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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1976, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina In personality profile High Point Enterprise. Sunday october it 1176 say it in a to or ii a in 1 in it a a \ i of a 1 i a say a a / a a a it a a a Ltd a t i in i it ass a a a him to Christine Myatt a Volunteer with Strong views Christine Myatt by Lee Mortimer Enterprise sunday editor in some Way Christine Myatt might be compared with first lady Betty Ford. Or Myatt is an Active Community Volunteer with a Strong sense of civic responsibility at the same time she holds Strong views on certain subjects she finds she can t often speak As freely As she d like because of her husband s Archie Myatt s position As a City councilman a we do differ publicly on some things mrs Myatt commented a i was for re o Herron in the democratic gubernatorial primary i and Archie was supporting Jim Hunt Quot however both husband and wife subsequently decided they liked George Wood the Best Quot but he just got into Tjw race too mrs Myatt said on other matters she reluctantly refrains from speaking out publicly a i wanted so badly to write a letter to the editor of the Enterprise she said of one subject of current local interest perhaps her Strong interest in Community activities Ign a family trait Quot you owe the Community rather than the Community owing you Quot is the Credo mrs Myatt grew up with her parents or and mrs Harmon Lee Jones moved to High Point from Norfolk. A. Where mrs Myatt grew up they arc also Active in Community affairs Quot Aly Mother is the original Wattle old lady in Tennis shoes Quot she said recently she has been appointed to membership in the newly formed Guilford county mental health advisory Board her nomination grew out of membership on the High Point drug action Council As a Board member. Mrs Myatt will devote her efforts principally to formulating plans to improve and expand mental health services in the county findings will be passed along to the county com missioners who make the decision on funding of services Quot we won i control any budgets we Only recommend and make proposals to the com missioners Quot mrs Myatt said the advisory Board has Only recently been organized after the Clos my of the i Richardson psychiatric in patient facility the Federal government ordered a new Board created to cover the entire Gamut of mental health services formerly Only individual boards of the various agencies existed the advisory Board is made up of representatives from the various segments such As drug and alcohol abuse mental retardation group Homes and kindergarten for the handicapped Quot i in All for drug action but i m not going to try to get the biggest share for drug action i would Hope to see it As a part of a mrs Myatt stated the Board currently meets the second monday evening of each month at the Kendall Center. Members Are appointed by the county commission and serve staggered terms through 1979 after that terms of membership Are High Pointer Becky smothers was elected chairman at the october meeting one purpose of the Board is to gather citizen suggestions for improving mental health services it s a fantastic Way for the Board and the county commissioners to know How the people feel it a fantastic experience for me Quot mrs Myatt commented she views the Board As another Means of citizens participation in government Quot i Don t Dunk that just voting fulfils a person s responsibility of citizenship in the Community a a mrs Myatt said she expressed keen interest in exploring other dimensions of mental health including group Homes and improved programs for people with alcohol problems Quot i just have to get into this and find out All i can about mental health and what people in these areas Are thinking mrs Myatt said other activities now claiming a portion of her time Are membership on the Community planning Council and the Owca Board in the past she served on the red Cross Board As a i to president and a Brownie scout Leader the Myatt who reside on Greenway drive have three daughters Christy a Sophomore at w Ake finest i University. Is third vice chairman of the county democratic party Sarah is a senior at Westchester Academy and Beth is in the eighth Grade there the Myatts Are members of Forest Hill presbyterian Church voter to have final say on Ford Carter promises by William j Ryan North american newspaper Alliance new York Nana the presidential Campaign is now gasping toward its end and not a moment too soon the Tonger it lasted the More damage it inflicted on an already sadly battered american image around the world both president Ford and gov Carter have been making Chest thumping promises to restore this Republic to a respected role of leadership in a perilous world hut far from inspiring Confidence abroad the Campaign performances of the two have had the rest of the world agape in Awe at the possibilities. On foreign policy the air has been thick with demagoguery from both sides and inept demagoguery at that. The candidates have outdone themselves not Only has each put his foot in his Routh a each seemed to have a foot in the other s Mouth at the same time on detente president Ford s Secretary of state one Henry Kissinger