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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 21, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clearing cooler More data on Page 3a 92nd year a no. 265 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1711 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon september 21, 1976 22 pages daily 15e, sunday 35 meat prices Down other food up inflation continues at 6 per cent rate Washington apr consumer prices Rose five tenths of a per cent during August for the third month in a Row the government said today. A decline in meat prices failed to offset higher costs for most other foods fuel and clothing. The increase Means inflation is running at an annual rate of 6 per cent a level in line with the Ford administrations forecast. At the same time the labor department reported a further shrinkage in the purchasing Power of the average workers paycheck As inflation last month offset a slight increase in pay. President Ford has claimed that his economic policies have helped Cut the inflation rate in half from its 1974 Levels. His democratic challenger Jimmy Carter has charged that the current rate still is twice As High As when the democrats were in office. Price increases averaged 2 per cent in the 1950s and 2.3 per cent during the 1960s. Consumer Price increases were smaller earlier this year but picked up to a 6 per cent rate in the Spring. As the Pace of inflation quickened the economic recovery slowed and unemployment began rising again. Although the administration contends the recovery will continue through next year the democrats have attempted to put Ford on the defensive about the Economy. In its August report the labor department said consumer prices were 5.6 per cent higher than a year ago food prices Rose three tenths of a per cent in August As lower meat prices helped offset increases for fruits vegetables Dairy products and Coffee but new increases for gasoline and clothing helped drive nonfood commodity prices up six tenths of a per cent about the same rate As in the previous three months but twice As much As during the first Quarter of the year. The Cost of services also Rose six tenths of a per cent last month Matching increases in june and july. All prices Are seasonally adjusted. Unadjusted the August increase in consumer prices also measured five tenths of a per cent. The consumer Price Index stood at 171.9 in August meaning a Market Basket of goods and services costing she in 1967 now costs $171.90. In a separate report the government said real in by special prosecutor come of the average worker adjusted for inflation and taxes declined three tenths of a per cent last month and was Down six tenths of a per cent Over the past year the August decline was due to the Rise in prices which More than offset a two tenths of a per cent increase in average hourly earnings. Meat prices which usually Rise in August declined with beef falling 2.2 per cent pork Down 1.3 per cent and poultry off 2.3 per cent before seasonal adjustment. However the decline in meat prices was not enough to fully offset Price increases for most other foods Coffee prices jumped 5.3 per cent while sugar was up one per cent and egg prices soared 7.1 per cent before seasonal adjustment the i Abor department said the new fall clothing lines pushed apparel prices up 1.2 per cent in August prices for tires used cars and housekeeping goods also increased Ford s Hometown gop records subpoenaed the Ocean an ageless attraction Ocean lovers of two generations enjoy the Beach and the Damp Sand at Santa Monica Calif. A wire photo by Dave Riley associated press writer As president Ford and Jimmy Carter boned up for this week s fully televised presidential debate the president s name cropped up today in reports of a watergate special prosecutors investigation and of lobbyist provided Golf outings in new Jersey the gop county chairman in Ford s Hometown of for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every ants q. Our family found a number of strange looking insects near a Lake and want to find out what they Are. They Are the shape of an ant from one to one and a half inches Long with six legs. The front narrow part is a blackish color and the Back part is a Bright red except for a Black ring around it. They Are fur like or fuzzy on the head and Back. Can you find out what they Are . A we sent the description to the entomology department at n c. State r c. Hillmann Extension entomologist at the University. Said the insects Are probably velvet ants he said in reality they Are not ants but a Type of Wasp. They Are called ants since they so closely resemble this insect. He guesses the ones you saw were females since they Are wingless the males Are winged. The females can inflict a very painful sting but Are not aggressive and usually will not attack. They Are helpful said Hillmann because they Are parasitic on Many other insects after writing the entomologist and before his reply came we heard that John Ward a biology teacher at High Point College was Good at identifying insects. He said head get in touch with you and hoped he could get a specimen for his collection exploding can q. My 13-year-old son opened a can of dog food and it was spoiled. The can was swollen and it exploded in his face causing the dog food to splatter All Over the Kitchen creating a terrible odor. I have tried to Contact someone