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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Washington merry go round indictment of Nixon was a certainty 4a Friday september 13, 1974> coverage of the hearings City Council and its special committee have been getting an excessive amount of instruction and advice some of it directly contradictory As they proceed toward the planning of a unique exc Erise in municipal government a the full scale investigation of the police department. One facet of that planning is involved with news coverage and dissemination of the drama that is expected to unfold. In that regard we would claim some measure of knowledge both Legal and practical and thus deign to offer some additional instruction and advice unsolicited. The Basic principle upon which such planning should be done is embodied in the single word if the hearings Are to be open to the Public As is presently indicated the Council must recognize that it cannot clearly differentiate Between the Public and the Media. The Media ability to disseminate the news of the event to those who cannot attend in person is directly related to the ability of each person who does attend differing Only in matter of degree. From that starting Point then the Council can no More dictate to the Media what they May or May not print or broadcast than it can control what members of the audience will be allowed to say to others when they depart. In Short the event is either open or it is closed. Presuming As before that the hearings Are to be open to the Public then the councils authority to control begins and ends with its authority to maintain a proper Arena. If it finds for instance that movement of people or equipment within the hearing chamber is potentially distracting or annoying to the extent of limiting the ability of the hearings to proceed in proper decorum then it is entirely within its Purview to spell out limitations. It is for this reason that judicial authorities have seen fit for instance to ban the use of cameras in courtrooms although some have found that fixed position and continuing operation cameras have been acceptable. Council would entirely exceed reasonable authority if it sought to instruct any Media How Little or How much of the proceedings might be published or aired. This transgresses the Well tested Legal principle of prior restraint. It will be the purpose of this newspaper to provide to the Public a full fair and impartial report of the events As they occur. We have no reason to believe that any other Media expect to do otherwise. If the Council believes As it has Given indication that it does that this is a matter than can be Best held in Public forum it will make minimum restrictive rules concentrating Only on the need to ensure a reasonable operating procedure As Well As the Media a ability to enlarge the audience immeasurably through effective reporting. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski would have sought an indictment against former president Nixon a in a matter of weeks a according to sources familiar with the plans if president Ford had t intervened with a Pardon. These sources say the special prosecutor intended to indict Nixon solely for obstruction of Justice. Jaworski believed he had a an Iron Clad cases against the former president and would get an a almost certain conviction Quot our sources report. The Case would have been based heavily upon Nixon a own tapes which provide Prima Facie evidence that he participated in the watergate cover up. Jaworski s Deputy James Neal had already arranged for secret service technicians to testify about the taping system. Our sources describe Jaworski As a Man with a deep Faith in the judicial processes. They say he simply could not ignore the verdict of the House judiciary committee which voted overwhelmingly to impeach Nixon for obstruction of Justice nor the will of the watergate grand jury which voted 19 to 0 to name him As an a indicted co conspirator. The grand jury would have indicted him last March if Jaworski had not counselled that a sitting president be legally indicted. The threat of indictment Hung Over the former president like Damocles sword. Sources who have had Access to him in his seclusion at san Clemente describe him As a totally weary terribly depressed and completely a Golden anniversary saturday is a special Day for High Point College and for High Point. It was 50 years ago on sept. 14, 1924, that the first students arrived on the Muddy Campus off Mon lieu Avenue on the Eastern Side of the City. The College consisted of Roberts Hall and one dormitory for women. The men students had to live among the townspeople until the completion of Mcculloch Hall. The Campus today presents quite a contrast. It has moved across Mon lieu Avenue to the South and reaches to e. Lexington Avenue to the North. It is adorned with Many new buildings a including dormitories a science Hail a Chapel and a Campus Center. The years have not always been easy for High Point College. A few years after its opening it was beset with the financial hardships brought about by the great depression. The same dedication that led to its founding brought the College through that difficult period however and to its growth in recent years through its Golden decade development program. Not the least among the colleges assets is the affection it retains among its Many thousands of alumni. The Bond that exists Between the College and the Community is evident in the hundreds of High Point College alumni who Call High Point their Home and who Are among the business and civic leaders of