seems to have ignored a massive soviet military buildup and soviet political aggressiveness for the Sake of a detente policy that was not a u s invention but a Russ Ian one. To begin with bul. To judge from the pronouncements for Ford and Carter alike the key word for relations with Moscow will be a accommodation Quot i would be in Convent to try to discourage Moscow from using detente to ush even harder for soviet global Aims the candidates both Promise peace and Trade. Which Are what Moscow wants too. Provided it does t have to sacrifice anything for them in Eastern Europe the world has noted the sorry spectacle of a i s president apologizing to hyphenated americans for saying the soviet Union did t dominate communist East Europe gov Carter compounded the damage by suggesting he d use detente to Force the u s s r to turn those countries Loose this is reminiscent of the Quot Rollback nonsense of the John Foster Dulles Era. A notion rudely shattered by soviet military Force hungarians czechoslovak and the rest have had to learn to live with domination and put Little Faith in the United states especially in this time of detente. The russians want detente but not enough to persuade them to Budge from their Buffer Empire and any attempt to use detente to pry them out of it would quickly shatter the whole peaceful coexistence show on Yugoslavia the president was mixed up about Yugoslavia when he made his East Europe Booboo he indignantly denied that Yugoslavia was soviet dominated. Although nobody had suggested it was. Yugoslavia of course had been a Case apart since in and the break with Stalin what is a matter of worry is whether the muscovites will try to reassert domination after Tito now 84 passes on gov Carter promptly made matters worse the russians of course can grab Yugoslavia in a variety of ways using implant military Power but Short of invasion such a development would surely shake nato to its foundations but the russians Are assured that under a Carter administration they need t worry about a military confrontation with the United states in such an event. They might have suspected that already in View of past experience but they probably feel it would be Nice to have a Green Light should they need one on the Middle East president Ford would not tolerate Quot a new Oil embargo he did t say what he would or could do about it if a new Middle East explosion should bring one the lebanese crisis can t last forever and sooner or later the aah will be concentrating on Israel again hut Jimmy Carter has a solution he d Cut off All Trade including food evidently unconcerned that the arabs can fill their needs elsewhere and most Likely the United states would be More Hurt than the arabs on Africa Carter supported peaceful transition to majority Rule in Rhodesia which in what Ford supports Carter blames republicans for having neglected Africa until 1976 but so did the Truman Eisenhower Kann Edy and Johnson administrations of which Annc was Low priority while they concentrated on Europe the russians the chinese and Southeast Asia an editor s Outlook professors predictions often wrong by Jenkin Lloyd Jones tin Angeles times maybe there should be a Federal Law that All persons expecting to become professors in the Liberal arts should preserve their College lecture notes of each professorial generation could periodically review the Wisdom of the previous generation in the Light of what subsequently happened a Hemming modesty might break out in the teaching profession the exact sciences Are generally excused such humiliations engineering physics chemistry and so on Are pragmatic Fields in which faulty theory is quickly revealed by test none of them is anywhere near the end of its learning but what it has Learned is usually sound even Medicine which has blundered up its own share of Blind alleys has. By advanced methods of clinical research developed an Ever speedier capacity for correcting its mistakes but in the inexact disciplines like economics political science and sociology the possibilities of prolonged and stubborn error Are awesome these Are founded on the Quicksand of human behaviour the lend themselves not to the test tube but to opinion opinion leads to advocacy advocacy presents the temptation to select data to support previously arnved at conclusions and this goes on to never never land what produced this essay was the discovery of a 44-year-old file of my notes in political science at the University of Wisconsin How much of what i Learned Quot was wrong How Many of the Learned prognostications which i dutifully regurgitated on my exam papers were clean misses yet these very intelligent and articulate teachers had no intention of misleading us they not Only wished us Well but they were determined to impel us Post adolescent clods Forward to the Brave new world hence they had Allen into advocacy and become fact selectors. In the old letters and science school most of us a faculty and students alike a were socialists How else would one cure the evils of capitalism Russia the Chiel exponent of pure socialism was to be regarded with sympathy in one political science e exam on which i got an approving a minus i referred tithe Quot Uny oked proletariat of the u s s r. Admired the enthusiasm of the