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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 29, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather occasional rain More data on Page 3a 92nd Vear a no. 273 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2 1 61 High Point n. Cd a wednesday afternoon september 29, 1976 68 pages daily 15c sunday 35c vetoed similar measure president to make jobs Bill decision Juicy giant a 200-Pound Muskmelon Cantaloupe grew from a Normal seed. Fieldon is almost hides Kevin Scott 8. On his about 30 Miles North of St. Louis parents farm in Fieldon 111. The Melon a wire photo by Frances Lewine associated press writer Washington it a it a president Ford is to announce whether he will sign or veto a Public works jobs Bill that he has criticized but which Jimmy Carter has challenged him to sign democratic congressional leaders who want Lime to attempt a veto override vote if necessary before they adjourn at the end of the week won a Promise from Ford to disclose his decision today Ford earlier this year vetoed a similar $6-billion jobs Bill and Congress overrode the veto the new Bill would appropriate $3 7 billion for Public works construction projects and for local governments in areas of High unemployment to hire Public workers. Proponents say the measure would put some 300.000 unemployed persons to work but Ford has said the figure would be lower than that during the Campaign. Ford also has said that the creation of Public jobs is the wrong Way to fight unemployment contending that it provides what he Calls dead end jobs and leads to larger deficits higher taxes higher inflation and ultimately higher unemployment he advocates improving the Over All Economy so that private business hires More workers in nevertheless. Sen Russell Long a la chairman of the Senate finance committee predicted that Ford would agree to sign the Bill. Tuesday night in a statement issued by his Atlanta profits Over $1 billion at amp to to protest phone Competition for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action Lane in care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Crossroads improvements a q. I would like to know what would be done through the department of transportation to make the intersection at skeet club re. And Johnson St. Extension less dangerous. As a member of the fire department Rescue squad which went to the scene it the fatal Accident there i think a flashing signal is needed As there have been too Many accidents at that intersection. Anon. A division Engineer j Vav Watkins said the traffic Engineer for the seventh Highway division had just completed an investigation at this intersection. He provided a copy of the report made by v i. Rollins with his recommendations. It says in part Quot a study of All available Accident reports for the period from Jan i. 1973 to july 21, 1976, shows a total of five accents All of these accidents were Angle collisions where the vehicle at fault stopped at the Stop sign and then entered the intersection no excessive speeds were reported. There was one additional Accident of sept.16, 1976, which resulted in a fatality. A sight distances on All approaches Are Good. Our Standard warning signs Are in place in order to better Alert Drivers of the intersection i recommend that All warning signs be made Over size and 45 mph advisory Speed plates be added to the Crossroads Symbol signs on so 1820 the Stop signs should be made Over size a a Rollins concluded that a Flasher is not recommended at this time but has requested that the other improvements be made vacillation on vaccinations j. I would like to know How Many of our personal physicians in our Piedmont area Are going to take the Swine flu vaccine themselves there has been such a High question about the situation. I know they say older people and those with respiratory trouble should take it. I have respiratory problems myself and have had trouble with other flu shots. I have taken them several times and they did not agree with me. I am not sure whether i should take this Swine flu vaccine or not. There have been discussions where i work and a lot of people wonder whether to take it or not. I would like to know How Many doctors Are going to take it themselves even though they advise others to. Thank you. Anon. Q. Ii this Swine flu vaccine is made out of eggs if a person is allergic to eggs is it advisable for them to take the shots anon. Q. There has been a lot of talk and news in the paper and on to about Swine flu and How bad it is and about the vaccine. Gould you Tell me what the symptoms Are and How does it differ from the flu virus anon. A to question one a Survey of one personal physician revealed he was planning to take the vaccine. Rather than taking a week to Call hundreds of doctors in the Piedmont to determine if seven or nine out of ten or too per cent of them will take it we think you should base the decision on what a Best for you if some shots done to agree with you. Consider that what you might get without one would agree with you even less there is peace of mind in taking preventive measures too it beats a Winter of worrying to question two the physician said that people allergic to eggs should not take the Swine flu vaccine. To question three the symptoms of Swine flu Are expected to be about the same As the previous