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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 30, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The h Iii Point Enterprise Good afternoon an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d a. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice mirrors an absence of thinking Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor 4a thursday september 30, 1976 thoughts for today and he said to them a go and fell that Fox. Behold i cast out demons and perform cures today and tomorrow and the third Day i finish my course. Nevertheless i must go on my Way today and tomorrow and the Day following for it cannot be that a Prophet should perish away from Jerusalem a a Luke 13 32. 33 a pro flow in the activity o f today and the Ann n Ranee of a a Ralph w Aldo Emerson american Enma it. Wanted a hero Moshe Dayan s tuesday appearance in High Point served As a reminder of the i n i Ted states commitment to help bring peace to the Middle East but it was also an unhappy reminder of something else. Americans like most people worldwide Are constantly searching for heroes. We All want to find the one person in whom we can place absolute Faith and for whom we can hold unbounded admiration. We seek a Man whose intelligence and ability to get things done Are surpassed Only by his Charisma and Talent for relating to the common Man. No one needs to be told heroes Are not to be found in the United states these Days. It is painfully obvious when voters fail to go to the polls to select the Man to fill the highest office in the land that they see no a hero a among the candidates watergate is blamed for turning Many people off. But the problem goes much deeper than that. It is not just corrupt Ion that keeps our politicians from becoming the Strong leaders we desire it is mediocrity. Maybe we just know our leaders too Well in these Days of All pervasive elec t runic Media and probing investigative reports. Perhaps we have been trained to look for the worst in the Man who says he wants to Lead us rather than the Best there was. Undoubtedly less scepticism in the Days when leaders were More removed from the people and thus could be viewed in a More romantic fashion than the Leader who bumps his head getting out of his plane. Whatever the reason the fact remains americans can look up to no one As a hero in the Way the vast majority of israelis look up to Moshe Dayan. It was at least partially apparent tuesday night what has made Cavern the near legend he has become. He is an intelligent and articulate Man with a wry sense of humor that surfaces quickly. He has not been above criticism in his own country but to the masses he is still the Man who led the israelis to Victory in the incredible a six Days he is also the Man who honed the fighting spirit of the israeli Soldier to a Fine Point the most impossible Odds won t faze him. Dayan is. Above All things a Man who inspires Confidence. Added to that is the dash of excitement the romantic touch that turns a Leader into a hero. Evidently the adversity Israel that tiny country surrounded by enemies has faced since its beginnings in 1948 has managed to Mould the kind of hero american affluence no longer seems to be producing. Shifting tax loads when anybody talks about changing lax systems it pays to look at who that anybody is before even beginning to consider the merits of the proposition. On that premise we be experienced some difficulty As we pondered a recent Resolution by the North Carolina association of county commissioners. That Resolution in rather Broad fashion asks the general Assembly to study the possibilities of having some of the local tax Burden shifted from property holdings to an income basis. In times past municipalities have been the chief promoters of at least one possibility a the payroll tax on the theory that those who live in the suburbs and Rural areas but commute to City jobs ought to share in the costs of services of the cities they have promoted it As a More equitable arrangement than simply adding year after year to the property tax rate. The re is of course More than one Way to effect the same result. If the state itself could increase its own income tax projecting the news Revenue and hand some of it Back to the local governments both City and county thus allowing those local governments to Cut Back on the property tax Load a new measure of Equality would be accomplished. We Are inclined to believe that the county commissioners Assn would lean toward the Iatter since their constituencies would for the most part be most unreceptive to the theory of shifting burdens from City to county. At the same time one might Well Ponder How the membership or the leadership of the association balances out in the matter of Urban is. Rural residence and business interest. At any rate if our Crystal Ball has any. Accuracy left in it. The message comes across that North Carolina is several Light years away from accomplishing any Radical surgery on its taxing system the present Structure is decidedly tilted toward the no Urban interest and so is the general Assembly that controls All taxing authority. Building a better budget by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus a Friend just happened to overhear a bit of commentary on one of those nighttime radio talk shows which demands commentary on our part. We won t mention the station or the name of that talk show Moderator because the last thing in the world we want to do is to give their Type any free publicity the caller and the commentator or Moderator were discussing the relative merits of various candidates running for office in the forthcoming fall elections. In course of the conversation the caller put this rhetorical question a Well what has president Ford done for our state a and much