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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - July 31, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioA Ommie Mew Gunthr opts we Kilt by toe anti Iabry Aoa tet w. Comer of mind Eirc Etcy Cicinnati Obj of. D a Jibb bin Nils vat Musli pc tin is a two Doiline and fifty Leoti in three dollars if not paid tilt the exper Salon of the year. Teis on tit Etc Dnad be directed to the pub kit agent those relating to the Edi Lonai de a it meet to the Eaton. In of comes pet Pool. Petts -m2 co Cress. Fret to amp to fat a a mud . A Mab 111 sub _ Housa a in a few i a ,. Re finn tfx is Aeji 1838i. 1 the to xxi wild Epsilon not rinse the upon of the Coohil Pittee on Pormen i a in Rek Tinq to Texas biding a Gill under Cowder Subiti As the and finished but Milf the born ii Akhir my. Add Abie acid that at them ration a it the to Root pm tar Darrhe iian been totemic ted while eng de in wed ii Poitz Naff �4sbate in leg Albare of tense Esi ii the subject of the annexation or that be Poblic to he had done ibis in Eonia Liioi with the toe Coria kind of the. It Fierens a a ebb of suites that had acted upon this Sobject they were iras Tiave Oneff the other. He had nearly finish a the Reading of the debate. When the Andeai of he Dion to take of this ohlers4 r. Torday had pots permit Flo eo4 to he Rento iks for to to else. He bed been Reading. Mutich Tearly it fro q the reported let Tarka of a member of the texan log�datafn., the name of Swift the Stib m die Neairn being Tiff promo ii Tina to withdraw the application for adm Naeim to the son sad he the Epe Muny being opposed to lbs prop Ocindo. This member had made room a afire Ion. In the Conree of this pee Ehy to him self or a and to hit pm Loop Section on eur Letof the annexation and among other things had elected tit her. A we Eliot Saa veined by hit ool teacups in that Vonree of Alioa upon that floor nor by the a mama of hit rimmed amp the gonad Guesna or. Swift bad Aam the House bad heard it gravely maintained that one of the from Massachi Zeette j. A boy Rex Yommi was at the head of acrid mde pledged to the Oiler throw of among he. If this be to a ibid or. 8. Leader a Anicat at All event boast of my in fid. Lewws., his or. La harm Nam state distinct a Digap pro of a Conree upon that Aub Jeet the , .1 Whit u bed been thought to judge of the sentiment a of the people of Meech Nitts upon the subject in it prestion. fit do a ii eat no cramp of on nth Ali he or. A had seem Ltd Rees ived a Lellek from Maiato Rosetts stating the Fritot Toht the Ooi Wie Pai tied by or. Adams in relation into a hairy had idled tonic Moo the aant Jim even of his unmet dim of the Del on Frota Massachi seus is. Adaine 1 pet hip by cd unt of twelve with him up-4n tit my feel. N a pump meeting held oot Long Tance at Fann Ait halt Boston whose welts bad been Accra a toted to Nebo to pet Aba with Petoh a Breve and patriotic 4 people were wit to Greet the Eilt Moent and Apirin wiring twp peer of the Mes and firemen of to a Nubuo meeting held in thai memorable halt the citizens of Foaad Moelte bad. Peed sentence of Coode mention upon if. Ademy and those who acted with him. A get Asnin be deceived then is to the opinions of the the ill of ton people of Tbs North upon Tia a abject my. A a three awl ids tem Adu and observed that Al tto Engh Thia authority did not seem very powerful veto toe Brit sea and a pinions of the Peop Bof the United. States of �ihimeiil9ect, Nauful As towing to the country that we to fit uni Lela Iowa Toile Republic of tease. Be a a Tiu Iee Len Tioila were tonne Tod with those a Leuico Mig a Tumea Emee a a to it Mise a Riscuta when Tolan Tienie in Eoma danger of War with another entry. And the upon to enact Laws few rear icing it Oewn cilium is Fawn giving Aid to foreign Rob Matt i own be Deriv w o a y. A with legit Dpi toe a sect of annexation or. Swift acid he fek bound to Vole in ecco Danoe with toe known we Hereof who were opposed to the with drawn of the Ifopo Tomu there was another Zetoon. Of time import Iee tit Heid a bearing on the question. The Wito Dwal of the proposition would Enuh the Hopes of too Laande of emigrants from toe United states who were Day pouring in a poo on Enoree buoyed up by the anti Nipa tto Neaf acae a onion of Smuc opotry with the one they had left whence in Sny Fotre tone of need Ere we to fert Oitai a Hub bed Sli Widy enabled us to Roll Bato toe Steof mexican invasion and hold out Defiance to the Trent of ton a mtg will it come from in Glenda. Will inglsnd4aertoelherchiveiry Poi Roox a Gimp to cantors upon do chief in be Poole to our Belli no Toto Tomk ton Uilk Simeni we indebted pm what we named and for Beinli we Nowey a chairman of toe commit lie on foreign of Thiis Toal the an mix Tibo . Yet h no Bol bean Enid Pirimi to Tom emn Milter Emu Trees beet one wot Ehy of is consideration. The foe a Sreeve in favor add Ibe Consa Matton of 1m to def. To Berolla toe Howe nude it grf duty to rept an it Imd it we a anally Tow do to Nora into toe Pri Tople of toe right of any depart. Mcentef Nim Gwit m Tow Annex Mien of film Ign Tein Zimry suit font Owji Mwiwa of Tow Mhor a Meh of it. A Hie Lar. A. A opinion it was n pm Mamie to Totok into toe and memo Eie Wimmil Tedeto ton a omit be to my whether or net Enoh a principle Arm ebb Trinid Ibene a. And to report now or. A did not doubt but Traat information might have been Tiania fitted from the Date of new York to some of toe members of the Terzien legislature a informing them that the state Wea not oppo Ead to the annexation and that her representative were seven to one Abolitz miam that was very probable. And toe editor of the Humston Tele graph might Havo made up his opinions Virom such information. Nothing More Likely but toe it result of the whole matter was tots it was Emp Batkay the Doty of the committee on foreign affairs to consider deliberately and report decisively upon toe feeling existing in the country up i this question North and South As Wool in the state of new toreros ii that of a Bafna or any Southern state. Thus toe question would have been brought properly and palpably before toe House and then it Oriold have been is be reined who,.wm for the lord end who was fit a Biah who was