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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Full watergate disclosure sought subcommittee asked to withhold Nixon Money High Point Enterprise Friday september 13, 1974 by Jim Adams associated press writer Washington a a Louse subcommittee has Een urged to withhold $450,-oo of former president Richard m. Nixon s $850,000 transition Money until he takes a full disclosure on watergate. Hep. Michael j. Larrington d-mass., Appeal d to the House executive of ices subcommittee for that love after three of its members had objected to tart or All of the $450,000 because Nixon controls the watergate tapes and papers. A quite frankly i do not believe that or. Nixon should be granted any of this Money at least not until he finally puts an end to the cover up releases the watergate tapes and provides answers to the Many still unresolved questions As to presidential misconduct a Harrington testified on thursday. The $450,000 was requested by president Ford for Nixon a six month transition to private life. An additional $400,000 was requested for him after that period under the former presidents act. Hep. Tom Bovill d-ala., a subcommittee member had said he did not believe the $450,000 was needed because part of it is for securing the tapes and he said there is no guarantee the Public will Ever have Access to them. A the government is not getting anything. He Nixon can sell anything or everything except the tapes which he can destroy a Bovill said. General services administration chief Arthur f. Sampson said Nixon owns the watergate tapes and papers and an agreement signed when president Ford pardoned him is designed to assure the information in them will be preserved for posterity As Well As for court evidence. But Bovill said under terms of the agreement a the government is not assured of getting any record of any kind to preserve for Sampson acknowledged that Nixon could not be compelled under the agreement to release any tapes or papers to the Public. But he said Nixon promised in the agreement to release some and the Gas chief said he is confident Nixon will keep his word. He also said White House lawyer Philip Buchen has said that Gas would listen to any tapes that were going to be destroyed. Bevill said that is not part of the agreement however. Deputy Gas counsel Chou s health believed worse by John Roderick associated press writer Tokyo a diplomats n Tokyo believe that the health of chinese Premier Zhou in Lai is worse but hey see no evidence that he tends to resign in the immediate future. Chou 76, had a heart attack in May and has gradually withdrawn from official Public life. He has not attended a Public function since the Celebration of army Day on july 31. A visiting . Congressional delegation stirred fresh speculation on Chou s condition last week when some of its members reported he could not receive them because his health had deteriorated. This Drew denials in peking but also a guarded admission that he is not As Well As he was when he received sen. Henry m. Jackson d-wash., in his Hospital room Early in july. For the first time in several years Chou last week did not accompany a visiting head of state a president gassing be Eya Dema of Togo a when he met with communist party chairman Mao tse Tung. He was absent again on tuesday when Mao met the nigerian chief of state Gen. Yakubu gown. Recalling Chou a Strong Constitution and capacity for prolonged hard work diplomats say it is Likely that he will retain Over All direction of China a Day to Day affairs As Long As he is physically Able to do so. They add however that he is undoubtedly delegating More of his duties to his two vice premiers Teng Hsiao Ping 70, and la Hsien Nien 69, who have taken Over most of Chou a Public duties during his illness. Ugly wife has no advantages Pittsburgh a. Apr a Man with a Good looking wife rates higher in other people s eyes than a Man married to a homely woman two University of Pittsburgh psychologists say. Leonard Saxe and Daniel Bardl report however that the reverse in t True a a handsome husband apparently won t enhance the status of his wife. Saxe and Bartal said in a report released on thursday they showed portraits of various couples to a total of 128 viewers and asked them to try to rate each Man and woman according to personality Success and social and economic background. The portraits were paired differently for different observers with homely men paired with attractive women in some cases and the combination switched around in others. In every Case the observers were told that they were looking at a Man and wife. The findings a homely men with Good looking wives got the top ratings for income Job Success and professional status. A when these same men Are paired with homely women their standing in the eyes of the observers dropped a the lowest ratings went. To handsome men paired with attractive women. A Good looking women fared better than handsome