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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Dane 3a Mth yeah a no. 255 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8824711 High Point n. Cd a Friday afternoon september 13, 1974 earlier predictions abandoned 24 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c fight against inflation stymied Washington a two of president Ford s top economic advisers say Consumers won t get any significant Relief from the nations soaring inflation rate this year. The gloomy predictions came from departing presidential economic Counselor Kenneth Rush and chairman Alan Greenspan of the Council of economics advisers. Despite months of anti inflation Effort including record High interest rates most of this year these advisers say the earliest any real Progress can be made is next year. These views Mark a major Retreat from Nixon administration predictions that the rate of inflation now about la per cent would decline to 7 per cent by the end of this year. This target was revised upward a month ago to 8 per cent. Rush who was confirmed by the Senate on thursday As ambassador to France indicated in an interview that the inflation rate May still be above to per cent when 1974 draws to a close. In other economic developments on thursday a Senate democrats voted to Send president Ford several economic policy proposals for consideration at the upcoming economic Summit meeting. A leaders of the nations housing Industry attending an economic min Summit in Atlanta made a bid to exempt their Industry from anti inflationary tight Money policies. Sirica orders cover up trial to go Forward Washington a -U.S. District judge John j. Sirica has decided the Pardon granted Richard m. Nixon is insufficient reason to throw out watergate cover up charges against the former presidents subordinates. Shortly before Sirica declared the cover up trial would go Forward the White House indicated there will be no pardons for watergate defendants while they still face trial. The Senate also voted 55 to 24 on thursday urging presi Dent Ford not to Issue further pardons until All the watergate trials have been completed. And democratic members of the House judiciary committee said they favor having the special prosecutor disclose the evidence against Nixon. But chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., . Said he does not agree with proposals to indict and try Nixon despite the Pardon which precludes any penalty. Although Sirica rejected requests from three cover up for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Hunting License q. How old do you have to be to Hunt a. You done to have to have a North Carolina Hunting License until you Are 16 years of age youngsters however should Hunt with parents or prepare themselves with Hunter safety courses before going afield. Fair deadline q. I have some Green pot Flowers i would like to enter in the exhibit at the Greensboro fair in october and if i am not too late to enter them would you please give me the Telephone number or who to Contact to enter them Over there please hurry and thank you. A lady. A. A staff member of the Greensboro fair said the deadline is today but they will accept anything As Long As your entry Blank is there by monday. She suggested since you re barely getting in under the wire that you go to the coliseum Fairgrounds. There s a trailer where you can get the entry Blank and turn it in. The dates of the fair Are sept. 23 through sept. 28. Exhibitors will set up their displays on saturday sept. 21 from 8 a m. To 6 . Or on sunday sept. 22, from i . To 6 . With finishing touches allowed through noon monday since the fair does no to open until 2 . Defendants for dismissal of charges against them he indicated some sympathy with problems of a wave of pretrial publicity. The judge set Back the Start of the trial by one Day to oct. I so a new Pool of potential jurors can be selected Sirica had indirectly alerted a special group of 400 potential jurors that they would be judging the watergate Case. Sirica said because of publicity surrounding the Nixon Pardon the trial jury would come from a completely new group. Attorneys for former White House aide . Haldeman had said the original group of 400 would have prejudged the guilt of the defendants if Only because they would have paid More attention to watergate developments than other citizens. At the White House acting press Secretary John w. Hushen asked it any watergate pardons would be delayed pending completion of court trials answered a i believe that is True a one of the dismissal requests to Sirica was from former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell who claimed to have a been subjected to the same degree and intensity of publicity that prompted president Fords pardoning of Richard attorneys for Mitchell argued unsuccessfully to Sirica that a Pardon for Nixon and prosecution for Mitchell a is particularly offensive to the american concept of equal they said the Only reason Nixon goes free is his status As a former president. A similar motion also went to the judge from former White House aide John d. Ehrlichman. Sen. William Proxmire d-wis., today proposed a constitutional amendment to prohibit a president from granting a Pardon unless a person has been convicted and sentenced in a court of Law. A president Fords Pardon of Richard Nixon May meet the letter of the Constitution but it clearly violates its spirit a Proxmire said in a prepared statement introducing the amendment. A the Power of the president to Pardon should extend to proven violations of the Law not to every illegal act that an individual Man might conceivably have committed during his period in Public office a he said. Proxmire said his proposed amendment would a preserve the essential right of our Legal system to try citizens for their misdeeds yet it would preserve the Power of the president to forgive offences in a spirit of Charity and horse disease Rule modified Raleigh a agriculture commissioner Jim Graham said