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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 22, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Chilly tonight More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 266 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1711 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon september 22, 1976 72 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c for sugary milk and beef actions prod food prices big wheel an elderly pickup carts a giant sized Between Portland and Vancouver spare across the interstate Bridge Washington a wire photo Washington bombing kills two Washington a opponents of the ruling military Junta in Chile Are charging that nation s secret police with responsibility for a bomb blast that ripped through the car of a former chilean official killing him and a woman colleague. The explosion in downtown Washington killed Orlando , 44. Ambassador to the United states under the late chilean president Salvador Allende room Karpen Moffitt 25, a staff member at the Institute for policy studies where letelier ran a foreign affairs program was Riding in the front seat and also was killed her husband Michael a research associate at the Liberal research Institute who was in the Back seat survived with injuries that did t require hospitalization opponents of the current chilean regime claimed that letelier an outspoken critic of the military group was the victim of a political assassination although they did not cite specific evidence they pointed to violent attacks on other allies of Allende s marxist Rule in recent years those include Carlos Prats Gonzalez commanding general of the chilean army under Allende and his wife who were killed by a bomb blast on sept 30, 1974, in Buenos Aires and Bernardo Leighton a former Christian democratic party Leader in Chile who was shot with a machine gun in Home last october Leighton and his wife were wounded in the attack. Letelier s co workers at the research Institute Here and the Council on hemispheric attains a private group Fiat advocates suspension of . Economic and military Aid to nations that violate human rights said the killings were the work of chilean spies Jimmy who Foht Wayne ind apr in a slip of the Tongue. Democratic vice presidential candidate Walter f Mondale momentarily appeared to have forgotten his running mates name speaking to about 500 people who came Down to the Railroad tracks tuesday to meet his Campaign train Mondale said a you re telling me you re telling America you want that White House once again occupied by a Peoples president this time named Jimmy realizing his mistake Mondale grimaced adding a Jimmy won t like that Jimmy i did t mean it. I did no to mean it. Let me try again Jimmy a Arter. There we go Quot for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Employment openings q. How would someone Contact now As i need some into mation concerning what Fields of employment Are open for women who have a limited education like High school. I also need to know it there is an organization that sponsors and helps re educate older women that have no Means of making a decent living such As divorcees and widows. I have two friends who need advice on this and would like to try to help them. Even though they have talents in certain Fields they do not have the educational backgrounds nor the Money to pay tuition fees or time during the Day to spend on education As they have to make a living also. I am concerned about How these women seem to he one of the forgotten minorities. I would appreciate any help you could give me on this. Anon. A the state s Community colleges and technical institutes were designed to fill needs such As you describe to give adults the Chance to continue their education develop skills or pursue interests at a minimal Cost and at times convenient to their schedules. Personnel at the High Point Branch of Guilford technical Institute located in the Arcade building on main Street can help your friends get started on their objectives Cynthia Watson. Who Heads the human resources development program says first an inventory is made to determine where the individual is then the person Enrols in a program geared to their needs Only a $5 registration fee is required for two of these programs the Branch is open from 8 30 to 5 30 daily with night hours monday through thursday 6 30 to 9 30 this tailor made personal guidance available right on main Street beats going far afield for advice from people who done to know the individuals capabilities potential or interests but since you still May want it. The address of the National organization for women is 1957 e 73rd st., Chicago 111 60649 no answer q. You can give answers about dogs and cats. Why can t you give answers to Why a grandmother could keep her grandchildren and get welfare and food Stamps and the parents of the children spend their Money and have a big time on it i would like to see an answer in the paper about this. Anon. Man. A we feel wretched enough reporting dogs and cats we refuse flatly to include grandmothers on welfare. If you want to you can Call the social services department if you think there is some violation budding Boxer q. I wonder if the Parks and recreation department has a boxing team As i would like to take my boy. Since the olympics he has