwelcome visit of a pest Ferous ital Ian a but the editor of fee journal a not Only a Yankees but an abolition Ali. No one can fail to understand Why this is lugged in. When some Penny paper is desirous of exhausting upon a rival All fee opprobrious names of his vocabulary he is sure to ring every possible change upon this unfortunate word. We have Long since ceased almost to be amused at the efforts of party scrib Iera and Coffee Houra politicians to Knock Down an opponent wife this terrible name though we have certainly had our compassion sometimes drawn Forth by fee writhing of some poor Wight who Felt that it were better to have a Viper fastened upon him than such a name. But wife us the Laboria lost. The journal occupies no equivocal position in relation to slavery. It maintains feat fee system was wrong in its origin and is sinful in its continuance feat however men May close their Eye against truth or by Paa Aion strive to suppress reflection or what Ever be fee cause which keeps off conviction still fee main j haunting her funeral Dirge Taining the institution of slavery a in itself a violation of the principles of fee gospel and in its relations and sons a quenches renders fee Laws of god a nullity so far As they interfere wife a matters wit. It hold feat the by temm ing wrong morally and politically being contrary alike to the interest of fee master fee slave and the Community feat fee immediate abolition of slavery having been proved by fee examples of the West indies As May he seen in fee recent report and letters of Thome and Kimball and prof. Boyero to he not Only perfectly Safe but salutary and in fact for fee interest of All concerned feat emancipation of fee enslaved ought to be proclaimed at once or at most at a few months notice. And we hold further that those editors who having abundant information on this let truth then be the Mould in which the Public mind in this country shall be cast if we would make it the instrument of blessings to the world beside. America belongs not exclusively to those who claim and enjoy her. She is the birth right of fee place of Man. She is in one sense the Hope of the world. And it is this fact which invests our political principles and civil institutions with momentous importance. Let us labor and play for their preservation that they May be wafted to other climes and be handed Down with Virgin purity to fee generations that Are to for if the stare of Hope that now glitter upon our Banner be extinguished fee night of despair will gather around fee world. If the Genius of Liberty expire on the Earth America will be her Tomb the Star spangled Banner will belter winding Sheet and the groans of the oppressed in All lands will Charit her funeral Dirge. A vow Orleans observer. Fudge a the groans of nearly three millions of the oppressed people of the South Are already. Or. Calhoun a resolutions. We always believed that the Senate in the adoption of or. Calhoun a resolutions not Only committed itself to the support of a Lavery but to toe Creed of nullification. The theory of our Constitution and government As stated in these resolutions is contradicted by toe language of that instrument itself and by the entire history of the formation of out Union. That or. Calhoun aimed to obtain from the Senate a new declaration of sentiment respecting the principles of the Federal comfoct was explicitly avowed. In fact we win talk As we please about these resolutions being Mere abstractions they embody the nullification pro Slayer a Creed of South Carolina and their Creed or the first from toe formation of our Gove Murit was solemnly adopted during fee last session by the Senate of the United states. Or. Claiborne in his address to the people of miss a a a. I the new York and Boston female anti slavery societies having resolved to observe fee last monday in july a a Day of fasting humiliation and prayer invite All sister societies and individuals interested in fee cause to join them in concert upon that Day. By order of the societies Manx 8. A abbr. It a a. My a. , s Henrietta Wilcox 3 a a. M. V. Ball \ 5 Melane the editors of fee Herald of Freedom Friend of Man _ Pennsylvania Freeman philanthropist and others favourable subject yet withhold it from fee people seeking rather to i to the cause Are respectfully requested to insert fee above in minister to their prejudices than enlighten Freir under-1 their respective papers. A Tonding and Wake up Freir consciences Are worthy of fee severest condemnation. We hold that he who Saemg what. Amalgamation a transpiring on fee subject and fee inevitable consequent. Ces of a perseverance in fee system of Domestic slavery and the Mobile advertiser advocating toe cause of yet Haa not fee moral courage or the disposition to spread fee colonization society says the facts and to discuss principle before his readers is unworthy of his Post at such a time. We know not what or. Breckinridge me Call abolition Bat if a understand the matter aright these principles give Tofee editor e just claim to fee name of abolitionist though connected with no society. A a and now let us assure our brother of fee Herald feat there i a most exquisite luxury in speaking out our thoughts without disguise and let a ask him whatever Hie opinions a a but if this was not the Case the object of the society is one feet recommends itself to fee Hearty co operation of every you Fetera gentlemen who desires to protect fee blood of his posterity from fee Poesy Brlity of co Tami by amalgamating with the negro race. We say of Boontam nation because if those who Are Labouring free negroes out of the country Are to in branded As to onsets and have to Deenat from their Humano and a. Work the curve of free negro population must Foreve May he on this subject to come out end avow them Frank j and increase upon our hands until an amalgamation of fee to in and boldly to is no time