the City. A measure of the first 50 years for High Point College was put into perspective last wednesday by or. Harold Conrad a member of its faculty in his introduction of or. William r. Locke the principal speaker at the schools anniversary convocation. A every College has its own personality built Over the projecting the news years by students alumni faculty and friends of the institution a or. Conrad said. A this is the Way people identify the College. This image encompasses the traditions which have grown through the decades of growth. Its what holds the loyalty of former students As they look Back on their student Days. It keeps the warmth aglow in their hearts of friends and faculty who have meant so much to them during their undergraduate Days. A although High Point College is not an old institution a As Many colleges go a it has in its half Century of life accumulated these traditions and loyalties a or. Conrad continued. A it has a personality to which we who have been part of this growth have Strong attachments. Its spirit is still vibrant because of those former students and faculty who have lived on our Campus. Many of these traditions go Back to those late twenties and thirties when High Point College was struggling to get its feet on the ground and to bring learning to Many youths in North Carolina. Its growth to the present has brought greatness to All at a time when Many other Small colleges Are in financial trouble High Point College stands As an institution under firm administration academically and financially. It is sure of its own purpose and goals it retains its close ties with the methodist Church and it does not hesitate to be innovative in trying new courses of study and new approaches to study for its students. Its past 50 years can be looked Back upon with a sense of accomplishment the next 50 years can be looked to with a growing Confidence to meet the Challenge they offer. Consumerism on the March the Federal bar association is holding a conference on consumer product safety and liability in Arlington a. Although double a digit inflation is anathema to Consumers it promises to give added impetus to the consumer movement. The status of legislation to create a Federal consumer Protection Agency provides a Case in Point. The House passed a consumer Agency Bill by a wide margin last april. A similar measure has been tied up for nearly two months in the Senate by a wide margin last april. A similar measure has been tied up for nearly two months in the Senate by a filibuster. Three motions to end the debate fell Short of the required two thirds majority but the Bill a supporters Are hopeful they will prevail when a fourth cloture vote is taken sept. 18. Even the business groups that have been lobbying intensely against the consumer Agency legislation sense that their cause is lost. A with prices soaring the Way they Are anything labelled consumer Protection is go Commerce lobbyist told business week. The Senate conservatives and business groups opposing the Bill argue that it would create an uncontrollable new bureaucracy to harass business and other Federal agencies. Their apprehensions no doubt Stem in Large part from the performance of the consumer rip Van Sam one source has been struck by the a Stark loneliness Quot of Richard Nixon. He is Quot absolutely alone within himself a the source explains. All sources agree that he has Complete control of his faculties although his conversation sometimes wonders and his nerves seem frayed. Nixon a psyche is so a delicate a our sources report that his Loyal aide Ronald Ziegler and attorney Herbert a a Jack Miller took president Fords representative attorney Benton Becker aside before putting him together with Nixon at san Clemente. They asked the judicious Becker to keep the meeting informal. Becker refused to comment on the meeting except to say he found Nixon a a alerts and the main cause of Nixon a anguish according to our sources was the expectation that Jaworski would ask the grand jury to indict him. The distraught Nixon even developed a strange inability to repeat Jaworski a name. In a phone Aversa tion with rep. Dan Kuykendall r-tenn., for example the former president mumbled a a we be got problems with that fellow. Us. Us a a Jaworski a suggested Kuykendall. A yes a said Nixon. Others have also reported that he seems to have trouble with the special prosecutors name. We have established that president Ford Learned of Nixon a mental state and imminent indictment. White House sources say the president feared the indictment could cause his predecessor a nervous breakdown. Here Are the other reasons which finally persuaded the president to move quickly to Grant Nixon a a full free and absolute Pardon a Ford s Legal advisers Philip Buchen and Benton Becker determined that a Pardon was the president prerogative and had nothing to do with equal Justice. Lyndon Johnson granted less than 200 pardons during his five years in the White House for example while Harry Truman issued about 200 pardons a year. People have been pardoned for crimes that kept others in prison. Buchen and Becker advised Ford therefore that the Nixon Pardon would not affect the criminal cases against h. R. Haldeman John Ehrlichman John Mitchell and the other alleged conspirators. A the presidents lawyers came up with a quote from Alexander Hamilton who writing in the federalist declared a there Are critical moments when a Well timed offer of Pardon to the insurgents or rebels May restore the Tranquility of the under the preamble to the Constitution the lawyers noted the president is required to a insure