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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 21, 1976, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise tuesday september 21, 1976 7a leave your folding Money Home take your pick Chuck roast is delicious in pot roast or wine sauce be watching the grocery ads for specials on Chuck roast. There s so much you can do with this versatile Cut. Consider buying an extra Large roast next time its on special. You la be Able to use it for two quite different but very delicious recipes created by the test kitchens of the r t. French company of Rochester n y. The first. German style pot roast is an updated version of an old fashioned Saue Braten while the second beef in creamy wine sauce rivals the kind of Continental cuisine you enjoy in Fine restaurants. One of the beauties of the German style pot roast is its ease of preparation. No marinating for Days no Long list of ingredients and no complicated instructions. The sauce is easy to make with an envelope of Brown Gravy mix while the canned sauerkraut adds an authentic German touch. Serve the pot roast with noodles Green Beans banana cake milk and Coffee. Beef in creamy wine sauce is the kind of a dish you la want to serve company. The interesting sauce presents no problems either relying on an envelope of mushroom Gravy mix for the base accompany beef in creamy wine sauce with Parsley buttered Rice carrots Green salad fruit tarts Coffee and milk German style pot roast 2 to 3 pounds beef Chuck roast 2 Tablespoons Oil or shortening i a cups water i can i in sauerkraut drained and rinsed i envelope <4-oz Brown Gravy mix u Teaspoon ground allspice if desired Brown roast in Oil in Large Skillet add water and sauerkraut cover and simmer i to 2 hours until tender. Stir contents of Gravy mix envelope and allspice into liquid in pan Cook just until thickened. 5 to 6 Servings beef in creamy wine sauce 2 to 3 pounds beef Chuck roast 2 Tablespoons Oil or shortening i envelope a of mushroom Gravy mix i cup water ii cup Sweet vermouth port wine or pineapple juice 2 cup Dairy sour Cream Parsley flakes remove Tat and Bone from meat Cut meat into 1-Inch cubes Brown in Oil in Large Skillet add contents of Gravy mix envelope water and vermouth. Cover and simmer about i hour or until tender stir in sour Cream and Sprinkle with Parsley flakes just before serving 4 to 6 Servings pellagra had doctors baffled for Many years do you like detective stories0 Well nutrition May seem an unlikely Field for such a Yam. But Here a one that began in 1914 for several centuries a disease called pellagra baffled doctors worldwide. In the Early years of this Century pellagra was found in More than half of the United states. It killed thousands of persons each year in the South. Mental hospitals were filled with emotionally disturbed patients whose problem was pellagra. Physicians called pellagra the disease of the four Dos a dermatitis diarrhoea dementia and finally death. In 1914, a medical officer of the . Public health service was assigned to tackle pellagra. Already distinguished because of his record in infectious disease research the officer was or. Joseph Goldberger. His research led to the ultimate knowledge that pellagra is caused by a deficiency of niacin or Nicot inic acid in the Vitamin b Complex. Or Goldberger began his research with studies in a mental Hospital in Georgia and an orphanage in Mississippi. He noted that while the people in these institutions got pellagra the attendants caring for them did not. He thus concluded it was not an infectious disease and began to explore dietary causes pellagra developed in people who had biscuits Hominy grits Corn Mush syrup molasses Gravy and so belly fat pork in their diet but no milk eggs butter or lean meant. He Learned Early in his work that some simple diet changes could Clear up the disease in the institutions. The rest of or. Goldberger a life was spent in trying to track Down the missing element in the diet that actually caused the disease. Shortly before his death in 1928 he had concluded that it probably was in the Vitamin b Complex. But from his research even before niacin was finally identified doctors knew How to cure pellagra by proper diet. Pellagra still occurs but in special circumstances such As alcoholics elderly people living alone and others who do not eat a proper diet consisting of the four food groups. Meats whole Grain cereals and peanuts Are Good sources of niacin. Very few individuals die of pellagra today. Once diagnosed it can be cured by Nicot inic acid or niacin and a Well rounded d to. Friday amp saturday sept 23-24 worlds greatest portrait offer life size 16 x 20 color portrait of this is our bust Vignette Semi Glossy finish sold at this Price As an introductory offer. Only one per family. Babies must be at least three months old. No other age limit. Minors must be accompanied by parents when picture is taken