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Lordsburg Eagle (Newspaper) - February 23, 1888, Lordsburg, California lORDSBORG EAGLE, ^ * rVBUSVtS BTmT TITXfDAT BT K. BIBNES * 80K. «J18CB1PTI03Í, HOO A TBAK. Bntertd at the PoaWtffle* In Lordibnrg u •«•ond CUm Matter.THURSDAY, FEB. 23, 1888. \ Cnltifttitii of Fir Treof. Fig trees should be planted as soon as received, os drying of the roots will injure or kill them. They slmuld, therefore, be kept moist and covered with sacks in carrying them to the field. Allow them tn branch out at from one to two feet from the ground, but not from the same point of the standard or stem, but one above another. This will prevent splitti!»g of large branches.    ^ Never top the limbs of branches, as it will seriously injure the fruit. . 'thinning out,^cutting interfering, or too closely growing branchea, is all the pruning that should be allowed to fig trees. The white Adriatic ia generally considered the ^est. It is as superior to the common fig as is the Bartlett pear to a seedling, and becomes, when dried, fully equal to the celebrated “Erbelle” fig of commerce. Do not irrigate when the fruit is ripening^ nor later than September, then the wood will harden sufiicientlv to resist the frost. Fig-raising is ae profitable as orange-growing in California. A four-year-old tree will average 2C®^ound‘» of fruit, and, with eighty trees to the acre, make a yield of 16,000. which at 2^ cents per pound makes |400to the acre. By .drying and maketing the fruit the return would be nearly or quite double.—-Ex.-iRcal Estate BASSETT’S AGENCY.flOW! NOW! NOW! Now is the golden opportunity. Take advantage of it. You have seen the other fellow carry off the prize before. Will you stand idly by and see him do it again ? If you will yeu dp not desevve success. ^    > .V 20 ACRES ii^ide of the town plat; ten minutes walk from the postoffice; all set to fruit tiees in fnll bearing; teu acres surrounded by shade trees; good water right, good house of five rooms, hard ‘finished; watev piped to bouse; house surrounded by one of the prettiest flower gardens in Pomona. This is about the last piece of^l^d inside of the town plat that has not been sold in town lots. Other pi£5^eí~tfíy<)nd it have sold, and are now seUing in lots, Ht prices far above this.    be offerd for on^ week oiüy. For price and terms call at    \*    ' * Bassett’s Agency, Pomona, California. ^    r Look to the Advantaajes of Lordsburg! FEV MORE BARGAINS. ^000—10 acres in southw’est part of town plat; the nearest tract to to’^ in the vnllev that can be subivided, all set out to fruit trees of great viitiety, and all bearing ; strawberries, blackberries, grapes, alfalfa patch, etc.; 90-fooi well, tank and windmill; a fine tract for subdivision ; 6-rooiii house, bathroom, closets; etc., good barn, hedge and gum trees around it. -A8 A FLA9B- iYThat an Anthem Is A sailor who had been to a cathedral and had heard some very fine music, was descanting pariicurlarly upon an anthem which gave him much pleasure. His shipmate listened for a time, and then said: “I say, .Bill, what’a a hanthera?” *‘W^hat!” replied Bill, “do you mean to say you don’t know what .a hathem is?” “Not me.” “WV.l, then, ril tell yer. If I was to tell yer, ‘Ere, Bill, give me that ‘and-spike,’ that w’ouldn’t be a lianthem. -But was I to say, ‘Bill, Bill, Bill, give, give, give, me, give me that, Bill, give, Tue, give me that, give me that hand h.ipd spike, spike, Bill, give, give me that, that hand, handspike, hand, handspike, spike, spike, spike. Ah-men, ah-inen. Billgivemethathand-spike, ah-mcn,’ why that would be a ban them.” $21,000—20 ñG-lCO acres of tine land in the Loop A Mteerve tract; 5 acre* bearing W’ashington Navel and Med. sweet orange trees, (will pay an income of about $1,500 this year); iO arcos budded W’ash. Navel stock just set out and well started ; 5 acres of deciduous fruit, q11 bearing, including pears, prunes, peaches, apricots, olives, figs, etc., in gre^t plenty ; 5-rot)in house, barn ; yard nicely arranged with flowers, etc. Call around and let us show it to you. $3.450—The only piece in the Kingsley tract for less than $1,000 per acre. 4 36-100 acres nicely set with oranges, except a small part in variety of deciduous fruit and small fruit, such as guavas, strawberrie.s, blackberries, peaches, apricots, etc. $3,450 for a féw days only. We have town Jots in all parts of the town at bargain prices \ also, some choice outside acreage pieces. Step in and we will show you around.