for the Annex ten of Texas and who for the purity of toe junion when an Opportunity would have been allowed to some of the representative a on that floor from the denounced Ste of new York to How them selves More True to their cot try Tatum to their party and thus to main imn toed Eekma up of to bar Tofi i emf it ibo Nom Exien who Ito it grit and tor Iowa a Vety Ifo Public Chi Texas. Or. Anna mid Tom he still hoped that such a vote by yeas and nays might yet be Tekon in that House. And it was the Hope that to hit Miod Al sided along rent far Ykhing the whole mba Dot to be a form to m eds Smittee that would bring in an an report a upon a end in which the Reamona pro and toil abound be stated it urge by toe he be Kved tiptoe Leeo Lution whig he had Hent commenting on had Lwen checked and Defeated in the Senate after so Trump int b pm see 1 the Assembly i by file ods of toe not Ioil admin Goitom a mom Bernal Dini Hristea Tion with Southern Prine Lesi Lii it hid Hein i pulled it was stopped i>7 th6m.ieootrsry to the Delobe Raiente die elated it Hoof ibor fifths of. Toe Keopf oof new hit a me Morsey of Namton of which to much had Brut a by certain political Ica Iera and Leif for fear Nhat Ite passage Ltd get the Apo purity of the Heads of that u be was in error in this up Kim Tom he should up dope be co infected of Otoe a the. Do pts on from that Stote in the a. A a similar Opina item had in Fen Rylva Nhu with regard to the que Stiop of Ennex flon in toe toe Lutek tue of that state be had however no official Abca whte Belbute him. But he Lett warranted in the up Poai Loii Toat the sane influences Wem at work operating there Alan the legis Tato of new Yoto. A gentleman Footo Tom state no new. Edit or. A or. Porcen shakes site do 1 . That Tost the portion of too Penn Vinkle nature who passed toe Levoi unions i Roj a to Tessa wire anti Early the the. Preen a to nations a a a a a Here ruse end remarked that toe Mojo hey in House of representatives of Penney Visnia were Hoe tiie feb the admin Stohon. Why the Tea option m quest Ion Pras not acted on by toe Senate of Toal state he Yms anti Only Vinable today v t a 3 v. A ,. S Emu to resumed or. Uags i toe Afa Elenoe of cer Tain information upon the subject be Tould Teave Penney i Urania. Where toe Tad left Berselli but he trusted toe Day was net far Distant whim the people of to fast ate would express Toem elves through their with relation to this a Lireet is dearly and deeded by As Cooee of new Tok had done. For he did not in Tow for doubt that tha Noti us Tina of toe Senate As Well As the action of toe House of represent be of Pennsylvania to upon too. Of a Easi ii alluded to. Did note Ypres the reel Lentint Nepf toe people Ltd Toal state net did he doubt that had tots been Faith fully done tuft Fenti Tenente m toe a disk of Toal Stele would have been found Menti Cai with tit Teeby toe Peop of toe state of new York upon this Ilni Octant question Vor. A. Next a averted to to hts fim Tost the Legiel Stuie of South a Salina bed acted upon plus question end had adopted a Ertman resolutions with regard to in theae resold Tiofila however bad never been presented to toe House Why be could not try. Fir. Echo by Here remit old Tost Soch Jrew lotions had passed toe two Hobbes Fri unanimously Bui Toey bad not a Bein represent Tilves of Tost state in Congress Ana is resumed. That of course sufi leniently a counts for their not being pres it Mitody Here. Yet it was most they were in Yovor of receiving these Petit irions amp a. And then passed in order that they be not read or and it was this proceeding on the part of the House or. A. Would repeat which bad brought such a weight of odium upon toe administration which was in so Large a majority at that Tinie in that House. It was an unworthy Eva won of toe que Amiott toe House was called on to meet there it began and Ever Stace from Altet to me to the present Alt pet hams memorials and read unions in any Way renting to Ala very and to i Dave Trade have been kid on toe took without consideration or even Reading and this was the process whereby the right of petition had been broken Down. The Onata interposed by dying that this subject was not before toe Hoim or. Adams res med. He had been showing that the House had Folie under the general odium by reason of its having systematical in us ppr ted the sacred a hts of petition and he Hod been about to show that that odium had been greatly deepened by the Vonrae pursued by the House with a genl to Petite oni and legislative ree lotions upon the Texas one Eton. He am proceeding to mid to too that a to proceeding of to in of Ommittee in pm Ign affairs with _ Fegard to the to Itom and wifi he were min Kiich tors Over Ttoe whole sult of the Eay Lanfea a Arreney a Rosa Iilma Quot a i j a my i a___s.4_ mrsa i since toe Reeo lation of my 35, 1836, to showed tot tto precedent then Estabi imbed of to Retting with contempt arid re Fosina to consider ill pet to Ona relating to slavery by Kying them unread upon tto table had been extended net by tto general order but speck motions made in every me and always Sanction by tto tame majority of slave vulders and Yort Bern men with Southern principles first to All pet to on me morals demons trantos and re sofa tons of state legit natures conceding fhe annexation of Texas to the Union t next to toe petition fifteen thousand Char teen indians and to great multitudes m pet to on from Many states of this Union imploring mercy Umant to and in St be from this government to the Indiana then to memorials petitions and resolutions Demonr trying against toe vomit ii by i reign governments both in Europe and Amer a of their Vergani Pauleta and convict of their jails upon our Ahoi i. Upon some proposition of my honorable Coua agae or Jutt Otei non ibis Aub Jeet said or an tto tainted Gate of Abolitz on was sniffed Fey the magi Nat on if not it Toa Muse of tto save Hoium around him. And tto whole stat Jact was kid on toe Tene. Then tto contempt of Peti Uona Tod into tto committee Regma Luid shed its to i Kah. Us. A a Tim Miu hid nah Ttoe known tto Opu of the Hawi Entik qua atom aim Lam House a Axi to to Fiam Aad to a of infamy of the comm tee thereon in Ovder Ficq spend Iberide Belllw a even Lemak Toma whose