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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 9, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers Likely More data on Page 3a 92nd year a no. 253 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1718 classified ads 885-2177 other dept. 885-2181 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon september 9, 1976 32 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c in debates Carter pictured underdog Charlotte n c. Apr Rosalynn Carter wife of democratic presidential nominee Jimmy Carter said today she believes her husband will be the underdog in nationally televised debates with president Ford but will be armed with a few surprises. A the president can practice in the White House but Jimmy can to do that. He a got to be out campaigning a she said. A the president knows the Workings of Congress and All but Jimmy knows the people. I think the president will be surprised with what Jimmy the first of three televised debates Between Carter and president Ford is scheduled later this month in Philadelphia. Mrs. Carter campaigned briefly in the Charlotte area today before departing for Columbia s c. And and Montgomery. Ala asked her feelings about Republican vice presidential nominee Robert Dole showing up where Carter campaigns she replied a the s shown up everywhere Jimmy s gone. I think press aide Jody Powell made the comment that it s Tacky Rosalynn Carter meets kindergarten students in Charlotte i think that might be appropriate. Well Campaign our Way and see what mrs. Carter said those opposed to abortion have a right to stage protests where her husband is campaigning she reiterated however that her husband would oppose a constitutional amendment prohibiting abortions while at the same time he is personally opposed to abortion. She said the abortion Issue has stirred dissension for the Carter Campaign for 20 months. Earlier this Mornin mrs. Carter toured a kindergarten program at Pawtucket Elemen Lar school in Northwest of Charlotte. There she greeted teachers and spoke with several of the 112 five Vear Olds in the a wire photo Large room. A a it a just so important to see that these children Are prepared for the first Grade a she said later. A i had heard about your statewide kindergarten program Here and wanted to see it a she then attended grand vening ceremonies for the new Charlotte Mecklenburg county democratic Headquarters and held a news conference. For answer to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Sending troops to Vietnam q. Who was the president when the first troops were sent to Vietnam . A the first . Combat troops used in the War were marines ordered there by president Johnson in March 1965 to protect american bases in june of that year american troops were made available for offensive operations military Aid began in the Early 50s by 1961, there were about 750 military advisers by feb. 1962. Around 2.700 had been sent. At the time of Kennedy a assassination in nov. 1963, there were about 16,300 . Military men in South Vietnam the first . Attack on North Vietnam came As a result of the Tonkin Gulf incident following which president Johnson asked Congress for Broad Powers to repel attacks. Johnny Cash fan q. Id like the address of Johnny Cash. It is important for me to get it As i have a retarded child and she loves him very much and i would like to write to him. . A. You can write him in care of the grand Ole opry opry place Nashville Tenn 37219. Removing Candle Wax q. How do you get Candle Wax from a Tablecloth without leaving a stain . A. Remove As much As possible after it hardens with a table knife then put paper towels below and above the spots and use a warm Iron Over them the towels usually absorb most of the Wax and stain diesel Mechanic courses q. I would like to know if there is any school that teaches diesel mechanics in the Piedmont area. . A. Forsyth technical Institute has a one year program the first Quarter is underway but they May Start a new program in the Spring. A spokesman at their office suggested you Call or write for an application an aptitude test must be taken in Advance and a High school transcript is required. The address is 2100 Silas Creek Parkway the Telephone 723-0371 it might be october before you receive the application As they had run out of forms. Cosmetic surgery q. Is there a plastic surgeon preferably in High Point who specializes in face lifts could you possibly find out somewhere in the neighbourhood of what this would run does your Standard Hospital insurance cover such cosmetic surgery i think this would be real interesting to a lot of women who would like to remain Anonymous. A. Or. Paul Geniec in High Point does facial plastic surgery. His name is pronounced Jeh no can neighbourhood prices vary with the condition of the property How old it is and How Well it has been maintained. Consider your face a piece of real estate being appraised for its present state and potential for improvement. A cosmetic surgeon can to estimate costs until he sees what he has to work with what is desired what is possible