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Lordsburg Eagle (Newspaper) - September 15, 1887, Lordsburg, California VOL. I LORDSBU 1 (.’ráphif í)i‘srrInton oí I.oration. -H..    ^ l.ORDSBURO, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CAL., SEPT. 15, 1887.. NO. 1.- Krauaifiil ^    {i.0<    Auu»;!t'.s    lU'ruM,':^<'lV. I.] Nowjiiint there <are thirty-\\vo U>\viif« . liiirnl*» ¡.H nearly completed. J. sometimes ñi\ miróme shower in | "atmg the hillsid(‘s,* nml’embracing | to tlif lowest limit. It is amazing i ODDS A\D K>DS. June or September. From December till June is spring, and from June till December is like autumn (excepting M.Dvcrmun lias started a large black-siiMitt and wagon shop with all the jiOcew<jiry tvppointnients. Mr. J. W. Hugiis, of Pasadena ^will soon erect a | the hot spells), and the days in Jan-two*y,lory brick Imiik building tliat ¡^ary or July are much like the warm will be a cr(‘dit to his enterprise and a ¡ days of May or October in the middle .... lhe1ir.Uhiilv-«uc ...¡l« »\ul. u(¡    TO.ivB.iiei.<-e    to    ll.i».bc..uliful    i    Stotca. II,e S;u.t.. I'V r.«>d s»i»? c..aMro... I‘'“••'■n-    •.>    >g"¡lico..t    (on-st    “It    ia    a .Icl.gl.M clijnate ‘all ti.e this-(it V the propbccv made ^ne i    growth    on    tl»e    homo place! year rouml.’    summers    iire    nol ipproaching ________________ ____ l.avh.g l.c..e..llv i.«aae.l over il,¡, ‘    U'«    coast    that    has    j    ma.. who l.,.« cor..cr lots to sell to at- .h.|iihtr..' -Irelch of ci....lry fro... h.o-i^''"»''®    "    ‘f«‘7'=..<loi.s    «‘art    ...    the    ;    tempt to 'use a...l cxpla.i.,' ¿ .■\ox\-h's toSa.. lh-.-..Hr<li.io. hefor.-the ‘le»gtlMrf    t.,oe as    horilshnrg. I "We heve every year some hot nwlla. l. o.,......'..tar'd< veloi....c.U followii.g j‘''«''‘I.''! .a-ctirring in Augi.at and September— the buildi..g of the Sa..la Fe look j'’J'""*    j    very seldom in Jirae or July—lasting )■!.;. (, lately look a very pleasant ride | ■*'“' «“leri’fi""'» I’f"’» “» H'c roast, | «gually froni three to livje days and «.ver li.e co....try aa far cast .is the " '"*    f"'t>> >» Hie j amounting each year to from kwelvc i l.an.l.ng,' llourishing and popubir:Soiithern California and « | toMwenty days. These hot spells give *uhdivsi,j.. known a» la.rdshurg.    “eeonnt to back U.cir enterprises |    » m^to of weather like the ordinary This eoloisal suhdifi.sioii, which was * eueccssf.il leri.iination, tl.e.r con- |,.,t weather of the Middle or Western i!shere.l i..(o esisleoce with the largest j    «'"-'“IH'e    'I'lerali    states, excepting that ours is more enfile of I.,Is over recorded in tliis Siah.!    companies    in the world, that; durable because of the fresh sett breeze, ... an a.., lion sale of some two hours, ¡"C"    l-'-X"' «">1' whieh makes the day nearly al.r..ys is..,..h„.l.tedlvo..eolthen.ostbeauli-'"'«‘''“‘“    «""C"'™    count.es, enables; pleasant by 11 or 4 o'clock M., and fallv and eligihlv-situated, all tl.ingf ¡    Pr'i'iJc    the.r various town- the i.ights arc always comfortable . ...iH.lered, of ¡'iny of tbo r,..nic.oi.s    '    "“I’‘'‘‘I'"'i «ell remember many a i.iglit in f.ibdivifions in the Slate. It ia situ-'    coii.pany, tlieFaeilie hand ; o|,io and Missouri hotenougli to make «l,.da dislanee of some- si;; ,,,¡10»:"'"'*'"'"'"'“"'“"''    iua'ig-.i'I'e a Imrde.i.) *.>..tb of Ibe ba.se of I Md llaldy on a,    eight    or ten pro..... ....|    Vi£rfcepting U.eso hot speller eli- l ean.ifi.l slope to tlic soiilb, with a ;    ^'igc'.c*'"^.''''Bernardino mate is .....