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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 12, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and mild More data on Page 2a 92nd year a no. 256 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation m2 let classified ads h85-2177 other depts. 885-2161 Kissinger sets out to avoid african War by Arthur l. Gashon associated press writer Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger said saturday that world peace May be imperilled and Tho a radicalization a of All Africa May result unless race War in the South which he said already has started is quickly ended addressing a news conference before setting out on a new quest for peace in the Region Kissinger set a year end deadline for himself to achieve Progress on three major flashpoint situations he listed them As a the crisis in Rhodesia where Black guerrillas already Are campaigning to topple the Legal regime of Premier Ian l. Smith Smith is the Leader of the country s 270,000 White settlers who Are far away outnumbered by the six million Blacks in the country a the future of Namibia formerly known As South West Africa which has become the Center of guerrilla activity directed against the South african managers of the territory a the violence in the Republic of South Africa itself where since june nonwhites have been battling police in key cities with a death toll reaching toward the 400 level risks to world peace of escalating violence in South Africa Are very Kissinger said in a somber opening statement a War has already started in Southern Africa and in another key passage in answer to a reporters question he added a the history of these armed struggles is that they Lead to escalating violence drawing in More and More countries and have the danger of foreign intervention and the probability of the radicalization of the whole continent of it was Clear that Kissinger s use of the term radicalization of the whole of Africa Quot meant he thinks More than 40 countries there could like Angola fall under the Sway of the soviet Union ultimately this could result in a cutoff of africans prize Mineral and other resources to Western Europe and nations of the american continents the Secretary of state claiming bipartisan backing for his Mission said the . Initiative also has the support of key african governments leaders of some liberation movements and All Allied nations he kept open the door for a meeting with Premier Ian d Smith who defied Britain la years ago by proclaiming Rhodesia s Independence thus far Only South Africa has any form of diplomatic representation in Salisbury. Equally serious would be the strategic implications if the soviets and their allies were to by granted rights to set up naval and air bases up and Down the huge continent a i g=2@gll for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. City tag for company trucks q Why done to some companies Here in High Point have to buy City tags for their cars and trucks and we have to buy them. They have possibly 30 cars or trucks together without City tags the name of the company is. Thank you. R. A. A police officer was assured by a company representative that All company vehicles that Are locally operated do have and will continue to display City tags the tractor trailer trucks Are not required by the City ordinance to display the tags. Overpayment of unemployment q. Please find out the penalty for getting unemployment knowing that you Are not entitled to it. Do you pay them Back or pay a penalty and is there any criminal prosecution anon. A general statute 96 18 d provides that a person is overpaid if benefits have been received by reason of nondisclosure or misrepresentation of a material fact and conditions for receipt of benefits were not fulfilled the determination of overpayment is made by the employment Security com Mission says William Hollar manager of the local office he said g s. % 18 a provides for punishment of a Tine of not less than $20. Nor More than $50. Or by imprisonment for not longer than 30 Days if a person knowingly makes a false statement or withholds a material fact to obtain or increase benefits punishment under this Section is determined in state courts the same As any other criminal violation each week is considered a separate offence Montessori school q in there a Montessori school for preschoolers in Guilford county of so whom would i Contact thank you. Or. A the Southside Montessori school. 