and How much time it will take. Then you can decide if its affordable most medical or Hospital insurance policies do not cover this Type of surgery. Affidavits show cadets cheat with abandon West Point n y apr they pass along exam questions at meals. They lie about attendance. They steal athletic equipment and. According to affidavits signed by cadets accused in the . Military Academy a biggest scandal they do so with abandon in the 151 affidavits shown to the associated press on wednesday some 60 cadets charge nearly 700 other cadets with flaunting the Honor code by lying cheating stealing fixing cases before the Cadet Honor committee and tolerating those activities two affidavits allege that a member of the class of 1974 accepted a $1,200 bribe to return the single not guilty vote needed to free another Cadet of charges against him. Other affidavits say Mere Friendship of a member of the 88-Cadet Honor committee is often enough to win innocent verdicts. Still others say incidents of cheating Are far too numerous to list. A it would be futile to try and document the exact times arid dates that this occurred since it became habitual All the Way until and including the term end exam a one Cadet swore. He referred to the practice of writing formulas equations and various Sample problems in the margins of the mathematics texts permitted during tests. A i can remember Many instances in which a poop sessions were Given by someone who had already taken an exam. The size of these poop sessions ranged from five to to to literally entire companies and from there it spread to other companies throughout the regiment usually by word of Mouth a a an affidavit read the worst scandal in West Points 174-year history has touched 226 cadets to Date of that number 149 have admitted their guilt in collaborating on graded Homework lost appeals of allegations they did so or left for other reasons four cases Are pending the accused cadets assembled the affidavits to support their Contention that the Honor system Here has failed that cheating is so widespread that to punish them by forcing them to leave for a year or for Good is unjust Domestic matter cause not Given Mao tse Tung is dead at 82 by John Roderick associated press writer Tokyo apr Mao Tseung who led the communist takeover of China in 1949 and dominated the worlds most populous nation for 27 years died Early today peking announced. He was 82 and had been failing for Many months his death immediately threw open the question of who would succeed him and was expected to intensify the Power struggle that has shaken peking intermittently for years and that flared up with renewed intensity after prime minister Chou in Laid a death. There has been no designation of his successor As chairman of the chinese communist party the country a most powerful Post which he had held since 1935. Hsinhua the official chinese news Agency said Mao died at 12 to a m. A 12 to p m Edt wednesday a a because of the worsening of his illness and despite All treatment although meticulous medical care was Given him in every Way after he fell Many american and foreign visitors to China in the past year said Mao had looked frail and bad trouble speaking. There were reports that he had suffered a stroke. In june chinese officials said he had stopped receiving important foreign visitors Quot because he is too old and too in chinese photographs and television broadcasts recently Mao looked Pale and feeble. After studying films of Mao s television appearances medical experts said earlier this year he showed All the symptoms associated with Parkinson disease a slowness of movement set facial expression and slurred indistinct speech. The disease is a progressive affliction of the Central nervous system also known As shaking palsy. There have been indications for some time that Mao was not in Day to Day control of the country because of his deepening illness and that Many actions were taken by others in his name however the recent demotion and firing of former vice Premier Teng Hsiao Ping was widely believed to have been at Mao a direction indicating he still held enormous Power the announcement of Mao a death was delayed for aboiml6 hours. Ute same length of time that intervened be Cythe dead of Chou As and fenced Jan. 8 the first american reaction came from Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield dmont., an acknowledged authority on Asia a the was the last of the great word War ii leaders a he said adding that Mao a a passing will Mark the end of an Era but not the end by the policies he s Laid Down for the Peoples see Mao tse Tung on 2at Mao through the years in the 1920s, 1945 and 1968 As Young revolutionary red chinese army Leader and chinese communist party chairman a wire photo Vorster refuses change in apartheid policies Johannesburg South Africa apr prime minister John Vorster came Home from his weekend with Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger to Rule out a political role for Blacks in White ruled South Africa and threaten Tough new Steps against antigovernment rioters. As Vorster repeated his Contention