types of flu said the doctor they include chills fever severe aching and painful cough usually a dry severe cough plus weakness and loss of appetite associated press writer w Ashington api Bell Telephone the first company in the nation to Ever make More than $1 billion in profits in three months intends to ask for higher rates unless Competition in the Industry is eliminated at amp to chairman John i Debutts told a House subcommittee on communications tuesday that the american Telephone and Telegraph co will ask for a rate increase for residential customers if the Federal communications commission is allowed to permit Competition in the Field to continue. A i am Here for one reason and one reason i Debutts a and that is because it appears to me inevitable that Over the Long run. The acc s policies will Hurt service and add to its Cost for the vast majority of our customers particularly Home Telephone users he testified at the opening of three Days of hearings on a proposal to overturn acc rulings that permit Competition in the Telephone Industry the hearings continue today with supporters of Competition testifying the acc has already said. In n report to Congress earlier this year that he pending legislation would result in a a Tele phone Industry monopoly beyond the reach of Federal scrutiny. The acc has opened up Competition in a two. Areas in customer equipment and service on private lines Between cities. Legislation to overturn the Agency a policies has 185 cosponsors in the House and 16 in the Senate rep Lionel Van Derohn. A Calif chairman of the communications sub com unit teen. Said that the Burden of proof to overturn the acc rested w Ith opponents of Competition. Debutts said the acc rulings if allowed to remain will Force the phone company a to press for a massive Cost related restructuring of los rates. He said that Means it would ask for lower charges for some business customers and higher rates for Home phones the latest at amp to rate increases took effect in March adding an average to cents a month to Home phone Bills and $2 for businesses. It is expected to add $225 million a year to the company s income the legislation would Only allow states to regulate customer owned Telephone equipment. It would also give at amp to antitrust immunity to acquire competing firms in memoirs Nixon will contend he was driven out new York map former president Richard m Nixon will maintain in his memoirs that the watergate scan a i was a partisan weapon his enemies used to drive him from office and he will continue to deny personal wrongdoing the new York times said in today a edition the Book will picture him As the victim of injustice and say that he resigned to spare the a Hon the division an impeachment trial might have caused the times said in a Story from London reporter Herbert Mitgang said some of the contents of the yet to be completed Book were pieced together from publishing sources in the United states and Europe who have seen 164 pages of completed manuscript dealing with watergate Nixon says in the Book that he regrets not questioning his aides More closely because he knew Little about the watergate break in and events that followed the times said. The newspaper account also said these Points come up in the Book when Nixon summoned then vice president Gerald Ford to advise him to prepare to assume the presidency Ford said he wanted to talk it Over with his wife. A Nixon pleaded with Ford to keep Henry a. J what s inside amusements id Bridge. So c classified ads. .5-111 comics. Be crossword. 5d editorials. 4a financial a 2a obituaries. 3d sports. 1-6c television. 2d women a news. Sec. B weather. 3a Kissinger on As Secretary of state Nixon says he and Kissinger stood and prayed together rather than dropping to their Knees As reported in a the final Days a a by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein Gen Alexander Haig Orthe White House Chiel of staff in the final months of the administration. Believed from the Start that Nixon would have to resign but the w Hite House press Secretary Donald Ziegler opposed resignation. Nixon s Book is to be published by Warner books which has been conducting an International sales Campaign the company a contract with Nixon of what the former president will receive but the times cites sources As putting the figure at $2 million plus up to $300,000 for expenses Headquarters Carter the democratic presidential nominee said. A i Call upon him Ford to put aside traditional Republican policies and to approve this emergency funding which would provide approximately 300,000 jobs for teachers firemen policemen and others in areas of High unemployment such As Detroit. Miami arid Buffalo Quot Ford has More than 60 Bills to consider this week and some of them May provide him a Chance to discuss issues that have come up in the Campaign the White House announced that he would sign a Bill in the Rose Garden today to keep a Promise he made to the nation s police chiefs at a Miami convention Over the weekend the measure provides $50,000 in death benefits for state and local Public safety officers who die in the line of duty. Aides say he also faces a deadline today for acting on the $56.6-billion appropriation for the labor and health. Education and welfare departments this Bill includes a controversial partial ban on the use of Federal