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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 10, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clearing cooler More data on Page 3a the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1711 classified ads ,. 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 92nd year no. 254 High Point n. C., Friday afternoon september to 1976 24 pages daily 15c, sunday 35 Over yugoslavia176 killed in mid air collision of jets Belgrade Yugoslavia apr a British Airliner and a yugoslav charter Jet carrying West German tourists collided at 35.000 feet near Zagreb today officials said All 176 persons aboard the planes were killed according to doctors at the scene a witness among the first to arrive at the crash site said the body of one plane was burned out he said bodies and Luggage were scattered around the rubble More than 30 ambulances and fire trucks went to the scene but found no one alive he said. The British plane carried a reported 54 passengers and nine Crew members. A British airways spokesman in new York said there was one american and one Canadian aboard the plane however. British airways officials in London said there were at least two americans and some turkish nationals aboard the new York spokesman said it would be 12 to 24 hours before a passenger list was available. The yugoslav plane had 108 passengers and five Crew members aboard company officials said sources said most or All of them were West German tourists returning from vacations on the Adriatic coast. The planes collided at 6 15 a in Edt about 15 Miles Northeast of Zagreb Yugoslavia a second largest City and 230 Northwest of Belgrade. The planes were in an established air corridor Over Yugoslavia utilized by All civilian planes officials said. The corridor is under the control of the Zagreb traffic Center the cause of the collision was not immediately known officials said an investigation was begun British airways officials in London said flight 476 was on a direct flight from London to Istanbul. The officials said the plane was a Trident 3 jetliner Brooks questions soviet rocket Section Falls motive in Montana Washington a a Large rocket Section from a soviet satellite came Down in Montana earlier this week. Pentagon sources report the rocket body from the soviet Cosmos 854 has not yet been recovered by . Officials who say it was tracked by radar sources said the descending rocket body probably looked to spectators like a flaming Comet As it passed Over Washington state. Idaho and finally fell for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request in considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Registration for voting 4. I live in Forsyth county and would like to know where i have to go to Register to vote. Anon. A you can find out who the registrar for your precinct is by calling the Forsyth county Board of elections 727-2162 or you can Register at the election Board office in the government Center in Winston Salem Public librarians in the state Are also authorized to Register voters qualifications for judges q. I recently received a letter from a candidate Tor District court judge who stated there was no reason who one should be a lawyer to be a judge. The person stated also there was one county that had a District court judge who was not a lawyer. Who is the person not a lawyer who is serving As a judge and is there not some Good reason to suggest that a person running for judge should not have some Legal background. Otherwise How can a person know the Law thank you. Anon Man. A your questions were referred to Bert Montague director of the administrative office of the courts of n c and to a Jurist on a High tribunal whose views according to Montague were substantially the same the director in a letter received Atter the primary said there Are ten District court judges without Legal training he did not name them he said the candidate missed the Mark of accuracy much further when he stated that there was no reason Why one had to be a lawyer in order to be a judge Quot Quot judges Deal with our lives liberties and wrote Montague. Quot application of the Law to these controversies is a highly technical skill requiring the Best qualified persons who can be found these qualifications include character ability integrity Industry and most of All learning and experience in the Law a a under the decisions of the supreme court of the United states in recent years constitutional questions can now arise a and do a in any criminal Case the District court judge must Rule on the constitutionality of every search warrant and the affidavit upon which it was obtained confessions questions of probable cause and Many other knotty Legal problems involving consult Vional Law. Quot on july 2, 1976, in North v. Russell a Kentucky casette United states supreme court held that the trial of a criminal Case before a non lawyer judge would violate the due process clause of the United states Constitution unless the state Law gave the convicted defendant an absolute right of Appeal and a de novo trial before a traditionally Law trained judge in that Case the supreme court did not pass upon the question whether a litigant in a civil Case which he is forced to try before a non lawyer judge