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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 12, 1976, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise sunday september 12, 1976 19b Sam Ervina Good Man Sam j. Ervin or. Biography by Dick Dabney labor Day having come and gone the presidential election Campaign is now officially under Way. On that Holiday a Jimmy Carter stood on the front porch of the Quot Little White mouse Quot at warm Springs and evoked the presence of Franklin Delano Roosevelt among today a democrats Gerald Ford meanwhile remained in the White House evoking the presence of a Well of a president presumably a Republican president although his frequent references suggest that Ford would rather be seen As another Harry s Truman than even a Dwight d Eisenhower. The candidates nurture the images they seek to project As carefully As they avoid the forthright answer or the decisive statement about problems that might be regarded As issues the purpose of the image is not to highlight the issues but the Man. To project him As a Quot Good Man Quot worthy of being the president but Only one can be elected. Does he then become the Good Man Quot while the other is proven to be less so partisans can argue the question with some justification experience has shown us that the a Good Man is not always the one who wins some May respond. Quot so what Quot what does goodness have to do with the exercise of Power a great Deal we should All Hope goodness is a part of being human and unless we perceive goodness in others among us a even among those with whom we May be in disagreement a our problems become More complicated More intractable Dick Dabney confronts the question in a a Good his biography of Sam j. Ervin or. The question looms behind his Book Dabney tells us on the next to Ute last Page Hie question is whether a person we disagree with on fundamental issues can be truly regarded As a Good Man Quot Dabney who is a virginian makes Clear his disagreement with Sam Ervin so much so that the Reader comes to feel even As sen. Ervin Felt that the title is intended ironically Quot a Good Man Quot is not a Standard biography. It is More an emotional and impressionistic portrait of a Man and his life the ingredients of a biography Are Here a information and anecdotes about family background parents siblings boyhood youth manhood marriage and career to North carolinians the life of Sam Ervin is familiar enough and interesting enough still for All of its familiarity. Hut Dabney plays a game of Point counterpoint with that life he has added asides at the end of each chapter which have the effect of cutting against the image of Ervin As the great constitutional lawyer or the benign country lawyer. Or the avenging Cleanser of the watergate mess Ervin s Long opposition to civil rights legislation is particularly a subject of these after chapter comments in one example Dabney tells of Riding in a taxi driven by a Black Man who had come to Washington from Chapel Hill he had gone Back to North Carolina Only once in the 1900 s. And he and his two sons had been refused service in a restaurant across the Street from the University what did this North carolinian think of Sam Ervin Quot he Ain t never done nothing for my people. He was on the other Side Quot the answer is Only partially the truth As Are so Many of our perceptions of our Public leaders Dabney himself seems to recognize the incompleteness of the cab Driver s assessment of Ervin Dabney faults Ervin for being Quot arrogantly uninformed i the abuses suffered by our negro citizens a however current he May have been on his constitutional Law Dabney also faults Ervin for remaining passive on America s involvement in the War in Vietnam and for failing to show in his voting record in Congress Quot the deep sense of human compassion that he did in fact exhibit in his personal on the other hand Dabney acknowledges Ervin Quot made admirable. Sustained and on the whole successful efforts to protect the individual american citizen in his rights to privacy and Freedom of speech and finally during the watergate hearings he scored what May turn out to be the old America s last Victory Over the new America maybe that was the last time humans would win out Over once humans who. Being rootless turned themselves a into machines that could be plugged into the most convenient Power so Sam Ervin is after All. Indeed a Good Man Dabney concludes Quot a truth Teller even when he s wrong a hard worker a True scholar and Lover of Good books a kind Man. In his personal relationships a Man with a sense of humor who laughs More in one Day than a platoon of wasteland denizens does in a year a believer in so that. Too. Must be recognized in Sam j Ervin even in this Book even when sen. Ervin was arguing the Constitution against the civil rights legislation and who is to say now that Sam Ervin arguing the Constitution on behalf of the rights of americans to privacy and to Freedom of speech did not do something Tor ail americans7 to recognize this distinction is to perceive the difference Between goodness and the image of goodness among us. Robert Marks four different views working mothers a How they Cope Channel converter capsule reviews prepared by the american i Library Assn b Elizabeth Mitchell working mothers Are no longer a rarity i ast year in this country More than half the mothers of preschool children were holding Down full time jobs still respected child specialists urge mothers to stay at Home a at least until their children Start school and Many husbands insist that their wives can work Only if they continue carrying the bulk of child rearing and household responsibilities obviously theres a dire need for a new understanding Between husbands and wives. I Well As some Plain old schedule juggling three new books All by women who believe in marriage and the family bul who a Sec the writing on the Wall Quot for traditional arrangements meet this need the women profiled in a working mothers Range from Blu Collar or divorced women whose work is solely a source of needed income to affluent women whose work is solely a source of satisfaction but no matter what their reasons for working almost All speak of the heightened self esteem their jobs bring in preparing to write working mothers a author Jean Curtis interviewed More than 200 women and their husbands and children the working mothers by Jean Curtis Doubleday. 