23 Banner ave., Winston Salem is probably the closest to High Point just a Short distance from old Salem on main Street. Maxine Stewart is the director and May be reached at 765 8391 classes for children Ages three to five Are held each weekday from 9 to 12 and tuition is $50 a month mrs Stewart said there was another Montessori school in Greensboro called the learning Center police and cd ers q. Does the High Point police dept use cd radio operators when an armed robbery has occurred and the thieves have eluded the police i know that the Highway patrol has used Channel 19 for Aid of this Type numerous times. Other cities use Community watch programs and a program enlisting a hers serve the same unction and Aid our police department . A. Citizens band operators including the Rescue squad have Given the police invaluable help on Many occasions a spokesman at the department says they Are indebted to them for their outstanding cooperation the department has had a set but they Haven to put the Antenna up yet. Pulmonary test to those who have inquired in past months about when the next lung capacity test will be Given the dates have been set for nov. 9 and to at Westchester mall Tom Roddy inhalation therapist at the Hospital said the hours will be publicized at a later Date. High Point n. sunday morning september 12, 1976hijackers hold . Jetliner Paris apr croatian nationalists holding about 50 hostages aboard a hijacked american jetliner opened direct negotiations with the ambassador to France Early sunday. The hijackers landed in Paris on saturday after five cities in North America and Europe were showered with leaflets demanding Independence for Croatia from Yugoslavia a female Hijacker one passenger and Copilot Lou Senatore left the immobilized and darkened Twa Boeing 727 and went to the control Tower of Charles de Gaulle Airport to talk with ambassador Kenneth Rush and French officials officials said sources at the Airport said the woman wanted to Telephone a ukrainian priest in the United states to verify compliance with the hijackers major demand a that major american papers publish communiques left behind in new York the hijackers a four or five men and the woman a earlier had demanded proof that the communiques had been printed according to their instructions. Photocopies of the published statements which had appeared in whole or in part in saturday and sunday editions of the papers were transmitted to Paris by the associated press and rushed to the Airport 130 pages daily 13c, sunday 35c special interests boy Carter s newness has Appeal an a news analysis by Walter r. Mears a special correspondent Plains a a its an applause line that never fails Jimmy Carter when he denies owing anything to the special interests the Campaign crowds cheer. Even if they have special interests of their own and so the democratic presidential nominee went to Hollywood. Fla. Thanked the International association of machinists for voting to endorse him praised the Union s a great political organization Quot and swung into his Standard speech a i owe the special interests nothing Quot Carter told the Union convention Friday. I owe the people like you everything and i m going to keep it that in politics a special interest group is More often than not. An organization that supports the other candidate. The machinists support Carter and their cheers roared across the huge hot hotel ballroom. Carter s presidential Campaign Road show is still in the Shakedown phase after a five Day 11-state opening swing Carter said it had been a great Start had gained him headway against president Ford after a weekend at Home in Plains part of it devoted to boning up for his sept 23 debate with Ford Carter hits the Road again monday for Birmingham. Al beginning a tour that will take him to the Southwest and Mountain states. So far his is a Campaign with built in contrasts in his set speech still being honed for the Day in. Day out Campaign ahead. Carter styles himself a new. Debt free politician a then stresses his ties to the democratic past he talks of Roosevelt Truman Kennedy Johnson and says he is heir to their tradition at the same time. Carter pledges Tough Cost cutting management a and promises compassionate government that Wilt create jobs and help the needy. He says the republicans Are the profligate spenders the party of deficits but Carter s version of the democratic tradition sounds a Good Deal like Ford s account of Republican objectives balanced budgets Low inflation High employment elimination of outdated see Carter s on 2a president Ford signs new River legislation in Rose Garden saturday or Holshouser rep Ken Hechler rep. Stephen Neal. Rep Roy Taylor. Sen Jesse Helms a wire photo new River Bill signed by Howard Benedict associated press writer Washington apr president Ford signed a Bill saturday saving the headwaters of the new River in North Carolina from being flooded by a Power project dam Quot this Majestic and Beautiful rivet and the land surrounding it have been preserved for future said Ford a i Hope the new River will flow free and Clear for another too million attending were North Carolina gov James Holshouser sen Jesse Helms. R-., members of the North Carolina congressional delegation and representatives of several environmental groups. Some of which have waged a 14-year Battle to save the River regarded by geologists to be second in age Only to the Nile the measure formally designates 26 5 Miles of the waterway As a wild and Scenic River and invalidates any Federal Power commission License along that stretch appalachian Power co., a