proc Edings opon to is saws of bed Toen kid twi Are tto Howe or a pm Gaia Wuu yet othere whih Tove acted Echo och not my with legend id it Evan in tial what Tobaie Eliof a Rapoll of the def Pete in tto Texiera left Taia. Cd which to slim tot a w sad Meir of to of amiably of tto Stele m new Yolk a Itoi thie Coli fast. The 5kaseiwiwj or stale of Jed a a tour 80 to seven to one Seid or. Atom of tto veal of we Emile foam toe keep Knic it a a. Nuci Iirth. My Valoi Mou k. My uni no a it Quot a a of or. A a a tot helped Wii a new a Rahimi mini that for ton of the people of Ihk Erma try Epp enl in the in so and fun of Texaco Torii Kiili Lisl Mai Eto Stenn Klik a a when Trae to her great a eme toe to a Ceto in Offit Stef Ofifi a a to a my who titty a fully by shved that a afr had Shn of Sarsar was a penal before sir. Sted or. A i comm Enid Ihk fee mgr to toy mends and a Antl Kaseim for sir bavi if Assn oae of that party myself i cannot Bat take the As ene of film of foot Eal mph Minento mrs pad to it from any Quarter. Bat Whan web tools tor again Bow fog her pvoii4 head Tois Sif updo the toe a made is .�?~�?o8 Powts cry crimes Sbol Rokni me Jeanot Koh her with angled fee flags of abhor ene recast. A Quot of Toos tot they had operated is strongly upon the action of gentlemen from that state on this floor is to hoped that Toom would do upon tiie ves from nit York which bad to the vein from Tho look Suim of that state especially As bwe Kwa representative from the latter upon that floor one of tto Ablest members of that delegation and of tto Honse who was a member of tto foreign of fort. And who had declared in his place that to had not looked into a not a no not a Singla one�?�7-of Sil the state resolutions reported to that Eor Smittee by the in base. Perhaps the Roseon for Lipini acting thus was that 10 resolutions from Bis own leg Flat fire i not been forwarded to. Him off Dolatly and to iat tto before it idas not he duty to look Fato tto a proceedings upon other to Gisl Aftim or a a was to that . Be was Sony to to serve the Prog Sash of the prone Ink of in that House for to considered this anti of. Or St hex nuo so Stoa of tto Goit Enitte on Oretga Albirs upon the matters referred to them of a part of that geto Ful systems of . He looked upon it As a far greater too Hewtee and moment than the porno by questions which agitate that Houas so omit end by end which compared with flits ii Aportria subject to considered to be but As Dost in the Flats Dee and not Tokhy to be need White to win a pm to the Dum Siet be begged leave to 1 a Rete a Fow Wurden to the mends of tto this House the Lyates of supp Reamas firs Edom of or ton and Freedom of speech poo inst floor Warpe that under wee a part of this system and was urging upon the Meads of the administrate too in Conners to to of their in thesis and those of their Coa Thuente tto expedient mid import Aimee of restoring Flie better state of things that once existed when tto a seed Rigsta which had been violated Wei Teego hired and protected upon that he now came to another step in the Rognes of this system of sap Raamon. This was to by on to to took idl to pen Iha might be Ofiu red ask to of to Texas. This . Was for some time made seme thaws in one form and sometimes in and to by diffident members. It Rise us airman of the Gommi Ltee on up reign sift a or. Haw Ann bed designated these As disturbing Sussi of exit meat dec. And had told the House that the subject ought no to a he Tia cussed third it was bist to it it atone and Chat tto Houn should no tact to to Gedy of age a tettion but the psf mime of Hsai the was another step Forward in the work of surf Hessink Uttof Teedom of petition. The next to would Psi Kin was to with or enee to the pet to Ona upon tto in cd relations of tto country. Though the Cassa were diff Srebot in character yet the process having been once instituted it weal on and swept away All these Indin petitions Midro Moriak in its path. Thera bad been presented to the House the petitions of fifteen thou end tie Roknes and hundreds of petitions from tto people of the United states upon this sul get and what bad been done ,im1 by a inadvertence the a Refore Are had been made of the Cherokee petitions but very so ii afterwards the party in lated again the conic tue to whom the reference of thu Petit Ion bad been made was by solemn vote of yeas and nays discharged fran the cosside ratio of in Rae suppression sax pm a applied to under the opera dicta of which this Ulm of pet to on were Ako All kid with out racing or Gondi Draikin on the table hero or. Adams suspended Bis remarks the coming hour having elapsed. on tto 35tlf june an imperfect account of , on the Texas subject on tto 33d of june or a Koala Baa himself Fumi bed the following a foment of he remarks and of the proceedings which ensued thereon on the morning of the 33d a 8atu�dax, june 33. 1888. A in his argument on the i4th of june urging the record fitment to Flis committee of foreign of furs of the Reski to him of. Seven state Legislatures and Flie be unions of More than one Hundred thousand Petitioner rest my to tto an vexation of Texas to this Union whip had been Rafo to the Oom Mizee and upon which tto committee Tod a putted without looking into one of them the first Post of Contro veiny upon Wahidi if. Adams took Issue with toe re Lort lir Droh go old to the Churman. Jar. Seward and another member of the committed Jiu. Legare was on the duty of the Commilee by tto 76th Rule of the Houfe to take into consideration and rept to ctr opinion non the Malten referred to them by the House. Jar or Genie had i rfite6dtoaubsaw tha qua Linn of Jim. A Fima so the committee had taken fed Iise the knt oae re so factions of stale legislature petitions memorials my Romon Stran out Rell Tibig to a annexation of Bexai and bad Deckrell he Wou not he Oates hired by him. In Flik refund to answer end denial of the right to que to in or in Gosk bad Toen Aorta Ned it tto it airman of the Halx Gunt hadded ired that to had not looked into one of the Irenao Lution petitions memorials and remont Sucee which had been Raf oried to the committee. 