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Lordsburg Eagle Newspaper Archives Feb 23 1888, Page 4

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Lordsburg Eagle (Newspaper) - February 23, 1888, Lordsburg, California TIME TABLE. 1 A LI FOR NIA CEN'iríAJ. UAlLLO'\D. >^aoUi Fe Roi’.to.) — . KAST Bo^^n. Xo. M—Ji*n r.frnr.rillnn Arcnm Ka. ÓS—Kan>ns C»tv Expr^-^p.. Xo. iV—8an    ftspr.oss No. 5á—San Rornar.iiun A>Vinn. No. «3—>i4u ¡)iojto F.xpro' s vílíT nor NU. Ko. fA—I.OS Angele? E curt^th.. Xo. M—I.OS '•‘'"-Xo. W—1,0» Ai;gele? Expr*r->s.. Xo. CO—íjJá Aiiiieles Aecom, No. f-8—Kbuví City Expross. .V M. ' F M. *8.q! I ‘>.«>4 I y.ci *7.(N) I ^ '0 I V,.-;4 i v.so I ThiA Pariíi'í jConi]):Ujy .AiA pipo ilippjd m having it luiJ. the inlcotujii have llio water pip Uj lluir pj«.H ci'v now in a icw dav<. Land Lnprovement ' woik alone is $•],.%'() and it will having tiicir \vat> r ivaJy for .Nhipntent by JfarCli 20th. p’* !i    tu We n jilvtNtand it Ti'.e lit'irary Hociety i»f' Lordsburg lo^^t at tlie rcaidciue of W. .S. Odh* CLAREMONT •Tr'¿jii8 ftff'p. t Tho Kan»as City Express will stop to land paiMngers. All trains run dally. n. B. AVITKTX9, Í. X. VICTOR,    Geii.    Pti»s.    Ag’t. ■Saperlntendent. C. 8. GTLIERT, Local Agent. 01 l.'ilá (rDpanV tvt, , /V .    1    *    '•    .• , .    *    ;    aioK    iiecled    a    perniauent    organization uv' ihc a lopiion of a e<*nstiLulion and i.yd^'''^-    term    oinee,    is    rníed    all We were    a y.anplo m* rvl    ofneers    for    Sn    | ííamiNtone by C. D. Ainhruse, of I> ! » ;.sning term, are :    W .S. I‘die, prds- mona, the other day, whiJi is pi'o-j    j^tella liarnos, coeretary ; nonnced a fi ie <pi .i:iy “L bniiding j j \y    Query stone. The s'onc is fonrid on Mr. ;\.ommiifoo:    Mks Oora Ellerhorst, .Vmbr.>sc-‘s ranch ab^lUt miles north- yjp q ^    .^leLaprcn. Is still in th€ advance. west <d Lord burg and we undersiand he intends to still iurther I'lO'pect the itidgo. 'x    /    . Arriral end Departure of Mail.s Arrives froro the EÍsBt .it L'cpert.s for the Ei»s\ut  ......W.]ht<    «t    .. The eliiisteniiig of tlia.ciociety elic'.eil sum . iiiv; u>'ion and was linally g^ttlod by e¡4bn-g it the ';Lord.ibiirg Literary S.-l ti I*. N. S.4.^ A..M. _ ti.13 .Vf M.\i Mr. E. C'^L-fer, I.ito t;f M-nncMp'»!!.-,; .-i ; l. ty.” .Minn., id b’li'diiig a- 5-ro'"m cottage | Ti.o snbjcct under din.cusoi ui was near the ov)i'ner of 1) and ¡^onth Fii>t j Dani. 1 W'eb.'^ier, but as little time wat> >tr.at.s as u r'..'^iik•n■’e for in.s fanoly a:b ivd to -it, the s..mo subject waa .Mr. Cartel sp- nt the •Arrives fro’n the Departs for die Wost'ii—3.4A e. M. future h V«M elus.-s 1*' nsinRtes Wfore train time, o.lioc open on 6untlA> fruiu U tu 11 >t. xu. AL. COLLER, P. M. MOUNTAIN EOUTE LO^DSBUP.G AND TOJIONA Stag© Line. ConBCCting Poincna r. itli tho Califoirda Cestral Ealirond. i*t&ge leave* P.vmona fci- I.ord.-bvirii a;-; iollo’." ¡N.itó To: 7-4.V a. Pi. Coiiticct with i.A'ia. ui. “    ‘ 8.45 p. m. e.8Cp. in. I,c,< Ar^alic. Sf.r. 1.1.^ Aiioelc-y. SiiU DL'gu. V.ino‘1- in r.is.i-dena and in ' loukihg ai..und for a plaoe to l.'caic llxed on JAird>burg as onie, in whixdi tVc tliink ho display-j gt. >d tasto and bu.'íines> judgement. ’ A new set of school tiudecj appoin ant for tl to take ll eoniine.d to the next meeting. which takcá plaeo Tuesday evening^ March r»th. V/a-^Iiiogton’s birthday was cele-I iirated by a large party of L‘)rd=burg ' p.eo¡'b and. a fe w invit rl guests from new set oi scnool trusleoj were’ ,,    ,    . .    .    .    1 oinv'ia, by a pie-nic excursion to Live inted hv i!ic cuuntv supcriPtciiM-'    ,    .^r^’ ‘    ¡vd.ik Caiivon. I lie day was fair and or tins sciuaH ^iistnet hu't week ¡ .    . / Siie is Steadily Mug, aad is Coiianiliiig tbe Attention ol Ail. s sciuaU ^iis 10 p.lacV (if the old board The neccseitv for this ac'ion wa.s (The 6.20 trip only coimecis when the A.'i fr.im Los Augelf.i i.s on time or the staoj is notified.) Stage le.aves Li,-r'J.'hiuu on arrival of trains. ImporUut (rliauge iulinie table about Beptember 18th. Fare between Lord.Bbnrg and I<is Argclc.s, each way,......fl.CO F»re between Potaoua and Lordtbur::, each way,......2óob    . Baggage traasfcrred at low rate.s. Stage cfilli Rt all hotels ih Puiuoiitt. caused by tb.e incnrpor.iti.in of Lurnotv'i'.... .    *    .    *    f , , V n ^ •    -1    -! ‘ oaiiyun Ainu tii me ( Id (iTteer.s ail being rost-.-ents ot ;    ,    .    . tliut teriih'ty. Tb.e iilW < fi'cer.- ure. •Mr. McCl-iU-y, lYlev Flemn'ig and Baynes, who will hold ciUcc uinil July T-t. Tie.vt; Orders h tve boon jssaed to have the fiP.o SO-,one orch ir ! o.V!--'! by t'le P.isadena Syndica.tecultiv i(:-d a.iid put in good trhn. This is a good niov and will prove to be money w’a-ely ej t>ended its niiliiing .*^0 mars t!ie looks' ¡ beautiiui and the party ei>joyed the i rugged scenery an I tire plucking of iM liuwers to iho fulljst c.vtent. icr foothills is a j favorite resort, and i.a one of the chief j ;itti;;crion.s in the. ncighbóFhoo 1 of ' Lordsbnrg. The laiich was enjoyed j by sii.irpened ¿ij’tpeliles and the or- | anges gr.jwn up tliere were deciae^ to bo Too finest grovrn in the state. .V ftvV of t'ui paity m.ulo tbe a«oont of tho iir.st rango of niountahis and \v#re loud in their .pr.iises of the view obtained. Tho entire p.irty cut. CHUSlTi NOTICE. XprcRching every Sunday Rftc-rni^^ .at tho icfeool house at 3 p. in. Bynday School at 2.15 p. rn. Aih»^re cordially iuvito.l attendbcih .services. Jons VVesb Pastor. ; joyed tlio day to tho fiillesl e.xtcnt und pros]ioetH o; ii tuwa as 10 see !<« jmul •vuled Washington's birtluUty in |)ichards uiul vincyar-ls gvov.ing up to 18SS as the pleasantest one tpeiU in weeds.    '    '.ill their lives. A man by-llie n.ame of John Burke co:nmiti('d suicido in ♦North Tomon.i hist Siitiii Jay by sliootiiig himsidf in ! lie he:id. Ti;e' wound did not produce iv THl’BSDAY, FEB. 23, 1£88. EAGLETS iiistant death and tlm uirfortuhate man lingered unid SonJay night. H? came t<- r.miuna from I’asiulena a few days before. At tlie i-itler jJace !.o was ill ll.c cmidoy of the Craig Bro’s. Nfo cause is assigned for ghe rash ad. I On Tuesday tliey commenced sel!-I itig railroad tickets and receiving .and delivering in lil at S.in Diaiis Station .•<0 tlie La Verne people go there now instead of' Lor.lsbuvg. S.in Dimas has no safo'uis—LordsUurg h;i.^, and that’s wlnt’s tb.e matter with Loods burg.—Johaihan, in Ihisadona Union. Too trne, my dear hroLlier, we liave saloons, but we ob.'^erve that some of Improvements are Going on Apace. How the grass and weeds do grow. - -N.O-W is the time to buy property in Lordsburg.    . We heard a sa'niiegioua chap call it "Birtliington’s Washday.” A barber shop would p.'^y liand-iomcly. Who will give us one? Tho new^ Palomares Hotel at IV moDiV will be o¡>eueu for luisincss ne.xt T.eck. J. A. Goxe, a paper denier of Los Angeles, made the Eagle oliice a cn!! thhsAveck. South Pasadena votes on the ¡question of ineorporatiou Saturday the 25th inst. There is a good opening in .Lordsburg for ft dry goods store, groceries, boots and shocxs, etc. The citizens of Monrovia are making arrangements to erect an academy in tbftHbriving^ootUill city. A new time lable will go intcTeíTex t "next Sunday, February 23, on the California Central railroad. ■Sunday school and preaching services at the school liouse next Sunday afternoon, beginning at 2.15. Schenck & Gilbert W the siyle of a new firm in Lordsburg. If you rant a good smoke give them a call. We understand that i\Ir. Smiley, of Pomona, will put in a large stock of lumber in Lordebiirg in a lew days. ^our car loads of water pipe were iiuioaded in Lordsburg this W'eek. It will be used in the Sun^pima& neighborhood. The rea’ estate transactions in Los ' Angeles county for last week foot up the neat little pile of .f 1,303,789 The boom is still moving onward <anil upward. 