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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 30, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain diminishing More data on Page 3a 92nd year a no. 274 the High Point Enterprise Cali us circulation m2-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon september 30, 1976 40 pages daily Loc sunday 35c Ford feels confident about probe Washington apr president Ford said today he is confident the current inquiry into his past Campaign finances will demonstrate he is a free of any allegations a of impropriety and expressed Hope the matter can be resolved quickly. Perched on the Side of his Oval office desk Ford told reporters he had never diverted any Campaign contributions for his personal use. The president was asked if a rash of news reports about the inquiry by the watergate special prosecutor coming in the midst of his Campaign against Jimmy Carter was troubling him. Ford replied that he was not As concerned about it for political reasons As he was because of his a record of personal a a in a very proud of my record of personal integrity a a the president declared. At the news conference convened without Advance notice Ford declined to assess the political Impact of the investigation being conducted by watergate special prosecutor Charles Huff. He did say that he has Quot full Confidence in the integrity a of Ruff and declared a i strongly believe in the special see Ford on 2a effective Jan. I medicare payments raised record 19% by John Stowell associated press writer Washington apr the portion of Hospital fees that 25 million medicare beneficiaries have to pay out of their own pockets was boosted a record 19 per cent today by the social Security administration. The hike effective next Jan. I Means that an elderly or disabled person entering a Hospital in 1977 will be responsible for the first $124 of the initial Bill covering up to two months compared with the present charge of $104. Similar increases apply to the share of costs that must be borne by the patient for extended stays in a Hospital or skilled nursing Home. Social Security commissioner James b. Cardwell said the increase is necessary to keep Pace with Hospital costs which have been shooting up at More than twice the Overall Cost of living. Medicare covers All Hospital charges for up to the first 60 Days except for an amount which in theory represents the Cost on the Day of admission. Under the Federal formula designed to balance off inflation the Price of that first a and supposedly average a Day goes up $20. In fact. However the computations lag behind actual costs by about two years. After the patient picks up the first $124 of his Bill next year. Medicare will As usual pick up the balance through the 60th Day. But then further increases apply which for some patients could prove even More dear. They will have to pay $31 daily out of their own pockets for the 61st through the 90th Day up from the present $26 daily. Post Hospital stays lasting More than 20 Days in a skilled nursing Home will require beneficiaries to pay $15.20 daily for the 21st through the 100th Day up from the present $13. Medicare patients who must be hospitalized More than 90 consecutive Days can draw upon their one time Only lifetime Reserve a an extra 60 Days but will have to pay $62 daily instead of the current $52. The Agency said the Cost of medicare Hospital insurance is expected to Rise from an Overall $13.6 billion this year to $16.1 billion in 1977. About 24.7 million persons Are eligible for the benefits this year they Are expected to number 25.3 million next year. Social Security said the average Hospital stay now costs about $1,600 per patient. House overrides presidential veto for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered hut please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one onions q. When is the Best time to put Spring onions out or. . A onion sets can be started anytime in the fall when the weather is Cool. Sets the bul lets or bul bils Are less work and mature faster than seed seed germinates at any temperature Between 45 and 85 degrees but does Best at 65 sets Are planted two inches deep and two inches apart in rows 8 to 18 inches apart. Seed sown directly in the Garden is planted 2 to lunch deep depending on the lightness of the soil it the lighter the deeper to prevent drying. W Hen seedlings Are three inches tall they Are thinned to stand three inches apart. When the seedlings Are eight inches tall before they be begun to form bulbs they can be pulled for use in salads the earlier thinning can also be used like chives Tor salads or cooking Raleigh toll frees q. I tried to Call Raleigh on the toll free number listed under the department of transportation. I called about to times and the operator called about four times and we never could get that number. I wondered if the state had not paid their phone Bill or have they discontinued the number or will they put another one Back in. I needed to Call them regarding a Bridge damaged. I just wondered what they Are going to do because it probably would Cost me a couple of dollars to report a damaged Bridge for them