214 pages $7 95 a married feminist by Angola Barron Mcbride Harper amp Row. 244 pages. $8 95 juggling by Lytdia Baldridge Viking 270 pages. $8 95 enterprising women by Caroline Bod Norton. 256 pages $8 95 Jean Curtis result is a warm and readable Book but also a very practical primer on Quot How to do it she offers advice on such practical concerns As the easiest time to go Back to work during the child s infancy or Early elementary Yea show to Woik out child care and division of household chores and How to Deal with new opportunities for extramarital sex with coworkers Curtis paints a realistic picture of the frustration fatigue and loneliness of life As a working Mother a parking around Many could see they had it better than other women and they would t consider trading positions with the wives who were staying Home but i began to sense that the excitement and satisfaction of working mothers also had a Darker Side working mothers tended to answer my query of their favorite fantasy with different versions of one Basic heme i d like to have time to be alone and read or do whatever i want for a while i have no time that is unscheduled Quot Quot a married feminist Quot less practical than Curtis Book but equally thought provoking Angela Barron Mcbride a psychiatric nurse pm Mother of two girls has written a personal and philosophical examination of the status of the modern american woman punctuating the text arc quotes from Belles Lei ires history philosophy religion and psychology to illustrate her discussion of the enormous importance of cooking in the traditional View of woman As nurturer Mcbride intersperses the following in Greece and Rome during the Middle Ages bakeries were often combined with brothels a Southern brazilian dialect has a single word for a to eat and Quot to copulate Quot a recent play features a character who sleeps with but refuses to Cook for her Boyfriend before marriage Quot we got to keep some magic for the honeymoon Quot she explains Quot juggling Quot or Quot the Art of balancing marriage motherhood and a career Quot is what it s really All about. I Letitia Bainge tells her own Story a Lively account of the Day to Day details of How she does it Baldridge is no Ordinary working Mother a congressman s daughter she has served As assistant to former ambassador Clare Booth Luce at the american embassy in Rome As the first woman Public relations executive at Tiffany a and As John f Kennedy a social Secretary she currently runs a highly successful Public relations firm it w Ould be easy but unfair. To dismiss this Book Baldridge s solution to the child care problem is an expensive Nanny and her Home is a Large new York apartment overlooking Central Park but her Job and family seem More demanding than most and she still manages to be an indefatigable businesswoman. Wife and Mother most important she is a positive and resourceful woman and positive and resourceful women Are hard to find according to Many of the women interviewed in these books one of the problems cited most often but working mothers is the Lack of positive role models books like Quot juggling Quot can serve As a real inspiration to Young women anxious to Start careers and perhaps families of their own another new title. Caroline Birds a enterprising women Quot is basically an encyclopedia of role models a women who have contributed to american economic history whether or not they were paid for their work from the official Printer of the declaration of Independence Mary Goddard. To modern newspaper women Sylvia Porter and Katharine Graham these women have helped make America powerful and prosperous although Bird s sketches Lack depth at least they re a Start in getting women out of the footnotes arum into the pages of american history books Channel station High Point Cable. Davidson county Cable 2 a my Green Thoro 9 _23 a flt a Horloff a 3 4 Wunch Chapel Hill 4 4 i it to a thing ton 5 a w6hp-h, Point 13 7 9 soc Charlotte a 9 12 w Xii win ton Salem to 12 50 wac a Wallington i i a 36 Walt Charlotte 7 to program schedules listed in to schedule Are furnished by the television stations and networks and Are subject to change without notice network addresses a in in re j or att muted Briu fur to is it Kim rr�4rr> who no Lovstr Dir Iuta the tin work for question Mumm it program Iii Kri Trust tic iou a ii is w. Or of a Tim a nun. Is Al Vin Mir,1 re sulk n v to a it Kofr Lorr Plata nit Nark is television schedule sunday 09/12/76 09/18/76 what americans Are Reading hosed on most requested books Horn the sneers at libraries it a 150 i a gets around the country compiled by the american Library association distributed by newspaper interpose Assn i fiction this wee 1.trinity. By Leon Lins Doubleday $10 00 2. Agent in place by Helen Macinnes Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. $8 95 3. Crowned he aos. By Thomas Tryon Knopf. $8 95 4.dolores. By Jacqueline Susann Morrow $6 96 5 lonely Laos. By Harold Robbins Simon 4 schuster $9 95 6.touch not the cat by Mary Stewart Morrow $8 95 in the Mirror by