who could give me some information As to what to do about a situation like this. There is no office for the food and drug administration in the City of High Point and no phone listed for a consumer Protection association that i know of. I was wondering what would be the thing that a person could Contact in an event like this. Thank you. Or. . A. The nearest office of the food and drug administration is in Greensboro. The number is 378-5419 Joe Odom is in charge of the office which investigates any complaint regarding the safety of any food drug not narcotic or cosmetics. Persons Are asked to Call them give the name of the product where it was purchased the identifying code numbers or letters on the lid or Label and hold the item in Case they want to pick it up. They try to locate intact samples in the warehouse and then go to the manufacturer if it is warranted How High the Antenna q. How High can a cd Antenna go for a base unit in the House As i have a lot of friends that would like to know. Thank you. . A Bob Underwood at communications electronics says a beam Antenna s top can be 20 feet above ground level or if put on a Chimney 20 feet above that. The top of a ground plane Antenna can be 60 feet above the ground sound off i would like to thank everyone for All your kindnesses love gifts and prayers during my recent hospitalization. My Heartfelt thanks to All members of the cd club who served so faithfully around the clock the weekend of August 13 and to All who stopped by for the Coffee break and contributed. The club has delivered the Check to me and will be used for my hospitalization. May the lord richly bless each of you. Rev. W. Tracy Staley pastor first Christian Church randleman.68 arrested in extensive drug bust Raleigh a atty Gen Rufus Edmisten said today 124 persons had been charged and at least 68 persons arrested so far in one of the biggest drug busts in the history of North Carolina. Edmisten told a news conference the 124 persons had been charged with 452 violations in to North Carolina counties he said the arrests started Early today and were continuing the attorney general said that the charges were All felonies and involved Possession and Sale of drugs that included heroin cocaine marijuana methadone Ltd and a Host of others. It was the fourth major statewide drug bust since the state joined with local authorities in a declaring War on drug pushers in november of 1975,&Quot Edmisten said counties involved in the drug raids included Wake Durham. Franklin Orange. Guilford Rockingham Alamance Wayne Cumberland and Chatham Edmisten said that at 8 p m 19 persons had been arrested in Wake county be 68 arrested on 2a despite reservations All four networks to carry debate what s inside amusements.7b bridge.8b classified ads8-1 in comics8a editorials4a financial2a obituaries .2b sports3-5b television .2b women a news6-7a weather.3a by Dave Riley associated press writer the debates Between Jimmy Carter and president Ford Are going to have very Little trouble in the ratings because All four National television networks Are going to carry the face off Between the two candidates the Abc and lbs networks still express reservations about some of the ground rules for the debates but they said monday they will broadcast the meeting Between the two presidential candidates. That assures the candidates of having exposure on All four National networks when the debates begin thursday night in Philadelphia. Earlier officials from Abc and the Public broadcasting service had said they would broadcast the meetings Between Ford and Carter although Abc said it too had reservations about some rules Laid Down by the league of women voters which is sponsoring the debates the networks walked at rules barring television cameras from cutting away from the candidates to show the audience during the debate and network executives also protested the decision of he league to permit Ford and Carter to participate in the selection of journalists who will do the questioning Ford Carter Carter after a whistle Stop train tour of new Jersey and Pennsylvania was Home in Plains ga., today preparing for the opening debate his running mate sen Walter Mon Dale was to take Over the democratic Campaign train travelling through Ohio and Indiana to Chicago. Ford was also boning up for the debates staying at the White House where he was meeting visiting liberian presi Dent William r. Tolbert or. His running mate sen Bob Dole was to undergo a medical examination before flying to Ohio for an address tonight to the state Republican convention. As Carter was campaigning by rail and talking to crowds along the Way about the nation s unemployment problems. Ford voiced criticism of Carter s tax Reform prot Fpo Sals and said he thinks Middle income americans should have their taxes lowered a your Middle income taxpayers have been shortchanged Over the last to years. I believe that group ought to get additional tax Relief a a Ford said in a talk to farm editors in the White House Rose Garden Ford did t mention Carter who outlined his tax revision plans in an associated press interview released saturday. But he said a those who advocate additional expenditures have now suggested that in order to pay for those new programs and added expenditures there should be an additional tax Levy on Middle income people which is 50 per cent of the families in the United states we cannot add to the