the Domestic Ford agreed that a Pardon in Nixon Scase would promote Tranquility. A Buchen and Becker also contended there was no evidence Nixon had Advance knowledge of the watergate break in. He was guilty merely of covering it up in order to avoid political embarrassment in the Middle of the 1971 presidential Campaign. What started out to be a political move wound up As a criminal conspiracy. The lawyers quoted from sir Walter Scott a famous line a ooh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive Quot Ford agreed that his predecessor Hadnot started out to commit a crime but merely had become entangled in one. A the president and his advisers also took into account Nixon a 28 years of political service the last 24 under a National Microscope. As one aide mused a this is a terrible Way to go after such Long a word edgewise Way to achieve historical amnesia product safety commission. Established under legislation passed in 1972, the commission has wide a ranging authority to formulate mandatory product safety standards and to ban products found to present an unreasonable risk of injury. Last year the commission conducted about 2,500 a depth investigations of product related injuries and deaths. On the basis of these studies and other data it put together a list of More than 300 common hazards. According to the commission the five most hazardous consumer products Are in order bicycles stairs doors cleaning agents and tables. The consumer product safety commission was a continuing source of irritation to the Nixon White House. Time and again Nixon operatives tried to place administration loyalists on the commission payroll. But the commission steadfastly refused to knuckle under. The proposed consumer Protection Agency presumably would strive for an equally Independent role As now envisioned the ing to be hard to Stop a u s. Chamber of a Agency would have Broad authority to represent consumer would thus become for the first time a a party of interest in a wide Range of government proceedings. Some executives have found that voluntary adoption of a Strong consumer a Protection plan is not Only Good Public relations but also Good business. By John p. Roche King features Syndicate putting aside the implications of president Fords full Pardon of Richard Nixon which we will turn to later the first question is a Why the Rush Quot Ford is hardly an impetuous Man a worrying about a crisis he is More likly to play nine holes of Golf than Start pushing every Button in reach. So Why should he suddenly on a sunday morning make the Nixon announcement by and Large i avoid Bush league psychoanalysis but in Nixon Scase there has been a real problem he has vividly reminded me of several individuals i have known. All of them shared his incredible ego drive All of them would Tell you at the drop of a hat How Tough they were All of them ran into rough water a and two of them blew their brains out. In addition i once at close Range watched one of these machismo types shake Down. His wife had walked out on him and what broke him was the absence of another Man in her life a she preferred having nothing to him it was a terrifying experience a one that i suspect has been haunting san Clemente since the trumpets sounded for the last time. Emptiness under Normal circumstances it is hard to leave a Power Quot or at least the out Ward simulations of in the Spring of 1969, in a told the former inhabitants of the Johnson White House offices spent a great Deal of time nostalgically peering through the Fence. What bothered me most of All was to be Cut off from the fantastic Supply of news and background data available on an instant basis. But in one Way or another anybody who has been at what the late Stewart Alsop called a the Center has an emptiness in his life thereafter a he keeps expecting that phone to ring nothing bothered the late president Johnson so much As when the White House communications Agency came Down to the ranch in january 1969, and removed his beloved Telephone console suppose however that instead of leaving the White House under Normal circumstances you Are in effect kicked out and As you leave the american people Emit an audible sigh of Relief of course you can Tell yourself that you were not forced out that you left under your own steam As a patriotic act that someday a a they will appreciate you that. That. And then the whistle blows you Are out kicked out maybe All for criminal indictment maybe consigned to the poor House and nobody cares. Gerald Ford look at All you did for him Well perhaps a bit reluctantly but nonetheless and Kissinger a there he is laughing away with that Rich bum Rockefeller whom you mopped up a a and All the rest of them. Kind of funny in t it a the Only place they realized what actuality happened How Richard Nixon was set up. Was Moscow. That a a pravda article really Laid it on the line. How the Media destroyed the president because of his progressive stance no one to Trust but what about those subpoenas what can be done with them7 by god the first thing to do is go to that courtroom and fight it out Tell the jury the presidents Well the sex presidents Side of the Story. Wait a minute. That wont work. The Media will twist every word and keep quoting former statements. It s one thing to hang Tough when you have a Chance but you done to walk into a trap. The president Well the sex president was right it was that Bunch of clowns. Maybe a National review was right and the Cia got Mccord to bungle that burglary just to Frame the president who can be trusted this Stream of consciousness is obviously fictitious. But unless