to our dismay the Moderator echoed the caller by repeating a yeah what has he done for our state a thus proving he was As stupid As his caller. The immediate question which comes to mind is what did that empty headed pair think any president not just president Ford could a do Quot for them that they could t do for themselves Are the people of the state so weak so feeble so incompetent that they need some sort of keeper to take care of them9 it s dollars to doughnuts that if they had been asked what they thought a president should have a done for them a it would have been More Money for welfare or More Money for schools or More . Governmental appropriations of some sort in that state. Apparently this pair Are so simpleminded they Don t understand that the president has not a Penney he can a a give to them without first taking the Money from them and then hopefully handing it Back a after a hefty deduction of course to cover the costs of collecting and disbursing the Money. If Many people go to the polls with nothing More on their minds than what the politicians or Washington bureaucrats can a a do for them then heaven help us the new controller at High Point me Dhal Emerson h. Teveit. Has purchased the Lovely Home of or. And mrs. L. H. Baker at 988 Nottingham re. And he and mrs. Teveit will be moving into it shortly having come Here from Florida the Bakers Are a pc Mon did you Ever see a Skinny strongman a letter to the editor taking an apartment at Wesleyan arms. Civitano with t. G. Shelton As their new president for the ensuing year will Confer their a outstanding citizen award Quot this evening in their annual ladies night event. Joel Campbell who Heads this years mayors committee on employment of the handicapped. Is placing special emphasis the week of oct. 3-9 upon hiring handicapped persons who need to earn a living a speakers in that cause Are available through Max Meeks. Chairman Larry St. John of the muscular dystrophy telethon Here reports $16,833 raised this year. Almost $3,000 More than last year. Would you know there Are now la enclosed air conditioned Bridges connecting the Southern furniture Market Center wings at floors two through eleven the Lith connecting the Commerce and Wrenn wings at the Lith floor with seating on those Bridges for rest Breaks and snack food service on or near each Bridge. Ricky Pierce is the new Ranger at Camp Wharrie. In residence there to supervise Camp activities especially maintenance and construction projects. Rick and his wife Cindy and their two children moved in earlier this week. We were interested in the look the Manchester guardian took at the democratic candidate for the american presidency. Jimmy Carter in Light of an interview he gave Playboy Magazine a the Carter that emerges from Playboy is a simpler More tangible Man than any previous portrayal has contrived he worries he admits errors. He feels angry enough about racism to wonder whether he a in the right business. His shoulder is chipped. Under pressure he prays rather than drink Bourbon a Short skirt can throw him. A controversial Friend will be supported under fire a in a a human being in a not a packaged article you can put in a Little Box and say a a Here a a Southern Baptist. An ignorant Georgia Peanut Farmer who does t have the right to enjoy music who has no flexibility of mind. Who can to understand the sensitivities of an interpersonal relationship and vet people fresh from Playboy Are saying that More a pre connected candidate his soul is a Little Barer now and maybe it will do him harm. But before the easy sneers proliferate the easy sneer ers might Ponder what we want from our politicians. The smart and surface Sheen the painful Workings of a mind with innermost thoughts attached or merely a target Hung As glibly for a platitude As for a halting truth a flooring Magazine devotes four entire pages to the carpet business which the late George t. Wood launched with opening of the furniture Market 55 years ago and since grown last year into a $10 million business based Here with branches in Charlotte and Goldsboro Roanoke va., Greenville Charleston and Columbia s.c., servicing All North and South Carolina together we Ith portions of Virginia and Tennessee. It s unusual but according to Chip Wood president and Richard Wood vice president the firm has never hired a Salesman everyone of their salesmen started working in the warehouse cutting and loading carpet thus they know what has to happen before a customer gets the carpet he orders because they be done it themselves. The company has la territory salesmen and two contract specifiers that were trained from the ground up in the Wood company base Here each a professional who earned his Way up through the ranks. By the time one becomes a Salesman for the Home firm he really knows carpet Brothers Chip and Richard who head the company since death of their father Frank h Wood Pride themselves on the warm atmosphere their firm emits and credits it for much of their Success. A people buy carpet from people not from vending says Chip a in this business like any other you be got to let people know they re traditions of the firm go a Long Way Back to those Days in 1921 when George t. Wood became a distributor for several carpet Mills which had Southern regional showrooms Here or Wood s reputation As a knowledgeable carpet distribution resource spread into a new group o f professional carpet retail specialists and the company has been growing Ever since medical spokesman denies accusations oct. I formerly a nondescript Date on the Calendar this year acquires a new significance. It will Mark the beginning of the Federal governments fiscal year three months later than the traditional july i but the change of Date is perhaps the least aspect of the drastically revised budget making procedures established by