has been denied due process unless he too is Given the unrestricted right of Appeal with a de novo trial before a lawyer judge however since the Constitution prohibits the taking of a person s property without due process of Law As Well As his Liberty the Case has raised serious questions whether the civil judgments rendered by the non lawyer judge in North Carolina can be sustained Quot in civil cases our present Law does not give the losing litigant in the District court a new trial in the Superior court unlike the criminal defendant he is not entitled to two bites of the Cherry. His Only recourse is an Appeal to the court of appeals on errors of Law such appeals Are expensive in today s complicated society i see no Way to justify the no lawyer judge. While a Law License alone will not make a Good judge a Good Man without Legal training cannot be an adequate judge. Neither the litigants nor the taxpayers can afford a judge who has not had Legal training Quot in Montana South of the Canadian Border according to military sources debris from soviet space vehicles drops on the United states from time to time but usually in Small pieces. The rocket Section from Cosmos 854 apparently was larger than most that have fallen onto . Soil there is some question As to How much could be Learned from studying the rocket Sec Hon because it burned As it came Down through the atmosphere it was tracked by North american air defense command radar which maintains a constant watch on objects approaching the United states the soviet Union generally describes Cosmos satellites As scientific vehicles but us intelligence officials say Many of the Cosmos satellites Are reconnaissance vehicles equipped with sensitive cameras infrared sensors and other electronic devices Cosmos spy satellites normally remain aloft for about 12 Days before the russians bring them Back Down to Earth the United states also maintains secret spy satellites in orbit Over Russia Mainland China and other areas of interest but the United states uses a different method of recovering photo capsules. They Are plucked out of the air by specially equipped planes permitting the satellite s to remain in orbit longer skateboard fall fatal Wilmington. No. Apr a 15-year-old Wilmington youth died thursday Atter being injured in a fall while Riding a skateboard behind an automobile authorities said the Highway patrol said Charles Ivey was be my pulled on the skateboard by the car when he fell wednesday the Accident occur Edin a subdivision just North of Wilmington the patrol said Ivey died thursday night from the injuries Raleigh a labor commissioner candidate John Brooks said today that he has requested an investigation into the reason a judge ordered an investigation of Brooks. Brooks is in tuesdays democratic Runoff against Jessie bae Scott on sept 3, Superior court judge James h. Pou Bailey ordered an investigation to determine whether Brooks a Raleigh attorney had hidden evidence of perjury in a murder Case. At a news conference this morning. Brooks said he has called on the state Bureau of investigation to look into Bailey s order. Brooks implied that Bailey had acted for political reasons and said he May ask the judicial standards commission to investigate Bailey was in Dallas tex., today and could not be reached for comment. Quot i do not know the nature of the charge which forms the basis of the investigation of my conduct nor has anyone making the investigation been Able to Tell me what the elements of the alleged offence might Brooks said Bailey order the investigation Atter a hearing in a Case which Brooks sought a new trial for a Man whom he contended was convicted of murder on perjured testimony. A prosecution witness had signed an affidavit admitting perjury and when the matter came before the court. Bailey said it appeared that Brooks had concealed that information for More than a year. Brooks denied hiding any information and gave newsmen copies of a letter from assistant atty Gen. Richard n. League which said. In part that Brooks brought the matter to his attention More than a year ago and that Brooks was interested in having the state join him in seeking a new trial of the Man who was convicted that letter Brooks said proved that he was not trying see Brooks on 2a what s inside u a bridge.6b classified ads.6-11b comics.12b crossword .6b editorials.4a financial.2a obituaries .2b sports.3-5b television .2b women a news.6-9a weather.3a reports Here said the yugoslavian plane was a dc9 belonging to the yugoslav charter company Inex Adria the dc9 was flying Between split Yugoslavia and Cologne West Germany. In Cologne officials said the yugoslavian plane had been chartered by Kauf Hof a Cologne based tourist Agency. The crash was the worst collision since july 1971, when an All Nippon airways Boeing 727 collided with a japanese air Force f86 Over Monoka Japan killing 84 persons aboard the planes and 71 on the ground the most recent american air collision occurred or. September 1969 eighty three persons died when an Allegheny airlines dc9 hit a student Pilot s plane at Shelbyville ind a spate of near misses last year prompted the Federal aviation administration to order the installation of More modern air traffic control equipment and revise procedures for