0. T. Carter has bought the Lorch-burg and Pomona hack line and will ourry pAStengers between the two points for the low fare oí 10 rents. The line ou^ht to bo libcjrally patron-iieJ. J. M. Overmfin, in preparing to fhoe a horse last Monday wa.s kicked on the right arm near thp shoulJer causing a painful bruise. Juo pretty sick for a while from the' pain but we are glad to note, that he i.-all right again.    ^ The entertainment that was to be given by thaDabtist society of Pinnonu last Tuesday evening has been po?t poned one week. It will take j)l.K» next T^^uesday evening, snd quite « numl/fr of I ordsbnrjcrs intend g'Jny ! tii( ii bv.'it custo'n.MS corns fruii the The Pomona Daily Time? wt:<k IP,I    Verne.    If    you pi.blichcd a    aHicle    Je?.;rlptive'j\^.,,,,lj of a load tiiiit OS b( ing hujsMucIjJ ^    Station,” tp;*, we would be l.y way of tlo? SJn Joso hiiks    ¡    niuch    obliged.    If    it    were    not    for    out- Pomoi.'i'^o Lordi,burg, -ii.e road    juatronage    the    saloons    of    Lonbs- being, built by Mr. P. C. iiiuuer, who    poon    shut up shop. .>wus a large trad of land in liase    ---------- h’iils, wliii h, we m-.y lomaik in p.iss- IJIencs.? in yoiuh is just likedrink- f. .••L r:;g, will the mod yMiiab'j lands ing liquor—it forms a habit which in the Ftale in tlio Íuí)ire, There ■ gro.vs until its victim becomes entirely gt i‘.s mercy, ll'e result of idluacs? iintis young mcu at inanhood’s prime with no vUible rncfuis of support, with no desire for anything tiiai at least .javors of manual labor. :s an;juo room il.ie ixsideii'-e sites up tiu're and tr view is Vraiid. Wiscn llir.s rce.d i.s completed, it v. ;i! In one of tlie fine.'-l drives in tuo Wi..rldi, and v.iil be a i'.avoritc route to our luigbboimg city of X OilAt.uJ a. T? ii. 8. Bassett r.crntly sold for II. Miigiii ibc (b! CoLdiich place cun-f.i>tiu'g of 10 acres in lim Southern part of Stewart town for it’10,COO. \V. D A writer in theíían D^ego I^ee makes a well-founded complaint thus ; “\VilI you kindly ihiorni me why fciiit is so high here?” asked a well known railroad man to me the other day. “At New York, wliere v uir or luge-’ ;.r>' in The money and energy of the projectors and settlers is making this a live place for business, and a lovely location for residence. All trains on the California Central Kuad slop liere. ' i ■    * The New $30,000 Hotel is Now Completed. Is connected with Pomona by a first class Stage Line.    - Two coruplete \Vater Systems' furnish more water than is needed. SEEING IS BELIEVING.    ,    ,    . Sp<md your next holiday in Claremont; pic-nic under the grand old oaks; feast on the luxuries of life aa afforded here. Next day buy in Claremont, and double your money inside of the next six months—if you don’t want the place for yourself.    ,    . Stores, Kestaurant, Schools, and a New Depot established. Post-office open October 1st, Pacific Land Improvement Company, LO^ ANGELES, CAL. SUBSCRIBE ij^oRDSBÜRG REAL ESTATE AGENCY FOR THE -AND is tli3 luirchascr. This is j competition with Florida fruit. I iiav the fourth time Ba"^i:lt ha-j sold this place v.ilain a ycr.y, the variou.s amounts paid bviip; as foiiews;    1^1200, .p3b(J0; 750U,    —Pumona Times. D. II. Call, of San Fernando, made the Eagle office a pleasant call to-day. ID; is the contractor for tlie'stonework, brickwork    and ^daotering    of    the Lordsburg    Hotel and he.    says ho    e.x- pccts to have the foumlation all.ready for the Ci'Tj)( liters uy tlie l;>?t of nexi week. It .won’t be but a fi.ov d.tys now (iniil a score or^ more of caiqienter? will betouployed on the hotd, adding tlie joyful music of saw ami hamnu r to the hum of iiusy life in Lordsljurg, I. W. llugus was in town yesterday and conveyed tlie joyful iiilelligence that the long delay in pu.shiiig the Lordslinrg H jt* 1 foiwvard to ci,m|»lelioii was broken and that its coiislructioii wull be pu-'hi'd from uuw    011    as fa?l as nifii and    mom‘y coufd    do    it.    