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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 30, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather warmer rain More data on 7a the High Point Enterprise Cau us Irra lation m2 pit Las Alfird ads ms-2177 other depth ms-214192nd year no. 304 High Point. N. Cd a saturday afternoon. October 30. 1976 w pages daily in. Sunday eve by Dave Riley Aster ated press writer president Ford says the 1976 presidential Campaign is neck and neck and Jimmy Carter sees the rare As so close that he says the weather May be a key actor in deciding who leads the nation for the next four years Ford campaigned from Milwaukee to St Louis to Houston on Friday he declared he had tied Carter and labelled the democrats As Quot frantic frustrated and frenzied Quot Carter heading West in his final trip of the Campaign said in Toledo. Ohio. That the race is very close. The polls show it is so close that the outcome could be decided by whether it Rains or not Quot and a Harris poll for arc news showed Ford within one percentage Point of Carter the poll announced Friday gives Carter the Lead Over Ford 45 per rent to 44 per rent with 4 per cent backing former sen Eugene Mccarthy and 7 per rent undecided Harris said the poll was based on interviews with 2.891 eligible voters from 300 precincts around the nation Harris said the Sample showed Carter with a 55-39 Lead in the South and a 43 41 Lead in the East Ford was ahead 48-40 in the Midwest and 50-41 in the West Ford was campaigning today in Texas before flying to Philadelphia and then to Syracuse and Buffalo. N y his running mate. Bob Dole was campaigning on the West coast Carter was to travel today from St Louis to Tulsa okla., and later to new Orleans democratic vice presidential candidate Walter mandate campaigned in the Midwest and scheduled a Stop today in Ohio the democratic nominee has Campaign cd hard on economic issues and he quickly leaped on new government statistics showing a decline for the second straight month in figures designed to predict economic developments the government said the Index of leading economic indicators fell seven tenths of i per cent Carter said those figures Quot mean Nore hard times ahead Quot unless there is an end to Quot Republican mismanagement of the but Ford said he was not disturbed by the report saying the nation is winning the Battle against inflation Quot As Ford declared the race deadlocked his aides were apparently trying to use on Carter the strategy of claiming to have won before any ballots Are counted that strategy worked when Ford used it to defeat Ronald Reagan at the cop convert Hon arriving in Houston on Friday night. Ford declared Quot i think we Are neck and neck and when you have momentum and the opposition is try ing to put its Finger in every Dike to try and Stop the erosion obviously we have the momentum going and they Are frantic and frustrated and frenzied and gee i just feel Good about it just wonderful a meanwhile a Ford aide who did t want his name used was predicting Ford will occupy the Albite House for the next four years the aide said Iowa and Wisconsin Are in Ford s column and that that guarantees a Ford Victory the aide said his figures were conservative but elsewhere. Carter s press Secretary. Jody Powell was distributing copies of a document he said came from Ford s election committee the document purported to show Carter with a probable total of 230 electoral votes. Ford with 196 and 112 others undetermined it takes 270 electoral votes to win Cher cited for driving with i hand by Strande a Boston Ber was ticketed by a state trooper thereabouts recently for driving with one hand off the steering wheel the citation issued by state trooper j e consign to Gary Laroche otherwise known on the air As Quot no i manager Quot read Quot violation ch-90 set 13. Impeded operator northbound Lane operator conversing with cd Mike in hand a a a court ease a you better believe it. Says no i manager. One traffic ticket to one Driver with one hand of a he wheel is not significant in itself. I realize but there Are those who consider the outcome of the Case quite important As a National pattern maker a a a the cd Boom in this country has triggered the beginnings of a clamor for such personal radios in great Britain and a citizens band association has been organized there to promote the As yet a established cd service it s a Flat fact that numerous firms nationwide Are giving cd radios instead of the traditional Gold watches to retiring employees Tornado warnings of you Don t live in Tornado country Vou May not feel grateful to the cobers for the Best twister warning system yet devised by Man cars can outrage tornadoes easily so Drivers with their wits about them Are not so endangered As Are the indoor householders whose ears get stopped up with television Peanut butter and those Drivers equipped with cd radios signal most swiftly when they sight any twister this Alert network of private citizens is More effective in saving lives locally. I believe than any Multi Bullion Dollar watch put together by officialdom. A a puerto Rico is drawing not just a few. But quite a few cd radio manufacturing plants to that Island and several Antenna makers Are going there too at this time 22 puerto hic an plants Are making radio and to components or sets plus accessories among those firms Panasonic. Ria Motorola. Westinghouse. By gain Masco Raeo breaker and Tenna