been real interested and i was wondering if we have a boxing teacher to help him get started without getting Hurt. Thank you very much. h. A. In about two weeks the Parks and recreation department plans to Start up their boxing program again in a new location the old building vacated by the salvation army you can Contact Gary Burnette 887 2511, ext 290 or leave your name and number with the Secretary so he can Call you when the dates and times Are definite sound off the High Point chess club invites All chess players in the area to attend meetings at the Myca every saturday at 7 . In room 204. New members Are Welcome and instructions Are available to beginners. There Are tournaments every month and the annual City chess championship in october. . By the associated press slowly Over weeks and months but in pennies that add up to dollars the prices you pay for food Are going up a the agriculture dept says food prices As a whole May go 3 to 4 per cent higher through june of 1977 than they did in the first half of this year. A sugar producers say the Price of their product should go up because of president Ford s actions tuesday in tripling the tax on sugar grown outside the United states. A and the agriculture dept also announced that the second increase this year in Price supports for manufacturing Grade milk will have some effect on Consumers the government announced on tuesday that consumer prices increased by five tenths of i per cent in August the rate of increase has not changed in the last three months. Labor dept statistics showed that inflation is running at an annual rate of about 6 per cent in line with administration forecasts. The department said a decline in meat prices failed to offset higher costs for most other foods fuel and clothing. On the eve of the first debate of the presidential Campaign the White House noted that consumer prices have been relatively stable for nearly six months and spokesman Ron Nessen said president Ford feels a it is essential to continue Steps to hold Down and Ford under pressure from Southern congressmen from areas he will visit next week took Steps to bolster sagging sugar prices. Saying he was protecting Domestic sugar producers Ford tripled the imported sugar Tariff from 62.5 cents per Hundred pounds to $1 8711. Sugar producers predicted hat the decision by Ford would meat retail prices will increase in the Short run by about a Penny a Pound some producers see Tionson 2a Ford rehearses Carter studies by Dave Riley associated press writer on the eve of the great debates. President Ford is holding dress rehearsals at the White House while Jimmy Carter is resting and studying issues after offering his first detailed suggestion for reorganizing the government. Their first nationally televised debate on economic and Domestic issues will be held in Philadelphia on thursday night two More Ford Carter debates on other issues. Will follow. Presidential advisers say Ford is rehearsing with his aides acting As reporters who fire questions at him aides say the exercise is aimed at Honing his responses to questions Likely to be asked before the National television audience Ford aides say he is hoping to dispel doubts about his intelligence and ability. A the wants to appear informed decisive and experienced while picturing Carter As the opposite a a one aide said for his dress rehearsal Ford planned to perform before videotape cameras that would allow him to replay and refine his responses Carters aides said the democratic nominee planned no special preparations for the debate other than to rest and read briefing books designed to keep him abreast of the Choice in agriculture still Uncertain Washington apr speculation about the person Jimmy Carter would name Secretary of agriculture can get complicated considering the candidates background and those of advisers. Speculators among Farmers May find it interesting that the candidate Peanut grower has installed As his a transition team a Man in charge of agriculture the environment Energy and natural resources Joe Browder former director of the environmental policy Center notes the Community nutrition Institute Chi says that the transition team a which would go into full scale planning for a change of Power if Carter wins against president Ford in november a also includes Harrison Wellford former legislative aide to sen Philip Hart a Mich. Wellford worked on the Ralph Nader project investigating the agriculture department that resulted in the Book a sowing the wind food safety and the chemical the team member with principal responsibility for welfare and income maintenance a which would include food Stamps a is Joe Levin former Legal director of the Southern poverty Center in Montgomery Ala in the Fate 1960s, Wellford also authored a study demonstrating How changes in agricultural technology in the Mississippi Delta caused according to him increased poverty and hunger in the area transition teams traditionally work quietly behind the scenes finding candidates for the hundreds of second level political appointee positions and arranging briefings although Carter aides said the democratic nominee planned no dress rehearsals before the debate he does plan to visit the site of the debate to familiarize himself with the setting before he actually arrives to face Ford on thursday night meanwhile the