expenditures of the Federal government with a Host of new problems unless you Are willing to tighten your belts a in the interview with the a Carter said he intends to Quot shift a sub see Ali four on 2 a grand rapids said Kent county Republican party records have been subpoenaed by prosecutor Charles Ruff. The county chairman. Paul Henry said a we have no idea what they Are looking in Washington a spokesman for Ruff said a we can to confirm it the investigation for you subpoenas Are grand jury Henry said the investigation first reported in today a Wall Street journal involves the records of two Republican committees in Kent county dating Back to 1964 the journal said Ruff also subpoenaed Campaign cont Button records of the Marine engineers beneficial association which the newspaper said was Fords largest Backer in 1972, the last time he ran for Congress. In Washington. White House press Secretary Ron Nessen acknowledged that Ford accepted free Golf outings from . Steel corp lobbyist William Whyte while Ford was a congressman. There was no indication the golfing was part of the watergate prosecutor s probe a the president has been a personal Friend of Bill Whyte for 28 years and twice on two weekends he was a guest of Whyte at the new Jersey Golf course while he was a member of Congress Quot Nessen said. White is now a vice president of steel he could not be reached immediately for comment Nessen was asked if his statement was an admission that Ford had accepted a free weekend paid for by White the press Secretary replied Nessen made the statement after columnist Jack Anderson said Whyte hosted Ford at the Pine Valley Golf club near Clementon n j., Between 1964 and 1971 while Ford was in the House of representatives. Anderson appearing on Abc tvs a Good morning America a see Ford son 2a police operate adult Book store Raleigh apr Raleigh police disclosed today they had operated an adult Book store Over three months As the cover for a fencing operation police chief Robert Goodwin said that the operation resulted in the implication of 91 persons in 220 violations of whom Between 30 and 40 had been arrested the chief said the operation resulted in the recovery of $124,000 in stolen property and $25,000 in narcotic drugs we sold what is sold normally in adult Book stores a a said Goodwin when asked if the police had sold obscene material in the store. When asked if he was bringing any charges against the police for peddling in pornography. Wake county dist atty Burley Mitchell said he was not you apparently can sell anything you want in an adult Book store Quot said Mitchell in commenting on the difficulty of prosecuting adult Book store operators. Goodwin said the operation had resulted in the recovery of five stolen cars guns stereo equipment television sets cameras c a radios calculators typewriters government checks clothes heroin cocaine and other drugs he said police spent $9,608 32 to Purchase the stolen property Raleigh police it k Johnson said Over 95 per cent of the purchases involved property stolen in Raleigh and a we found the vast majority of the people involved were drug users and pushers a a Godwin admitted his men got the idea for the operation from similar operations staged by the Washington police priceless coins taken from museum Cape canaveral Fla apr police say they Are concerned that thieves who stole about $750,000 Worth of Spanish coins and jewelry from the museum of sunken treasure will melt their Booty Down to disguise it. The Gold and Silver artefacts a some considered priceless a Date Back to 1715 and were recovered by divers from sunken Spanish galleons off Florida a East coast. They were stolen Early monday from the private museum Here. A the fear i have is that they the thieves will try melting Down the coins and Gold jewelry to hide their tracks Quot said police chief Bob Tweed. Tweed said a few replicas of valuable artefacts were mixed in with real treasure dredged from the Sandy resting places of ships driven ashore by hurricanes. A unless they know what they have got it will take some time for them to discern what Are replicas and what is the real thing Quot Tweed said museum officials said the value of the haul could Only be estimated. Quot the rarity and historic value of each item stolen makes it difficult to name specific values Quot said Alan Mcnair he is vice president of the Patterson Erie corp of Vero Beach which has a controlling interest in the museums operator the real eight corp a depending on How badly a collector wants an item the Price will vary Quot Mcnair added he said the stolen items included a Chest of 1,000 Silver coins and 500 Gold coins and a $33,000 Spanish Captain general s whistle on an 11-foot-Long, pure Gold Chain. He said the thieves also took a Gold Emblem showing the Cross of Jerusalem numerous Gold rings with rare stones containing inscriptions of their origin and various types of Gold pendants a one measuring five feet Long Tweed said the theft was discovered by an employee reporting for work monday morning the chief said the thieves had forced open a door to enter the eight year old museum in this historic City now known for futuristic space launching they then smashed open to Glass plated showcases and stole items selectively. A although the thieves do not appear to be professionals. They certainly knew what to take Quot said Tweed

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