Quot idealistic leaders Quot and called communist propaganda a Bugaboo Quot brother even As i wrote the screams from Lubianka prison were at least As sincere As those which had emanated from the dungeons of Ivan the terrible. This is not to say that the University has Learned nothing in the intervening years totalitarian excesses Are rarely explained away yet the Wistful search for collectivism with a heart continues we were All anti imperialists we had been properly brainwashed in sociology 46 to the effect that the Only detectable differences Between the races were cultural differences largely perpetuated by the heavy hands of european masters drive them away establish self determination Quot and democracy and human right would flourish its All Down in my Little Blue books look at Africa today look at Indira Gandhi s India alas and the league of nations it was the Hope of the world Good old prof Pitman Potter said so the world court at the Hague would replace cruel vendettas with juridical order Yea. Man alas again there was Only one major prognostication i ran recall that was a Bullseye that was when or Grayson Kirk later president of Columbia i University told us Way Hack in 32 that any attempt to impose a zionist state on the Arab world would bring hell to pay and that it would last a Long Long time or Kirk had no Way of knowing then hat the arabs would also find themselves sitting on an Ocean of Oil but he was right on and every time i visit my neighbourhood Gas station i am so reminded Many of my classmates went on to Washington and found places in the Young new Deal they Rose to policy making and eventually to positions of leadership in the great society they had a lot of time and printed a lot of Money to prove the truth of the theories we had been Given in College the results have not been Happy let us not Knock the professors who would have forecast the Impact of a Hitler a de Gaulle a Mao who could have known that the atom was fissionable 1 roaming the Piedmont youngsters Salute the Freedom train but Braxton Younts Enterprise staff writer the visit of the Freedom train last week to the Guilford Battleground triggered responses from Davidson dateline Little publicity Given House Senate candidates by Phil Speaks Enterprise staff writer perhaps the race for the fifth District congressional seat Between congressman Steve Neal and former congressman Wilmer Mizell has had enough publicity to have helped the electorate of Davidson county to decide that race on the other hand almost nothing of importance has been printed about the candidates for state Senate and House there was a Bill which was passed by the general Assembly in 1975 which requires legislators to disclose part of their financial interests the purpose of the disclosure act was to make available to the Public the economic interests of each legislator so an ethics commission could Issue advisory opinions to members of the Assembly of whether their votes would constitute a conflict of interest a commendable piece of legislation the catch is that an amendment was offered and subsequently approved in the Senate and later in the House that raises the value of holdings from $1,000 to Over $5,000 which it would be necessary to report a vote in the Senate for the amendment therefore was a vote to limit the amount of information available to the Public and therefore the voters so it could be determined whether legislators were conducting themselves ethically. Both of the senators from Lexington Jack Childers and Tom Suddarth a both democrats a for the amendment voted to ret Ricl the amount of information to he nude available. Members of the House from the District a Larry Leonard. John Varner and Peter Hairston a All voted to approve the Senate Hill with the $5,000 limitation intact the three House members could hardly he expected to vote against the Bill because of this restriction. Their votes would have been interpreted As being against any Dis closure at All if they had done so on the other hand none of the three attempted to offer an amendment to strike the limitation either so they must Bear part of the responsibility for that Loop Hole in the Law it Davidson voters think there is no Choice Between the candidates from either party for slate House and Senate they could he wrong Democrat Jim Lambeth House candidate from Thomasville has said he favors disclosure of financial information the three Republican candidates for the House a mrs Gen Cranford and Robert Carroll a have indicated they both would vigorously support full financial disclosure the other Republican candidate from Advance. R Walter White has refused to comment on the Issue both Republican candidates for the Senate a Robert v. Somers and Gilbert to. Davis a have both stated they were in favor of unlimited financial disclosure these differences should give Davidson voters some basis for choosing from among the candidates Many quarters even to the extent of prompting songwriting on the part of some of the classes in local area schools one such project was mounted by the Millis Road school 5th Grade taught by mrs Dale Townsend and it did a wonderful Job of saying what that Bicentennial Effort was All about in simple lilting language it is reprinted Here with an explanation