subsidiary of american electric Power Coin 1974 was granted an pc License to dam the new River in Virginia and create electricity generating reservoirs that would have backed up into neighbouring North Carolina the president said that his signing of the Bill a culminates years of Effort by a great number of people thoughts like idea of debate on to by Lynne Olson associated press writer Plains a a Jimmy Carter says he May have made a political mistake in criticizing president Ford s failure to fire Fri director Clarence Kelley but stands by his statement that Kelley should have been discharged a it May have been better had i not gotten involved in the Kelley thing Al All Quot the democratic presidential candidate said at the end of his first week of campaigning Carter also acknowledged that he has deliberately emphasized More conservative themes at the beginning of his Campaign to counter Republican charges that he is a a spendthrift irresponsible Ultra Liberal a Arter talked about Kelley and other topics relating to his first Campaign week in a press conference aboard his plane after Landing in Albany ga., Friday night he planned to spend saturday and sunday quietly studying issues before setting out again monday on a swing to the West and Midwest despite his Tive Day 16-City trip Carter appealed in see Carter has on 2a by Dallas Lee associated press writer Winston Salem apr plans for a televised debate Between candidates for governor were set in motion saturday when la. Gov Jim Hunt made the Challenge and Republican hopefuls Coy Pavette and David Flaherty accepted Hunt the democratic nominee proposed the debate w Ith the Winner of the gof primary Runoff during the annual meeting of the North Carolina associated press broadcasters Assn and said ground rules could be negotiated later Flaherty and Privette each vowed to meet the Challenge if victorious in the Runoff next tuesday Hunt asked the broadcast news directors and reporters present to help arrange the televised contest. A i think this is really great for the people of North Carolina a Flaherty responded during a panel discussion �?o1 11 not let the mechanics get in the inside Reading pension finally granted page14a East German athletes Page 2d High court shift. Pages 13, us editorials Page 4a women s new Section b sport Section c television Page 18b 16, 17, 18, 19b obituaries. Page 3d 4-20d Privette commented a let the lieutenant governor decide the format or anything else i ii be there Quot Hunt responded jokingly. Quot in Light of these answers. I la decide the format Quot All three candidates promised to Cut the crime rate improve government efficiency Advance education and provide More jobs and highways during their hour and 15-minute joint appearance they agreed that mandatory sentences for certain offences speedy trials and manpower increases in the courts would reduce the crime rate Hunt said that a Shorter sentences but certain sentences Quot would make an Impact on the Crane rate without putting Long Range pressure on an already crowded prison system. Quot the main thing i m after is to put deterrents in the he said a Elf there is Swift and certain punishment we will see a reduction in the growth of crime a a Flaherty said Flaherty who narrowly missed winning the nomination without a Runoff in the August see governor on 2a Jim Hunt miss Minnesota Winner Atlantic City no a miss Minnesota Dorothy Kathleen Benham a Young blonde with a love for opera was crowned miss America 1977 Here saturday night. Miss Benham 20. Of Edina min covered her Mouth in Surprise when emcee Bert Parks announced her name before a nationwide television audience and an estimated 17.000 persons in convention Hall Here. Immediately after she was crowned the 5-foot-7 2. I20pound miss Benham hugged miss american 1976, Tawny god first runner up in the 56th edition of the pageant was miss South Carolina Lavinia Merle Cox of Latta followed by miss Texas Carmen Mccollum of Odessa second runner up miss California. Linda Michelle Mouron of Orange third runner up miss new York Sonja Beverly Anderson of Manhattan fourth runner up miss Benham a Junior majoring in vocal performance at macalester College dazzled the audience in a White swimsuit in the Talent Competition she Sang a Adele s laughing song Quot from Johann Strauss opera die in the evening gown Competition she wore a Bright red off the shoulder sequined gown a it does t seem real a the new miss America said a i did t believe it until he finally called my name the first thought on my mind was How Lucky can you get she said she thought the Talent Competition clinched the title for her. The other five finalists were miss Delaware Debora ii Lipford of Newark Del miss North Dakota Donna Grotberg of Valley City miss Virginia Pamela Polk of Richmond miss Maryland Barbara Jennings of Greenbelt miss Pennsylvania Marie Mclaughlin of Levittown. Dorothy Benham in swimsuit Competition a wire photo Jimmy c Arter be Ute . Governor candidates has second

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