'J’lu' boom is now' on, and with our Ü00 h(/tel ami fine resideiice.s ami Itusim-ss iilocks going’ up on every Inuid, it will stand everyone looking about fi/i' a 1 lace to locale to “catch on”. J. \V. Sallee has returned from the East and brings hack 25 pounds im.re avordupois than ho took away with him. lie explainnl to us Iho jilan of hi? new house wliieU is to lie liiiislied in hard wmod throughout, each ‘ room on tlr.'t lloor to be of diilen iit material. The hall and parlor are to he finished in w liiut, the family room in hnlter-nut, the library in eberry, the dining-ro 111 in oak, and tlie upper rooniH all in ( vjin.'^s, Tlie contract was let to Si iamis Mill im n aiul the work to ii'é all done in e.ibinet style. The malt rial is to he of tlie best Uind and ten VI'.,r- 'M. 'rie null eonlraet for 3,5 to -li)*M'nts a dozmi for navel?. At (Biicago the ¡nice is about the same; at Denver 50 cents; at San Francisco. 75 cents, and in San Diego $1. Now 1 submit that lliis is an outrage, and verv poor policy, to boot. If you want really goo(l California fruit at living prices, you have to go to New York, vfdn YOU tell me why this is so?” Loráskrg Eagle Strnyed, From Claremont,Wediiodsay morning, om> dark ,bay marefweighing about 1200 Ib.s, branded on hip 0. Ph The iiiuler will please return same to blavk.-^mith at Lordsburg and receive suitable reward. C. H. Hilbert. CTubing Kctcs. By arranuoineiits made with the [Uiblislier of the Rural Californian we are able to furiiinh this valuable journal and tlio Eagle one year for.the b.w piice of .f2-50. The Rural Califoi-^lian is a 2d page monthly, neatly bmi-:id ami covered in mnga/.ine fori.ii. It is a good paper for tho horticul-liuist, the home and fireside. Caipenter’s aprons at »Svveet’s. Buy your Furniture at Sweet’s. I’oniomi. PANTS I PANTS! PANTS! We give away a genuine Maydole liammer with every pair (M Pants at .‘{'2.50 and over at 0. Sweet & Co. ruiuona, Cal. I50ARDING. A few' lodgers, and day boarders can be comfortably uccommodated at the PASADENA HOUSE. West I’aHi A. BAK.'citj BUREAU OF INFORMATION, LORDSBUUG, CALIFORNIA, BANRES BROS. & TINCHER PROFITS. The Best Townsite ox THE Calilornia Central R.R. TERMS ¡F2 A YEAR. Does a general Real Estate and Insurance business. Having established themselves in Lordsburg will be pleased to give any information in reference to the place to those desiring to invest in lots or adjacent acre property. LORDSBURG l8 situated on the California Central railroad, a part oí the great Santa Fa system, 30 miles east of Los Angeles and 28 rniles west of San Bernardino. The Sierra Madre range of mountains are three miles north. The town lies in the center of a fertile valley capable of producing all tho farm products and all the citrus and dcciduobs fruits. The soil is a rich sandy loam. Tho water supply is inexhaustible—a pipe line conveying pure mountain water to all parts of the town, and an abundance of pure, soft'IVater can be obtained at I a depth of 20 to 25 feet. Our altitude is 1200 feet above    the    level of the    sea. I The air is pure, balmy and bracing, making tliis one of    tho    best points    in Southern California for invalids. The mountain scenery is grand, and from •he hills on the south a view of tlie grand old ocean, 40 miles away, may be ! ii.ul. Fruits^xnd lloweis are gathered the year round. If you desire to locate in this sun bright clime correspond    with ui. Wo also have the agency for several good insurance tompanies. Informulion cheerfully given and all correspondence promptly answered. ' Address, BARNES BROS. <fe TINCHER, '    ,    Lord?buro, Cal.
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