¡ualitiedly perfect,iwitliout lallor j.,.,tm.o..gb to facilitate drain- ‘""I «"•> "¡eg" cm.nties have a great Upotorblemisl.. Vet, as the owner of a ago am! iirigation, some llirco miles -I’"'!," "*    evidenced    by    ;    home in Pasadena, orot a lruit rancl. ..o.-.hv.est of Pomona on tl.e line of i■■.exibefx «eeur.ng ; i„-,h,>va;iey, as Long Beach, Santo Ibe .\iel.boi., Topeka and pv-;'lemeilii. this favored spot, where they : Monica, and Catalina, Milliard's, . railway, And ibirlv-lbrec .idles east of,    'Peml    the biilaiieo of their ; Eaton’s and San skntonio Canons, and 1,08 .\ ngelcs. The soil ia all that could    ’    "'C San Bernardino pineries, as ‘bouses b.; .ic-ired .,r h.und in the most favor-!    i'iil>'«vemen*s    tl. eoiost l..r ei.l.er:'"‘    ■""g"i"ee»t    pl th( grand sequoia of the mountains. Tlif anim escvlevtum of the H.awaiian IsUnds lias notregeived tlig atte«tíoír of Culiioniiaiiii, but tiieie arc Irish fiolUoes that make the lírecn Die tun greener witn env)*, and lAveet when we think of the monetary con-jjitiim of this country,forty year.i ago, when the supply of lK>th metals was very 8ma]|^;^thirty years ago, when money as good U8 gold was unknown lietwcen I'eiinsvlvania and Califurniii: ¡•otatoes that buigli thyir Mal.iyan I and twenty years ago, when tliiJ side hone to scorn; there are beets and cai ots and parsnips wln.sc roots seek thelower levels of a wonderfully-pro-dintive soil, and a wcatth of all-the of the Kocky ^fountains not a silver piece wa.s vi.sible, and gold was the center of .a vast daily speculation, in which the Ticasury notes passed ciir-esoilenk and succulent vegetables tlnrt j rent at ñt) cents on the dollar or less. ri|m‘under a semi-tropical sun—inak-1 It i.s amazing in view (Tf the pa.<l that iiijÉjf California a garden of IIcsi)pri-l to-day our National Treasury is a ih> for the vegetarian. There is vast bullion bnnk.—AVp-amther production of California that uhlican^ iiyrit not he omitted—the children. -    .    — - Ticy are as nnmerou^s and benulifui    Lower Rates, asthé flowers; everv house-echoes j    fl»d*>0‘Hy    of wih tfic l.¿Hltl.y yonng voices; cvcA-1    a..,l Passenger Agent j    y¡„,,„,a    lUrald. St* iolliouso ovcrllows with them. ¡    California Central, Tins we have endeavored to give i    c««»»iodilj^ tariil was omctliiRgof an idea of the i>roduc-    issued to apply between Two Clernian iirms have contracted for,steel ehongh to make 400,000 rill^for the Turkish Government. ' “Mamma, do you know what .a Maltese Sitten is?” “What is it, ray sen?” “Why, it’s a kitten you Can maul and tease.” '    ' J^ueen Victoria is complained of as having no regard for literarj* men. The jubilee ode did the business.— Jtochrstrr Poit. “áhe isn’t all that fancy painted l|erl” exclaii!^ a rejected lover, “and worse than that, she isn’t all that she paints herself.”    ‘y* A lacgislatiire i.s D rogued then it is 'elected, and jirorogued when its days of deviltry and usefulness are Captian Daniel Dens^er, late of I the Fourth Michig.in Cavalry, which captured .TeiF. Davis near Abbeville, Spain .Vgaiiist California. Los Angeles. FolloN^ing in the wake IFrench Senate has ap-of low rates recently announced by ; We are imlebted to the New York tke Soutliean Pacific, this g^ction of the Cii'tneTical liHllctinlor the informa-1    Fe    wilMie    one    of    the    grealcslj    IDÍf    the    work    of    reclaiming    the tiffi t hat the raisin dealers of .Spain, j    ®\cr    conferred    upon    Southern illy alive to the competiton with Cali- i    •—/“(».