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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 13, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy More data on Page 3a 92nd yeah a no. 257 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation mm719 classified ads ms-2177 other depts. Is 2iiinoreen Collins and Sam Edsall talk to newsmen in new York High Point n. C., monday afternoon september 13, 1976 22 pages daily 15. Sunday 35 terrified hostages treated politely one volunteers to testify in defense of creations a wire photo new York apr passengers freed after 30 hours aboard a jetliner hijacked by croatian nationalists told a tale of fear for their lives but polite treatment by their abductors. The captives said the ordeal which began Friday after their plane left new York and ended sunday in Paris was sprinkled with humor and hunger and included some dissension among themselves As a Catholic Bishop used the plane s intercom to offer prayer. One of the hostages a los Angeles television consultant Rudy Bretz a said after being released in Paris that he intended to Volunteer As a defense witness if the hijackers were tried in the United states the hijackers faced arraignment Here today on Federal air piracy charges they also May be indicted for murder in the death of a policeman killed while trying to dismantle a bomb they planted at grand Central station i wish them Well a said Warren Benson a director of the arthritis foundation in Tucson. Ariz. A they had nothing against us. But wanted Only to get their Story the most frightening part of the hijacking was at the Airport in Paris when they had us huddle up tight around the bombs they threatened to blow us said n Oreen Collins. 25, a teacher from Bellerose. N y we were huddled there for to minutes a the bombs turned out to be fakes As one Hijacker with a flair for the dramatic demonstrated As he and his accomplices surrendered one of the hijackers the one with a moustache took this tiling we thought was a bomb a and it was like Cotton dowels or tubes a and he ripped it up and there was just fluff said Robert Metzger. 35. Of new York one of 53 passengers and Crew released in Paris. N then he turned to us with a big smile and said. That s show Biz Sam Edsali. 17. Of Monroe. . Said the four men and one woman hijackers a were very Nice except when they threatened the bombs might go off. They said they were doing it to get attention one of them even said to me. I m sorry but that a Robert Goldstein of new York City said Quot they kept telling us they did t want to Hurt anybody. They did t manhandle anybody or touch anybody. When they passed you in the aisles they always said excuse or at other times thank you a it was really miss Collins said that the passengers greatest con Cern ame in Paris where a we were under the impression the French government and the . Government were not doing anything for the situation appeared so grave said the most Rev Edward o Rourke. Roman Catholic Bishop of Peoria. Ill. That he offered general absolution to catholics on Board but one passenger. I As vegas television columnist Dick Maurice said that made matters worse a. He made the mistake of getting on the Loudspeaker and giving general confession to every body and what seemed like giving us All the last rites. When he did that panic set in said Maurice of. My god. The people said around us. We Are going to he recalled the Bishop said he appealed for the hostages release and became involved in a Quot Subtle theological argument with one Hijacker. He also said he Felt the praying had been helpful but he added that Quot there should be a better Way of doing in Paris two passengers were reported in a state of collapse including one Man with diabetes who suf new York a the Manhattan District attorney moved formally today to by my murder charges against five croatian nationalists whose bomb killed a police g�2@sd for answers to questions or help with a problem rail or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request it considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one building permits q. We live in Randolph county. We want to know the requirement for building a Home and what permits we will have to have. Also we would like to know How to get a a loan to construct this Home. We Are designing and building the Home so what Legal Steps or requirements Are necessary of you could help us with this information it would be greatly appreciated. Anon a before starting construction on a new Home persons must apply to the health department for a permit regarding a soil percolation test to determine if a septic tank will function properly. Randolph county manager Frank Boling said presently Only one area of the county has zoning this is within a five Nile radius of the n c stale zoo and is designed to limit population and control traffic All ordinances of the county Are kept on file in the Register of deeds office. After the health department has approved the site for percolation. The next step says Boling is to obtain an electrical inspection after the House has been completed which is usually completed within two working Days the individual must