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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 20, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 264 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., monday afternoon september 20, 1976meeting scheduled thursday 22 pages la a sinday 35cdebate Likely to Center on tax views Washington apr Jimmy Carters views on tax Reform Are being assailed by republicans and loom As a potential Centrepiece of his debate thursday with president Ford. Carter discussed tax revisions in an interview with the associated press released saturday. In a fresh statement of his intent sunday. He said the purpose of tax Reform should be to shift the Burden to those with higher incomes and away from poor and Middle income families republicans particularly vice presidential nominee sen Robert Dole immediately asserted that Carter Means to increase taxes for anyone making More than $12,000 to $14,000 a year and termed his original statement a major Campaign Blunder but Carter replied sunday that a the interpretation of what i said by or. Ford and or. Dole and the Republican spokesmen is certainly completely he said he had no quarrel with the a accounts of his statements they Are very accurate a he said waving a four volume copy of the u s. Tax code Carter promised a St. Louis audience that As president a a in a not going to add a tax Burden on working families and the medium income categories $15,000 income a a the tax controversy arose from Carter s responses As follows after he was asked at the a interview what he meant when he said he would shift the tax Burden. A. That Means people who have a higher income would pay More taxes at a certain level q. In Dollar figures what Are you thinking of As higher a i Don t know i would take the mean or median level of income and anything above that would be higher and anything below that would be lower q. The median family income today is somewhere around $12,000 somebody earning $15,000 a year is not what people commonly think of As Rich. A. I understand i can to answer that question because i Haven to gone into it. I done to know How to write the tax code now in specific terms it is just not possible to do that on a Campaign Trail. Carter said the aim of his program would not be to either raise or lower government revenues Overall. A the Over All effect would be to shift a substantial increase towards those who have the higher incomes and reduce the income tax on the lower and Middle income taxpayers a Carter said in a partial transcript of the interview transmitted on a wires saturday for use in monday afternoon newspapers the words a and Middle income were dropped because of a transcribing error after the controversy arose a tape recording of the interview was reviewed Black Rule chances Rise Pretoria South Africa apr Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger flew to Zambia today and his aides claimed he has advanced prospects of Black Rule for Rhodesia and South West Africa. Kissinger went to Lusaka to Tell president Kenneth Kaunda about his weekend talks in Pretoria with prime ministers Ian d Smith of Rhodesia and John Vorster of South Africa. Smith and several of his Cabinet ministers who accompanied him to the South african capital flew Home to Salisbury on sunday after two four hour sessions with Kissinger Smith was to pre sent joint proposals for Black Rule to his Cabinet and to the caucus of his ruling rhodesian front party a i m satisfied that or. Smith and his very close collaborators will report favourably to their other Kissinger said twice before Smiths supporters have repudiated accords on Rhodesia a constitutional future that he initiated with the British government the u s British plan Calls for a commitment to Black majority Rule within two years a constitutional conference in Geneva broadening of Tho rhodesian Cabinet to include Black nationalists and a $2-billion fund to compensate Whites who leave Rhodesia and finance development of the nation under Black Rule the United states. Britain. South Africa and other nations would Supply the Money. Observers in Salisbury expressed belief that both Smith and Kissinger made major concessions they believed that Smith for the first time accepted the principle of Black majority Rule. But they also believed that Kissinger had agreed to a transitional period of longer than two years. A spokesman for Kissinger be Black on 2a Henry a. Kissinger for answers to questions or help with a Probki Call or write action line in care of the enter me. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Hospital accreditation q. Why did High Point memorial Hospital lose accreditation was the loss partly due to poor housekeeping and maintenance does not being accredited affect getting funds from government or other sources for its operation anon. Man. A. The hospitals director David Lopp. Says loss of accreditation was due to a number of things primarily the record keeping for medical staff committees and record keeping on the Hospital Quality control systems one of the deficiencies he says was the Lack of a preventive maintenance program and the Hospital is currently developing one in conjunction with the Carolina hospitals engineering support services organization the loss of accreditation does not affect funding says the director it does mean that continued participation in the medicare and medicaid program is subject to an inspection by state or Federal authorities using criteria established by the department of health education and welfare. High Point memorial Hospital was inspected according to the hew criteria on aug. 12 and 13. Lopp said there were no major deficiencies noted and their continuation in the medicare