«    Aoijckn    Inbune. fo.iia- growth, are .starting out^icarly j Potomac fiats at ‘M'ashingtion is now done, and 37Ó acre.s Iravc been envolved for the magnificent new ^rark that the fiats arc td furnish. In excavating for.a sewer at W»l- tonake the coming season a lively one. |    Mlnes--“Terra    CvUa Cltjr.” Tey have puhlisiicd a circular and ]    [Cor. Simtiicrn cal. chri.stijpri Aavocatvi se 1 it broadcast tlirough the growing! This place is aptly named, for as we j nut Hill, Cincinnati, recently a j>et-dift icts, advising extra care in the S got out about four and one-half miles | rified section of human vertebr.i, of gxvth of the’' fruit, to throw out j to Ihe imrthwo.^t among the irregular-demen.sions indicating it l>elonged^to being n.ne fcCl higli, was found,* foot vein of good bituminous ;thcSa.. Boraardinopi,.crios,tts‘bo«ses J.’""' »'    tbrmv    out    ¡    h- be m.r f.ivc-st among the irregular- tlcmens, lialivill be put of refuge’ «luring tl.e hcate.l term, S""'*    «P    in    i    bills,    ivb.el.    form Ibe foot-li.ll. oill.cia being ace ivithin the i „hi,-l. are easv to reach, and «bipb' ’    •'”'“"'"¡"8    l«ckor«    to    ex-1 Sanl.v Ana ...o.uitau.s.^e saa^ot.n,i..g i A S-l in the land. The elevation, 12CÜ in’• jimUcs it one of the nut^t healilifu! desirable locations for residence, free from fiost, fog or sand storms, much dreaded by people in dclicjili healthy The fruit trees and vines an -.'f vmul, : ;t '. kt; inject p. r tf. • eVtry docriplion. The cnterjaising company known Uo unless such action as above is Ucn their industry, so far a.s the I .‘(id States is coivcerued, will'he onel F. £. Hewitt .and II. J. Woola- liL ."l. .is wiibcm 1x1,1''“''•»<>■> lr:u.s-^vedoc-n.pnrt'ofo»rl.o...cs,,ve.lonot S^eat eare pntl.ngnp t.e.rj «P before us ,|c...am,,,has been developed in Santiago Ilk'Inb!., ,r,.c« i-^    it into a paradise U,aa«ai- Bov-1 «bate .toe jot or'tittlc i„ our praiseof    |''‘'f*"'''’f    |    Canon,    eight    mile. ^ rd bv 'tbe ,.,cns‘ ¿rc bar.    Angele.„« ,vho bavo purchased U„e climate. We should be satisfied '"V JwcU «imn the eo,,.pe,t,o,,w.ll. | and Clay Con.p.,..,-, ,LJ). loll half | Ana, on 320 acre.s 1-efonging to Colli'..,lUliUri'l'lid.ll Jilkus witbi''''® «re elready preparing lor elabo-!,o find the cllmato of Heave,, as good, i»•">    «eknoivledge    oivuer and manager. , H.c structure ,s. loads of the cho.4t ”u:;-.:ho found    ¡««provcmeuts, and the building ; • if cottagg^ homes that will \ie ' u,.^];(kg ¡tcsprially desirable for invalids, It' most oxpcivsive in líivcr.-ide or ¡ bhat wedo not’ '«iit! hm change.s, isadcna. J he latest- ipiproAjmeHt; variations are infrequent and grad-1' the inauguration of A len-criit bus ¡    the    sunshine    all    the year, line from tlu.s phicero brinin>'t>>.'ng^ about 350 daysof the year, together hi re for the f^anta Fe Ir^i.’'. This ’ j with the dry, brneing .air, which cheers, • ntorpri.se will nrove a great cnveni-'    tc.:    tl'.-' Uí-h". v‘1u ^ •m e to the citizens of I oinona, as ,    health    and    strength    and    cour-1 40x280 feet, w ith two large ovens sur-! cott.    ,    - mounted by gigantic chimneys.v The i A worm has l>een ioumi in Germany whole is nearing completion. M hen ¡which devours iron and steel rails, the plant fo. thi-i scwcr-pipo 'Vo'Ks ar-; [t carries iwo glands filled with a y pon the above the Grocrr oml ri\esfrom the Fast, «a large number of ¡    ^    which    ii    oiect.'