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Lordsburg Eagle (Newspaper) - February 23, 1888, Lordsburg, Californiat! UIRDSBORG EAGLE, ^.^BUIBtD tr*BT ni:;B«>AT >T 1 E. BAS5ES A SO!C. ftüBSCKIPTION, ri.00 A year. talarcd at the Post-office In Lo/dsbarg u lAoiwd CHm Matter. THURSDAY, FEB. 23, 18S». Quite a number of co{>ie9 of the Eagle bare been subscribed for by parties interested in Lordsburg and are 'mailed to persons in the East and elsewhere.- All suclKTrho b«fe been receiving the paper, or may hereafter, need have no fears that a bill for.snb^ription will be presented, as we^do not gend the Eagle to a party until ordered and paid for. Denn)crHtic National Convention will be held in St. Louis, June 6th. Me. W. W. Cokcora*^, the noted ph¡lanthrr»piát, of Washington, D. CT., who has been ill for some time" is reported this morning to be slowly dying. ^    , • The President and Mrs. Cleveland lefi Washington last Tuesday to attend the Sub-Tropical Exposition at Jacksonville, Florida. Secrétary and Mrs. Whitney and Colonel and Mrs. Lament accompanied them. - Tlie Committee appointed to select the Soldiers* Home near Santa Monica' says:    ’‘We are exceedingly well pleased witli this section of the country, and the scenery, climate and a hundred other natural advantages, and have no hesitancy in telling you that the Southern California Veterans*-Home will be the grandest and prettiest spot on earth.” The directors of the Atchison road .state that the sales of the new bond> of tj;ie company places it in a strong position for operations this' coming year. Every need of the year is provided for as far as can be foreseen, and the company will have a large balance for working capital.^ and for possible emergency, such for instance as any piratical attacks by iU com-"petetors. The Atchison will not,, it is stated, aUempt any addition to it.-i mileage, excepting the completion of -f’’’'» work now on band. / . A t'alUornla ^llmais. Bumlnere and wit||eCj aró 4o much alike that one -ÍA puzzled to choose between them. Tbc^ are few summer days or^wllich tbe mercury passes 90 dfgrecs Fahrenheit, yet few in winter when it docs not reach-70. The surf that beneath the bright sky and gentle breeze rolk so la;ily iu long miles of snowy foniu ciianges iU temperature scarcely four degrees from' summer to winter. This makes sea bathing an alaiost every day posibili ty; and one may bathe either in the surf or in the still waters of the bay; live two being lOJ yards apart nt the bat h houses. -U^6n the higher "parts QÍ the peninsular even hoar frost is unknown, and on the low pa4s is seen only once or twice in occasional years, and then is gone with the sunrise. As frost can occur in this section only on perfectly'clear nights, tl^ following day is sure to be bright and warm. * At this season,* too, 4he sea breeze has fallen away to mere breath of air, .so that the greater part of the winter days differ slightly in teiiiperaturo from the average summer day. Grass, trees and dowefs and even the tropical plants grow in midwinter with a vigor unknown upon/ most of the low parts of th® mainland where the temeratnre falls loo much by night. We find here what can be found in few other piA'ts bf the world —a place to escape ^th c.dd of winter and the    of summer, where the winter íca, like the winter land, is a plaything^instead'of a terror. And all this in the center of a vast amphitheater, where great mountains sR as silent spectators looking down upW the mightieot of océans.—T. S Van Dyke, in February Overland., Meeting of KaUroad Men in San Francisco. From what canS)c learned regarding the meeting of the Carson and Colorado railroad directors, it is believed that the line is abíHit -to branch out with a new enterprise, by which it ^’ill be given a direct outlet to the seashore. There" w’ere gathered in in this city to-day H. M. Yerrington, president of the line; D. A. Bender, secretary, and Directors M. B. Lang-horne, S;..P. Smith, W. S. Wood and James H. Dobinson. It w’as learntid from cutsiole sources that thege gentlemen met to consult upon the project of the extension of their line spiuh from Owen'.s Lake to Los Angeles. D. 0. Mills, who owns the controi'lling interest in the road, is said to* have become dissatisfied with the volume of business done by it, and is anxious 'to better the condititm