that there is no crisis in South Africa the current racial violence spread wednesday for the first time to the Diamond taping system found in Wallace bedroom Montgomery. Ala. Apr gov George c. Wallace has confirmed reports that his bedroom at the executive mansion was bugged with a recording device and tape recordings were found. He says it was just a a Domestic matter Between me and my a spokesman for the governors office said the disclosure would not interfere with the reception Wallace and his wife Cornelia had arranged at the mansion this afternoon for democratic presidential nominee Jimmy Carters wife. At a hastily called news conference wednesday Wallace confirmed reports that a recording device had been discovered in his bedroom at the governors mansion. He also disclosed that a number of tapes had been discovered emphasizing that there was no George Wallace political motive for the taping a this happened in my bedroom Between me and my wife a he explained. A what happens Between me and my wife As Long As it does no to affect the state of Alabama or my service As governor remains the business of me and my Wallace refused to answer reporters inquiries regarding specifics. His Brief Impromptu remarks came in response to reports a Day earlier by a Montgomery television station Sfa to. And a Birmingham radio station Wagn that an extensive taping system had been discovered by state troopers at the mansion. Both stations quoting untie taping on 2a mining town of Kimberley. Two bodies also were found in the smoking ruins of a Hostel for Zulu migrant workers in Johannesburg s Black Soweto township. The prime ministers speech to a provincial Congress of his ruling National party in Bloemfontein disappointed some liberals who hoped for an announcement of significant relaxation of the apartheid policy of White supremacy racial separation except during working hours and denial of South Cornelia proclaims innocence Montgomery Ala. Apr in an aug 26 interview with the Montgomery advertiser mrs. George c. Wallace said she was unaware of rumours that she had been involved in secretly taping her husbands Telephone conversations. When asked about the rumours mrs. Wallace said. A i Haven to heard that one a she suggested that questions pertaining to the taping system should be directed to her husband a after All a she said a the is the governor of the state a the advertiser did not publish mrs. Wallace a comments regarding the taping system until today because rumours of such a system were during the same interview mrs Wallace said she believed the Media was being a a used by unidentified per a Cornelia on 2a african citizenship to nonwhites Vorster said he was willing to meet with Black leaders in Urban areas to discuss complaints about wages work opportunities social services and restrictions on owning of property and movement but he got a standing ovation from the crowd of 10,000 Whites when he declared. A there will be no sharing of Power Quot with nonwhites in South Africa. He said the government will adhere to its policy of offering Blacks political rights Only in the Remote tribal homelands it is creating for them on the least desirable 15 per cent of South africans territory. Vorster claimed that police have been restrained in their response to the three months of rioting by Blacks and a a coloureds Quot As persons of mixed race Are called in tampering with meter does t pay Gastonia a somewhere in Gaston county a Man is living with a $1 .-300 mistake he tried to bilk the electric company by tampering with his meter but he botched the Job and was rewarded for his dishonest efforts with a a six Utility Bill. The unidentified consumer was appropriately shocked and probably has deserted the swelling ranks of a meter cheaters a says a spokesman for the Gastonia utilities department. A we knew the Bill was wrong but just for the Heck of it we sent it to him a said Blair Wilson increased meter tampering the last three years has accompanied a Sharp Rise in electric rates Wilson said adding that statistics on the number of cases usually Are unavailable. South Africa. He warned thai Tutoma is one 0,23 North unless the Vin ence tops Ira Carol a a Oitim hat but mediately police will take electricity from Duke Power other Steps to restore go an j reset to their it a residents. Their wholesale a i Hope this message is rate has climbed 42 per cent Clear to everyone a a he excluding the fuel Cost and added. Justement Price. Meter tampering has a become such a problem in what s inside Gastonia that the City coun i Cli tuesday adopted a Law enabling the utilities depart amusements a ment to collect from bridgei0b customers suspected of the classified ads.10-15b offence comics. 6b the new Law authorizes crossword10b mailing a letter to suspected editorials4a cheaters asking them to financial2a come to City Hall to discuss obituaries .2b an adjustment if they done to sports3-7b show their actual electric television 16b consumption is estimated women a news6-9a and a second letter includes a weather.3a Bill for that amount

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