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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 12, 1976, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise sunday september 12. 1976 9agubernatorial Runoff candidates present Choice by Robert b. Cullen associated press writer Raleigh a the two candidates in tuesday s Runoff primary for the Republican gubernatorial nomination offer gop voters a Choice both of style and substance. David t Flaherty 48, is a transplanted bostonian who broke into politics via the Broyhill family s Mountain Republican interests and then served in the administration of gov James e Holshouser for three years Flaherty came to North Carolina to work for the Broyhill furniture Industry. He became a state senator and was tapped by Holshouser to be Secretary of a human resources administering programs ranging from welfare to Public health. Coy Privette comes from a different base and a different tradition he was born in Statesville and played football at Wake Forest University his nose bears testimony to the fact that he played Interior line before helmets had face masks. Privette went on to the Baptist ministry and his Entrance into politics was via the North Carolina Christian action league in 1973, he led the league s successful Campaign against liquor by the drink he has since sought to make his political base among the Gopas conservative Wing but in the first primary Privette failed to attract the support of the voters who gave Ronald Reagan his first Victory Over Gerald Ford last March in 1p David Flaherty toy Privette Flaherty came tantalizingly close to attaining the 50 per cent majority he needed to win the nomination out Cut heating costs with a Cli Matrol heat pump air conditioner save on Cooling too use nature s heat to warm your Home. 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Cell Matrol Mueller Cli Matrol corp local distributor Southern Metal Supply company inc. 1537 n. Main High Point phone w2-4pi8 of m7-1133. Right he was shy by 264 votes Privette far Back in second place with 32 5 per cent refused to quit. He called the Runoff in Hopes that with the presidential contest ended he could attract the attention and support of the conservatives who failed to vote on August 17, when less than 19 per cent of the eligible republicans went to the polls both men Are Bluff gregarious extroverts who have to watch their weight. And there Are areas of agreement Between them on the issues both for example support the idea that some governmental constraints must be put on the development of land in environmentally sensitive areas both say. Howver they want More local control Over the regulations than the state presently allows both have been vociferous in their support for Tough measures against criminals both support the restoration of the death penalty. A i support the death penalty for moral and ethical reasons a Livette said both have proposed numerous ways to make sure that criminals spend More time in the state prisons neither has offered a definite plan for alleviating the overcrowding that already plagues the system both say that they will run state government without raising taxes for the next four years even though they have pledged to give Cost of living pay raises to teachers and state employees if the Money is available. For Privette that is a changed position two years ago As Leader of the Chris Tian action league he supported a tax Reform package that would have increased upper bracket income taxes and repealed the sales tax on food he has abandoned that idea now Privette favors a package designed to Appeal to businessmen. It includes repeal of the intangibles tax on savings accounts and accounts receivable and a phased removal of the inventory tax Burden on merchants and manufacturers Privette would also increase the inheritance tax exemption from $10,000 to $60,000, a move he said would Benefit Farmers who have difficulty passing their land on to their heirs intact. Those measures would Cost about $60 million in the first year and Privette has never spelled out How he would make up for the lost Revenue in the Long run. He said the lax cuts would stimulate the state s Economy to produce More sales and income tax revenues if taxes had to be raised because of some unforeseen circumstance Privette said he would recommend increasing the levies on a nonessential items like liquor and tobacco Flaherty s tax proposals Are More modest he said he would like to see the in tangibles and inventory taxes repealed but Only if the Money is available he refused to talk about How he would raise taxes if it became necessary. A that s an iffy question a he said perhaps because of his experience in presenting legislative proposals to the general Assembly Flaherty has produced some detailed position papers during his Campaign his stand on Public utilities includes nine Points several of them dealing with specific changes he would make in the state Law if the general Assembly would agree. 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