and when proofs Are shown. Family groups Are a specially. Groups just $2 extra. Pay $1 to cover Cost of delivery of finish picture. Hours noon til 2 . And 4 . Till 7 30 . No appointment needed photography by Tom Pogue studios located at the Holiday inn downtown 236 s. Main St. F92 dear Ann Landers a Friend of mine is getting married soon she was bom in Eastern Europe but came to this country when she was three years old nothing about her is european except her parents a and their ideas. Three Hundred guests have been invited to the wedding. I received my invitation in the mail yesterday. There was a separate card in the envelope which read a we Are having a Money dance. Come prepared. Bring pins along with your folding i had never heard of a Money dance and was intrigued with the bit about the pins. I asked the Bride what it was All about. She told me its a custom in the country of her birth for the guests to pin Money on the brides veil. She added a a in be seen some brides make As much As $500 in an i am flabbergasted. How do you feel about turning a wedding into a fundraiser a think 1 11 develop a migraine dear migraine if it s an ethnic custom the family does not consider it gauche but i can see Why some of Ann Landers says their friends from different backgrounds might. Don t develop a migraine go and have a Good time but leave your pins and folding Money at Home. Dear Ann Landers i m a 22-Wear-old Virgin and a bit of a phony Ever since age 15, i be been posing As a Paragon of virtue saying a no. No no Quot first to the teenage boys and now to the men. They All had me pegged As a highly principled moralistic lady but the truth is in a terrified of having sex i be been aware of this fear for a Long time but it was t a problem to me until now three months ago i met a emr. we be indulged in some Light petting but in a sure our love will grow deeper and stronger and he s going to want More. So will i although a emr. in t in a position to get married for at least a year we be discussed it he a the Man i want for my life time partner now i need to know How to overcome this sick fear of sexual Intercourse a All together but Only physically dear All some Early traumatic experience now forgotten has left its Mark on you it must be dredged up hashed out and disposed of. This is no a do it yourself Quot project dear you need counselling if you can t afford a private therapist look in the phone Book for your county or state mental health association and please let me know How you make out a i mean give me a Progress report boy How the language has changed since i started to write this column dear Ann Landers my wife left me three weeks ago. Rosie and i had some problems that could have been talked out but her older sister who lives in Colorado sent her an air plane ticket and she left me. I be written Rosie at least five letters asking her to come Home when i called her Long distance last night she said she had received Only one letter. I was Lucky she picked up the phone. Usually her sister answers and hangs up on me. What should i do. Ann0 a i m heartsick and lonesome dear h and l if you want your wife Back Don t write and Don t phone. Go get her How Young is too Young a for a child to learn about sex0 that s just one thing full find in Ann Landers s new Booklet a How what and when to Tell your child about sex Quot Send 50 cents in Coin along with a Long stamped self addressed envelope to Ann Landers. . Box 1400, Elgin. Illinois 60120 tuesday 2 30 . A frogs and minnows 3 . A minnows Only 3 . A after school program 4th Street 3 30 a beg swimming classes 4 a guitar 4 . A prestone 4 30 a strike classes 5 . A piano lessons 7 a exercise 7 30 . A sewing 7 30 a karate 9 . A night open swim wednesday 9 a in a morning open swim 9 30 a adult beg Tennis 10 a in. A adult beg and adv Tennis to 30 a m. A adult int. Tennis mens 1st. Quality asst. Styles double knit polyester Slacks electric heat a own insulation it lust loses a additional outlets Sears a Tricco. Cau. Day or Heckt my ass pm water weight problem use Lim excess water in the body can be uncomfortable. Elim will help you lose excess water weight. We at 7 amp recommend it. Mann drug live Maine lobster lobster tails King crab legs Frog legs fish shrimp oysters Call 883-4222 bill9s seafood 600 w. Green drive open tue. Sat 9-6 Elim . Clothing a Public wholesale outlet be Cor English Road at Westchester Pequot Welcome next door to one Dollar store 9 p a q22d now . 9.31% annual percentage rate new 76 Auto Loans at Central example amount of Cash needed 2000.00 3000.00 4000.00 total finance charge for 36 months 300.00 450.00 600.00 total amount of loan 2300.00 3450.00 4600.00 centrals annual percentage rate 9.31% 9.31% 9.31% number of instalments 36 36 36 monthly payments 63.89 95.84 127.78 rates Are on All new 76 and 77 autos give us a Call for exact figures too n. Mac Call 882-2576

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