thai the words without the music detract to a degree from the Overall Quality of the song with its stirring martial tune it is something however our newspaper pages Aren t wired for sound at the present time All aboard Choo a Choo a Choo a Choo Choo a too a Choo a Choo who who chorus Here comes the Freedom Tram humming Down tile track Here comes the Freedom train bringing historical facts All aboard tile Freedom train you will see Many things w Here comes the Freedom train humming Down the track car no. I a is the beginning of our Freedom facts car no. 2 a exploration and expansion which includes Pioneer artefacts. Car no 3 a growth of a nation car no. 4 a is about our origins car no 5 a innovations All aboard this Freedom train car no. 6 a human resources car no. 7 a is All about sports car no. 8 a contains performing arts car no 9 a is about Fine arts car no to a conflicts and Resolution this is not the end a showcase cars and parlor car All aboard this Freedom train Ever wonder about the status of agriculture in the old North state a the follow my report gives an interesting insight into the matter North Carolina farms sold More than $2 billion Worth of agricultural products in 1974 compared with $12 billion in 1969, according to a preliminary report of the 1974 census of agriculture recently released by the Bureau of the census u s dept of Commerce total production expenses were $1 4 billion in 1974 versus $893 million in 1969 there were 99.939 farms in North Carolina in 1974 occupying about 37 per cent of the states total land area places of less than to acres were counted As farms if sales of agricultural product amounted to or normally would amount to at least $250 places of to acres or More were counted As farm if sales of agricultural fat Roucis for the year amounted to or normally would amount to at least $50 this definition was first used in the 1959 census of agriculture the value of sales from crops including Nursery products and Hay doubled Between 1969 and 1974, from $669 million to $13 billion. While sales of livestock poultry and their products accounted for $777 million of 1974 sales rising $263 million from 1969 the average size of a North Carolina farm increased from 107 acres in 1969 to 115 acres in 1974. While the number of farms with 500 acres or More Rose from 3,-113 to 3 295 the average a que per acre almost doubled climbing from $333 to $603 Hie report shows that land devoted to wheat and soybeans was on the increase in the period As was production in both crops tobacco output increased rom 675 million pounds to 686 million pounds in the period although there was a decline of 20,000 in the number of farms growing that crop the number of farms harvesting peanuts declined from 7.000 to 5.000, and acreage was reduced from 164,000 to 155.000 but during the period the production of peanuts increased from 333 to 360 million pounds the inventory of cattle and calves increased from 859,-000 to i million head with beef cow inventories grow ing from 275 Oil to 425.000 head and milk cows declining from 143.000 to 131.000 head the number of farms having cattle and calves declined trom 44.000 to 39.000 during the live year period the number of farms having hogs and pigs decreased from 35,-000 to 24.000, while hogs and pigs sold increased trom 2 3 to 2 6 million head in the poultry category farms having hens and pullets of laying age declined Between 1969 and 1974 from 18,000 to 12.000 and inventories of hens and pullets dropped trom 14 to 12 million Birds the number of farms growing broilers also dropped 3 too As compared with 2,000 a and the number of broilers sold fell from 252 to 212 million the number of turkeys sold increased from 9 to almost 14 million. The number of full owner operated farms decreased from 76.000 to 65,000. While the number of part owner farms declined from 26 too to 23.000 tenant operated farms dropped from 18.000 to 12.000 the average age of farm operators increased from 52 4 to 53 6 years three out of five farm operators reported farming As their principal occupation in 1974 and farms with sales of $2,500 or More averaged 153 acres in size and accounted for almost 95 per cent of the acreage of soybeans harvested and 82 per cent of the cattle and calves sold in 1974 farms with sales of $4u.000 and Over increased from 5,-956 in 1969 to 12 047 in 1974 there were 4,004 farms with sales of $100,000 or More those wishing further information on the preliminary 1974 census of agriculture North Carolina can Contact the subscriber services Section i publications i Bureau of the census Washington do 20233, or through any dept of Commerce District office the prut in 25 cents per copy and. It you Haven t turned your clocks Back by the Lime you see his you Are running an hour ahead of schedule you were supposed to move Backun flour because we Are now on Sun time or Eastern Standard instead of Daylight saving senator soaper weather has a bid effect on crops and dogs plus a lamed table tendency to melt political principles tax reforms Are like a lot of Patent medicines which probably Don t Hurt you unless you let the commercials raise your expectations its 9/b a a in a a psst hey buddy mind it i copy i m still undecided a

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