1�?The Point True he tween Jar. Adasm and the three members of the committee of of main Afi Aira was tto duty of the committee to consider end report a Deliberato Opio Ioa upon tto subject and important do Aumeata thus ask Only various to Mes refer id to them by the House. From the i portion of tto duly of to comm toe to to House to pics to Tom of the House to to Perl toners to the state left so Turea and to to whole nation to irem with Leppell to resolutions of to Legi Sklarey and tto petitions Mentor la and re Mona trance of respectfully add Assad to to House and he spoke with sep regret tend severe an cd in singing Peu to House to deepest obloquy. T he Hetlevedt to to the chief Itsuto of to odium in Wahidi to admin to atom had Folk of Kate. Tto adoption of the part Ncik Tod Toen espied to diet of had been Sofi ered to carry of lot to proceed tags m Suun Conven Lfoley of that Iod other Moore in which tot Prio cite was Amie aels and from a two in. Which conc Etc pm to . Fro Fifee Sif Otea had to i exe Lodd. 4�d 7 toy had to red Tito sub elite Elk to to amp aug. Fur tour Otto Remolif Tiomi and cram Down their the byte Telma a Ttoe in Effriet Tol the k out Law and you Motet and Swallow it Noi Wattsr How Dill eos to digest k stay prove if not . To your cos to tumm and added or. A Al tool w the hat of says upon Tomair Inual. In which you Jay to to free Stetto tote. Fra. Lse Aua hand read and asked if to Minalu of to from teat in Xnyder under to ii Tobias obo Tiona to Arns Adf a Ixia a Rephan thai to mad ii ammo Teimer opa Imd to who Anim of to Anne Aafton of Texas and to Giop Kiy of Are Foteni 0# Tok ��1 Toga Val Rifle real gel a flite Tooh of so my my mtg by a pm to pm Tom Toum Nick be m or. Anal named. He Koto Siy no my a Pon to by Delmi Itoh to would spare to to Imam Foto South Harotina. Or. Laoang Tolstoi Toad Totomi of Woidt of to a ent admin Tralon who represented floor to to it no of the to Ettea and bad bean min tog Chato of to idiom and born to a a by a i thai version of to Resolute Aii of to House repeated Oliree , Alt petitions met Noatak ret of Ntiros and papers relating to to Abolt an of its Hwy to Sivh Trade to be Laid on the Lsible without Siag read printed debated or referred. He Cena dered flies Reno lotion of the Smith May 1s96, As to of a Ira Teai of up prestion of the right of Petit it to espre Oaly it it to ranted to the people by to Colosti Tulipo and of the Freedom of speech Yadof debate the Rig lit of every Mem bar of to Houre artful hts a Leo of the people without i the represent Siivo Canol Poa sixty okeh Arghis duly to ilk Touati Tanta. The a Loviea were dict tired by Jar. A aah a in to morning hour of to Lith of jape. On to preceding Day to i fth to chairman of to Eom Railto Jar. Kiml he stated tog in to Proveas Kilbi of to la fined the to Tore was no Specto propps Joa for to Anat Avlon of Texas and that Tore was. Therefore no each propos Lioa is lotto House a Pon which to Honse. Or any committee a Weald it a wid with regard to to up Tittoni he had said to Gibany of Tom we re rom Tooraen who Haddix Grato then Toseni Floe Sontry by pure eating Liam. On to i9to 30th� a a fils if june my Adams re viewed to House in refilling the Meaolo Tiona of to Sevidal tote Lolk Kireo iad afterwards All to flows Mill def on of Texa Aio flt Union to Pomn Luttee. After vote rating the to Ket fluff to first roes and by to House at to present Srodon to semtex Alioa of Texas had Boon presented it him and Titel it Wao it form 338 we sum of Plymouth to Pine isl town diet Rte repro sorted by him in read or a used Tobo Load St to Stark Styblo and commented upon to prefers a Root atoms of to Oev ii state list Teiss of ver moot Rhode Bland Omo. Michi Gustt Tennessee afo Saia and us of which had own a Forred to to in nays 36. So the dec Taion of to Obair was sustained the House and or. Adams thus declared to be out of order. A or. Boon then called Abr the of foe it was in the a tibial intelligencer of monday morning the 35th, copied tribe Tim from foe Clobe even to to closing remark tot or. Admins was thus declared to be out of order. It u then a ded that or Boon called for foe orders of foe Day but it k not san std a was Neter Telesi foe foot that upon inquiry made of foe speaker your bad not exp red ire Antwerp foal there yet remained one minute non which or. Adams imme Date by said a then i claim that and brn going thus a Peraria of forty ,.firom every Keetion of to country for a National Bank had at foe Spe Dat season been referred to the Commilee of ways and Weana and they bad reported a Resolution against them Khout Reading them and. Last of All foe Commilee on foreign affix Iris had now crowded foe a Tetem of Suppi Renon by x report in Force Tinei upon foe Resol Tiona of even tote leg Latores and the potions of More than one Hundred thous id Piti Xene without looking into one of them a from the interdict of raise of Petit Woi from foe Coli end erection of foe Rouse be passed to that of Kimsai of Peli timers and Here it was Impo St blk far him to Pasa Civer the formal Reno Latina of the Heuie of representatives of the 13fo of february 1837, a that slaves do not possess foe right of pet to on secured to to people of to United states it Fob in adverting to flits res Kilion. He observed that it excluded one Sinfo part of to people of foe United states from to Mere naked a it of petition for h denied them foe right of prayer to Riyat which is net denied to to meanest and Vil of to human race it Bis maker. He proceeded to Sty was foe Isekoff a of Resard unions of isred to the House with to avowed object of tour doing a Etc genre of Senora censure upon him. By foe House for imply asking to question of to speak a whether a petition purporting to be from saves came within foe rest nation of to 19th of Jair aary 1837, foe gag Kwh of that session. Re and foe members of to present House who had been present on that of Eaton would Reo Hoedt list he had then explicitly avowed foe opinion foal slaves were not exc Lum by foe Chiist Wintion of the United states from exercising the right of petition and that rare foe ski Eaher interrupted or Adams and declared Htoo it of older. Or. Adapts insisted that he was of put of order foal he a a dung it to his argument an historical fact. That he had a Clarris at the time Fos if a petition from Staves complaining of any grievance or distress. To