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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather gearing today and cooler 92nd Yea ii no. 305 the High Point Enterprise Cau us Corr Alatino in 1711 c to Quot if in d and. Hs-2177 other dept. Ms-2111 Point n. A. Sunday morning october 31. 1976 according to Harris poll 200 pages daily i be. Sunday Tat Carter s Lead now Down to one Point by Louis Harris Jimmy Carters 35-Point Lead of july has now evaporated and he holds a Bare 45-44 per cent Lead Over president Ford according to a nationwide Survey of 2.891 voters interviewed in person Between jct 23 and 26 Ford now has a 41-39 per cent Lead Over Carter As the candidate voters feel they can Trust in the White House in september. Carter was ahead by 39-37 per cent this special Harris Abc news poll. Which also included Eugene Mccarthy and Lester Maddox in areas where they Are on the ballot was conducted in 300 National representative precincts. As the election goes Down to the wire. The key battlegrounds Are these a Jimmy Carter now holds a substantial 16-Point 55-39 per cent Lead across the South and if he can sweep his Home Region he will have a solid base upon which he can add targeted states in the North and go Over the Pivotal 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency a however. Carter has now fallen behind president Ford in the Midwest where he trails by 48-40 per cent and in the West where he is behind by 50-41 per cent a Ford sweep of the Midwest and West could largely offset Carter wins in the South a in the East the Contes has narrowed and Carter has no better than a 43-41 per cent Lead. Sharply Down from the 10-Point 45-35 per cent Lead he had in Early october is s�2��d for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Heavyweights q. What year did Joe Loans win the heavyweight championship from Jiminy Braddock and what year did Braddock take it from Max Barr thank you very muck. Or. . A Joe louts Defeated Jim Braddock a knockout in round 8 on june 22. 1937 in Chicago two years earlier june 13.1935 Braddock was the Winner Over Baer in a 15-round match at Long Island City i Organ teachers q. I am interested in taking Organ lessons and the Baste skills and want to know who to Contact this is a beginner course i want. Thank you. E m. A mrs Pat May in the music department at High Point College teaches Organ also mrs la Miller at the first presbyterian Church if there Are others we would appreciate hearing from you. It both teachers said those starting Organ should be advanced piano students with six years or so of piano lessons behind them foul fumes q. I am calling about a Plant that has a cleaning fluid and when they Spray it it is just awful. You can hardly stand it. The inspector came in there and i thought he was going to do something about it and he has t done anything about it. It is real bad on Peoples Heads especially if you have a cold and it Galvea everybody headaches and nothing is done about it. Anon. A the n c dept of labor enforces the provisions of the occupational safety and health administration they require that the complaint come directly from the employees or their representative sit should be submitted in writing signed by you and your co workers and addressed to the director of inspections. N c dept of labor. Raleigh n c 27602 since you May already have done this. You could Call the inspector s office 829-2153 or 829-2152 to see Why nothing has been done it has been rumoured that Osha gives employers a bigger headache than employees suffer from fumes we believe it would be to your Mutual Benefit to express As a group your complaint directly to your employer suggesting that exhausting the fumes should improve performance on the Job it s hard to concentrate or be productive when your head is pounding another buttonhole someone recently asked where they could have buttonholes made and you mentioned a couple of places. Jackie s sew a so fabrics at 2509 Westchester also does buttonholes. The Telephone is 885-9132. Thank you. Anon. Fit for a Bride i am the one whose request for a simplicity bridal gown pattern in a certain site appeared in the column recently. I got a number of Calls and each one had different sizes. I did get the 9-10 i needed so badly for my daughters wedding dress. One Call was from a woman visiting the furniture show from Oklahoma who offered to mall me the pattern when she returned Home of i find it Here. We really appreciated the response from people. Mrs. S. Cancer facts i would like to pass along Tome information that could be of Benefit to All women in High Point. The american cancer society and the Oak hollow Junior women a club will cosponsor a cancer awareness Day for women Only in Haworth memorial Chapel at High Point College sunday nov. 14, from 3 to 5. There will be no charge whatsoever but any donations will be accepted and forwarded to the american cancer society. We urge every woman in High Point to attend. Or. R h. Ford has been coming on Strong in the East in the closing Days of the Campaign a in the to largest states of the country the president has moved into the Lead for the first time by a razor thin 44-43 per cent margin but among the six largest states a California. New York. Pennsylvania. Illinois. Ohio and Michigan a Ford has gone into a much clearer 45 41 per cent Lead thus making him the favorite to carry a majority of these states tomorrow Ford s gains can be traced almost wholly to his widening Lead among the so called newer sectors of the electorate he is now ahead by 50-36 per cent in the suburbs. By 51-38 per cent among the College educated by 48 35 per cent among Independent voters by 51-38 per cent among voters with incomes of 115,000 and Over by 52-38 per Cen among professional people by 54-35 per Cen among managerial executives and by 52-36 per cent among White Collar voters a by contrast. Carter holds solid leads among the remnants of the old new Deal coalition leading by 53-36 per cent in the big cities by 56-34 per cent among those of eight Grade education by 79-13 per cent among Blacks by 74 18 per cent among those of Spanish american descent by 