and medicaid program is in no jeopardy. Making sachets q. I would like to know How to make these Sachet bolls that you put in your closet to make your clothes smell Good and put around Dresser drawers and furniture. Thank you. Mrs. Pc. A if you be grown your own herbs for sachets or Potpourri. They should be collected on a dry morning after the Dew has dried collect three or four times the amount you expect to have when finished As drying reduces the volume Cut annual herbs to the ground perennial herbs about Halfway. Take a Bunch you can easily hold in one hand tie it Label it and hang it in a warm airy place to dry a an attic if you have one. When dry strip the leaves from the branches saving the stems to Sprinkle on your Wood fires in the Winter. When using Flowers in a Sachet such As Lilac roses Sweet peas the Flower petals should be pulled off throw away browned one placed in a shallow layer on clean cloth or paper and allowed to dry away from Light in an airy place. Stir the petals several times during the drying if using Citrus Peel scrape off All the fruit pulp from the inner skin break into Small pieces and dry in a warm place until Brittle if it in t perfectly dry Mold will develop. If a combination of ingredients is used they Are mixed in a non Metal bowl with a wooden spoon and put in tightly sealed Glass containers the jars should be kept in a Cool dark place under the Kitchen sink is Fine for several months to blend and fuse the scents about once a week take off the Cap stir with a wooden spoon and put it away again. After this blending period a Potpourri is finished the coarse dried mixture is put in decorative Glass jars to use As a pleasant fragrance in rooms. For a Sachet the mixture is ground to a powder using a mortar and Pestle a blender or a flour Mill but try to avoid using Metal implements. The Sachet bags can be of any material a remnants of Cotton Muslin silk or Satin even a frilly handkerchief tied with a piece of velvet ribbon will do. They re usually 2 to 3 inches Square but the size is up to you the powder is poured into the fabric bags and stitched closed. A simple Sachet for beginners is made of Lavender Flowers placed in a single layer to dry. Ground to a powder and placed in the bags it need not be aged As that is called for Only when using a mixture hysterics cools pop concert girls relax and Cool off outside London s new Victoria theater sunday evening after the collapse of four front rows of seats interrupted a concert of the Bay City rollers pop group three Hundred girls were injured in the confusion that followed the flattening of the seats by screaming hysterical fans. Seven policemen also were Hurt As they tried to control 400 other fans outside the theater. A wire photo bus Driver wounded Greensboro apr student Driver Dennis Williams was shot in the upper right Chest while at the wheel this morning but managed to Stop a Guilford county school bus without injury to the 49 pupils. The sheriffs department said Williams 18, of Gibsonville was struck by a Shotgun blast apparently fired from the Road. Officers with bloodhounds were combing the wooded area the sheriff s department said the body of an unidentified Man was found about 10 30 a m in Woods near the Highway where the bus was fired upon. Guilford county medical examiner h l. Johnson said the victim was in his late 20s, had been dead about two hours and died of an apparently self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. There was no ims bus Driver on 2a no farm animal Sweet lips pet pig defended in court i what s inside i amusements 8-9a Bridge. .7b classified ads. .7-11b comics. 12b crossword .7b editorials. .4a financial. .2a obituaries .2b sports. 3-5b television .2b women a news 6-7a weather. .3a Virginia Beach. A. Apr Sweet lips a 240-Pound pet pig a a ainu to no farm says its indignant owner Drewry Little. A a he a clean and he s quiet and that s More than you can say for some of the people who walk around Here without a Little goes to court today to Appeal an order to remove Sweet lips from his Home because of zoning ordinances. Two lawyers have volunteered their services to defend the porker who according to Little received a Swine flu shot just two Days ago to prepare him for the court session Little conceded his pet probably would t be allowed in the courtroom but a hell be outside a rant and Marina owner was fined $25 by a municipal court judge last june for violating a local ordinance that prohibits residents of this Southeastern Virginia resort City a commercial District from keeping farm animals. Quot Sweet lips ainu to no farm animal Quot Little said sunday a a he a a pet. He does no to bother a Little told the half dozen customers drinking Beer at the Small bar in his restaurant that he had Sweet lips inoculated by a Richmond paediatrician because a we done to want nobody going to court and saying Sweet lips gave them the Little said a doctor gave the 71 month old pig the shot in its right Ham. He pointed to a Small spot of Mercur Chrome on Sweet lip s right hip he squealed some a when the Needle went in. Little said Quot i almost As Little recalled the painful incident the pig Rose to its feet where it had been resting under the Shade of a Small tree near the restaurant Sweet lips grunted Quot in a sorry i mentioned it Darling Quot Little shouted Over to Sweet lips he walked Over and kissed the pig saying Quot it s Okay now done to you worry about a thing everything s going to be All right a a Sweet lips burrowed Back Down into the Cool Sand Little said a court fight to keep a pig Quot May sound like a lot of hog Wash Quot to some people but it s a matter of principle Quot and the principle is this Quot he said a people in this areas Sweet