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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 1, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy mild Mon data i Page 3a 92nd year no. 275 the High Point Enterprise Cau us Cironi Latifi m2 1719 elastin and is 2177 other dept. M5-2161 High Point n. C., Friday after Hin. October i. 1976 26 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35c first Swine of pfc in act president i flu shots toners is rues to discusses Levi Are Given by Dean Lokken associated press writer America Quot rolled up its sleeves today for the first Swine flu shots the largest immunization program in the nations history but some state health officials said they were Uncertain when and whether they would get All the vaccine they need. The National Center for disease control said the first shots would be Given Quot officially a at a health fair in Indianapolis but they were scheduled also for at least one other state patients at the Maris Hill nursing Home in Waltham a Boston suburb. Were to get the first of the vaccine in Massachusetts. A a the first priority will be with the High risk a such As people in nursing Homes the chronically sick and diseased a said or Stuart h Shapiro Deputy director of the state department of health an associated press Survey of state health officials showed that most of them said they had initial shipments of vaccine from companies contracted by the Federal government some complained that their allocations arrived piecemeal and Many wore worm a that future irregular shipments might prevent continued orderly and i see first on 2a of big Georgia company in 1972 Woodbine. A apr Jimmy Carter and members of his family spent several Days As the guests of a major Georgia company at a rustic Forest resort while he was governor of the state company records show Carter his daughter. Amy two sins and a future daughter in Law signed the guest Book in late november 1972 at Cabin Bluff a private facility in Southeast Georgia owned by Brunswick pulp and paper Cote records show. Jack Murdock general manager of the facility. Said Carter was invited to Cabin Bluff to discuss with a company official his plan for merging the state forestry commission with the department of natural resources Murdock said the record also shows Carter used the facility again on july 2d 1973 to conduct a meeting involving members of his staff and at least one state for answer to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request in considered but please understand thai the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every recycling u let me know when the aluminium Ruek will he at Westchester mall again. w. F Are All the aluminium cans recycled or Are the Only ones thai have a recycled Quot on them any Good a i have heard that allot them were Good thank you. K w. A october 5 and 19. From 2 to 3 30 p m. Are the dates for the next visits. Ithe Westchester mall Ollice verified thew dates contusion sometimes reigns because the news releases sent to the newspaper from the Richmond office occasionally give the wrong Days and dates the unit will be in h p. It any All aluminium can or other item such As Frozen loud containers clean is accepted and Worth 15 cents a Pound if you re not sure it a can is aluminium or bimetallic put a Magnet on the Side it it does not stick then it is employment u. How t an a woman go about getting a Job on the police i or cd what jobs Are available and what Are the training requirements . A the civil service commission located in City Hall. Is the place to apply Tor a Job with tile City they can give you an outline of the requirements which include a minimum age of 21. A High school education or equivalent Good health and character a written exam and interviews there were no openings when we checked except for the Chiel babies the person who wanted diving instruction might like to know the Owca on Gatewood will Start a class in december in springboard diving scuba diving lessons arc also Given one class having just started and another will begin in quiz u does a policeman have the right to Stop a Young girl Tor speeding to ask her the c Olor of her eyes hair weight and ult these measurements that they ask Tor this happened on the loth and i would like to know it they do have the right to question. Thank you. Or. B f. A yes. An officer does have the right to ask Tor a person s description As this information is needed when issuing a traffic citation tinker tinker bang bang u there is always a disturbance e going on at and it has everybody in the neighbourhood aggravated. He plays the radio until Atter 2 . And cars Are coming in und out in and out slam bang Siam bang and the neighbors can t sleep Tor it. A Hie boy gels out there Aud plays with his motorcycle in the Middle of the night and he tinkers tinkers bang bang All the time. The people that live on each Side of them could Tell you More than anybody else. Can something be done and if there is something i wish it would be done. One of the irritated neighbors. A the residence was checked by sergeants and lieutenants of the police department on several different occasions since you called during the period from Midnight to 4 none of them heard any loud or unusual noises or observed any motorcycle being worked on the officers parked Down from the residence and also on the Street running beside it and ail was quiet during