which All Mankind Mig the liable and which it would be in to Power of the House to relieve should be sent to him and foe Rouse would Recei wit he Tould present if and hat since that time Here or. Leo tax of South Carolina to and caller or. Aha i to order. Calls of order order were repeated by an dry other members there was much confusion in the House and foe speaker ordered or. Adams 0 take his it. Or. Adas per sted in holding for fib or and in affirming that be was nok out of order. He demanded that conformably to foe 33d rate of the House foe Worde which he had spoken and alleged to be disorderly should be taken Down in writing and Seid tot he would then append from foe Dedmon of foe speaker to the House. The a Exalta refused to have to wonk alleged to be disorderly taken Down in writing said Itiat foe speaker was 00 m calling a member to order hound by that Rule. That he called or Adras to order for a Orrele Viany in debate a a tend tandem Grah co in half to question uni Jer Deimit a Lufe in Pete Fly a a go Saiid ind Nite Foat foe speaker never resorts to it unless when sure of being sustained by a majority of the House or. Adas said tot this was not a Lair statement of to question. That he would not Appeal from foe decision of to speaker As so it red but he Stilt insisted tot foe words spoken by him and alleged to be disorderly should be taken Down in writing and Imd he would ton Appeal from the Depinon. The speaker nevertheless took foe curetion of the Appeal by yeas and a nays upon his own statement and his decision was sustained by a vote of 113 yeas to 86 nays. Quot on the Eddnon it is to be observed Phat. That if was non an ppm i not to Ken or a Anu having expressly declared Foa he would not Appeal firotto Dedsion of foe speaker non foe question As stated by him a Ledwon which would never serve As a precedent in Sny other Case because Frere would be no Hong upon the journal to show in what foe Trivel Evancy charged upon him consisted. It was a mete arbitrary dictum foe speaker pronouncing Irreg Evait that which had int fact tire Moat pointed hearing upon foe argument. Secondly. Tit atom to 116 Membery who rated to sustain Tia decision of foe speaker 69 were of foe same Pertum flu it on foe Slusi of decent had voted fire to gag Resolution to licit ted by to Southern concave. This Day. That when this vote of u6 to 36 was taken amounting Only to 161, Forero were 803 members in their .�?�esta,�53of whom Foer Fofe did not vote at All. The Iret that fore were 3t, premiers present was Macx ind two motor Cert ions by yeas and nays taken with half in Hoar upon both of which 303 names stand re i of a Enami Stivaly to to Burdea of texan Wahidi ires so Bakuti Loihle twin cast a Pon you Tonk. And her can never Rescue that or. Said or. Adams is Teiken morality. There Exren Folio on whom Are Almy herein to to Berel on tire represent Ives of foe people of a co to in m to Osire Rel Assembly of to in Pire state of Mew York to to proportion of 90 to 13sir. To body of which they to to Eit Hnidar. If it had been their object to bring odium on foe toy Moold not Bate Doai it More . A v Here or. Boor Roth and add filial be ipod been forested in incl set at a urge poem lat me Mug where 3,009 Penpek of pc Dacat parties were present tor to Vuto he by a tin on to of cation alluded to Well lir re timed or. A a i Hope the to to gave Fot member from India a greater a Olati a. Laughter but the Toast does not at Alt interfere Viilo my argument or my Ether tettion. And How Watel Oystein of heaping of film upon foe imn i Stretton by in Omu Tienda. Begun Yafo Arek duty on passed through Flie Honsa foe print Boer Tuii on a report Mede by g gentleman Fern Bmith Cir Dion now not a member of Fok Hmidi or. Tinkum this. Sir. K foe to ital of comment wree flirt tot we i std sir of Fok Houey to Light of the people a natives the members were ashamed of the proceeding end who codes Voreis the time to put a step to Ita Progress taking a they badly and frankly did. The Gro und that the House bad no right to act in any manner upon the question. But those gentle men were in foe minority of their own friends and were obliged to submit to the majority in this matter. At Lens a Sommi Tea �1 in whih paint Carly in to Reaola Tiomi of to in Eaas to brim wed a distinct and ape Ftp pro Portten tor me kit exalt of Texas into which the committee tie vhf Rohed. Jar. A noticed Ako Tbs proceed this in Forre it motor state Legi Ktores Pensyl Vanisi new York and South can dirt �1 Fok Subj but which had not been normally ram Kunitomi to of and be read arid made Ohr Eri on Oju of a a ent do Bate in Teleg Platom of taxes upon foe question whether Fos ii Pic can on for annexation so Tebee clotted states by food a a Blic should a withdrawn. C of foe 93d, after Flani Ihirg he remarks upon foe tote in to la St Ira of Texas he made an Export King Appeal to there of foe present. Adminis Tretin in to House against tot if Etem a suppression of foe right foe peo pm the petition end m the Freedom of and of Jde Bata in foe Houre which had commenced Kwh foe gag Tolu Tion reported her he a try l. Pipe Kneif a of to 35fo of May _ a is be to w a i it it a a a �t9 111 t pm a i Lai Sre in Rev Avii Wredt coded. No part of tip speech of or. Adams from the 16fo of june the to of of july has been reported in to daily a the but on to evening of to 33d of june Tore up peered in fort powr foe follow my Siai Esmi of the occur it Renos of that Day publish of no doubt with foe a Firoba Tion of to speaker a Texas or. Atone proceeded in his remaily Ltd Fate report of to committee on foreign of Kinin relation to foe Annex Tion of Texas mid was referring to to right of Tawes to petition end foe Proe Edinge in foe Houre Lert co Ogrine upon Hie tendering a petition of tot character stating that be should have no been Trioa in preventing e petition from a ave if Hie mentorial was a a Perry touched. And on a proper eur beet or to fris effect. Or. A wee pro feeding Inthis line of rear Eric when a the speaker coiled him to order saying tot to Remarke were Irrek vent to foe in eject tinder a or. Adanas said be wee putting an by woj of which was to order. A or. Legare Row and nid he Felt competed to Call the gentleman from Mazaree Hertto to order