apply to the electrical inspector for this inspection Archdale. Liberty. Randleman and Asheboro have a building permit system within their territorial jurisdiction and. With the exception of Archdale All these municipalities have their own electrical inspection department Allva Homes Are governed by regulations concerning construction design and materials Boling said these May be obtained by contacting Farmers Home administration 241 Sunset ave Asheboro. No 629-0967. As for financing the Home a building and loan institution can help you medicaid payments y i want some information right away. I am on medicaid. I was in the Hospital and medicaid gave me stickers and i gave the Hospital one. Now about 12 months after i got a Bill. I owe the Bill. I thought if medicaid gave stickers they were supposed to pay it off. H. A Ronny Money division supervisor of the social services department has provided this explanation there Are two kinds of medicaid recipients. In one situation a person s income May be below the medicaid scale which allows Hun to receive medical labels for medical services immediately in another kind of situation a person s income May be Over the medicaid scale this person will have what we Call a spend Down it Means that he will have to spend his Money Down to the medicaid scale before he can receive labels. For example the medicaid scale for one person for a six months period is $850 if a person s income is $900 for that same six months period then he must spend $50 of his own Money before he will be Given labels to take care of any medical Bills. There is another aspect to the medicaid problem which would cause someone to have to pay even though they receive medical labels vendors of the medicaid program such As hospitals have agreed to accept the medicaid payment As payment in full. However medicaid will generally pay Only for a Ward room rate of a patient decides he wants a private room in a Hospital then medicaid will pay for the Ward rate leaving the difference to be paid by the patient. In your Case said Money you did have a spend Down when you went into the Hospital and therefore had to pay some of your own Money towards the Bill. Officer on the ground Here while they were hijacking a passenger plane across the Atlantic. The accused hijackers who apparently carried out their 30hour capture of a trans world airlines 727 jetliner without actually being armed were brought to the Federal courthouse in Brooklyn by the Fri this morning As they awaited arraignment on Federal air piracy charges an assistant from Gist. Atty. Robert Morgenthau s office filed a complaint with the marshal asking that the prisoners be turned Over to local authorities to be arraigned for murder of the police officer a capital offence the hijackers who demanded and won wide publicity for their cause of croatian separation from Yugoslavia surrendered in Paris on sunday and were returned to new York they had taken Over the plane by threatening to blow it up with what they said were a explosives wired to their bodies but which turned out to be modelling Clay the prisoners four men and a woman were taken into custody by the Fri at Kennedy Airport and held overnight for arraignment today in . District court in Brooklyn on air piracy charges the offence carries a minimum 20-year prison sentence but if a death results from the piracy life imprisonment can be imposed Paris police said that just before they gave up. The hijackers Learned that a policeman was killed and three others injured in new York City while trying to dismantle a bomb they had planted in grand Central station in mid Manhattan. The Leader of the hijackers said they were a a proud of what they had done French authorities said they had told the hijackers they would be executed if any passengers were harmed they mid they gave them in Choice of being sent either to the United states or Yugoslavia study of aerosol Spray on Ozone inconclusive Washington a fluorocarbons from aerosol Spray cans have damaged the Earth s protective Ozone shield and will have to be selectively regulated or banned the National Academy of sciences said today but two Academy panels which studied the problem said any ban or regulation of aerosol Spray cans should be delayed one to two years until completion of further studies on the ultimate effects of the reduction in the protective shield of Ozone in the atmosphere the panels said the reduction in Ozone which Shields the Earth from dangerous ultraviolet radiation could i what s inside amusements. .9a Bridge. 12b classified ads. .7-12b comics. .8a crossword 12b editorials. .4a financial. .2a obituaries .2b sports. 