their observations it your sleep is still disturbed it would be better to Call the department directly at the time the Racket is in full swing. Jimmy Carter senator Murdock said Cabin Bluff is a Quot producing Pine Plantation on 50.ooo acres of company owned land used primarily As a Quot showcase for Modem forestry techniques Quot the facility includes Cabins a meeting room for 40 persons a fishing pier and Fields for Quail shooting Deer Turkey and wild Hoar also fre quent the land he said Murdock said the company Quot picks up the Tab for everything which includes. He said country style cooking Quot Murdock said it was impossible from the records to determine How Long Carter and members of his family remained at the facility during the november visit but that other company employees recalled the visit As lasting three or four Days. Signatures on the guest Book he said were those of Carter his daughter. Amy. Sons Chip and Jeff Carter and Caron Griffin of Hawkinsville who later became Chip s wife Murdock said the invitation for the november visit was extended by company officials Quot to discuss with him what his thinking was on consolidating the two departments and the Impact that would have on the Forest Industry in the Southeast Quot he said he did not know the purpose of the july 1973 visit but said he in see Carters on 2ai funding by Dave Riley associated pres writer their debate on foreign policy is less than a week away and Jimmy Carter and president Ford Are using different tactics to turn attention toward their stands on world affairs Carter continuing a strategy that has had him moving briskly about the country was in the Northeast on thursday where lie attacked Ford s policies in the Middle Faist meanwhile Ford continued his strategy of remaining at Home in Washington where he was meeting foreign ministers at the White House hut Ford s problems with a Federal investigation into his congressional Campaign finances kept surfacing Ford had been under pressure from Carter and from democratic vice presidential nominee sen Walter Mon Dale to meet with reporters and answer questions about the special prosecutors probe of records of the gop organization in Ford s Home District in Michigan so at a quickly called news conference thursday. Ford vowed to reporters that he had never diverted any Campaign funds to hts personal use and expressed Hope that the watergate special prosecutor would Complete his investigation quickly Ford said no Money Ever so a Ford on 2ai Levi approved Ford finances investigation Washington it api atty Gen Edward h Levi and other top Justice department officials handed the watergate special prosecutor the information that started his investigation into president Fords congressional Campaign finances a department official says the Justice department s involvement began when an unidentified informant told the Fri about alleged Campaign spending irregularities in Ford Mer congressional District in grand rapids Mic the official said thursday night the Fri referred the informant s allegation to Levi a member of Ford s Cabinet after i i conferred with Deputy atty Gen. Harold r Tyler. Fri director Clarence m Kelley and other top Justice department officials. The decision was made to Send the matter to watergate special prosecutor Charles Ruff the department official said Tyler sent Ruff a memo in july describing the info nuclear ship protested an Auckland new zealand police boat clears Small boats out of the Way As the United states nuclear Cruiser Long Beach enters Auckland Harbor today. The Squadron of Small boats was protesting the presence of the nuclear powered ship a wire photo contrary to testimony Cia considered using Oswald As Contact in soviet Union Washington apr contrary to sworn testimony the Cia once considered using presidential Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald As a source of intelligence information about the soviet Union according to a newly released Cia document in sworn testimony before the Warren commission. Richard Helms then a Branch Chiel and later the Cia s director said the Agency never had Quot or even contemplated Quot any contacts with Oswald the newly released document written by an unidentified Cia officer three Days after president John f Kennedy was killed in Dallas on nov 2 1�>3 says that Quot we showed intelligence interest in Oswald and Quot discussed the laying on of interviews the unidentified officer added that i do not know what action developed thereat Ter the memo was among hundreds of pages of documents from the Ciao a file on Lee Harvey Oswald the material was released to the associated press thursday under the Freedom of information act a second document reveals that former Cia direr Tor Allen Dulles while serving As a member of the Warren commission privately counselled Cia officials on the Best was to answer questions from the commission about allegations that Oswald Wras a Cia agent Dulles Quot thought language which made it dear that Lee Harvey Oswald w As never an employee or agent of Cia would suffice an unidentified Cia officer wrote Helms in april 1964 Quot i agree with him that a carefully phrased denial of the charges of involvement with Oswald seemed most the unidentified officer added when he appeared before the commission in May 1964, Helms then head of the Agency a Clandestine ser see Cia considered on 2a Edward h. Levi Mant s allegation