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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 10, 1976, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise Friday september to 1076 7a wife puts end to tickling a gets divorce Black entrants Deborah Lipford of Newark del., left miss Delaware and Marion Watson of Omaha. Neb. Miss Nebraska Are at poolside in Atlantic City n. J the two Young women Are the Only Blacks entered in the miss America pageant a Winner will be chosen saturday evening a wire photo dear Ann Landers i have been Reading with a great Deal of interest the letters about people who love to tickle under the Guise of Quot having a Little you pointed out that when tickling becomes excessive and the Quot victim Quot does no to like it and the person doing the tickling keeps it up there s More to it than just fun Quot sadistic Quot is what you called it. And How right you Are shortly after we married my husband used to sit on my legs hold my hands Down and tickle me until i screamed in agony and begged him to Stop he d laugh and say Quot in a just having a Little fun a one night he nearly drove me crazy with his tickling i screamed Quot if you Don t Stop in a going to spit in your face Quot he snapped Back. Quot you dare Quot Well i did it he became so furious he beat me senseless the next Day i took my broken jaw Black eyes and five Teeth wrapped in a handkerchief to a lawyer and filed for divorce the lawyer and my doctor said i was Lucky the Lunatic did t kill me a because he was a real nut. So Ann add this one to your True to life stories about ticklers. A graveyard humor dear g h thanks for the a a n Landers save Eye opener and congratulations on walking out a before you had to be carried out dear Ann Landers i need to say a few words to the Young Man who wrote to you and said he Felt like a Quot non Quot worthless a and wanted to die my Mother must have had those same feelings she killed herself two years ago although mom succeeded in putting an end to her suffering i can to describe what she did to her family i have been under psychiatric care for almost a year but i still cry a lot i know in my heart and head that i was not responsible for my Mother s death but i can to Stop blaming myself i keep thinking if i had been a better daughter mom have wanted to Hurt me like this. My psychiatrist explained that suicide is punishment for the survivors. The person who does this dastardly deed plans it that Way it is the ultimate payback for real or imagined abuse i know you receive thousands of letters and can print Only a few but pleas. Try to fit this in somewhere Ann it might help others. A cd dear c a Here it is a and i thank you for writing it your letter can be immensely comforting to those who Are struggling with unearned guilt produced by the suicide of a loved one god knows they need All the help they can get. Dear Ann Landers my problem concerns a Friend of Long standing. Several years ago we were having trouble with our daughter. My Quot Friend so sole attempt at Consolation was Quot i wish i had her for a year a she was of course putting me Down and holding herself up As someone who could do my Job better being troubled i did t have a ready answer when i look Back at her Lack of com passion i become furious what should i say to her now Cut deep dear deep nothing you Don t really like this woman for reasons unrelated to the Early Needle. Life is too Short to spend time with people you Don t care Tor the ques lion you ought to be asking yourself is Why do you continue to see Here a dear Ann Landers this is going to seem foolish but i need some reassurance from someone who is smarter than i. Our nine year old Cindy has become Quot Best friends Quot electric heat Bown insulation new fuse Botas a additional outlets Sears electric co. Cau. Day Oft mph phone 885 9280 34 with a chum at school Cindy has been invited to Jan s Home for dinner and says its like a Quot Palace Quot and they eat Quot like thanksgiving every our Home is very simple and our table Rnea Gei Jan loves to come Here and does so often in a self conscious about the difference especially at mealtime we have seven kids and sometimes there s barely enough to go round should i say something a mom i it ear mom kids Don t visit a Friend s House because it s palatial or the food is go cd there s nothing to say so keep quiet Guilford optical co. Free parking enter from mom St nod to building 654 North main St Tup Mon 885-2647 serving thit Ama once 1947. Lorge selection of Alert fashion i in from let it fill your nod prescription for Glo the three registered opticians to serve you Jack Southerland Aubrey Bowman Hoyt Wilson hit by inflation country clubs Are budgeting by butty Yarmon women s news service new York was you la Ted that it s easier than Ever for your family to join a country club but it will Cost you More Money than Ever before the reasons Are easy to understand America is on a recreational Binge that promises to last indefinitely and the country club represents the easiest Way in which to engage locally in recreational activities meanwhile the clubs have been hard hit by rising costs and they need every Dollar they can get their hands on just to stay alive As a result clubs find that they can no longer afford to be As exclusive As they have been in the past the clubs Are beginning to reflect recent social changes As women gain new privileges and Blacks and members of other minorities Are invited to join membership costs vary of course with $25. Xxx Appa rent by the highest initiation fee. Dues average from >50 to $150 u month hut there can be additional costs Many clubs assess their members at the end of a year to make up for any deficits and quite a few set minimum food and liquor charges that members Are required to pay whether or not they consume their quotas there Are a number it noticeable trends in the country club picture Many of the new country clubs Are being built As intrinsic parts of real estate developments today Many condominiums and communities across the i United states and abroad As Well provide their residents with a country club the clubs Are not thriving in every part of the country they seem most successful in the so called Sun Belt where there Are booming populations lots of Young people and Good weather most of the year the picture is not so Bright elsewhere with City land costs going up and hard hit municipalities looking for any scheme that might increase Revenue country club it Are moving farther and farther away from the City into Suburbia and beyond in some states the clubs Are seeking legislation that will reduce their tax Burden but Given the current mood of the country the Bills have Little Chance of passing to meet today s Tennis Boom clubs Are adding Tennis courts at a rapid rate and the courts Are beginning to rival the Golf course in the affections of club members the clubs Are seeking to add activities that will attract the entire family most clubs now Otter Bridge and dancing for example along with their traditional Golf. 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