to investigate. . A we requested from the governors office a current list of toll free numbers to state offices for complaints or information several have been discontinued through the action of the general Assembly still operating Are governor s ombudsman 1-800-662-7952 human resources 1-800-662-7030 Highway patrol 1-800-662-7956 state personnel 1-800-662-7094 the last one is for those looking for a state Job who May want to know for instance when the test will be Given you pay the toll numbers which May be needed Are insurance dept., consumer information 829-2032 consumer Protection Justice dept 829-7741 transportation dept 829-2520 of course it s better to Call a local Branch where there is one like the Highway patrol or the closest one like the Highway division office to report something like a Bridge damaged a As we Learned from your wrecker service you did re action As a Leacher in a High Point Public school i would like to express my appreciation for the response to the question regarding standing for a judge. The element of respect for time honoured institutions is at times sadly lacking in a society that must move too Tep idly As ours just to keep up. The Public schools have been much criticized for their failure to teach the basics but the most vital i think is that respect whether Tor self or others has become a matter of rights demanded and the ensuing chaos has made the maintaining of order a much less instruction and basics difficult if not altogether impossible at times. In the final analysis where there is not Mutual respect there can be no gain. I would like to remain Anonymous because i am sure i speak for a great Many teachers in this regard. By Edmond Lebreton associated press writer Washington apr the House voted today to override president Ford s veto of a $56.6 billion appropriation Bill for the departments of labor and health education and welfare. The vote was 312 to 93, 42 More than the two thirds needed to override it left the final decision to the Senate which was expected to act promptly russians warned on Africa United nations n y. A Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger warned non african Powers today against a fueling the flames of War and racial hatred in Southern Africa. In a report on his recent shuttle diplomacy. Kissinger told the3lst general Assembly that outside interference a would make a mockery of Africa s hard won struggle for Independence from foreign Kissinger a remarks appeared aimed at the soviet Union in a speech to the Assembly tuesday foreign minister Andrei a Gromyko scorned a political gimmickry and financial handouts by which he said National liberation movements in Southern Africa were being diverted. Kissinger said Africa a has before it the prize for which it has struggled so Long a the Opportunity for africans to shape a future of peace Justice racial Harmony and Progress a beyond that he said it has a Chance to pull Back from the Brink of War denying that the United states intends to stake out its own sphere of influence Kissinger said a there May be some countries who see a Chance for advantage in fueling the flames of War and racial hatred a Ford had said the Bill was inflationary calling for $4 billion More spending than he had recommended for the departments supporters of the appropriation said Ford s budget made no provision for rising costs and would have forced cuts in programs for children the disadvantaged and the elderly. The House then moved toward consideration of a Revenue sharing measure that could be the key to determine whether Congress meets its weekend deadline for adjournment. Ford said wednesday he will sign or veto two different jobs Bills Only after Congress acts on the Revenue sharing measure for which he has pushed hard the two jobs Bills awaiting presidential action Are a $3 7 billion measure for Public works construction and legislation extending 260,000 Public service jobs in state and Loci governments through the coming fiscal year. Because these Bills will be killed by a pocket veto if Congress adjourns and Ford does no to act to Days after he received them supporters of the measures want Ford to sign or veto them. If Ford vetoes them Congress then could attempt an override before adjourning this weekend Ford said wednesday he will make decisions on the two Bills if Congress approves the Revenue sharing Bill that comes before the House today that measure would provide $25.5 billion in Federal Revenue sharing funds to cities states and counties through 1980. House majority Leader Thomas p of Neill said wednesday that Congress will stay in session beyond Friday if that is necessary to prevent a pocket veto the veto of the hew labor Bill was Ford s 59th in his 49 months in office. Of the 59, Congress has overridden la an override attempt failed wednesday when the Senate sustained Fords veto of a Bill authorizing $100 million for research to develop automobiles that would pollute less and Burn less fuel the House voted to override but the Senate failed to do so pre flight testing Tom Gabel of Knoxville Tenn. Fires up his 8-Story balloon in preparation for a flight across the Smoky mountains. Gabel plans to leave