the budget Reform act of 1974 i under the old budget system. Congress considered each Revenue and expenditure item separately taking piecemeal action on spending requests without regard to their Overall Impact on the budget and the Economy this haphazard process worked Well enough when the Federal government was relatively Small and Congress routinely adjourned Early this summer today though Federal spending hat reached the $1 billion a Day level and Congress is ii session for most of tie year the old ways no longer will suffice the budget Reform act required that both houses agree on spending limits and tax Revenue floors before the Start of the fiscal year which was moved Forward to give Congress More time to evaluate the president s january budget requests of As the year wears on new programs threaten to increase spending cuts must be made elsewhere or taxes must be raised. To achieve these ends the 1974 Law created budget committees in the House and the Senate and a congressional budget office to to advise them both the Ltd to was envisioned As the legibly Ive Jeu a Unte part of the office of management and budget which helps to formulate and execute the president s spending plans the Reform Law also set a detailed timetable for completing congressional action on that necessary legislation before of i each year. By nov 10 of the preceding year almost la months before the fiscal year end the executive Branch must submit a a current services budget projecting the spending required to maintain existing Federal programs without policy changes the congressional joint economic committee reviews that budget and submits an evaluation to Congress by dec 31. The president then submits a revised Federal budget to Congress around Jan 20. His proposals Are reviewed by the House and Senate budget committees in conjunction with the cog and other committees and they draw up a Resolution outlining a tentative congressional budget May i5 in the deadline for Congress to approve this initial budget Resolution which w ill set the goals for appropriations spending. Taxes the budget surplus or deficit and the Federal debt. These sums will guide but not bind Congress in the following months. By mid september after finishing action on All appropriations and spending Bills Congress is required to take another Overall look at the budget and adopt a second Resolution that will either affirm the target set by the initial Resolution and ensure that spending actions fit it or revise the target sum. The new budget system it is hoped will bring about fiscal integrity Samuel m. Cohn a former assistant director of the office of management and budget said a for the first time if it works Well be Able to see that Congress has to reconcile its action on the totals with its action on the pieces a a Congress and the president no doubt will continue to disagree about spending and taxation. But the differences Between them should be easier to understand now that the budget is being treated by both sides As an entity. To the editor on behalf of the Guilford county medical society i would like to submit some information in rebuttal to comments made in a letter to the Greensboro daily news by a or. L. Bailey of Washington. Do. As president of the county society i would appreciate very much if this material could be presented in the letters column of the Enterprise. Or. Bailey charged that the american medical association has engineered a doctor shortage in this country and this is the basis for the increasing Cost of medical care. Or Bailey has done a great disservice by simplifying these Complex problems beyond meaning the totally false charge that the american medical association has sought to limit the Supply of physicians has been around for sometime. Long enough in fact that since 1951 it has operated under the following policy a the american medical association has no desire to limit the production of properly trained physicians to serve the american people the policy of the association is to assist and encourage any responsible group or institution endeavouring to create new facilities or expand existing facilities for the training of physicians it further states that the number of medical schools is a determined entirely by the ability of the schools to meet acceptable educational standards and the Ama a does not attempt to regulate the size of the National student body in Medicine. The number of students admitted to medical schools is determined by the faculties administrative officers and governing boards of each school in accordance with the schools educational philosophy and its own judgement of its educational resources. A a or Bailey credits the Ama with much More influence Over the affairs of the various schools than any of the governing bodies of these institutions would Ever dream of permitting or delegating to others in the past ten years there have been some very encouraging trends among them a record number of first year students. In 1975 first year enrolment was 14.863, an increase if 6.107 Over the 1965 enrolment figure of 8,856. A 69 ii increase a Twenty seven new medical schools. There Are now 114 medical schools in the country with la More in various stages of development a total medical school enrolment has increased from 32,000 to Over 54,000. A in 1974 Over 16,700 new physicians were licensed. In 1965 that figure was 9,000. Or. Bailey advocated doubling our present enrolment implying that this could be carried out relatively easily by simply crowding twice As Many students into classrooms and laboratories for most schools this is an unreasonable proposal. Many Are already utilizing their maximum physical and human resources faculty manpower is already assigned a a myriad of duties other than those of teaching undergraduate medical students the teaching of interns residents