men. A among females an unattractive woman married to an attractive Man is evaluated lowest on these Scales whereas an attractive f Emale married to an attractive male is evaluated highest a a Saxe said. He speculated that this May be a because people figure if an unattractive Man can get a Good looking wife he must have something else going for handsome men meanwhile were rated Low on both trustworthiness and brains. Saxe credited this to a an Egghead stereotype a meaning people May think smart men Are ugly. He added a what keeps surprising us is that people keep insisting their judgments Arentt influenced by physical sign warns speeders slow Down Kaleigh apr the state is testing a new traffic sign which tells speeders How fast they Are driving and warns them to slow Down. The Only sign of its Type in the state it is located on . 55 in Western Wake county. The statewide Highway Speed limit is 55 Miles per hour. If a Driver is going 73 m p h., the sign admonishes a slow Down. Your Speed is 73.�?� the Highway safety research Center of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is testing the effects of the sign for the state department of transportation. A a in a not ready to make any recommendations yet a said Bob j. Campbell director of the research Center. But in one month of tests a your data indicates the number who pass by at 60 m p Or Over has declined almost 50 per Campbell said the sign must be tested for several More months before the results can be conclusive. The Cost of the project is $15,000, most of which is for testing the sign. If the sign proves effective in reducing the number of speeders similar signs could be used at areas with High Accident rates or where interstate highways Cross into North Carolina. Black Kats love Friday the 13th when buying meat for your Freezer you should make sure that the cutting wrapping and freezing is included in the Price of your meat. Otherwise the Cost for these services can run As much Asio cents a Pound. Dog owners save buying big time ii valve Mao no la the dog Iwan Al High Point a . They will Taan a buying aul every pm Al big time they tan get thou Handy an. Or Tim a hat announced that then dog Load it Nguol in every Way to the of Phi Premium dog Pfaadt by Pine alg Lime catty important Pantet by Par tan than the nationally adverted Premium Brandt. Should High Petit a Thomasville pet Aunert twitch to alg Lima to Cava All they Money Quot that t Utt goad Canty a Tho by june reply. 19 6 4 19 14 Newark Ohio a there a a dining room Here this Friday the 13th that a cluttered with open umbrellas cardboard skeletons ladders waiting to be walked under and mirrors begging to be broken. All Are the property of the Black hats 13 world War i veterans who for 32 years have been using each Friday the 13th As an excuse to throw a party while throwing superstition out the window. The Black Kats were formed in 1942 by american legionnaires who wanted an excuse to get together to tempt Fate and have a Good time in the process. A we laugh at superstition Quot a brags a member. Smokers in the club Light three cigarettes on one match violating a prime Shibboleth of the 1914-1918 Trench War a a sniper could Nail you by the time three lights had been completed. The Kats Are limited to a of course a 13 members at one time. They must be world War i veterans and members of the american legion. There Are five original members left. The current members Range in age from 78 to 85. There Are no officers no dues no business to conduct and no meetings except on Friday the 13th, when attendance is mandatory. An unexcused absence Means automatic loss of membership. A it s just a matter of getting together and having fun a says John w. Sachs 82, one of the original members. The evening begins with in Huck Black cat Salk open tonight til it 134 s t e it is buy your Clat ring in the modern manner. 19 3 4 design your own ring Al Latten each Man passing under an open step ladder. Then its time to Exchange War stories Over a dinner of Steak and seafood in a dining room at a local Bowling Alley. As the Beer flows and the tales get taller the atmosphere becomes unfit for All but the True nonbeliever. When the mood is right a Mirror is wantonly smashed and each member gets a piece to autograph As a souvenir. The Lucky 13 must be doing something right. Sachs says he has no recollection of any members suffering any bad Luck on the supposedly dangerous Day. Herman w. Barth Saint the agreement does assure that none of Nixon a papers can be destroyed for three years and that none of the tapes can be destroyed for five years. Fwu scholar gets position Raleigh apr or. Clarence Patrick a professor of sociology at Wake Forest University since 1947, has been appointed to the inmates grievance commission. Gov. Jim Holshouser who made the appointment thursday said Patrick will succeed Fred Morrison or. Morrison resigned after being named executive director of the five member commission. See the exciting new Wall covering patterns a Scenic a Burlap a grass cloth. _ a Vinyl Organ dedication concert Carlo jambs Curley organist internationally acclaimed concert organist. Former choirmaster organist Girard College. Studied at . School of the arts also with or. Arthur Roister Virgil Fox and or. Robert Elmore. Churchland Baptist Church of. 4, Lexington. . Highway 150, eight Miles Southwest of Lexington. Allen organs installed by Moore music 615 w. Market Greensboro . 