us Esiee of of Cdr were heed in sri one parts of to House. A a a or. Adams called upon to Speeker to a Dee foe dior it Derby Forde to writing and to Peak from the Der Irton n tool tier. A the a peek said to chair could not be cd upon to reneere Muks did Root of order to a writing. It had never been known either by any Rule or by uate end if auth a Tourre could be sustained h would continue my bring few chair Iitto con dirt with Membre and would Rendert h Impo Anible fee to House to proceed with its Bow 1839 end of which he considered the report of foe com Mitroe of foreign a flairs to no Moy Here Sitione of state Lettai Stree petition me Morita and i foot too Ding Ohto one of them As a a Rural end a Mort alarming extent ice. He warned them Foat Fok Stem of sop Russion Wea doing More to bring idiom of Poi a foe Federal government,4n to Liidi of foe Kople than Ell its other errors out together. He then undertow of to Trace foe Progress and to expose foe ii of to of Toto. Quot Quot a la pm Tai us top the inter a a a a tote a a a mite upon Haring. The Flint Elmort event subject of petition and it port every. Of toners including foe resolutions of Sovy reib Fois Enn aeration of sub ecu and interdicted. Chasm a of petitioners or. A was on foe 33d of june interrupted by to expiration of to Morang hour. Heree Medit on foe morning of to 33d and w refer rence to the proceed ill of foe few m Rault Ivadee of a epee 1j�t. I is Btu a a Quot a. And added fort he had much More to say Alfo Ough foe Dedsion of to spec Weir and of the House had taken from him one of to pillars of he edifice. His motive for resuming immediately foe floor was to foreclose a question Wahidi he saw might be made at foe next morning hour of Bis right to proceed without a formal permission of the House. After the decision of foe Speeker and of to House fort be was out of order because he touched porm Sun org of an objection to to Anne ortion of exas be distrusted foe fulfilment of foe Promise Imide by or. Thompson Foat foe Texes question should be opened end he wished to secure immediately to unquestioned right 16 proceed. He proceeded record singly on the in Orang of tuesday to 86fo of june. A Leport of he remarks on fort Day was published in to National Lueill nicer of to 10th a uly. Under the erroneous Date of 3d july. It Wili be it a a Koce a foe perusal of that report that it followed a a mediately after fort of foe 33d, when or. Adame was arrested in the mkt of he discourse and cd related eat of order fir irrelevancy he then posted in to Annm Eratico of interdicted a Fosse a a it pm Iera to foe we Nam Endre the ekes had not rest in by foe Coito Htee on foreign Vars but grossly inst Teri by to chairman in he speech of Fol 15fo of june or. Adams fat Bio self obliged at once to defend tour Rii Fotofi and to in Treto their iii wit Psi tot anxious earn Erneas inspired of a drop conviction foe wrong done them by that Spee. To this he Devot the. Mornings of to 38th, ft9fo, and Soth of june the Rem it of foe last of which wee leu prematurely Publ Mied in foe net Ionel intelligencer of foe logo of july preceding fort of foe 36th of june Peirone Ousby dated the 3d 6f july. Onto 3d, 4fo, end 6foof july foe House upon foe question of to Konsti notional Power of Oun Greas or of any Depert men of the government to Annex foe people of a foreign Independent state to this Union ipod on foe 6fo and 7th, upon foe object film to to annexation of tel writing from Vita necessary Conser Venra of involving us in a War wife Mexico. He undertook Fortnow fort foe Acquiat Ion of Texes of a Foide Tekei had been so Darling an object of policy to the late and 11 the the present administer ten foal it iad been and Rae Fel pursued by a system of deep duplicity and of Lane Orons Iron Utility to Mexico stimulating this nation even by executive messages and by corresponding nov Emeritt of to administration managers in Bofo Hooste of Cen Gresa to a part ,. Reckless and cruel War with that Public to wrest from her and doom to perpetual and Elk very a portion of hot territory equal to one fourth of to whole origines thirteen United stes. The development of the position and foe Deto Astruon of its truth required the production Siudy Sist end Compon son of a Muu etude of Doeu tents on a Amali portion of which had been exhibit by or Ada when foe expiration of the last More chg hour Brug dec outage Nemea partly to a Closa. On foe kit Day however he Reed to the House a secret and confidential letter from foe late Prest deat of foe United state aah Willkom Foltos secretory of foe then territory of Arkansas now a senator of foe United state from foam state. The letter is dated the 10th. Of december 1830, and proves Foat As Early Asifoa Day to writer of it was fully informed of foe code piracy then pig ended under the command of his confidential Friem an ii verite Samuel Houston for breaking off to pro Rehee of Tex i. From Fop Republic of mex3, pendent filete tilt he coaxial cad it be by criminal end wrote this letter net a a to foe Secretary of the Tetory of Arka Wirt to take mass uses for counteracting and defeating this you Spirato Well knowing that foe governor end not the Secretary of to territory wee foe Only person who could Heve taken any such measures with effect. From to governor this letter was Kepi profoundly secret. On producing the copy of to letter or. A. Expressed his soap ebb that it bad never been sent to its Desti Safion but observed that foe first could be Pasceri atoned foe person to whom it was addressed being at a Washington. The chairman of to committee on Freim Faira then Edd reseed a letter to in Fulton to in Iris whether he had received such a letter from to late a resident and was answered by him that be had some time in Janua is31. What be did to counteract or defeat foe conspiracy is As Seetot As to letter itself was intended to be. That he could do nothing effective i Trout to direction of foe governor to whom to jeer urae. Never communicated is As apparent As that nothing effective wee done. It k Alee a matter of More then Ordinary notoriety fort a year and a half after this letter was written flirt a in foe ring and summer of 1833, Cine ret Houston was a gain for several months it Washington in constant