Fellows graduate students Allied health students and others in addition to administrative functions and restart h. All Are important functions of the modern medical Center. The physician shortage is one of geographic and specially Mal distribution As Well As numbers the Basic Public need is for comprehensive primary care a family physician. And while the number of physicians is increasing so too Are those entering the primary care specialities family practice general practice internal Medicine obstetrics gynaecology and paediatrics. In fact 58% of All new physicians Are entering the primary care residencies More than Ever before. The problem of geographic Mal distribution is still present with Many Small towns a and sparsely populated counties unable to attract an Active physician. Most of these same towns and Rural areas experience the same problems in attracting teachers and similar highly trained professionals however programs As the National health service corps Are placing Many physicians in Small communities and other undeserved areas of the nation the Ama and the North Carolina medical society cooperate with the regional office of the department of health education and welfare in assisting undeserved communities in getting a health service corps physician assigned to the appropriate areas As of december 1974, of the 3,064 counties in the nation Only 145, representing �?�3% of the population were not served by an Active physician. No county in North Carolina is without the services of a physician but Many smaller communities Are having difficulty in attracting a full time Active physician to say As or. Bailey has that the physician shortage is the Root cause of the increasing Cost of medical care would Lead one to believe that As the number of physicians increases the Cost of medical care will decrease plainly and unfortunately in the past few years the opposite has occurred the National population to physician ratio has improved from 682 to i in 1965 to 657 to i. Hut the Cost of medical care is still increasing. In the last generation the total Cost to the nation for health care has increased tenfold. In 1950 the nation spent $12 billion on health care in 1975 we spent $120 billion inflation of course has taken its toll in every aspect of our lives higher fuel prices electric rate hikes higher food prices you name it and you spend More for it including the rent salaries and supplies and medical education and physicians must pay for in order to provide medical care. But there Are additional reasons Why medical costs have increased so rapidly first there has been a change in the philosophy of what a Hospital should be. In the last it was quite often a place where you went to die. Today however More than Likely it is a place to get you Well again. Medical research has developed new drugs treatments and equipment that have made possible cures and containment of diseases that Only a few years ago were thought hopeless. This technology and sophisticated equipment and therapies however Are expensive but who will deny them on the basis of Cost to the patient who needs them for Sui Vival beyond the life and death situations this technology has enabled us to increase the Quality of a patients life. While it is expensive to surgically replace an arthritic hip with an artificial joint by doing so this person May be Able to walk again. A second Factor related to Cost increase is the demand for medical service. Each of us uses health services More than our parents did and there Are More of us around. In addition to this the government programs medicaid and medicare despite their monumental problems have been dramatically successful in achieving their goals permitting Low income people greater use of health services. In 1964, one year before enactment of medicare utilization of physician services varied directly with family income now individuals in lower income households use health services More than any other income group those who use the least amount of services fall into Middle income categories too a Rich Quot for medicaid but unable to pay for As Many health care services As they might need or want. A n other Factor is professional liability or malpractice insurance hates for hospitals have increased in North Carolina 1130 j in the past few years hates for physicians have jumped 570%. What effects has this had on health care0 it Means an extra $7-110 a Day for your Hospital Bill and is causing physicians to practice defensive Medicine defensive Medicine is requiring More lab tests a rays in general Over treating a patient to document the presence or absence of disease should the physician be called upon to defend his regimen of treatment in the future there Are ways though in which we can help to contain the costs to patients a pre admission testing performing Many of the necessary lab tests prior to admission to the Hospital can save one Day of hospitalization. A a out patient surgery a where a patient in some Casco of minor surgery is allowed to recover at Home rather than in the Hospital thus saving an expensive Hospital stay. A a self care units in hospitals where patients who Are Able take care of themselves thus allowing Many nurses and other Hospital personnel to assist those More in need. A skilled nursing facilities for those who require extensive Hospital stays Are far less than remaining in the Hospital. These Are just some of the ways we Are attempting today to alleviate the High Cost of medical care. But ultimately the Long term health care needs of people depend More on the individual than on the health care system by eliminating harmful personal habits like smoking being overweight and Lack of exercise each individual can help insure his own Good health or. John l. Brockmann High Point

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