8 . Sunday sept. 15th 9j2 Boyd furniture co. Has the key to big m0hey saving values. Open Friday till 9 . Saturday till 5 . You can t lose by checking with us a but you can lose if you Don to solid state 2? console color a a i to at Coaler costar 25% off console stereos s pc. Dinettes a %j9450 j cocktail 2 ends 3 pc. Table group 47.50 20% of 1 on All lamps student desk 29.50 super savings Kelvin tor appliances at dealer Cost a Home or a office desk \ 39�., 49�# 199�?� % i 4 pc. Quot it. Living room up firm a. Rest-0-Pedic mattress or oxspring 44.50.�h record Cabinet 19.50 �i24w i0 42h i 4 shelf etagere f $1950 a Rocker recliners Boyd furniture co. 214 w. Green drive High Point mph. 882-3919 direct answers to the questions most often asked about Duke Power and your electric service. Duke Power has said that nuclear Power plants Are cleaner and More economical than Coal burning plants. So Why Are you building a huge new Coal burning Plant near Winston Salem a in the late 1960s, we had to decide whether to design the Belewas Creek steam station near Winston Salem As a Coal fired or nuclear Power Plant. At that time Coal prices were much lower. From the Cost standpoint the Choice of fuels was a tossup. The deciding Factor was timing a it takes about two years longer to build a nuclear Plant. The Only Way to Complete the new Plant by the time its output would be needed was to make it Coal burning. Q last weekend at Lake Norman i caught a Bass with a yellow tag in its Hack. What does the tag mean a frankly we re surprised you caught one so soon. Our fisheries biologists Are now tagging different kinds of fish in Lake Norman As part of a continuing study of Power Plant effects on fish and other aquatic life. Tag collection stations will soon be located at each of the Duke Power Access areas at the Lake so that fishermen can leave the tags in special envelopes. In the meantime if you catch a tagged fish in Lake Norman mail the tag to Duke Power company environmental Laboratory route 3, Box 90 Huntersville . 28078 please Tell us the Date the fish was caught where you caught it its length and weight and any unusual physical conditions. Include your name and address so we can Send you a package of plastic Worms to thank you for your help. Duke Power has a lower rate for customers with electric water Heaters. Why Don t you have a lower rate for people with air conditioners too a one of the biggest expenses in providing your electric service is the tremendous Cost of building the generating plants and transmission and distribution systems. These costs can be recovered at a lower unit Cost for electricity if the facilities Are operated and producing revenues on a constant basis. Water Heaters of course operate at an almost steady rate year around. Air conditioners on the other hand operate Only during the warmest months of the year. Elf Duke Power loses Money through the operation of Crescent land and Timber corporation a Duke Power subsidiary do you make up the loss by charging More tor electricity Ano. The financial affairs of Crescent land and Timber corporation Are entirely separate from those of Duke Power. Its profit or loss has absolutely no effect on Duke Powers electric rates. Q since electric rates have to be increased to cover the higher Cost of fuel and the tremendous construction costs of steam electric plants Why does no to Duke Power build More hydroelectric stations a hydroelectric dams look impressive but the amount of electricity they produce is rather Small in relation to our demand. Although we be already harnessed most of the available water Power in the Piedmont Carolinas our Hydro plants account for less than ten per cent of our total generating capacity. Even if Power dams were built on All the remaining Large streams in our area their combined output would Only equal our expected demand growth for one year. Its not enough. The Only Way we can keep up with demand for the Power is by building More steam electric stations. Q How can i read my own electric meter alts really a piste easy. Our Little let Booklet a your electric meter the Story in a nutshell a tells How. Ask for a fret1 copy at your local Duke Power office. Do you have a question about Duke Power or your electric service Well be pleased to answer it. Just Call your local Duke Power write to Duke Power Public information . Box 2178, Charlotte . 28242. In Etc Dawe two we Tim your Friendly neighbourhood Power company

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