53-36 per cent among voters with incomes under 810 000, by 5-34 per cent among Union members and by 67 21 per rent among liberals a however. Carter is also showing some definite weak spots Anong three key groups among Young people under 30. The 50-39 per cent Lead he held in mid october has now shrunk to no More than a 46 42 per cent Edge among White catholics. Carter is ahead 45-41 per cent far off the Normal i democratic Catholic support and among jewish voters Carter leads by 5624 per cent Down from the 66-15 per cent Lead he held in mid october if Carter continues to slip in the final Days among the Young the catholics and the jews he could fall behind and lose this election since the votes of both groups Are particularly important in the Pivotal big states of the North a one key reason for Carter s dramatic declines from the 62 27 per cent Lead he held after the democratic convention last july is his inability to generate heavy widespread enthusiasm for his candidacy the number of Carter voters who say they feel Quot very strongly for him has fallen to 36 per cent in this latest Survey Down from 43 per Cen in mid october and 46 per cent in september president Ford has done Little better in evoking Strong support with Only 39 per cent of his supporters saying they Are very strongly for him however because the Ford vote is drawn from the better educated and More affluent groups the chances of his vote coming to the polls tomorrow would appear to be greater than that for Carter s voters a plaguing the Carter candidacy up to the end Are some doubts that simply have never been dispelled by his Campaign a 50-38 per cent plurality of All voters worry that he has ducked taking stands on issues to avoid offending anyone which is wrong a a a 49-32 per cent plurality feels that he does i seem to be very Independent anymore of old political Bosses and labor leaders in the democratic party a 55 32 per cent majority of the voters feels Carter does not have enough experience in National and world affairs a and a stand off 46-46 per cent of voters feel uneasy about Carter Fly contrast As election Day approaches. President Ford has muted some of the More glaring criticisms of him and his administration although a 55-34 per cent majority still feels he was wrong to have Given Richard Nixon a full a 63-26 majority says he has done a a Good Job of straightening out the mess Nixon left after watergate Quot a narrow 44-43 per cent plurality still sees Ford As Quot too much a part of the Washington. Do. Establishment w hich is out of touch with the rest of the county Quot but this is Down from the 49 33 per cent plurality who Felt that Way in August a 46-44 per cent plurality gives the president credit for having done a a Good Job in bringing the country out of the recession sharply up from the 51-34 per cent majority who did not feel that Way in August and by 51-38 per cent a majority of the voters now denies that Ford a does not seem very smart about the issues the country is facing a turnaround from the 49-37 per cent plurality who questioned his intelligence in August. Presidential candidates expressing Confidence by the a torte i re press running neck my neck with just Days to go. Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter campaigned hard saturday in states with the fat electoral bounties that make presidents Ford said hell win Carter s people said they saw Promise in their own Vole projections i had not been Coni inned by your ballots but since have been supported by your prayers a said Ford who preceded Carter into Texas by hours a i ask you on tut so a nov 2. Not Only to support me with your prayers but to support me with your Ile saw encouragement in the crowd of 6 too that heard him in Houston a with a rally like this in Ford said. A a feel we re going to win and win overwhelmingly on tuesday a Carter cognizant of the delicately balanced polls made no such claim but his press Secretary. Jody Powell said Tarter own Vole projections Are certainly encouraging Powell said if Carter wins the Southern and Border states As Well As the traditional democratic states he would need to carry Only three of nine states that Are rated tossup among those Are new York Pennsylvania and Ohio a All late targets of both campaigns. Slopping Over in newer leans on his Way to Texas. Carter was greeted by 12.000-15.000 people who jammed the narrow streets of the French Quarter he Rode in an open top convertible for five blocks then walked another two to the accompaniment of Dejan s olympic brass band i think it s time we had a southerner Back in the White House Mumm Quot be my i while the president was making a last ditch pitch for Texas 26 electoral votes his running mate. Bob Dole was in California with its prize 45 a a we re winning we re winning Dole said in one speech a Carter s a Little uptight because be s about to blow the biggest Lead in history he said in another Arter who was seen a 30-Point favorite in the flush of his convention Victory in july acknowledged the race is tight a the polls show it is so close that the outcome could be decided by whether it Rains or not the item erratic candidate said political Wisdom has it that democrats Benefit from big voter turnouts aided by Good weather in Illinois which bestows presidential nominee Walter f Mondale stressed the get out the vote theme a we have the next three Days to turn it he said the electoral College gives states one vote for each of its congressmen and senators and three to the District of Columbia thus there Are 538 votes total a majority or 270 votes wins the election the Louis Harris poll announced Friday gives Carter the Lead Over Ford 46 per cent to 44 per cent seven per cent were undecided in the poll taken for Abc news and 4 per cent favored sen Eugene Mccarthy who is on the ballot in less than half the states Register combines towns new York a so much for tradition my dear they be changed the social Register that compendium of High society in 13 of the nations cities time was each of the cities had its own volume. Town amp country Magazine notes in its november Issue next month there la be just one