3-5b television a women s news 6-7 a weather. .3a Lead to increases in skin cancer and potentially great changes in the Earth a temperature and climate the reports were designed to resolve the controversy Over the relationship Between fluorocarbons and the Earth a Ozone layer the panels said there was insufficient evidence to state precisely the extent of damage to the Ozone shield Philip handler Nas president said in a letter to the White House Quot that a one or two year delay in actual implementation of a ban or regulation would not be however he recommended the government begin immediately to establish the regulatory machinery that will be necessary to either reduce the use of fluorocarbons or ban them completely. The reports said if fluorocarbons continue to be released at 1973 Levels Quot an ultimate reduction in Ozone of about seven per cent would result half of this loss would occur in about 50 years the panels said the panels expressed particular concern about climate changes that might result from a slight reduction of the protective Ozone shield temperatures could increase on Earth this in turn would affect rainfall and evaporation of moisture Quot such changes could Lead initially to a general shift of the Earth s climatic belts and ultimately to a significant melting of Polar ice and a worldwide increase in sea level Quot the reports said any weather changes pose particular problems for agriculture typhoon victims Given Rescue lift people Are lifted into japanese self defense forces helicopter As they Are rescued from atop their Home which was marooned by floodwater from the Nagari River near Gifu in Central Japan after the area was hit by typhoon fran sunday. One Man remains to await Rescue by the chopper. Map Ira photo Kissinger flies to Africa Washington a haunted by dangers of soviet intervention Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger is flying to Southern Africa with three proposals for dousing the rising flames of a Black White War. The Short term goals he has defined for himself both publicly and privately Are a to set up a negotiating forum in which Rhodesia s White rulers would arrange peacefully to Transfer Power to the Black majority within two years the United states working with a consortium of Allied Commonwealth and other Friendly nations will be ready to underwrite this process with Multi billion Dollar offers to guarantee Rhodesia s 270,000 Whites against loss of assets and to help the six million Black rhodesian with a huge program of investment after Independence a to organize a con Parley for the namibian people formerly known As South West africans in which exiled As Well As authorized political groups would take part South Africa which still rules that onetime German Colony already has accepted that the Mineral Rich land can become a state by the end of 1978. But South african prime minister John Vorster s government would like to hand Over Power to a group of its own pet tribal chiefs the United nations including the United states. Say the banished South West african Peoples organization Swap. Must be allowed to participate As authentic representatives of the namibians Henry Kissinger child care Cost can reduce taxes by Jim Luther associated Prest writer Washington apr Congress is about to pass a tax Bill that will affect everyone who files a Federal income tax return it continues this years reductions for most americans and offers new cuts for millions of others the Bill continues through 1977 this years individual tax credits providing a tax reduction of $35 for the taxpayer and each dependent or 2 per cent of his first $9,000 of taxable income up to $180 the election year tax measure makes an Effort to provide something for just about everybody. For instance about two million american families Are expected to take advantage of just one provision of the Bill a one that would reduce taxes for working parents who hire babysitters. While cutting taxes for most americans the Bill also will lower Federal revenues by about $17 9 billion the in editors note this is the first in a series of five stories explaining key provisions of the 1976 tax Bill moving through Congress. Div dual tax cuts will total about $15 billion and business tax cuts will reduce Federal income another $4 5 billion this will be partly offset by $16 billion in tax increases levied mostly against the wealthiest americans Congress is expected to give final approval to the Bill this week and president Ford is expected to sign it in addition to the child care provisions the assortment of other changes would make it easier to claim Alimony payments As a tax deduction would expand tax benefits in Job related moves and would Clear the Way for tax deferred pensions for housewives Here is How these benefits work child care on the tax return filed next Spring for 1976, working parents can subtract from their tax 20 per cent of the first $2,000 spent during the year for the care of one child or 20 per cent of the first $4,000 spent during the year for the care of two or More children the maximum tax credit for one child would be $400, for two or More the maximum credit would be $800 it is available to those families where both parents work or where the Only Parent works the credit would be extended to those families using the Standard deduction As Well As those who itemize deductions this is expected to double the number of families using child care tax advantages from two million to four million. The credit will be available to separated parents and to couples when one spouse works Only part time relatives sos child care on 2a appear unarmed hijackers surrender

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