*,' Cuntrif Mcrrhaul jéi Sun Francisco, me'u will he given permanent employ-iroiit rendering it soft Is this to say : “It is not to L*e expect-j *^nd wc shall see Ierra Cotta ¡    apongy,    so    that it can    be do* ' that Spanish growers and rai.sin ex-! City loom up in importance as a foittiS wíiPsuuíúit*lo ine’iu.ss oi ihi.-' ••i.v.vi^«i..x*v.7iv.-'„ ' ..v.v..-. ‘ V i v.y «!«<. ’em tuc luiii liit. X ..tie. (ÍU.S Viuouku , well as LoriDbuag, until th'e Tíor.se e.ar a.a the l’aciüo Laml Improvement;completed. It OompaViy, who,arc spending millions '1 occliIt property of the air, which like    :*» of dollars ill hiiildiiig up .<omo nine '    j    waters    of    some    noted    springs,    has    [    ^    ,1,^ »q-ten other towns in Southern Cali and along the other beautiful    ¡    specific    healing    jiower. sites on the mesa will be extended to* V'e .“ec in-! )' rnia, aie pushing with all the po\v(*r j    .    vulids, some wno arc considered in the th it motley or ingenuity can commaml ■    wiuttr.    '    last stages of con'suniption, and who the piping of the water from the arte-'    ^    Southern    1    acihc    :    r^ely    cxi»ectéd to live to reach sian supply at Indian llilj «nd'the 'f ^    promised    revive,    gain construí tioii oi the inamn which, when complete, ..... iX‘0. Ain a ly ( Vcr two thousand i    i    is a tonic h) the air that the doctors n llilj    ithia pronused l.aiU, revive, gain lammoth Hotel, i    along    the    upper.line    of    |    hope    and    courage,    and, , will cost «t 101»,- *    P»«‘    0,    and    if built will ihake the    ^    of    life.    There ,' nroner.y .along the north line of the i.i..,# fw,. t,uh! wflh<n,t ft ban! struBglc, ..,.,1 bill-» few hu,.,ln-a .v•ar«'^ v«m. age. Hcsula.-, li seen.» ro me tl.at,(,,,„^ c..gage.l in this im.mrtant in- the m.m-s, from «•''«■I» c-<.ii.c.sapia;,.- alioulii prepare tlicmselves | liar variety of proJucts.    j    Botifaiiger.    He    ia    to    be First i.s a opal mi„e, the overlyiug |    ,„;bf, 7, sl.ale be.ug lugl.ly ...llftmmable, ami |    ,.,esi<l..„t of tb’o Kreacl. Republic IS shipi»ed a.*» far as tl.an Francisco to |jyj j l»c iKscd in producing ilhtmimitingga.s. j'    .    ... f    *•    IS    •    ai    •    1    I    A    siKirtive    bull    at    Wavnc,    Nel*., L.aycrs ot coaUin varving thickness:    *    *    . t .1 a •    ?'    a    *    1.    a    -ai    ireccntlv    charged    on    the    town    iiixjcn-    , from three to six feet alternate with    .    i hiyers of superior white fire clay. .Sam- icar 01 .Southern Calfor-I nil comiierition, in the .article of rusins, that prompted the .*^i)nnish go'erniiicnt last winter to scheme with Scretay of .Slate to have the duty on foeign raisins repealed. They failed g.:..,itc lor the lou...l,.U«u,    ■'''‘;''‘";"';’)-Hrni.,v.,otk:’ jK'Tch of tlii.s immense ho.stchy ground .am the foiinda ouunauon ;    .    ,    i    n    i    J    . i.s/on Djj. I    I*»»’»®    hiiihlmg and will hfc , imcnse lio.stcliy ist'on iiie!    .    .    • •    •    .i    i    1    ^ id wnrl:mcji are p„,i,j„jj:Dliatls rrodueedlii California. V...  «ation i.s hast as po.ssihU*.    ^    i    Frei|h<aitly    li    tters    are received from The railway company have the new    ^    t    P<?»‘»5ons    in    the    East    de.*íiring toJiiiow freight and passenger depot nearly completed. It will bo a heaiity and i like the other cottage depots at sta-lions whore all the trains stop it will * school district will enable the trustees ¡ |w;hat kindof fruits, vegetables, etc., ¡ to put this school in spleiuliil slwpe. i    Oalíforuia.    