Intercourse Friendly fun ilk and confidential with to Vrr iter of this letter As he had Ever been before. Nor is it Kes notorious that after to Ettic earful Easum Mattesi of to Oonie piracy. When the president of foe me Tam Republic we a prisoner to to texan insurgents against Mexico foe arms general Samuel Houston Commini Krar Estef of Freir army and now president of Foehr rep Ouie a tha Price of liberation of the mexican president sent him to Washington to negotiate with president Jackson to Cess pm of Texas by of Rice to these United states. The Urffer d we oeuvre and demonstration of ibis Fin Tuom and do a Deal ii system of Mea Rores and of policy to fortify sustain and perpetuate the Tufti tuntion of Ria very and acted i per first con principles. The 8r Eidins that foe foe off overt under negation of Texas. Fit Iona and memorials of Ablations of 8tte Legut Uewl a vast proportion of of Fate annexation had Fok House and Amon negation a a Avat Beni be when i came to to soon As i came to with aites cd a entering. Act in hand. Web sir the the Aeveen Darre of to Riave holding into eat Over that m free Dom in Fok Union k Nece Earuy i Forred unto the next a Eashoo of Congress. A below it Wili then be Pareti Zebic must depend upon to yet probe magical contingent be flier another Southern Conven Ticle of save Borders will command to the eur Matve party a of to North another reel nation a that ail pet Tiona Emmonak and papers Imie nig to addition of slavery or tha buying Aell it or transferring of raves in any stator District or str riot of Fos United states be Laid non Flie table i foot being debated printed read or referred Judd that no further action whatever shall Bead thereon.�?�. The Irre Gavrity or. Adele adverts in foe a Fotica Tion of he of we have oor acted in the our rep Bueaton. All Foa parts of the extra Midi a several member Reft ared to to Twenty third Rale of foe House whih Reno info Foat disorderly we Foi fall be reduced to writing. A the speaker Hud he was perfectly aware of Foat Rale end it applied to oases where one member called Eno Foer to older Abr disorderly or personal remarks and not foe speaker when he Callad a. Member to order for Irre kvant remarks for to Rule soya to speaker Ihas a Call Pemiben to order and his duty a or. Adame called for Foa Reading of the Rule by which foe Speeker celled him to order or Lefue cd to radome foe eject Ionette demerits to writing. A the Oaker read to move flying tui a member he sol of Ciloke himself to the one Eton under do Bate and wild he id called Tho Ges Labren from Mewe Zueetta to Ondov fit a Irrek Vancy is debate. Ache was Abou to put the question _ Wordie a Tocoi to write up a Gripe of a order a order a the Weker directed or take i amp Reemt Adams continued to hold Ibe floor and Persia cd in demanding whet the words food Al be reduced to writing did Aehl he Yould the ii Appe Albut be would not Appeal Frenn to Dee Uon into which the speaker had put it. A a the speaker then put foe question upon the Appeal a epee he Epper in our my my under Thor proper Date Audia Al talk Profyr of Dobr it it be. Or. A axe Wea entitled to to floor but yielded it it Flo instance of Awwal Gett Jeaniea until or. Hovanus snug let de that or. A. Be permitted to proceed in order Foat an Opportunity might be afforded of replying to his arg Maata or. Adams then Seid flirt having been Dow Rule to dec commode the As Fiur As in he Power every Geo Fleman who had petition or Reelou trims Tom Fiir he Hod font lost a Kige part of to hour to which he remarks must be confined and he feared that he should food be comp eyed it Ita termination to break off in the Buda having a hiatus a de debt end. Be had yesterday been Endeavor if to Oon Vinee hem odious Fok was Aldering itself Fay to Conree to House was pure Aing in Rek Tion to petitions course now extended so a to embrace Ako Reaola Tom of to legis Tarea of states of the Union by Fasing or Avad tog foe Leoneid Eratico of them. In Danng so be had referred to the Girt variety of Asifo Octa of Publio a Anneni to which the system of exe Oskui bad bin extruded and after gang through with the cake of us Seis Fous treated he had bean going of to anew Fate Kasif location of a Saabira to excluded from tha right of Petit up la doing the arid or. A. It Helina mgt Chesery for mpg to Kok to a portion of the pop ution of foie to Ontic Eai ontto to net ass than Oneeda thwart of to we ski to whom Tell right of petition had been formally Den ill by a,red6lqflon or he House. At that is of to Dia Cushion i wee arrested Fey to sex akan Riff Iris Fife gentle Ian from South Cora la or Lee tax Lefoi in Etc one of the committee on foreign of Fitow a Holm a certainly in entire cons Tency with to Elk ration m made openly on Fok floor that of All the Mere a rials and other Decu Manta on foe subject of the annexation of to a referred to foot committee be had not looked in Ofene end fort be did not consider it Iris duty to do so. I War Foet in Selling me to order in foe manner he did be s4fo<t be Saxa Al food in flip Ore Tivix if by one shall look a foe journal of Foet Day i Lippi pies of the speak Erie decision Pri Rici de k stated nor can the it debit hereafter. Q the dec kilo i confess will pc bin assent to me. It pm me get of s company of a trollers who Trage Ify of a smut a foe Peri of Hamlet 1 ing omitted. No a Cussion foe right the subject of Skvein will be admitted As to Eon Fona myself to Foa decisions of the the House but i Ronkese to decision has a tugged Viola opinion vis. That the eur beet of Texas in at be opened. A understood Pihrt it bad it length Psi ceded not to me nor to Cooee who think wife me in Fok matter but to a certain portion of Fok House Sepree Rotia to sub form extremity off foe Union equally Anglo be with myself to have the who subject Duncan so. Had fought that to their Wilbes it cml the put bad been eone eded. I Felt confirmed in tot Conka Riondy the amendment of be Fey the to notable Geni Lomeii from South Carofora or. proposing tot to president a fetal he Dow to enter upon negotiations for foe annexation. When fort gent nmn fall Yoaw to address foe House in us of he a a end ment How he will to steer Clear of to a Sifleet of Olevery confess 1 am totally unable to