of the property. ■The only way that this, can be done, he thinks, is toJ)nsh it on to Los Angeles. A cyclone siruck Mt. Vernon, 111., on Sunday, which virtuldly destroyed the town. It came frAm ^le north-we.st, Hwecping around in a half-circle, and leveling half the town. Then a fire started, and in the strong wind was soon beyond control. Above the roar of the wind could be heard the shirks of the dying, who were half ■buried in the debris. The latest re-poit placi‘8 the killed nt ^9, and ICO wounded, somq of whom will die. Buildings were twisted and wrenched and then dashed to pieces in total wrecks. Property loss estimated at upwards of $úOO OCO, ^—    General Ignorance. ^me of the new-spapars not long a go .made no end x-f fun of a college graduate who cou\d not tel^ who discovered-A mcric.a. Oh, wfll, my son, that is one of the things you cari^t fearn in college. I am like the above graduate, I do not know, who discovered America. If you know, or think you know a man who does know, 1 wish you would tell me. I would^ive some money to learn just that much. I-am also away down in the spelling class. I can not spell Sluvikcspear as Shakespeare himself spelled it. I wish j'oii would, tell me the proper way of spelling tiiat great man’s name. I do not know why there are so many gray horses, and no grey colts. I do not know whether the egg began with thO' hen, or .the. heif started with the egg. I can’t understand why we can’t find the north pole when we know righ^wiiere it is. don’t know why a matinee should come in the afternoon. I don’t know why a man wears buttons on the tails of his coat. I can’t what earthly use an eh-phant’s tail is to him. I don’t under-stanmw)^ people in towul are always wild to go into the. country, and people in tlie country are crazy to come to town.v. Why don’t they change places at once, and be done with it? I do wish I could somewhere hear of a wise man who would devote a few hours every century to teaching me a' few sirnple tilings that everybody ought to kno^, and. that everybody,, t-xcept you and I, secme to knoAw> already.—Buriiclte.( r - Gne-of Liueoln^s Jokes. Rev. Dr Nourse, of -Wasbirigtcn told a new Lincoln story the other day. It was to the ‘eflect that the President was very much annoyed by the persistence of a certain member of Congress named Jerry Smith, who haunted him continually wlierever he ’V. "    - '' A Betittfil S)>ODf«^ In.^^hr.deptiha of tbe Ptii|Bppino seas; iKorly tturee qnarters 6fi a mile Bt/aig^ down, life the mOat béaUUhil of the glass sponges nowadayi They are almost the ^oet beautifol of hature’s werts, long, curved ^roaieo-pias, made of the finest spi(ii''^Ias8 woven into a square-meshe^ lace. iVj i' ‘ Ur. JubD l^w under Mr.Xincolp, vespc^as^de foTAbe folle^g: "    *    :y- Several &en urged Mr. t^ncoln to fs-'move ^retary Of the Treáonry ^Uaae. said he. was in the way of tbe istra^n and hampered tlie preai-deot\ A/ smile played arduuá Ae Around tbe horn, run short mils of Icorueraof the presideut's mouth,.ipd lace, while Ihe snvall end of the horn is enclosed iu a tüft of the siivety hair. This beautiful thing is a sponge, and nearer still to the large sponges among-vthe chalk. Whenever you are in a museum ask to see the Venus’ fiower-pbt. for Idiat is the name of this, particular kind of a glass sponge. While the earth was bqing slowly built up by these beautiful ^‘ings^ under the sea, you may be sure tbe landStas not empty. Enormous*' liz-zárd-like creatures wandered ^ver the shores or slipped heavily into the water. Great flying lizzards beat the air as they rushed' dfownward from some high tree or lofty rock. There were fifty different-kinds of immense snake-like creatures, sometimes eighty feet long.- The reign of Yepliles wras drawing taa close, but it was not over. There are on tha earth now only six large kinds of reptiles, and these uot over twenty five feet iu length. There were few^ beings above the reptile class, but the four-footed-feeasts-to come,'the lóammals, as tbeyV^are called, were beginning to shadowed forth by a class, .the lowest of the quadrupeds, to wdiich the kangaroo arifl opossum of our time belong, that, liuk the lower with^the higher fprms. These creatures have a pouch in which the uhforrted young’are kept till they are fully formed.    / The climate must have oeen warm all over the earth The plfinta and animalsAhat existed in all parts of the w’orld in ^hose days live onlji in the hottest country now. The forests through*_which the reptile monsters roamed were made up of tree ferns and palms in the island of Spitzbergen, where there is perpetual ice and snow now, as well as under the equator.— Harper's Young People. Interested parties bnve alleged with cmpliHMB that there was an C|Rd to tlrd ' “boom.” Real estate has been supposed to be dull since the turn .of the year. How far nut of the w.iy this impression has been will be apparent by the following compiiris<jn of the month of January for thico years. Year No. Transfers. Amount. ‘622    11,018,578 18^7.............2,090    5,006,270 AflSsl............2,678    6,610.175 \ Xnd February starts-off in spirited •ty|e with 128 sales at an aggregate valpation of $784,950 for tho first day of the month. Times will be red-hot in reality during the conring spring. —L. A. Herald.    , V in San Francisco, says there has went with aiiplications for office oiT never been so large a call for peach. tho part of his'constituente. One d>>,y a delegation of clergymen called upon Lincoln, to pay respects, and one of I hem asked him if he ever sought counsel and guidance from the Lord dur-ing that lime of his great rcsponsi-rdlity and anXieiy. ‘‘Yes,” replied Mr. Lincoln, “I pray ev^ry night before I retii'e. I think-of ilie.hundredi- of thousands of soldiers camped in the South, the Loys in blue as well as the boys.in grey, ar.d I pray that the one may be supported iu their efforts to preserve the Union and the other shown the error of 'their unholy strife. I* think of the thou-hands of deserted homes in the North, »)f the thousands of weeping women and fatherless children, and I pray God to give them stpengUi to. bear, their bereavements and the wisdom to see that    husbands,    son.s and fathers have died 'fighting for the right. I think of my responsibility and pray for strength and wisdom. Then I look under tho bod and, finding that Jerry Smith is not there jvi|li an application for office, I thank the Lord for it, turn out the light, lock the door, jump in between the sheets umj go to sleep instantly/' A Romance of Compriessed Air. (New York Press.)    , A gentleman who, by the way, is quite a celebrated organist himself, was wandering ihrough the organ loft of St. Andrew’s .church when he i    " slipped and fell into the diapason p.ipe of thff huge instrument. He went down feel foremost into the ^cone of tho pipe until he was firmly wedged. The more he straggled, tbe tighter he wedged hinkelf, and, being above twelve fee^Urom the top of the pipe, the ail .8oon\|^egan to give out, and he became frightened at the idea of dying in the prison where accident had lodged him. His frantic shouts for help did nt) good. Affer spending a night in this dangerous and dismal hole, and having in his struggles .'trippc^ off his coat, he wound it about his waiát, so that no air cquld escape from below. Soon he heard the sonorous tones qf the organ and ascended to pipe until he could reach the top with his harids.V Then he knew that - I    )\ air had been pumped in below him, and that by gradual compression of I he air he had been forced up as vthrough *&' pneuniHiic tube. As he drew himself out of the pipe he gave one hearty and fervent shout of “Saved!” which rang above the tones of the organ and nearly frightened the organist to death. The demand for fruit trees for « - planting this year is unprecedented. R. F. Trnmbull, an old dealer in trees he'said:    '    ' “Thát.réniiadi nie of a fermer ont W^est.' H« wae plowing with his old mare Nance, one hot summer day, and and his son was following anoUier plow-in an adjoimng furrqw.* A horsefly got OH Nance’s nose, and the son kept yelling to his daddy to stop and get the‘fly off the mare’s nose. The father paid no attention to bis vociferous son for awhile. Finally the son kep\ yelling about the fly on Nance’s uGse until the old man answered :* ^ “ ‘Now» look a hear, you jist keep quiet; that cro fly on Napoe’s nosy makes her,go faster.’