Nearly every- ‘ I. W. Ia,r.l, wfcgm cvcrybmly k»««'^ i n,i„g groivs luxiirianllv in California. Los Angeles, ami tbo or.g.onal pr,e Oa-ct i-iheen introdued,but walnuts,chestnuts d other varieties the delicious raan-Indics h Oiir h*'i provided with excellent accomoda-1town, isas P»’<»tid “f this.j    Coco lions. Among tl.e i.,,ph,ve,,,ents L'’'"*’®    'V'*''''”'*;''‘‘V from South seas have not, ;t I ready finished was noticed thc-cosy^’^^'^*^ * fj-iheen introdued,but w and elegently fitted up stationery ;    ho i s himsc in ^e.i »iig s to j    peanuts    an »loro nml postofiice pesided over bv an    fetianf,pis t it promisei .im . j    splendidly; tl siM and well known resideni of Los -    |    gosteen of the EiTst ... Angeles, Al Colder, who with his wife ' P«*<^vement Company me as follows:,    transplanted    to jire enthusiastic over their new homeshores, but oranges, li tljtn, but they will try it again, and I'L''^ to Eastern factories in New oir raisin growers should be con- .fcrsey and Pennsylvania received the tintly on the lookout for a renewal highest praise as being better than o the tariiF danger, as well as for |'»ny fh¡^».^M>htainable elsewhere in Uiis ofiur attempts to cripple .tfieir yonng | country, yewcr ^pipCj ornamental bit most promising industry.—Lo» | ^«cing brick and line .queensware are A /jrlrs Tribu rtf’. -•■V gine while dt wais being .tested. The boys turned the hose on (he hull's eye, and after four successful eliarges the animal retired from tlic field dvscom' tited. " “Do you c.aJl ihi.s a band of picked musicians?” said a hotel manage? fo the leader of a summer band. “Ach! dofvoa so; hick ’em minesellef,” re- Hinong the po.«slhilities of this marvelous deposit. 'riion to find at this same t .    .... t 11-1    » i    phed    the    h.andmastcr.    “Well, then, mine fair quantities of coal, which gets :    *    . ,    , ‘    'lore    they    were (Dtliig There—The Santa Fi* Oets Au ................................ ............ other Kansas Road.    better and better as the dip is followed riie railway Age: The *St. Louis, under the mountains'. And    more,    ^    uistiun    Lnooi. Kmsas City and Colorado—Jíailway, | ^iu«r(> How’s from the mines    the •    imminse    phok>graph,    said    to nw under construction from St. Louis j water necessary for all furture    use in ' Lc one    of the largest in the world, has conuecicd I    taken of the United States Treas- manMous I    building at M'ashington. U UKansas City, with aline to Fort running the maeliinery Sott and thence on in Kansas, has with ih'eso works. How ! i’almer, Genen.l .\g(*nf, hcadqnirtcr? in Lordshu .ami fav at the famil fill cottage home here where thev pro ,    .    ... ,    t I f    Afs.    iM* 1 i    No.    21, Wilson    lllock,    Los Angeles jiu'se to camp for life,    Uhoades ¡    ^    » has also fitted himself    up    a nobby |    Thi.scnci real esUte office near the deuot. He ¡    an excursion    in    a    lew    (lays lo lining every i-s also active agent for the pacific!    (heir    incense    in    every    canyon,    nod- l.and Impiovement Company. Mr.'