from Gatlinburg Tenn. Tomorrow morning before Dawn. His destination is it. Rest in South Carolina. I a wire photo British Bible is metric London apr the latest British Bible has gone metric giving Noah s Ark building orders in meters and centimetres instead of cubits and weighing Goliath s Armor in kilograms instead of shekels of brass. The British and foreign Bible society said wednesday the metric measures were used for the new Bible a because we want it to Britain is in the process of converting to the metric system from Miles Yards feet inches pounds and ounces. In the a Good news Bible to be published on october la. God tells Noah to build the Ark �?o133 meters Long. 22 meters wide and 13 meters High and leave a space of 44 centimetres Between the rot and the sides a the 400-Vear-old original English translation from greek and hebrew measured the Ark at 300 cubits the new Bible makes Goliath giant adversary of the boy David nearly three meters tall instead of six cubits and a Span his Armor weighs about 57 kilograms in Stead of five thousand shekels of brass. The new Bible translated by a panel of eight scholars of the american Bible society and the United Bible societies was launched in 1966 with the new testament called a Good see British on 7 a what s inside amusements10-11b bring eur classified ads3-121 comics6c crossword he editorials4a financial 2a obituaries .2d sports1-5c television .2d women a news1-6b weather.3a autumn brings Brilliant display in mountains Asheville no. Apr conditions appear to be about right this year for an extravagant show of fall color along the Blue Ridge Parkway according to the Parkway s chief naturalist. Bob Bruce leaves already have begun to turn at the higher elevations and the Outlook is for the fall color to Peak about mid october. A there have been warm sunny Days that usually make a very spectacular autumn a said Bruce who keeps an Eye on the changing colors. In some years drought or unusually cold weather prevent the leaves from reaching their usual brilliance. Bruce said. But conditions this year appear about right. Quot botanists Tell us that the Best situation is warm sunny Days and Cool nights without too much Frost at least without a killing Frost which naturally would turn the leaves Brown and make them fall prematurely a also a dry autumn Over a protracted period of time would cause the leaves to naturally fall off. So conditions right now we think look pretty Good in that we Are getting some rain now arid there have been several cold last year. Buncombe county civil preparedness officials were forced to House tourists in the National guard armory at Asheville when motels overflowed with tourists visiting the mountains for the changing leaves a we rather hesitate to take one weekend and try to pinpoint that because it has a tendency to have All the people come at the same time whereas the colors Are quite Good Over a protracted period of tune a said Bruce. Rangers at the North end of the Parkway in North Carolina say Trees that have begun to turn Are the Sou Wood Dogwood Maple Hickory some Oaks Black gum and red Maple which is one of the most spectacular. The colors Are brightening now in higher elevations near Grandfather Mountain and southward to it Mitchell. Women tolerate daily Job better los Angeles a the social stress of a daily Job Long thought to be responsible for the susceptibility of men to heart disease has not had the same effect on women says an expert in coronary Medicine or William hazzard. A researcher at the University of Washington told a symposium of the american heart association wednesday that although More and More women Are facing the pressures of the working world they still have a a remarkable resistance to coronary disease and now outlive men longer than Ever. The new evidence has left researchers baffled about female resistance to Cor onary disease hazzard said another popular theory that the female hormone oestrogen helped combat heart disease has recently been discounted. A for a while we were even giving oestrogen to men in Hopes of preventing a second heart attack it did no to work Quot he said aside from old age being male is the biggest contributing Factor to heart disease in Western societies hazzard said men Are four times As Likely As women to suffer heart disease in Middle age he said. The longevity Gap Between the sexes a an american woman a average life Span is now 76, compared with 68 for men a is Ever widening it had been widely believed among scientists that males in industrialized nations were subjected to More socioeconomic stress than women were and were therefore More prone to heart ailments hazzard said scientists believed that one solution might be a to ease some of the sociological factors and put less emphasis on All the machismo jazz a a but Many women have now entered the anxiety Ridden world of business. Hazzard said and there is no evidence they Are any More susceptible to heart disease than they Ever were in fact he added when heart disease rates began to decline in the last few years the decline among women was much More dramatic than among men

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