^’ There was a sndüen collapse on the part of those who panted Secretare Chase removed. ' ^ Strack it Rich. A letter received by S. B. Tnbbs from his partner, John Peterson, who is at work on a gold mine owned by them in the Carga Muchacho ra9untáin.s, -neajr Yuma, says theVJ»«Ye struck it rich, in a new shaft Three feet of gold-bearing' quartz oped, which will has been devel-pay handsomely. Samuel Brown, who is also well known in Pashdena, is at work with his two partners on an adjoining claim and are developing a vein of* gold-bearing rock. Thek mines, are located six miles from Oglesby on the line of the Southern Pacific, and are less than a t mile distant from the famous Cargn Muchacho mine, which was sold for over $600,000, and which gave the country such prominence in mining circles a few years ago.—Pasadena Union.    ' A Glass Manufactory*^ The Los Angeles ^lass Manufacturing Company has filed articles of incorporation, with a capital stock of $100,000, divided into_ 1000 -shares with a par value each, of $100. The company proposes to locate in this city. Its progress will be watched with interest, as their industry is a brand new enterprise for this section of the country. Its projectors have unlimited faith, and the company has a strong board of directors. It comprises so.me ot radst influential and entgrprising citizens—men who are workers and who will bring* to their new enterprise a business experience that ^’ill prove of invaluable worth to the company. The directors are as follows :t Dr. H. Naíeau, Fortune Dogneaux, Col. Charles H. IloWland, E. Germain aqd W. A. Clinton.-7-Xo« Angeles Tribune. mm. is the ^ .“V TO PÜRCHÁSE Iir r.~t e -THE- ■\. & J -BETWEEN- -AND- SAN -ON THE- CALIFORMA 'CENTRAL! A. “MOUNTAIN ROAD.” THE LOBDSBURG DEPOT 18 NEARING COMPLETION, AND ISONE OF THE. FINEST IN THIS PART OF THE STATE. WORK IS PROGRESSING RAPIDLY ON THE apricot, French prune, almonds, olives and oYanges. The stock of all these varieties', except perhaps, oranges has practically been sold our. It is fair to estimate that between 350,000 and 500,000 oíive trees wiM be planted this season. .    '    ,    * A new $75,000 hi^el for G^ltqn is said to be an assnbed fact. It ts to ■ 4 •)e built by Mr. Seymour, proprietor of the Russ House in San Francisco. It will be of, brfek, four stories in haight and is to contar^ 150 rooms.— Courier.    * Daniel Doane Bid well, a Hartford lad, graduated from Yale in tho v'ÍRbs of’86, has abandond the journalisiic path and mapped out-for himself, and l)lts sailed for the Bahanias, bent on finding the long-loft; gold of Captain Kidd. He is equipped with a chart inherited from his grandfather, who received it from a dying sailor, the map giving an out line o^iand in the Bahamas, with c-ibalistic signs directing where and how to dig. When General Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate'armies, came home from war, his wife found an unopened bottle of brandy which she had placed in his trunk to bo used, in case of sickness. He never used Xobacco.v Me refused promotion to an officer whodrank^ saying: *‘I cannot place in control of others one who cannot control himself.” .    .    , f     ;- . Two years ago and Corpnado be^ch was but a wide, sandy stretch of territory, where only the preparations for improvements had commenced.- Now according to tíie Xornadb Mercury, 108 pupils have been admitted to her public scnools. The town has grown 'up like a mtrshroorq./ It is one of the many examples of rapid growth in Southeiyi Califojjpia.. , -.sT WEST, GOÁST, LÜMBER COMPAMY, LpRDSBURG, . ' I, now full, prcptred to fill u, oriltn In tholpiine. MILL WORK Á SPECIALTY. * .* ^    f-'    •    t Contractors furnished with Estimatca on Mill V/ork. ^ OUR MOTTO 18 SQUARE DEALING TO ALL- ‘ • * ■ " ■ ' . • ‘ » Give call and be coor^cd. >T. J: JONE^, Manager. HOTEL LORDSBÜRG, WHICH -ISkTO cost, whbn bbapy. for GUESTS, $100,000 AND WATER. RESERVOIR BE COMPLETED IN A FEW THE NEW WORKS WILL DAYS, AND LORDSBURG WILL HAVE AN INEXHAUSTIBLE SUPPLY OF PURlf^ARTE-” SIAN WATER. THEN THE VIIlA FOUNTAIN WILL BE AN ATTRACTIVE FEATURE to THE EYE. * TO INVEST IN LORDSBURG' NOW MEANS TO DOUBLE YOUR MONEY INSIDE OF SIX MONTHS.    • n - TO BUILD IN LORDSBURG NOW MEANS H.VPPINESS AND CONTENTMENT^ C ' NO FORE W IS THE TIME TO PURCHASE, BE-i^E^THER ADVANCE IN PRICES. RESTAURANTS, BOARDING HOUSES AND STORES ARE READY TO PROVIDE. Ci. \ f .PDST^FFICE AND TELEPHONE READY * RECEIVE AND DELIVERY» I-t-CALL ON ARNOli) & V SitBBití, AOEffTd, ) ■( Lprdsb LOS AIÍGBLE» CO, CAt ■; i'l .    S'. ■ V '1-
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