foresee. But i did net expect when to Gep Tieman from South car Olio Hod prevailed on foe Friende of to and my titration to open to doors of to Hooee far Titis disc Asiee that those Deore were to be a upped to in my free foe. Instant i entered of the most important Wrt of a Gay argument. It had Oce paired to Rou that the was uoti very Poper frug a be Atmaa Wisto had confined them selves one Side of that que so of. Tire House in Fok Dedsion seems to have of wed an example Art them ekewhei��?4 win not name foe Piave a a where All the to Quence of foe body has Beeti ripened in fever of the annexation end no answer at ail has been permitted to House having then voted to Lay foe a abject 00 to tabla. Fer Stpe to a riflemen for non South Carolina or. Thompson we of opinion Foss Fok would be foe course pursued in Fok House Ako. That All who Witrod to Sueifo in Zevos of annexation and of slavery would be permuted Toda a but that to Perm Koroti would be Given to any one to Ead Ftp say this because among the yeas and nays taken Ori to Dac a of foe speaker yer Terdy a i find among those who voted to Surtain tot Rke Irion the names of Geau Emea Tho i understand Are vary anxious to have to Tex Ion que slim opened. Stith foe moment tha tet revery k used anal the foe word a Commasee la Ebure. Or. I curs Here Rose to Latex Drin. He said he feed been called to vote on for question the that to a Reitik Utah from Muse Achuletta Wes in or out of order. He had net called foe Geu Tieman to order or Shat foe doors of upon him in Rel Atieh to any subject he chose to Angue. Re had never voted to gag foe Geo Fleman but win he had been called to vote be tier the Genf Tapuai a res or was not in order be had no alternative. Brt King to Finicle men to few out order he had voted that a Wal out of order. He com vote no other Way the Caria Here Remi led or. Atoms that Todd Creita of yesterday on the question of order wee not i a Belinte the House. Or. Adams Iree Steed. Welt sir i was Trimpl it mrm Murt a ease Rily be a ripped Effilea of a Kosher Art Irti Neift Telfer in remarks Ihor were Iriemi Evott Aad then of foe Hoose in Tiefa id Reao fusion of the 31 St of december. G the Caria that the decision of tiie chair Ari into Quelly Oon finned by foe Skuse is not a iras Tion. He hoped to gentleman free Massarin Ursetti would confine h to self to to one stick 00 to reel Stiim Rei get info Texas. Or. Adams. Well or Levant or Irrell vat. I we saying that one sixth of the is eople of foe in Kilt Statta had by at Resolution of the House Fereen do Prikril orto right of petition guarantied to to people of foe United states by foe Constitution. I now come to s met he More Rumen Raa class. In Doi if so i shall be obliged to refine to foe first. Petition on the Sab a of san estion it was presented by Ine and on Feun Fri in a it Itom ived its reference to t Seidat Colum quasi hat to Emir Man of to Cost Nettee 00 tor dam. Awaits my eld med that it should beef wired to Tom. Cdr Kiemm 388 Yommi of Plymouth end Wal eos med Al huh Feu owing a Ltd �7b the House of mermen Tasiv a St United states a the women of mass tot roughly aware to sinful Tate of Relbery and Fos Conant quent Impo Iky and diesel Frt Tatomir of Ita ext amen ill our country do Aroet with All out a Oak Agunat Toaale Artiea a United state i a a e teriitor3k�?� bet to whole of the Petit Kii Berey one of Flie Edgar Ere a ivs mme e Mether a wife a Dpi ser a Ekler of Home Konsti Tumart of Laine. Pere Elalfy to Petitioner a Are uak Otwa to me. It. On to erase Day i presented e Aee Ovid Petit it Wifler we included Ander of Eretia of the Esree Reshni Feii of the Hooee. It k from 168 men wad 193 Wix Reaa Alt of he Nover a theod Smiy dec Plyn Umili. The ton 1 Pisa Mil Are an my roast Itheata. To to Nam Traad i Pree ome a the same Rel Stiena to their to did those i last Rafin rred to to Etoir Mia. The Pelitira k Tiu Shorter ton the last. �7b the sem de and mouse of Steps o/0n Ratesi a the Ondeen lined Ett ians and Inhat Tanta of he novel Plymouth of Suity the the Stoto of Masree Susetta re Job fury Pray Yohr Honor Abl body pump try to rep it All wrap a Els fix 6f Tow to Fok wok from whal Ever noorae they Tova Eam Eft to Farsi Wae not Only from Wotawa Fok k part from Mare a of part from i Krepfl Amre than half of to signed a Rife of to Zemek eel. I will Art Etc whether it k to Jud Greffet of Fok roast Hirt whether it is to sober Jad Amsei of Tik Peop of Toad Uaita starets that foe right of petition a Elf m to tie de Ink to to be Riwk sex to Woyu whre Titer Kiethe Fewell to Eleamae each toll not pet Tito Fok he Mil me Art Tomp Reoe to the Hose or Flie Toj Wyartt of the . Jam whom tsi report an t to Toxey Abr Oriate Mes Wii Raeda passage or two than to Jpio Ripen or. Howard who Tab my a to to at ing Iga tort to Anaeki Persone a told be a a a a of Tiam Ting no a i to Uii Kii and it a nails to Mutia excreta i a desire to Cote in add Are Petit Kos were so my by a at Syi a Kishni Pei Ioos thus rip Imi to fire to Toifl Feng to politos Aart Leie. He thought that flt one Fenuto a a in i have a Sefl Kurt Feld for to leg Ferriae of their info each a foe dish age of their Date a to Foater Bethera their has bark or Freir Chi How Cheeringto Daay orc esd eyed Dolg aver it tiie a fld Radt Anoe of to be Ceil Virtea. I Bema of Roah tog into tire Haufelt Rem at flt Eto Partan from Thor a rash evil to Afek tha rawas ton data from fee to practice of and a to Oal to Thor own fair Feedar Seetia Iff to Oak hit Torito to to Aat Eoal Dhanasar red took Tofel h Peres the opt Otona Al my to to Aoto dered k to in mph a Mart �isw.artike6j . Str was k from a Fehrt it we it Formaa Toto tot Toli Tori to words does Togert Kato if Etoff the Boom to feral of Shefki Toto r j in in t re ii a re ,9 ii Itka a of irek maak rams str it a Arnaez Attef Texas a fret time Titio Eizig the _ _ is Rona in Effie a a Dokei Edholm to flirt Toto Tion of to Ontic Nee Reedoi Toufe a to Ito Trust to the Good nature of flail is smms tot to Wilto tract Nice a a is Serviou. I Toto to on him it to foe wives end be to dam Trei it of my a St Tuente that be up pure the la Gaige. Kalfel tort Tatore Freir Eon Daet in petitioning the Renee be e rese Redit Lesart a

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