Sidney Sheldon Morrow $8 95 8 1876, by Gore Vidal random House. $10 00 9 the keep by Peter Benchley Doubleday $7 95 10.ordinary people by Judith guest Viking $7 95 i i ast to leks weak on list i 22 2 13 4 6 a 4 3 9 10 2 6 13 a 23 i 11 _ i non fiction this wee 1.the final Days. By Woodward 4 Bernstein Simon 4 schuster $12 50 2. Doris Day her own Story. By a e Hotchner Morrow $8 95 i 3. Passages. By Gail she by Dutton $10 96 4.the russians. By Hedrick Smith quadrangle $12 50 5 born again. By Charles Colson chosen Rooks 58 95 6 a Man Calleo intrepid the secret War by William Stevenson Harcourt Jovanovich $ 12 95 it 7 bring on the empty horses by David Niven Putnam s9 95 8 year of health a Beauty. By Vidal Sassoon Simon 4 schuster $9 95 it 9 the Rockefeller an american dynasty. By Peter Collier amp David r Nehart amp Winston $15 of 10.lyndon Johnson a the dream. By Doris Kearns Harper 4 Row $12 so i last week weeks on l is 19 31 Brace 24 12 12 44 13 Horowitz Holt american shallow grave buries Purdy in a shallow grave by James Purdy. Arbor House. To pages. $7.50. Over the years James Purdy has written a number of books and some of them such As Quot Malcolm Quot and Quot Cabot Wright begins Quot have added a Good hit of Luster to the writer s reputation but Lurdys a latest novel Quot in a shallow grave Quot does i do anything for him. Turf Purdy always writes Well and the Book is Replete with vivid sentences but Fine writing cannot carry a contrived murky plot alone and that is the failure of Quot in a shallow Aile Reading Only a few pages the Reader starts to wonder just what Purdy is driving at. Just what is going on hopeful these questions will be answered he continues. On and on. But by astronomy moves ahead quasars Pui sars and Black holes. By Frederic Golden. Scribner205 pages. $7.95. Quot astronomy is perhaps the oldest of sciences older than the study of the human body or the first systematic planting and harvesting of grains it traces Back to the first time humans gazed at the heavens and wondered what secrets they astronomy then is As old and of course As new As Man s ability to wonder. One of those who wonders is Frederic Golden science editor of time Magazine and so struck has he been by the mysteries a both unsolved and solved a that lie in the heavens that he has decided to Tell the general Public in this direct but not condescending Book where astronomy has been and where it seems to be going books end the Puzzle still has not been satisfactorily resolved Purdy somehow forgot to include All the necessary pieces the plot such As it is con erns one Garnet Montrose Montrose a Southern gentleman who spent a number of years in military service until discharged because of wounds received in an unnamed War returns to the ancestral Home he is horribly disfigured by his Battle injuries so much so that most people cannot Bear to look at him yet Montrose still has the feelings and desires of a Man and almost immediately begins writing a steady Stream of love letters to an attractive widow who lives nearby. Am a my cd 2 Greensboro a Btu cd 3 Charlotte Wuntch 4 Chapel Hill wet g cd 5 Washington a Gap cd 8 High Point soc cd 9 Charlotte Xii cd 12 w Salem wac a cd 20 Washington wretch 36 Charlotte Emoo j 30 no programs sunday it Ion Story Light unto my path no programs Christopher close up ora1 Roberts no programs chaplain of Bourbon St Jerry Falwell flames of revival Rev Repass flames of revival gospel hour Rex Humbard no programs your future people to people you it o o o Day of discovery oui Roberts gospel singing it won Derama gospel expo Jerry Falwell Day of discovery James Robison gospel songs Baptist Church Bob Harrington Rev thee f Jones a j 30 re Humbard whist Stop far out space nuts Jimmy swagger Oral Roberts guest Johnny Mack Brown Oral Roberts hour of Power Leroy Jenkins film stones Ion it it written Light unto my path Hudson Brothers took up and live hour of Power Rex Humbard Western pathway Lancelot link Speed racer Abbott and costello ii Good news face the nation Campaign 76 face the nation a film stones movie Wagon master help yourself Public affairs first presbyterian Church Baptist Church Valley of the dinosaurs movie Tarzan triumphs movie night and Day 12�?o Bill Dooley show nil football Fred Kirby s rascals nil football no programs issues and answers Media meet the press grandstand meet the press Grana Stano in of 30 teams Toa n v giants is Washington redskins a mow. 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Kingfisher caper los Angeles /%00 \ 30 Tennis Contd Tennis con d n c people world press movie cont d Tarzan football cont d football cont d movie cont d program cont d this is baseball a 00 i 30 news 60 m mites piano sessions creators Julie Andrews special seven alone wonderful world of Disney wonderful world of Disney in concert Paul Williams to Rem Rev Thea f Jones o o o to of the Johnny Cash show the Johnny Cash show evening at pops Lawrence walk six million Dollar Man Julie and Dick in covent gardens Juke Andrews salutes Hollywood word of life 700 club Jimmy swagger the King is coming a00 y 30 Kojak Kojak masterpiece theatre the Moonstone Hee Haw movie Street killing sunday mystery movie Columbo sunday mystery movie Columbo cry in the wilderness moment of truth to american Paradt american Parade great performances news Dolly Battle for White House the detective close up Jimmy swagger god s Good news a a Praise the lord club ii news lbs news movie Tell them Willi news lbs news Bill Dooley show a love american style David suss my mews Abc news movie news Jack Hudson presents Twilight zone the champions voice of Victory sign off a o a o to Chi boy is Here College football notre Dame it. 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