|    fi’    selci    t    homes    and    get|,ii„jrun    the    mountain    sules    am)    all    feel- ' j that rival those of Spain 6r France, olive.s thai*bring their flavor from the crgetic comi»any propose to ! groves of Aralfia, and w'calth of others, excursion in a few dais to lining every rond.'sidc, sending forth pssed*formally into the ow’ncrship of j-irc the provisions of the great 1^'athjr,    seven    feet    by    four,    ami    is    to lb Athrson, Topeka and SanU Fe , for i he needs of man.    presented    to    cx-Secretary oS 5he as    not    Cmpany, in accordance with a con-j The Ciiouey^jmne of coal and clay    ¡Treasury Daniel E.    Aluuning. willing J    net made several inonlhs ago. Tlie • (icpo;iit, some twaf^miles further, is    j    More Canadian    fi.'?lung vtssels limes, lemons, cmpany has filed an amcndokl char-' quite similar to the first visited, but j have been seized in the North Pacific tr in Kansas, covering eightdill’crent' the clay and coal arc not mixed. j ocean by United Stjites •cruisers. p)post‘d lines, w ith an estimalcd ¡‘curried awaj* some fine specimens j Orders to commanders of .Vmericau Ingth of some 000 miles. Construction | from thc.se mines, among them a beau- i cutters are to the ctTect that .all seal-" ' ishcing puslK'd forward on the main ^ tiful white brick, made from the clhy. ing vessels found in Dehring Sea lie between St. Louis and Kansas | a railroad from Pomona to Filsinore is    to be seized, uitless    they are the pro- Cy, and by another year the Atchison,! projected, and will open up this rich    perty of the A lask.a    Fur Company. Tpeka and Santa Fe will have a line mining region to the oiPsidc world, inn (yhic.ngo to Kansas City byway , livittlu're7ire other valuable deposits of5t. Louis, as well a.s its air line be- discovered ami being worked in the teen the two fir.-t named .«t named places, ¡ vicimtv of this emhrvo Pittsburg.    i    i> i ,•    *    v    i    .i    i -    ‘    *    '    I    1    «I-1    *    «•.    I    ...I «Í :    ,    •    la    • .    -11    1    I . 11 ix 1    .    ‘    .    temple    at    Bubaslis—to be concluded J. A. Packard hasMi beautiful place '    h)    see    wliati>    ;    ,„g ¡pattered when some-one cnine.sj#wieli will be ('onq.leled M* December Very fine gold and asbestos mines have    vio». Uh, and will also have a vejy direct | been uncover'ed nht far áway, wkich lie-from fc;t. Louis to ihc southwest | await the magic wand of capital and of sStmlhern I our atmosphere odorous, hut ircompetition with its powerful rival, | labor to bring them to perÍGctioiL Itf loa acres under a liigh state of cvlti-.    in    one    vf    the    most    prosper-1    a„(]    eats    (hem.    The    fragrant uion afljoining the town. The beau-'e'Hhanlin tiful homestead formerly owned by Col. Heath on block 71 has been pur-»based by Air. .Silver, treasurer of the Catifhrnia Central, who proposes to ♦ rcct a cost!)' residence this fall ami • nous to the C.ili fonda. jr.ctroi he finishing touch of the season in the Delta by the Egypt B*xp!oration fund is the unearthing of the great ¡EI.KXO*. le Missouri 1‘aeilie. Our iiiiinife. ! redwood trees, towering hundreds of I leet towards the heavens, each one I containing enough lumber for a .small j The Biggest Pile in the Dorlil. . IVV.V .. vayoa.j    ............ K»llowiug    cxtrflct, tukeii from I yiii„gc, wave tínfir^ solemn brandies; Tlic Unitci|^States Treasury to-day beautifv the grounds.    G.    A.    Stewart, j    written    by Dr.; Lyman Allen, j ¡,j j^cp eanyonXand .