today he would recommend a modification of strict regulations dealing with the disease Equine infectious anaemia Eia in horses. Graham said he would recommend to the state Board of agriculture which meets sept. 16 to scrap the regulation which requires the annual Coggins test. Instead the regulation would require that horses sold for other than immediate Slaughter at Public livestock markets or Public auction would have to be tested for Eia prior to being removed from the Sale premises. Horses tested at sales would have to be tagged for seven Days. No Eia tests would be required at horse shows or assemblies other than Public sales except that horses brought to shows from out of state must have had a negative Eia test within six months. No crowds supplemental income q. I want some information on drawing supplemental social Security and wondered if you owned a Home and it was not Worth very much would it be involved in drawing supplemental social Security checks if you draw social Security and a Little supplement Check and the information i want to know which is very important is would it subsidize your Home. Anon. A. If your Home is a not Worth very much a it alone would not keep you from drawing supplemental Security income. However the social Security office must go into such things As the amount of other income and resources you have. A person who is single or married but not living with his spouse can have assets a things he owns a Worth up to $1,500 and still get payments. The amount for a couple is $2,250. This includes savings accounts stocks Bonds jewelry and other valuables. Not everything owned counts As an asset. A Home with a Market value of $25,000 or less does no to count. And the Federal government will not ask for liens on the Homes of people who get supplemental Security income. Personal effects or household goods also do not count As assets in most cases. Insurance policies or a car May not affect eligibility either depending on their value. People can have some Money coming in and still get supplemental Security income the first $20 a month in income generally in t counted income above the first $20 a month apart from earnings generally reduces the amount of the supplemental Security income payment. This includes social Security checks veterans compensation Workman s compensation pensions annuities gifts and other income. People who work while they Are getting supplemental Security income can earn As much As $65 in a month without any reduction in their government payment. The payment reduced $1 for each $2 in earnings Over $65 in a month in the near future social Security will be getting in touch with those who draw less than $159 50 per month to determine if they can qualify for any of the new supplemental Security income benefits. These Persone do not need to Call the social Security office police escort Boston pupils Boston a motorcycle police formed escorts for buses carrying Black and White pupils to their new schools on the second Day of court ordered busing in Boston but in some cases they escorted near empty buses. Police lined both sides of the bus routes for about two Miles As the buses brought Black children through the Blue Collar Irish Section in South Boston to a White High school there. �?T1310 first 12 buses carried 24 students. Helmeted police standing about five Yards apart encircled South Boston High school. A police spokesman said 300 to 400 officers had been assigned to the area no crowds gathered honouring a City ban on assemblies imposed after angry crowds of Whites stoned several buses in the area thursday injuring eight Black children but four persons a three of them a Mother and two children a were arrested today on disorderly conduct charges fifty Black pupils of an assigned 474 were bused to South Boston High today compared with 56 on thursday a mayors office spokesman said. The school scene of demonstrations and some Rock throwing on thursday previously had been 99 per cent White. At Roxbury High school 12 White pupils of about 500 assigned there attended today compared with 20 on thursday according to headmaster Charles Ray. The school previously was too per cent Black a the Federal Power commission staff recommended a single nationwide Price on certain natural Gas a move virtually certain to increase Gas prices. A the wholesale Price Index for August was released showing a 3.9 per cent leap an indication that inflation May be getting worse. A Ford motor co., announced a 7.4 per cent Price Coal Gas Outlook Uncertain by Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington a government and Industry experts say the nation should have enough Petroleum fuels this Winter but the Outlook is Uncertain for Coal and downright gloomy for natural Gas. George Hall fuels manager in the Federal Energy administrations Petroleum allocation program said a fall things being equal a assuming its a Normal Winter and there Are no problems with the arabs a the Petroleum Outlook is the Fea reported in late August that stocks of distillate fuel Oil which includes Home heating Oil and diesel fuel were some 10.5 per cent higher than a year earlier and 12 per cent higher than two years earlier. Stocks of gasoline were More than 12 per cent above those of 1973 and 11.6 per cent higher than in 1972. The weakest category in Petroleum appeared to be residual fuel Oil stocks were about 4.5 per cent behind their level of 1972, but were 14 per cent better than a year ago. Tight supplies of residual Oil could affect electric utilities prime users of that fuel. Hall said uncertainties Are posed by the possibility of a Coal miners strike this november when the curent United mine workers contract expires. Natural Gas supplies Are already expected to run Short. The Federal Power commission predicts that natural Gas companies will be forced by shortages to Cut off supplies temporarily to some industries As they did last Winter. But this years curtailments Are expected to be nearly twice As great As last years the pc said. Homes and other