thieves Industrial radios operate on frequencies different than those of citizens band radios As no doubt you know but their control units look a lot like cd radios so thieves knowing no better steal Industrial units too Only to find out there s no Market for them the Industrial units Cost from $600 to $2,000 As opposed to the cd rigs Cost of Sido and up. Since the City started using those decals there have been no More such thefts and officials estimate a savings into the thousands of dollars a comments Are invited and questions of general interest Are answered in this column volume precludes personal reply address mail to citizens on radio in care of the High Point Enterprise p o Box 1009, High Point n c. 27260 fire disaster Ohio places bogus and Columbus Ohio a. The state of Ohio says it placed a bogus $900 advertisement in the Wall Street journal to find out what other states Are doing to attract Industry James a Duerk state development director acknowledged Friday that he had written the 2-bv-3�?~-Tnch and that appeared in the newspaper s oct. 15 Issue with the heading Quot Industrial location Duerk said he got 87 responses from 20 states. With All but one providing detailed information about tax and financial incentives the information Quot provided us with a better idea How Ohio fares Quot Duerk said Quot believe me we re coming tar Short of an awful lot of Competition Quot he said he feels the results support the Contention by gov. James a Rhodes that Ohio is not competitive with other states because it does no to offer Industrial tax incentives the Republican governor and democratic legislature have been battling Over w Hether such incentives Are a major Factor among industries relocating or expanding facilities a fireman searches smouldering ruins alter sweeping fire was brought under control in Sakata about 240 Miles North of Tokyo Japan this morning the raging wind whipped fire which broke out in a movie theater Friday afternoon. Razed i too shops and houses leaving 3.590 persons homeless in a City of More than too too. Map wire photo Washington last the postal service is ordering local postal officials to ignore advice from Republican Campaign aides that mis represents a Federal court ruling in letters and Telephore Calls the cop staffers have told local postal officials that an injunction forbids delivery of Campaign literature mailed at the non profit rate postal sources said Friday. However there is no such injunction the nonprofit rate considerably cheaper than other ways of mailing political literature is used heavily by labor unions in support of democratic candidates postmaster general Benjamin f Hadar has sent a message to postal officials around the country instructing them to ignore the letters and Telephone Calls a postal service attorney said the matter is of concern because Quot interfering with the mail is a very serious business a criminal offence Quot the Law on obstruction of mail says a whoever knowingly and wilfully obstructs or retards the passage of the mail. Or any Carrier or conveyance carrying the mail. Shall be fined not More than $100 or imprisoned not More than six months or both Quot the postal service lawyer doubted there would be any prosecution in this Case because no mail was delayed As a result of the letters and Calls to postal officials contacts with the postal officials in new Jersey. Indiana my Missouri were made by Campaign representation of president Ford. The source Sud in addition a Call to the postal service regional Headquarters in san Francisco was made by an official in the Campaign of Harrison Schmidt. Republican senatorial candidate in new Mexico sources said the associated press obtained copies of letters by Ford representatives to postmasters m Trenton. Nj., and Indianapolis. Ind when he read one it the letters Ford Campaign spokesman Peter Teeley acknowledged that Quot the person who sent that letter is misinformed Quot titles Aid there was no by the Ford Roin Mittee Headquarters in Washington to its state units to Contact their local postal officials St ends sunday Washington Iasi most of the nation will return to Standard tune at 2 a in sunday. Clocks should be set Back one hour before retiring saturday night barring a change in the i Nilore time act. Daylight saving time will return on the last sunday in april . To mediate talks Geneva Switzerland it apr a a top aide to Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger will try to boost Britain s authority in talks on the future of Rhodesia while reconciling Black demands Tor a rapid takeover with stiff resistance by prime minister Ian Smith William d. Schautele. Kissinger s assistant for african affairs flew Here to Day from the United states he was sent officially to reinforce observers at the talks Between Black and White rhodesian leaders unofficially he will help British chairman Ivor Richard who planned a round of talks today with individual Black and White delegation leaders. In formal opening speeches Friday. Black nationalist leaders pressed for a Transfer of Power to Rhodesia s 6 4 million Blacks within a year and accused Smith s regime of committing atrocities against Blacks in fighting with nationalist guerrillas in a Curt one minute speech. Smith denounced the accusations As Quot a pack of lies Quot his foreign minister. Pieter Van Der bal called a news conference to detail counter charges that Black guerrillas were committing atrocities against both