-sentinel tlte j ia vast liaijk in mcfalliomoney and who lately l)ou»'lit the large two-story ;    ^    ' niountain tops; aim-thcn there are | mney metal.s. Prohahly it has the house from the**company    near the dc-    we    publish it for the henefrt locust, mulberry, osago oranges, wal-1 g?nt(wt ho.ard of the precious metals, Yot is runniug it a.s a restaurant and of our KaStern readers.    I iiut and chestnut trees, ami the noble | cined and uj^coiiiod, anyAvhcre on ludging house. iHe alsu runs ares-1 Lordsburg is twenty milc.s east of, (‘ucMlyptUH from Australia;' elms, laurant and lodging house in the west i’a.sadeua, is several hundred feet. maples, tulips, poplars, various, varie-eml of town. .T. J. Jones has started ¡higher, and enjoys the bracing, invig- ties of pines, spruce, larch, the beau-ji lumber yard for the We.st Qoiist lied- j orating breezes which come from tlie LifidjUulifornia laurel, and many other wood Luinher C/inipany at the east ¡sea every day. Read what the doctor ¡ kiiy+^hot to mention rarest shrubbery i .Vnd who knows what els<!j,^nuv‘ be hidden away in the rugged bosom of these unpromi.sing mountains? I of tijtAvu while Mr. J. B. Htowcll.! says    j    w    'ljeji    beautifies    the    land    scape    like    a ‘•ThenH'slrimiarkHhleííahiretdthei    wc^kept gard*m. Flowers? There /VoÍ7'•/^'í^ does the honors    for the    |    »,i¡,nate is its uniformity. Jrtnunry is    «re (lowers eliiiginLMvith their delicate KerckhofF mill and lumber company    '    nearly as warm as July. We have no    i    tendrils to tlie ocean waslied preci|uce; v.ird at the west end of the railroad    !    u-jnier, little ice, soine white, frosts,    |‘lowers by (he roadside, on the pastures, : i« .•‘crvatiou. The now building for the L'jitcm lo.i F.A'.i K, to he puhlisiicd h) ts fare of tlic earth—and this Is not all gthcrcd in one place.- On the 1st of Jly the Treasury of the United Hiatos Id 1278,000.000 in gold, Jf8.l000,000 ling in hari«, and |21 *7,000,000 of sv«r, of which less than |L000,fX)0 MS uncoined, 'rhe amount of Treas-IV notes on hand was less than fí30,-(0,000. The Secretary of the Treas-ly has lioen able by carrying gold next year—which lets the tourist view a splendid temple ruin near the railway, wiiliqi^ a long journey far up the Nile for that purpose. A Diffkrkxt Vine Altogkther.— “What a dcliciqus drink t” said an agri-ciilturally ignorant young women, who Bound by Courtesy.—“Ah I I beg was sipping ^orae kiirayss at the cai-pardon, but your name is Gray?” he tie show* “is it made from the pro-said» as he met a man coming out of | duet of the grapo^winc, George?” * replied George, ‘,'it is made vry seldom snoAV. From October till ¡ »t»iugling w ith the grain, creeping tojirs to keep down (ho nraount of cash M,i*v wc have eccitsional uin.\ amUmomlaiy ciiculatiot^ the IMstolFice. “ No, sir—po, sir—my name is not Gray.’" “ Oh—ab! It isn't, cli? Then 1 lH*g your pardon for hogging )\»ur pardon.”—i>ch*o/i Free Press. 4- One 'vf Buffalo BIU’h Indians disaj»-peared tho other dur, and it was feared bo bad committed suicide by drown-'mg in the Thames, lie returned a few days later, however, and eapUVned that he had merely taken^run over to Dublin “ to see his oidj móthvr."— yorriii'ju n JhraW, , from tl>6 product of the bovine.”— Life, ‘ ♦ A discovery of oil rock is reported at Sargent’s ranch, near Gilroy.* The rock is white, of chalky appearai^e, and when igipted gives a bright and continoons light. It burns fina»lly to ash. It can Ho nsed for fuel ch* illumination. A mountain of .this TQckJs iiTview. It is situated near l>cd8 of bitumen, wburh coyer a largo acreage.    '    ‘
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