sponsors of the debate the league of women voters denied that the second debate which is set for get 6, will be in san Francisco s w a memorial veterans building the president of the Board that operates the building had said the debate would be there but a spokesman for the league said that while san Francisco is being considered along with other cities the veterans building has been ruled out for technical reasons both Carter s running mate sen. Walter Mondale and Ford s running mate. Sen Bob Dole planned to Campaign today As Carter relaxed at Home in Plains this Campaign organization issued the first details of what the democratic nominee has promised Mould be an overhaul of the Federal bureaucracy in a statement Carter said he would abolish four existing agencies that now Deal with Energy questions replacing them with a Cabinet level department he said he would abolish the Federal Energy administration the Federal Power commission the Energy research and see Ford on 2a looking for votes Republican vice presidential candidate sen. Robert Dole of Kansas shades his eyes As he looks into the crowd after addressing the Republican state convention in Columbus Ohio tuesday night mrs. Dole and . Sen Robert Taft of Ohio look on a wire photo chained to tree two weeks death was lonely and slow Tampa. Fla it apr before he died Douglas Ray Sumner spent two weeks chained to a tree he built a lean to for shelter dug a Hole to collect rain and ate Palmetto leaves and bark chips while he struggled in vain to free himself police say Sumner 21, had not been seen by his family since he left Home to go camping two years ago telling his Mother the be Back in three or four Days a or maybe never a a when ins Best Friend saw him a year ago and asked what he had been doing Sumner replied according to police a a in a just trying to get my head screwed on straight done to Tell anybody you be seen me a a Baptist pastor who knew him said Sumner had gotten involved in a a Way out religious group Quot and might have willingly allowed himself to be anchored to a tree by a 15-foot logging Chain attached to a 20 Inch Metal Collar around his Waist. Two Hunters stalking wild Bear found his Bones in a dense Thicket a mile from the Gulf of Mexico last month investigators say Sumner had died about seven months before that from either starvation or exposure police Call his death murder but have not speculated on a possible motive no arrests have been made pastor Pierre Kennedy said tuesday that the last time he saw Sumner the youth told him a the was going to go up to the Forest and stay for a while i think he might have had somebody Chain him to that tree maybe someone said to him Well Chain you be chained on 2a Fra bans food Dye additives Washington a the food and drug administration today banned the artificial colors used to make Maraschino cherries red and Jelly Beans and Licorie Black saying their safety is questionable Laboratory tests with dogs suggest that food Dye called red no. 4 May cause urinary bladder polyps and atrophy of the adrenal glands the Fra said furthermore there is no reliable testing method to assure that the color Carbon Black does not contain a cancer causing byproduct the Agency said. The Fra announced it also will ban to other color additives. Approved for use Only in cosmetics in 30 Days that it will permanently approve 20 other colors for use Only in external drugs and cosmetics by the year s end and give Industry More time to conduct further safety testing of 52 other colors three of them in food Richard honk who Heads the of Day a color additives division said the Carbon Black ban signals an end to Black Jelly Beans and Licorie but an Fra spokesman and an official of the National confectioners association in Chicago both said other products could be used to make the candies. A the termination of Carbon Black in Jelly Beans and Licorie does not mean the end of these products a Black substitute can be used a the Fra spokesman said. Bendt Bladel technical director of the National confectioners association in Chicago said most of the association s members were prepared to switch to a substitute colouring a i do feel confident that the Candy manufacturers have been getting ready for this and have found other substitutes which Are too per cent acceptable to the Fra and which have been found acceptable by customers he said. It was unclear whether the red no 4 ban would spell the end for red Maraschino cherries or whether another additive can be used the color does not influence the flavor of cherries which also Are marketed in Green and in their natural yellow color after processing three years ago the giant food retail Chain began marketing Maraschino cherries without artificial colouring in its to stories in Virgnia Maryland and Washington d c but a they have not been a wildly popular product Quot store officials say. A people always think cherries should be red and yellow ones just done to Register they re looking for something red to put on Grapefruit or in whiskey sours a said Janet Tenney assistant to giant s vice president for consumer programs what s inside Quot i amusements6-7c bridge12b classified ads7-111 comics8e crossword.4k editorials4a financial2a obituaries .2d sports1-4c television .2d women s news .1-7b weather.3a

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