Blacks and Whites in Rhodesia Smith also stuck to his position that a plan presented to him last month by Kissinger for achieving majority Rule is not negotiable the plan Calls for a two year interim government insurer says Low rates drove it out of state Raleigh a it. Gov Jim Hunt and some 35,-000 other holders of National what s inside amusement Sisa bridge15a classified ads.16-20a comes a crossword Kuhn a a prance but 70 per editorials4a Grange Mutual insurance company policies will have to find another insurance company at the expiration of their present policies officials of the company said Friday it is pulling out of North Carolina at the end of the year because of excessive losses the company handles a full obituaries .3a sports.8-Lla television Sec. B weather.7 a cent of its business is Auto insurance National Grange s losses were blamed by company officials on Low insurance rates set by the state insurance department. However. W Byron Tatum Deputy insurance commissioner and chief accountant for the department. Said statistics furnished by the company showed that inept management was the cause of its problem whatever is to blame. National Grange officials said it would Stop writing new policies and renewing old ones As of dec 31 As a result the company a customers who pay Between $5 million and $6 million a year in premiums will have to find another company. Also some 65 insurance agents who sell National Grange policies will lose their business with the com Pany about half of them including Hunts father. James b Hunt or. Do not represent any other companies. Said Robert h Caldwell vice president of Alweil insurance Agency inc in Greensboro he said the Agency had overseen National grangers North Carolina operations for 41 years mass transit funds go fast Washington a the Urban mass transportation administration in two years has committed More than three fourths of the Money it was Given to fund mass transit construction projects through 1980 however the rapid spending does not mean the Agency is in immediate danger of running out of construction Money although Usta and the Ford administration say new funding will be need sooner than expected the Agency actually has More available funds than its Check Book indicates because Many of the commitments Are in principle Only. This Means the funds have been promised to a project Only if All details can be worked out but the Money has not been actually obligated in fact less than half of the $5 5 billion committed has been obligated another reason is that much of the funds will go to Long Range projects and thus payments will be parcelled out Over several years time by the time those Bills come due Congress will have provided additional funding if everything goes according to the Agency a plan too. Usta still has More than $3 billion in a separate fund which was set up to subsidize mass transit operating losses this Money could be diverted into capital Grants for construction if needed the question of Usta s spending came to Light in a speech by its administrator Robert Patricelli and because several Large Grants were announced in the past few weeks those Grants have caused some to question whether the Ford administration might be trying to buy Good will in the nov 2 election much of the latest funds have gone to northeastern cities where political observers believe president Ford could use help for example Usta last week agreed to commit $600 million to Detroit a democratic stronghold in the president s Home state thursday Usta agreed to give new York City $89 million it also has awarded in recent months $269 million to Buffalo $400 million to new Jersey and a combined total of $340 million to new York Baltimore Boston Detroit san Francisco Seattle and the District of Columbia. Transportation Secretary William t Colemanjr and Usta administrator Patricelli note the Grants were applied for months ago and say the timing is coincidental Patricelli also has raised questions about us tax a spending rate he told an audience of transit officials in san Francisco two weeks ago that Usta had committed All but $2.3 billion of the $7 i billion Given it by Congress two years ago to help cities rebuild old commuter rail systems build new ones and to Purchase new buses and upgrade existing bus services since that speech Usta has committed another $689 million the administration acknowledges the spending level has resulted in a need for More Money and Coleman has promised to ask Congress next year for new funds for use after sept 30, 1978 this would allow Usta to spread its remaining Money Over three years instead of four and would assure that the funds to pay for some of the Lon term projects would be available when needed Ian Smith a wire photo school attendance astonishing Durham a school official Here attribute an amazing a increase in classroom attendance to adoption of a school policy which connects attendance with passing and credit w e have three tunes better attendance this year than we did last year Quot said Robert Ham assistant principal at Jordan High school a and the parents like it the policy adopted by the Durham county Board of education last month allows 30 absences a year with water of a penalty Only under special circumstances parents Are notified when a student reaches the half was Mark in allowed absences Carter Ford say election neck to neck republicans distorting postal Rule /

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