on 2a and the omission was corrected. White House press Secretary Ron Nessen and William Greener chief spokesman for Fords Campaign committee said the Republican attack on Carters tax comments was not affected by the transcript correction Dole interpreted Carters statements As meaning the democratic nominee wants to a raise taxes for half the american after Carter accused Dole and other republicans of distortion Ole responded sunday night in Florida with a denial contending Carter is on the Hook now and he s going to try to wiggle off Quot Dole said Carter Quot should drop out of these debate on 2a specifics on taxes avoided Washington apr so far the Republican stirred uproar about Jimmy Carters proposed overhaul of Federal income taxes has produced More argument than information for the Center of the controversy is a Republican interpretation of Carter s position a an interpretation which the democratic presidential nominee Calls completely distorted at this Point the dispute reveals More about Campaign tactics and generalizations than about the positions of Carter and president Ford on specific future changes in the Federal tax code. But there Are indications that the next phase of the controversy May include More substantive discussion of rival positions on capita gains and other tax advantages which Carter has indicated he would curtail or eliminate if nothing else the Issue has been moved to the Center of the Campaign stage just in time for the Lead off debate Between Ford and Carter on thursday night. Since the Early Days of his Campaign Long before his nomination. Carter has advocated a total overhaul of the tax code he has done so in general terms declining to itemize detailed specific changes ironically he was declining to do so again in an interview with the associated press when he made the comment seized upon by the republicans As evidence that he wants to raise the income taxes of half the american people the Issue flared Over his description of mean or median income As the line bet Wen higher and lower Republican vice presidential nominee Bob Dole keynote an orchestrated Campaign that quickly was joined by top administration economic officials asserting that Carter meant he would raise taxes on those making More than the median Carter accused Dole and Ford of completely distorting his position he said he would never increase taxes on lower and Middle income groups. As he has throughout the Campaign he called for Reform of a tax code he describes As a disgrace urging a shift of the Burden to those who make the most Money by Way of counterattack he added that republicans always have protected Quot the Rich the big corporations and the special interest groups a Carter said those groups would pay More under his program Carter has not and did not describe those income categories in Dollar terms the median family income in 1974 was $12,836, and since has risen slightly it is the income level at which there Are As Many families making More Money As there Are those making less Stuart Eizenstat. Carters chief issues adviser said it would take further study to determine the income level at which Carter would propose that taxes be increased but he said it would be far higher than the median. The controversy stemmed from Carter s comments in the a interview on Friday Carter said that he intends to simplify the tax code curtail exemptions and a shift a substantial increase toward those who have the higher incomes Quot while reducing taxes on those in lower and Middle income groups responding to a series of questions that followed Carter repeatedly said he did not know what level of in come would represent the breaking Point Between those who would pay More and those who would pay less. Breaking Point Between those who would pay More and those who would pay less those disclaimers were in keeping with his prior statements on the tax Issue for Carter has sought All along to so specifics on 2a to human and tempted Carter outlines beliefs Chicago apr Jimmy Carter says his religious beliefs give him Quot a sense of peace and equanimity and Assurance Quot but he acknowledges that Quot Christ set some almost impossible standards for us. In a human and i m Quot i try not to commit a deliberate sin i recognize that in a going to do it anyhow because i m human and in a tempted Quot Carter said in the course of a Long discussion about his personal standards and values in an interview with writers for Playboy Magazine the interview with the democratic presidential nominee scheduled to be published oct 14, was made available to the associated press and to Abc news today. A Playboy spokesman said taped interviews with Carter were made Over a three month period with a lengthy interview at Carters Plains ga., Home after he won the democratic presidential nomination a Christ set some almost impossible standards for us. Christ said i Tell you that anyone who looks on a woman with lust has in his heart already committed adultery a a a said Carter. What Christ taught about most was Pride that one person should never think he was any better than anyone else a Quot i be looked on a lot of women with lust. I be Coin fitted adultery in my heart Many times this is something that god recognizes i will do a and i have done it a and god forgives me for it but that does t mean that i condemn someone who not Only looks on a woman with lust but who leaves his wife and shacks up with somebody out of Wedlock a he said a the thing that s drummed into us All the time is not to be proud not to be better than anyone else not to look Down on people but to make ourselves acceptable in god s eyes through our own actions and recognizes a Carter on 2a

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