All my intuitive systems Are jammed something like this has been going on inside the head of Richard Nixon this last month. Needless to say unless one gets off the circuit he goes mad and in the clinical psychiatric sense. My Hunch is that president Ford was informed that Nixon was on the psychological abyss that he issued the Pardon literally to save a life and that the Tenor of or. Nixon a remarks on acceptance indicated the mood of a drowned Man resuscitated. In Short it was a psychological not a political sequence. Letters to the editor attorney makes Case for open hearings to the editor Why not have Public hearings clearly the City Council can legislate i.e., pass ordinances so it must be Able to investigate ordinance Sec. 2-24, g. S. 160a-80. The High Point City Council is conducting the Public s business and it is Well established that the Public has a very specific right to information concerning the Workings of its government a the High Point police department in this Case. This investigation of the High Point police department was voted by Council some six months ago specifically to investigate the Workings of the High Point police department a and the Many rumours and allegations a for the express purpose of hiring As compe tent investigator sifting Rumor from fact and then presenting the facts at a Public hearing pursuant to g s. 16qa-80 at the time coun Oil voted to take this action no one complained in fact Laurie Pritchett if our memory serves us correctly stated on Channel 8 that he welcomed the investigation and the Public hearing where he would have an Opportunity to face his accusers. Pritchett Felt that he and the police department would be strengthened by the investigation and Public hearing which would kill the rumours and other derogatory allegations once and for All. Now Pritchett without objecting to the hearing wants to know what the procedure is going to be and certain members of the High Point police department have formed an organization which has done nothing publicly except to object to Public hearings. Where were these folks six months ago when this matter was publicly debated and publicly decided by the Council Why did they wait until the Date for Public hearings had been announced to make their interest known the rumours and allegations concerning Laurie Pritchett and the Workings of the department precede the discovery of an alleged theft ring in the department More than two years ago. In fact the rumours and allegations about Pritchett and the Workings of the department were sores on the body politic for several years prior to the discovery of the alleged theft ring incidentally As we All know not a single member of that purported theft ring was convicted of a crime and every member who was not charged with a criminal offence but was fired and who appealed his firing was reinstated. The Public As stated by sen. Sam Ervom regarding the watergate hearings has a right to know. The Public 1 finances the government of the City including the police department 2 has heard the rumours and allegations concerning Pritchett and the Workings of the police department for years a these rumours and allegations have not been confined to the City Council or some inner or elite group but have received widespread publication and circulation in this area 3 has footed the Bill for the investigation and hearings and 4 demands that the truth after All these years not come out in some secret meeting behind closed doors but be made known at and in a Public forum which the Public can attend if it chooses or which if it cannot attend will be adequately covered by the news Media so that it can learn the truth whatever it May be. Police Protection is one of the municipal functions which is so Universal and fundamental today that no one would expect the creation of a real municipality without it. But we Are being told that the High Point police department which is so vital to the Public and also so expensive to the Public is also none of the Public s business. We Are told that to have Public hearings will open the very bowels of High Point. The bowels which May or May not be opened a since we do not know what will be made known As a result of the hearings a Are the bowels which the Public has bought and paid for with its taxes and we contend that the Public has every right an inalienable right to inspect these bowels and to make its own decision about their condition. With years of rumours and allegations concerning Laurie Pritchett and the conduct affairs and Workings of the department it seems so fundamentally necessary so essentially fair so vital to Public Confidence in our City and its affairs it is almost beyond belief that any person or group of persons would now seek to have the City Council conduct the Public a business in private and advocate and advise the Council that these matters of Public concern Are really none of the Public s business the Public Issue is still alive. A private or closed door hearing review of the evidence or results of the investigation certainly permits a Whitewash doubt and the withholding of facts from the Public a Public hearing certainly minimizes any of these dangers. The Public wants to know the truth the whole truth wants to get to the Bottom of the entire matter and fails to see Why any responsible official elected or appointed would not want the whole truth to come out to Clear the air once and for All to inform our citizens and to move on in the Best interests of All the citizens of High Point. C m Richard Tate or. Attorney High Point

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