for concealment a it is an important Public question upon which so far a Hie readers have depended upon hta Columna they have been kept in darkness while Christendom a in motion. There is a responsibility resting on editors in Kentucky at this moment especially on Rigi of. Nikorn which Sennot be met by a i tempt to a Cito odium other. A if or. Moho a race in time will become inevitable. Rather a poor reason to urge on a Southern gentler Ervy in behalf of colonization. Read the following from the Pennsylvania Herald and Sentinel of 26th ult. And see How fearful these South Ridge will give to Bis principles on this we differ Era gentlemen Are of contaminating their pure sax ple of a in any respect from him we will not attempt to put him j. A r body of fee Down by a name but will meet the principles by fair and on bipod have in open argument. From fee Herald amp Sentinel Thomas Morris. It is an Honor to Ohio to be represented in Congress by such a Man As Thomas Morris. With his sentiments on general politics we have nothing to do but the position he had taken in relation to the cause of human rights must command the deep respect of every Friend of his course during the session of Congress which has j ust closed on All matters affecting this great cause has been Frank and Independent distinguished by sound sense and unflinching integrity whenever the holy principles of Liberty have been concerned party has been forgotten the Man has risen above toe partisan the late whig convention at Columbus having passed certain resolutions implying that or. Mot Ris has not sustained and represented the Settle and leading principles of a Large majority of the people of the state this gentleman thought proper to address them a letter stating and vindicating his course As a senator. The letter was published originally in the Ohio state sri amp i and is now circulating in the several democratic papers. Nearly one fourth of it is devoted to an exposition o his conduct in relation to the slavery question ant its collateral. His Candor and fearless honesty Are a Noble lesson to Petit icons. One thing is a Little remarkable. The papers of the party Many of them violent in their hatred of abolition publish the whole letter with Lauda tory comments not even excepting to his old fashioned Devotion to Liberty and equal rights. The following is the part alluded to. A Al he general charge is feat i a have not sustained and represented fee settled and leading principles of. A Larga majority of the people of fee state a i can by no Means admit fee correctness of that allegation but if the convention he understood a meaning fee whigs exclusively i nut their Pardon for i never have been Able to learn what settled and lending principle a of fee whigs Are or. A declared i believe his opinion on fee subject but i do not know that i could agree wife feat gentleman. It waa very unkind in the convention not to have published fee genuine whig principles for my information and future guidance. To the people i feel a High responsibility and will answer to them at a future Day. My business now is wife the whig convention Ami in answering fee charges which they have made i most willingly appear on trial before the peo a a fee state. I should not fear a verdict from the great whig themselves. Endeavoured to maintain the state in fee free and frill exercise of All their rights from the encroachments of slavery illustrated. 0 a negro girl was tried at Natchez a few Days a Nee athe Power and action of fee general government. The Roc a utter from a gentleman in one of the Large whig convention no doubt fond of a consolidate splendid towns of Mississippi to his Friend in this City. Government think this a fatal error. Ave Tois morning rec Etvard a Fetter Fromi have advocated and voted for fee Liberty of speech and it a negro Girt was Ines at u my morning received a letter rom i a Nave advocate a Ana voila or toe Liberty of speech and for an assault upon her mistress. The free trader says from which As Well As from fee papers i learn feat your fee Freedom of the Piess As fee undeniable right of every two trials had been held on this Case each of which result City has again been cursed with a mob. It has always de in be jury being unable to agree upon a verdict. The seemed strange to me feat there should be such an oppose statute under which fee girl was indicted requires that in All Tion to fee discussion of fee slavery question in fee free assaults by a slave upon a White person wife an intent to j states. The violence of this opposition has increased fee kill except in cases of resistance to lawful chastisement numbers and strength of fee abolitionists wife tenfold Rapi fee state is bound to prove that the act was committed wife i Dity. I believe Freir views and operations Are foolish and Render fee offence capital if a Rase of chimerical but they have a right to talk about them and Arm in Arm with big Black so a slow Only ii substantiated fee punishment does i if pretty Young ladies will Wau Farr pm affect life and is reduced to whipping. In few Case Fellows they Only make themselves i Al cd. And tha Mia a Mhz a he i far a Ettla Pelt. Appear ridiculous. It is no people to quarrel wife them How this matter May be about Freir taste i presume they would Seldom be troubled a Rife fainting fits. Here very Fine gentlemen think it no bad thing is yield themselves captive to the charms of an ult by a Black upon a a Tiro person a vow in j ebon Dame. It would amuse you to hear the remarks often y fee assault of a White upon a Black person ? by made in Pri vate circles end to compare them with fee a the higher offence was charged jury returned a Verdial of guilty. A viewed at fee South or nerve Feo Wetter of should like to hire i person explain the White person exceeds an to ethics or code of morality is it proved that 1 tittes full of fire and fury put Forth in