essential Consumers Are Given top priority for natural Gas and Home heating and cooking Gas Are not in danger of being Cut off the commission said but curtailed Gas deliveries could Force some industries to seek More expensive alternate fuels putting additional pressure on fuel Oil supplies and driving up the Price of their products. Some industries might even be forced to shut operations and put some workers out of jobs. Commission officials could not predict which specific industries might be Hurt because it would depend on supplies in each locality. Hike on its 1975 Model cars. Greenspan told labor leaders meeting at the White House on wednesday that a in the immediate period ahead it does not appear As though the inflation rate is turning Greenspan said a we Hope it will decline in 1975. Both Rush and Greenspan cited the Prospect of higher food costs resulting in part from a Midwest drought As being largely responsible for the worsening inflation Outlook. Treasury Secretary William e. Simon was not quite so pessimistic As they were but he indicated to a newsman that it was unlikely the inflation rate would be below 8.5 per cent this years a fight on 2 a farm food talks produce gloom Chicago a rep. W. R. Poage summed up what was on the minds of Many attending a White House sponsored farm and food conference to seek answers on inflation things Are going to get rougher before they get better. A the Farmer and the labourer As Well As the manufacturer must be willing to accept some rough going if we Are going to Stop inflation and if we Don t Stop it we will surely All go Down together a the Texas Democrat chairman of the House agriculture committee said thursday night. The conference which Drew some 60 delegates ends today after summary reports on causes and proposed cures for the troubled Economy. They will be considered by a White House Summit meeting on inflation sept. 27-28. Poage said americans suffer from a philosophy he said originated with labor unions calling for equal pay regardless of productivity. Other speakers including agriculture Secretary Earl l. Butz said the Federal government will have to Cut spending before Farmers and Consumers see improvements. The session came hours after the labor department announced the wholesale Price Index soared 3.9 per cent in August including a big gain for farm and food products. Don f. Magdanz of Omaha neb., representing the National livestock feeders association said top priority should be Given by the administration and Congress to balancing the Federal budget but he said he did not believe it would be done. Jerry Rees an official of the National association of wheat growers said he hoped a they done to try to cure All the problems of inflation a by cracking Down on agriculture and forcing Down farm prices. Sen. Walter Huddleston d-ky., said Export controls on farm products Are not the Way to make More food available. A we Are concerned and frankly scared of any Export program that would jeopardize Long term sales of farm products and thus contribute to reduced income for producers Huddleston said. William j. Kuhfuss president of the american farm Bureau federation said in a paper submitted today that Federal deficit spending is a the Root cause of inflation and that the administration should move decisively to assure americans something will be done about it. But Tony t. Dechant president of the National Farmers Union advocated stepped up government programs to provide jobs reduce taxes for lower income people improve credit and strengthen social Security welfare and Federal food programs. He also said the government should offer Farmers higher Price support guarantees. Leo and Friend the University of North Alabama a Mascot Leo the lion makes a jump for his student Trainer Jim Faulkner As they play a game of hide and seek at Florence Ala. Faulkner who feels that there is a Mutual respect Between Man and beast has taught the 300 la. Cat a number of tricks and plays with him again with respect. A wire photo seat Belt locks to be dropped what s inside Detroit aim Congress is expected to lift soon the requirement that All new cars carry seat Belt interlock systems but it will a no a worn Oil i k a come t0� Lutefy fat 0ul it in la buyers of 1975-Model Bridge amp a Cru classified ads 6-12b comics Ida crossword so editorials .4a financial .2a obituaries. 2b sports. 3-5h television a women a news6-7a weather. 3a cars. Auto companies Are already into new car production and will have an estimated one million units with interlocks in dealer showrooms by late this month when Congress is expected to drop the requirement for the safety devices. The interlocks first required for 1974 models Force front seat occupants to fasten their harness belts before the car will Start. Many car owners have complained vociferously about having to buckle on the belts even for driving a car a few feet into a garage. Late fall shoppers will find some showroom models with interlocks and others without them. The companies say shoppers May not want a car with the device even though it is relatively simple to Dis connect and the government estimates 40 per cent of current Model car owners have disconnected it. General motors says the interlocks add about $30 or $40 to a cards Cost. It said it would pass on to Consumers any savings it realizes from eliminating the interlocks. But purchasers of cars with the device installed will have to pay the extra Money. Legislation outlawing the devices is not an absolute certainty. But spokesmen for the Auto companies say they Are confident such action is coming and Senate action this week indicates they Are right the House already has passed a Bill which would eliminate interlocks on 1975 models. And while the Senate version keeps the device the Senate went on record wednesday in favor of dropping it the Bill is now in a Senate House conference committee for revision. Industry sources predict a modified version of the is seat on 7a Alan Greenspan

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