that s another blow for new yorkers whose members of High society Long have classed themselves apart we want to try something a won Van at the Register explained she declined to give her name explaining Quot we re not allowed to do inside Reading latin american torture. Page 10a state by state Survey pages 18, 19c school columns Page 17c editorial. Women be. Sport. Television. Entertainment Page 17, 18, 19b obituary clarified. Houdini said he might come Back but has t president s Job sought by 14 Washington apr americans going to the polls tuesday will chose their next president from among 14 candidates although no single voter will see All 14 on his ballot the widest Choice will be offered voters in new Jersey and Washington which have a dozen candidates each on the ballot on the other hand five Stales list Only two candidates president Ford and Jimmy Carter these Are Arkansas Georgia Maryland West Virginia and Wyoming Detroit map Harry Houdini who died on halloween said he might be Back but it s been a half Century and the great escape artist remains in his grave it was on oct 31. 1926 that Houdini died in Detroit s Grace Hospital of a ruptured appendix and though Houdini said he did t believe in the supernatural he told friends to look for the signal marking his return Houdini has t returned but his bag of tricks a the signal a has. Robert Lund an Amateur magician with plans to open an american museum of magic recently bought Houdini s tricks Lund said though he does t believe in spiritualism it s a interesting that 50 years after Houdini died his apparatus should come Back to Detroit the City where he died but in a just saying it s an interesting coincidence. A each year on halloween. Magicians gather for seances to try to Contact Houdini they usually form a Circle hold hands and say they Are friends of Houdini a Quot said Lund who was at one in the 1940s in new York City s Greenwich Village Quot they ask for some sign that he can hear them then they wait five minutes or half an hour and nothing Lund said six to to groups will try again this year to reach Houdini but a i m 99 99 per cent sure nothing will happen again a the society of american magicians Jias scheduled a seance for Midnight sunday a the witching hour thirteen magicians. Esp experts and Houdini s friends planned to gather before an expected crowd of about too at the Houdini museum in Niagara Falls ont there will be no seances in Detroit tins year but five magicians will meet at Grace Hospital in the room in which Houdini died for a memorial service a Houdini did t believe in spiritualists a a said Mel Eisenberg a professional magician who will be there a we did t feel it was appropriate to remember him with a seance and we did t feel it appropriate to hold that in a Hospital a Houdini born Hench Weiss in 1874 a probably in Budapest although he claimed Appleton wis., As his Birthplace a was performing in Montreal when he agreed to show an audience How he could withstand heavy blows to the stomach by tightening his Muscles he was hit before he had a Chance to tense his Muscles he arrived in Detroit the next Day performed oct 24 and collapsed after the show ended and was taken to Grace Hospital on monday oct 26 Houdini s physician wrote in 1950 that the magicians appendix Quot had ruptured some place near St Thomas ont., and that he had carried on the entire performance the same evening with a ruptured appendix and spreading peritonitis a he willed his equipment to his brother who sold the apparatus in the mid-1940s to another magician Martin Sunshine for 31 years Sunshine kept the equipment in three lakes. Wis Lund. 51, bought it earlier this month and said he will leave his Job As an automotive writer for popular mechanics and motor magazines next Spring to open the museum in Marshall Mich. Lund said he knows Houdini s secrets but a i will not expose How he did it. I have reverence for his memory magic loses its Charm and All of its mystery once you know How its done it s really just very memory of flood vivid in minds of children by William r. Ritz associated pre writer Loveland. Colo. Apr eleven year old Rory Adams weeps at night Lor his dad. Schoolmate Kevin Bray still thinks about his dead girl Friend let Oug Nolde can to forget carrying out the bodies for the children of the big Thompson elementary school the flood that crushed Many of their Homes last july 31 is a Nightmare Al least 139 persons died when rain swelled the normally Placid big Thompson River and forced a Wall of water As High As 19 feet through the Canyon millions of dollars in property was destroyed heavy Rains still spook the children of this Rocky Mountain Community said the elementary school principal or Dave Mathias. A when it Clouds up. I have several Little kids come running in he said the school a called big t a lost seven children to the water Mathias said the other 360 remember their dead classmates but they Don t say a lot about them a i heard one kid say. Kicky used to sit but that s about it a Mathias said Kicky mares and his Lainily drowned Mathias is emotional when he remembers his first meeting with Young Adams who lost his father in the Hood he came in to Register himself lie came up to me stuck out his hand and said tin Hory Adams i lost my dad a he put his arms around me and said would you be my dad a even with Mathias help it has been a Tough adjustment for Rory me my mom and brother we cry a lot for him Al night a the Blond titty grader said clutching a battered saxophone Case Quot we sometimes think we Arentt going to make it without him a the Chunky youngster lived in the Flatland just outside the Mouth of the big Thompson Canyon a we had just got Back from seeing a the movie a Noah Sark. A he recalled we heard the police cars warning everybody to get out he was trying to Herd our cow and cattle Back i did t know it would be the last time i d see him a it s been pretty bad my mom s just had an operation we re christians i guess it was what god Kevin Bray lost his girl Friend. Theresa Graham to the floodwater survivors examine clippings on flood

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