fee newspapers it there is and difference in fee crime. Does fee situation of might convince you that even Here some portions of fee Ami slave annul All feelings of humanity if the Community Are As ill at ease on this subject As the boy who slave is to be considered a brute let fee punishment be went through the Church Yard at night a a whistling aloud to that of a brute and cease to Mack Justice with trials which keep his courage up so far As i can judge the licentious violate every principle of equity. Let the punishment of Ness of the Whites is accomplishing More than any thing the slave be the same As fee punishment of the horse else for the overthrow of fee system. The Best blood of fee citizen. The whig convention must have been of an entirely different opinion if sincere in fee Broad assertion they have made. I have contended for the right of petition As belonging to every reasonable being subject to fee Laws of fee country. The whig convention must be considered As deny ing this right. They no doubt would confine it to a selected few who should 5e judges both of fee form and matter for which fee Many should petition. I have opposed and voted against the further Extension of slavery in every Case in which i was permitted to do so by fee Constitution. The whig convention must undoubtedly have viewed slavery wife a very favourable Eye and Felt willing for its Extension into every state in the Union. As they paid a very High compliment to the honorable William c. Preston of 8, Carolina the presumption is Strong that they were in favor of the admission of Texas into the Union and of hanging abolitionists the opinion of the last general Assembly of the state to the contrary notwithstanding. I have opposed the slave Trade Between the different states and with the Republic of Texas. The whig con convention question in Kentucky. In a majority of our exchanges in Kentucky comparatively Little is said respecting the Conven Tion question but we must not therefore infer that it excites faint interest in the Public is reason to believe that on this subject or More Felt than expressed which will be made Manifest in due season. From intelligence gathered from several sources we Are prepared not to be altogether surprised should the people decide in favor of a convention. With regard to slavery the people of Kentucky Are evidently in the Twilight they Are More and More impressed with the necessity of emancipation but How to effect this great Obj get seems Flag them a mystery. All their perplexity on this Point arises manifestly from their repugnance to any scheme of abolition which shall leave the freed Raen among them. They would conjoin expatriation with emancipation. This it is that perplexes them and makes the work appear so stupendous. And no wonder to such a work the resources of Kentucky Are unequal. Let them dismiss this impracticable idea of colonization from their minds and take counsel from the great Experiment of emancipation in the weat indies and darkness would no longer rest on the path of duty. That our readers May have a specimen of the Way in which they handle the matter in Kentucky we make the following extract from an address by a Farmer to the people of Kentucky published base veral of the papers of that state. It is an Appeal in behalf of a convention on anti slavery grounds. A whether the defects of the general provisions of our Constitution Are of a tendency so grievous As to make it Worth the time and trouble it would Cost to Amend it i am not disposed to but Here another very grave inquiry presents itself to the mind of every reflecting Man of the Community. Does our Constitution authorize the existence of any evil of a serious and distinct character that is calculated to endanger the peace safety and happiness of posterity against which it is our incumbent duty As fathers and patriots to guard with All possible vigilance and foresight to this inquiry you will answer that them is an evil a great one a grievance a sad one the consequences of which Are of a character so dreadful that it spreads a gloom Over All our prospects whenever we suffer ourselves to think upon the melancholy subject. And does the Constitution of our state authorize or even recognize the existence of an evil so enormous that the Bare contemplation of it causes you uneasiness yes you will answer our Constitution authorizes this evil which like an inward ulcer is constantly gnawing upon the very vitals of our state. I ask you then is there no Hope that time will gradually eradicate this evil and free the institutions of our country of All its dire Ful consequences ? you answer no you have no such Hope the evil is of such a nature that it increases As time Rolls on and in proportion to its increase it weakens our. Means of overcoming it. It enfeebled our bodies. It Par Alizes All our faculties. It creates invidious distinctions Between our citizens. It causes the More wealthy to look with contempt on their poorer neighbors and the poorer class to look with jealousy envy and distrust upon the More wealthy. It arrays one portion of our population against the other. It does not strengthen us by a Unity of interests but weakens us by division a it creates a grand division of our population it is the cause of. Idleness and effeminacy on the one part and recklessness deception and discontent on the other. It wears out our soil lays waste our land and depopulated our country. It drives from our limits the Hardy yeomen of our state our Only Means of defence in time of danger and supplies their place with a population that weakens our Means of defence in proportion to their numbers. In a few years More we shall he. Rendered unable to resist a foreign foe or our still More to be dreaded internal enemy. In Fine it is an evil which cannot be justified either upon the ground a _

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