controllers the incidents also led the Faa to hasten plans for installing a computerized conflict Alert system chinese form Long queues in front of peking shops to buy mourning bands a wire photo world watches for signs of peking Power struggle Tokyo apr in deep mourning Over the death of communist party chairman Mao tse Tung. China began today to pay somber tribute to the Man whose loss leaves the worlds most populous country without a Leader worthy of his Mantle a struggle for Power appeared inevitable among the radicals and moderates who have been jockeying two deaths place . Role in doubt Washington. A the deaths within the last eight months of China s two strongest proponents of detente with the United states have left analysts Here wondering about the durability of Washington s role in China a balance of Power strategy within hours after the announcement of the death of chinese Leader Mao tse Tung Secretary of state Henry Kissinger issued an optimistic statement about the future of . Relations with peking but he also indicated he has some apprehensions at one Point he told reporters on thursday that ii is Quot extremely difficult to predict what China will do now but moments later he said he is Quot sure that from the chinese Side the Basic lines of policy will continue to be pursued a Kissinger was one of the chief architects of the move that in 1971. Ended More than two decades of hostility Between the two countries. That policy was shaped in cooperation with Mao and prime minister Chou in Lai who died in january Kissinger whose comments appeared to be directed primarily at peking emphasized on several occasions that Mutual interests Are More important than personalities in formulating policy. Therefore he said. Quot the main lines of policy Are Likely to be continued he pledged a continued american Effort to normalize relations with peking since that Effort began the two countries have exchanged Liaison officers and there has been a substantial increase in Trade and frequent cultural and educational exchanges lately however there has been Little movement toward normalization and there have been reports a disputed by Kissinger a that peking is growing impatient with the slow process significantly Kissinger said that although there could be a modification of tactics China a Long standing rift with the soviet Union Likely will continue other analysts however believe that Mao a death raises the Best Opportunity in Many years for an easing of tensions Between Moscow and peking for leadership since Mao a health began an obvious decline earlier this year he died wednesday at age 82. The peking government has not disclosed the cause of death the Central committee of the chinese communist party issued an Appeal Tor Unity and reports from China indicated the people were Calm As they mourned the death of their revolutionary Leader Quot All papers devote the entire front Page to a huge portrait of chairman Mao tse Tung bordered in Black Quot the official Hsinhua news Agency said today in a broadcast monitored Here. It said newspapers used the Banner headline eternal glory to our great Leader and teacher chairman Mao tse Tung peking residents contacted by Telephone said hags were at half staff through the capital nearly everyone was wearing a Black armband some people wept and Large crowds gathered in the huge Tien an men Square to put White Flowers at a Monument written on the Monument Are Mao swords Quot the heroes of the people Are immortal a peking is somber Quot one resident said by Telephone Quot but things Are very much Normal aside from what you would expect for the mourning of the chairman Quot a people have severe expressions on their a second resident said. Quot but there is no High emotion. We re All impressed by the Calm at see world on 2a Carter Daley ride Ford meets Bishops Carter with Chicago mayor Daley r and sen. Stevenson during torchlight Parade a wire photo by Dave Riley associated press writer As Jimmy Carter was being treated to a colourful torchlight Parade in Chicago. President Ford planned for a meeting with Catholic leaders who Aren t carrying any torches for the democratic nominee ending a Day of campaigning across Ohio and Illinois Carter was the Center attraction As he Rode in a red convertible beneath bursting fireworks in a torchlight Parade with Chicago mayor Richard Daley. Carter and Ford both oppose a constitutional amendment to prohibit abortion but Carter who has been on the Road campaigning has been followed by antiabortion demonstrators he accused Ford of avoiding such inconveniences by hiding in the White House instead of meeting the Public Ford was preparing to meet some of the Public today scheduling a session at the White House with a group of Catholic leaders including an archbishop who earlier voiced dissatisfaction with Carters stand on abortion Ford like Carter continues to oppose a constitutional ban on abortion according to a spokesman but Ford has altered his stand apparently hoping to persuade the Catholic leaders that he is More sympathetic to their antiabortion views than the democratic nominee White House press Secretary Hon Nessen said thursday that Ford now favors an amendment to let each state be Carter on 2a

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