*^But One California.” In an article in the Atlantic Monthly Charles Dudley Warner pays a glowing tribute to the Golden State. He says: “There is but one California in the world. There is nowhere else to go in the winter. Travelers who have been in Southern Italy, in Northern Africa, in Sicily, in Greece, in Maderia, in Jamacia, in Bogoto, in the piney woods, are perfectly opeh in Idling you this. There is no climate like it. There is nothing that will grow anywhere in the w’Orld—except, perhaps, certain great staples—tliat will not grow there in great abundance and    perfection—orapges,    lemons, iimes, peaches, nccterines, grapes, figs, almonds, olives^.Maderia nuts, every edible vegetable known to woman. That region should be content to be its glorious self, and unlike any other part of the United States.” ^fT’Corrcspondencd solicited. Pianos, Pianos, Pianofe^.ORGANS I ORGANS Í While east I visited the Piino and Organ Factories and have laid iff a Urge stock, in fact a very large stock.    V. V READ, READ, READ I UntilJanuary 1,1888, I will make a rcducriori bn any.piano or organ purchased, as I am limited for room. 1 sell on low installments and long time, or exchange pianoi for bid organs. ▼ -For Spidatlon, Business and Residence. Suie Success Awaits the past and present purchaser > * . Come in Wblle Iho Chances are Good for Splendid Location and Prioos.IT WILL PAY TO MAIÍE A CAREFUL INVESTIGATION Of the Policy and Sttccees of t4i« Projeetors of this Town. Australia has an agent in this country to secure a gargo of bumblebees as a means of fertalizing red clover. The agent is respectfully referred to Cleveland whose pants have been full u(^sting|rs since be wrote his free trade message to allow him any comfort. Let the agent! proceed to Washington without del ay.—Star My family is very ancient,” remarked an ^English tourist in Ohio. “It dates back to the (^rusades.”    x ■ “So docs mine,” replied the Buckeye, “My'mother was a Crusader herself. And what a noble stand they made against the liquoV traffic.” “Aw,” said the Englishman, j^si-derably m^'stificd. There is some reason for the admiration generally felt for blue eyes. A connissuer in eyes states that nine tenths of the railroad men and others, who are selected for their keennesé . and correctness of vision, have blue ^eyes. Bi own eyes ftrebeabtiful. Grey eyes usually denote intelligence, and hasel eyes bespeak a talon¿Vf^c^music. The commonest color is grey, and the rareot violet.    ^Sewing Macliliies, Sewing Machines. DOMESTIC, WHITE, NEW HOME AND WviS. I CAJIRY A I.AROE STOCK OF THE ABOVE MACHINES AND gELL ON EASY TERMS. REMEMBER THE PLACE.BASSETT’S agency, ' POMONA, CALIFORNIA. W. p. RHO.\DES,REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE•AGENT Having Located in Lordsburg,WILL BE PLEASED TO SHOW YOU AROUND AND SELL YOU LOTS IN THE BEST T0WN8ITE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. \ \ OaTAii oorrtspoiidfhce in rtftrenee to this locaKty i^crotnptly antwered.Why Lordsburg WILL BE A GRAND SUCCESS. It is on the CALIFORNIA CENTRAL—“ Mountain Road “—Branch of the Great BaMa Fe Bftleai ef Railroads.    '    • There are Ten Passenger Trains Daily. The New Station is Completed. It is Located on a Beautiful and Sightly Spot and Surrounded by the Best Afriooltoral Fmit Dieteiei in the County. There is now building one of the Largest and Beat Equipped Hotels in Southern California. This Hotel ii to cost when^nipleted $100,000, and has 130 Rooms and accommodations for Two Hundred and Fifty gueaU. It is located two miles from the base of the Mountains, alau elevation of. 1200 feet, having pure, dry air, and being free from fogs and frosts. A Splendid and Efficient Water System is In course of construction, affording plen(]|[ of Pure Artesian WaUr piped to each lot for domestic and irrigating purposes. V It now has % large School House, a Meat Market, Stores. Restaurants, Real Etiai# OfBeea, Telephone and Post-Office, Lumber Yards, a Livery Stable, Newspaper and Priuting Office. L . It is connected with Pomona by a Ten-ceut ’Bus Line, which meets all Trains. Constabulary forces established ;'*ths Streets are sprinkled. I50JOOO School Bonds have been issnsd for the increased school facilities in Sau Jose Township. Many beautiful private residences are built and building. In fact It has everything necessary to a new and thriving town. It is owned and managed by the entfrprising PACIFIC LAND IMPROVEBÍENT COMPANY, the Town Builder of the. Santa Fe System^ who are spending Hundred of Thousanda of Dollars (or the developmsoi and improvement of this copntry.    ^ UND IIPBOTGIilT COIPM, ^    -    LOI    AK«EJ.*S.    CAL. -ó
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