medicaid for abortions also due today was the signing of a $5 1-billion foreign Aid appropriation that cuts olt . Military Aid to Uruguay because of alleged violations of human rights by its military dominated government Ford has also promised to sign a major tax revision measure by the end of the week. And White House sources say that Ford expects to decide today or thursday on pay raises for 2 6 million Federal civilian and military employees Earl Petinsky in three Wheeler a wire photo polio victim is cleared Miami apr a polio crippled Man ticketed for driving too slowly in a specially equipped three Wheeler was found innocent today by a Dade county judge who ruled he was not a traffic Hazard i m glad its Over i Hope it ends my said Earl Petinsky 28, paralysed from the Waist Down since the age of 2 and dependent on his vehicle with a top Speed of 12 Miles per hour to get to work he was ticketed Lor driving in the right hand Lane of a multilane Street which has a 30 Miles per hour maximum Speed but no posted minimum. A the boy is said judge Ruth l. Sutton adding she thought a warning for slowness would have been More appropriate a the was going 12 in a the officer said 5 i just Don t think he was a traffic Hazard he was in the far righthand Lane. A the officer was just trying to Tell him it was t Safe she said a the was just thinking of the safety of the boy and the people a people like Earl ought to be rewarded says his employer. Earl Stuart of Fox enterprises. A the is trying to be self sufficient. It s fantastic to see this much gumption whats he supposed to do lock himself in the bedroom and never go out Quot Petinsky says he can to drive at Normal speeds because of his reaction time. He used to travel the 2lz Miles from his Home to his Job As a Telephone answering machine Salesman in a Battery powered wheelchair but last january he was struck by a car. He was hospitalized for three weeks arid his chair was demolished. His parents bought him his current vehicle a three Wheeler similar to a Golf cart it has a gasoline engine and is equipped with lights License plates and hand controls Petinsky a graduate of Miami Dade Community College also acquired a Drivers ii Cense which restricts him to the 12 in p h maximum Speed a governor is fitted to the vehicle to keep its Speed Down. A this individual has already been involved in one Accident a a Miami police Sargeant see polio on 2a sen. Walter Mondale democrats take note of probe by Dave Riley associated press writer democrats Are beginning to take pointed notice of Federal investigations into president Ford s corporate golfing trips and handling of Campaign funds while he was in Congress while Jimmy Carter at Home for a rest in Plains a has avoided direct comment. Running mate Walter f. Mondale and democratic National chairman Robert Strauss Bolti touched upon the Issue tuesday in their attacks upon the Republican ticket Mondale. In Toledo. Ohio. Said Ford has been Quot ducking and hiding from questions about the probes. And Strauss chastised Republican Vic presidential nominee Bob Dole for suggesting that the investigations were politically motivated the watergate special prosecutor s office is exploring the records of Ford s Home District god organization in Kent county. Mich., reportedly to Check whether Ford As a congressman illegally diverted Campaign contributions to personal use by laundering the Money through local party groups. In addition the securities and Exchange commission reportedly is investigating golfing trips made by Ford As a congressmen. Those trips were paid for by the steel corp the White House said tuesday that Ford had made trips to corporate Golf courses while in Congress but Ford press Secretary Hon Nessen declined to comment when asked if Ford had. As a congressman converted Campaign funds to his personal use Ford has not personally mentioned the and has not been available for questions Ford remained at the White House on monday meeting with foreign dignitaries setting the scene for his next debate with Garter on the subject of foreign affairs at tuesday s briefing session Nessen disclosed that Ford had played Golf on courses operated by Firestone tire Bethlehem steel and Alcoa aluminium he said he did t know it the companies paid Tor Ford s expenses . Steel reported last week that it paid for three Ford Golf outings in new Jersey and for two visits to a company guest House near Disney world in Florida explaining the Golf outings Nessen said the president is an avid golfer he has played with regularity during his 26 years in Washington and he has accepted invitations at various clubs which is customary. He played with friends and at other times he invited his friends to be his guests at his club he said Ford quit accepting golfing trips when he became vice president in 1973 asked Why Nessen replied he a in a different position now he was vice president then and now he s president before that he was a member of Congress.1 Mondale at first avoided questions on the probes saying a i done to think i should be commenting on that until i m personally sure what the situation is those questions shouldst be put to me. They should be put to the person in the White House i am told the president is unavailable for comment in a told he won t answer questions

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