because Ruff is responsible for investigating any charges of Campaign financing irregularities in i he last two weeks investigators under Ruff have been examining financial records of Republic an Campaign organizations in Kent county. Midi. And grand rapids published reports Sac the investigators Are seeking to determine whether any contributions to the gop organization were illegally diverted to Ford s personal use Ford told reporters thursday that he had never diverted any Campaign funds and he said he was confident that Ruff s probe would come to that conclusion asked if he thought the investigation was politically motivated the president said he would not under any circumstances question the motivation or the timing Quot and he said he had Quot full Confidence Quot in Ruff Ford also said he had instructed his staff to refrain from asking Ruff what the investigation was All about because Ford said he thought any such approach could he Quot misconstrued Ford s views apparently conflict with those of sen Bob Dole. Ford s vice presidential running mate and other republicans who have suggested Ruff s probe is politically motivated because it surfaced so close to the nov 2 election error May have aided recession Washington a a controversy Over an alleged multimillion Dollar error in a vital statistical indicator of economic strength is stirring the i s census Bureau. The error alleged to have been covered up for nearly four years conceivably could have led to faulty government and business decisions by badly understating the backlog of unfilled orders at the nation s factories is a consequence of believing orders were weaker than they really were. Manufacturers May have Cut production and hastened the descent into the recession of late 1973 and 1974 if Correct the allegations by a Bureau statistician would suggest the Economy was stronger than the statistics showed both before and through the recession and that the strength of the current recovery May be overstated a High census Bureau official conceded there were errors but he said they were not of the magnitude or the consequences claimed and said no coverup existed on the contrary the official said. Revisions Are under Way and corrected statistics will be released before the end of the year John Kendrick Commerce department chief economist promised a statement on the allegations shortly the controversy was set off by John Bullock a Survey statistician economist. He said in an interview that his repeated requests through channels for a Public warning about the so called m-3 series. Which measures the backlog were ignored Bullock. 29. Said Hie figures were understated by perhaps 50 per cent or More he claims that errors have obscured the recovery a degree of dependence on a backlog of already existing orders the errors. Bullock said. Are the consequence of a systematic Bias resulting from faulty estimates and statistical adjustments that have accumulated at a 4 to 5 per cent rate Over 14 years he said he uncovered the defect in 1972 rather than being an actual count based on reports from manufacturers the unfilled orders series is an estimate based on replies from a percentage of the see error on 2 a what s inside amusements. 10-11a Bridge. .7b classified ads .7-13h comics. Of Cross Wold. .7b editorials 4a financial. 2a obituaries. 2b sports. .3-5b television. 2b women a news. .6-8a weather. 3a Pound s drop Boon for . Tourists by James r. Pei pert associated press writer London apr the plunge in the value of British Money heralds a period of austerity for most britons but is a Boon for bargain Hunting american tourists with dollars to spend on tweeds Silver and Cashmere sweaters. The steady decrease in the value of the Pound Sterling against the Dollar and major West european currencies has made Britain one of the cheapest vacation spots in Europe for an american it Means British goods such As cars shoes and clothing a Are cheaper and will continue to be so until prices go up. As everyone expects them to. The pounds slide promises to make virtually everything More expensive for the British consumer a from Home Loans to toilet paper the Pound Worth $5 in 193, $4 in 1945, $2 80 in 1949 and $2 40 in March 1975 a fell below $1 65 this week but then it was buoyed a Little by the announcement wednesday that Britain is seeking a $3.9-billion loan from the International monetary fund at the close of trading thursday the Pound was Worth a fraction above $1 66 politicians businessmen and average britons meanwhile were trying to assess the Cost of a continuing decline of the currency once the Symbol of Britain s worldwide dominance but for an american it meant that the too pounds he bought for around $200 earlier this year now Cost him Only $166 americans living in Britain and paid in dollars found the slide of the kit und has meant an immediate Rise in their living standards but As with previous Falls in the Pound these gains can soon be equalled out by rising prices the confederation of British Industry Chi estimated that every time the Pound drops one per cent it brings a Rise of on Quarter per cent in the retail Price Index a 13 per cent inflation is one cause of the Pound s decline others include Low productivity Trade deficits government spending and unemployment businessmen said that while previous declines in the amp a a Pound son 2aj

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