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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1976, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii b Terry prudent co publisher d a Rawley co publisher David a Rawley Orvice pres mrs c h. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p Rawley Gen mgr Joe Brown editor 4a suedes. October 31, 1971 voting for a president Good morning there s somebody who deserves your vote on tuesday we the people of the United states in order to form a More perfect Union establish Justice insure Domestic Tranquility provide for the common defense promote the general welfare and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity must determine at the polling Booth who can Best carry Forward those ideals As written 189 years ago As the preamble to the Constitution it stands to be a very difficult Choice. There is apparent across the land an abundant inability to be positive that the choices we As individuals must make will be the right ones pre election polls Mirror wide swinging vacillation moving toward a very close vote on tuesday without question the candidates Are being judged More on impression than on hard Issue the philosophical differences Between the approaches of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter have been spelled out perhaps More sharply than has Ever been the Case in a presidential election facts figures theories and positions have been published in the press and aired by the electronic Media to the Point that no one who is Issue oriented can truly flee to the excuse that he does t know where they stand this is so despite what in Many instances has been a a flow Road Campaign As each Side has sought to twist out of context statements of the other often to distort meaning beyond hard impressions however. We cannot escape the feeling that the Winner on tuesday will be chosen on the basis of personal impression so Long and so hard has the Campaign been fought that the issues have tended to blur on the basis of our individual perceptions of the two men As human beings where one debate viewer will see Gerald Ford As wooden and programmed. Quot another will Only see sincerity where one Calls the expression on Jimmy Carter s face a Quot Frozen Grin Quot another sees it As an understanding smile As those perceptions have become fixed the two men could stand and recite the English alphabet and their supporters and detractors would still read Quot them the same Way. As columnist Jack Anderson wrote on this Page on a recent Day. The two men Are very different in style and approach but very much alike in being honorable men dedicated to the belief that they represent better than the other the kind of leadership the country needs we subscribe unhesitatingly to that assessment. We Are unconvinced by rhetoric which seeks to make us believe that the election of the other Man will spell doom for this nation. America is Strong far stronger than when those Constitution preamble words were written it has shown that it can survive terrible trauma whether on the International battlefields or in its Domestic Halls at times of National leadership misfeasance. It has. We Are certain Learned from its history and there will be no More Richard Nixon in our further View neither Gerald Ford nor Jimmy Carter is All we would have wished for but we have no right to expect perfection we have a right to expect honorable decisive and compassionate leadership from the White House that will spread Down and permeate the total scope of National government those Are qualities which we believe both men offer to repeat we believe that most americans now know for whom they will vote on tuesday and that there is nothing to be said in this space that is Likely to change minds Many newspapers across the nation have elected to endorse one or the other to their readers and in most cases the language has tended to be riddled with the word there is an evident Lack of full courage of convictions in these open statements of support it is not so much a Lack of sincere Trust in the individual endorsed As it is a recognition that the strength does not lie Only on one Side the collective Wisdom of this nation can. We believe be counted upon to arrive at an acceptable Choice because in our View America should have no fears that its great strength which lies within the people themselves cannot overcome momentary adversity. We Hope that every Reader of this Page will participate tuesday in the exercise of that collective Wisdom by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus this is our last Chance for this column to urge every eligible living creature to get out and vote tuesday a and no excuses allowed turned off on politics in Washington a that s no excuse All across this nation. In towns counties cities and states there Are hundreds of candidates running for various and sundry offices depending upon location out of ail those candidates and issues there s at least one you can vote for go to your voting place tuesday and vote even if for Only alcoholic beverage control. No difference Between the major candidates7 that s no excuse that May be heresy to a Rock bound Republican or a dauntless Democrat but if you Quot can to Quot vote for Ford or Carter then you might vote for Eugene Mccarthy Lester Maddox Gus Hail Lyndon Larouche Roger Mcbride or Tom Anderson and if your Choice Isnit on the ballot you can write in the name a even Pete Whitener and there Are some quite worthy state county and local candidates from whom you May choose both democratic and Republican Headquarters have volunteers ready and anxious to drive you to the polling place and Back a no charge not even sickness nor a broken leg. Is an excuse every eligible citizen who does not vote will be derelict in his or her duty to our Republic ours is one of the few countries left in the world where we still have the Opportunity for self expression at the ballot Box to choose government officials in a two or More party system. Those who do not vote nov 2 will be hastening the Day when we will have Only a one party system As so Many countries now have with no Choice there s Hope for some less increase in Gas rates since the Federal Power commission has voted to rescind 25 per cent of the record 32 billion rate increase granted to natural Gas producers last july. The government regulators reduced by 1580 million the natural Gas Price for state leadership Washington merry go round hikes they had earlier approved because they found Consumers facing larger increases than could be justified that action should Cut around 18 per cent from the increase for residential and Small commercial users a even More for other classes of customers transcontinental Gas pipeline officials Are Recomputing charges and it May take 30 to 60 Days to finalize those new rates almost simultaneously with its decision to sell Drexel heritage furniture division to Dominick International. Champion International agreed in principle to acquire for $302 million in Stock Hoerner Waldorf corp., a Large manufacturer of paperboard and packaging project based at St. Paul. Minn. Hoerner Waldorf had rejected Champion s earlier offer to buy. Even after its officials had expressed a Pur pose to sell last year that resulted in the ouster of chairman Alvin j Huss. Who had favored Selling a bitter proxy fight ensued in which Huss regained his chairmanship and the Deal was completed october wanes with today. It has been one of the pretties a if not the prettiest a in years it has been a month of beautifully painted leaves a no need to go to the mountains for the Bright autumnal foliage could be no prettier than it is Here just now Thoreau stated it Well a Long time ago when he said Quot As fruits and leaves and the Day itself acquire a Bright tint just before they fall so the year nears its setting october is its Sunset sky november the later the United methodist women of Wesley memorial Church will hold their annual Bazaar wednesday beginning at la a in. In the Fellowship Hall items for Sale will include food plants pillows and handicrafts. Of special interest however. Will be sections of stained Glass windows from the old Church building on n. Main Street which have been Cut into squares and equipped with hangers thirty such squares will be offered plus one Complete stained Glass window from the old Church luncheon will be served at noon without much fanfare. Bob Vaughn has worked quietly and effectively during his four years on the state Board of transportation to catch up As much of the lag As he could in the deficiency in Highway attention in the preceding administration. Lynwood Smith As Highway commissioner started the Ball rolling with Highway 68 and other improvements but Vaughn now has repaved virtually every Highway serving High Point not to mention the tremendous improvement under Way on Westchester which too Long had lain neglected. He has just completed paving of what formerly was red Road from Highway 68 into the four Lane Westover at Greensboro he completed resurfacing of the old Greensboro Road a year ago Kivett drive has been resurfaced out to interstate 85. Highway 311 South has been resurfaced to Highway 220 and two foot shoulders added through Archdale to facilitate traffic safety in that Busy area. English Road is being widened and repaved All the Way into Thomasville w Fairfield has been broadened and paved while e. Fairfield has just been resurfaced All the Way into Highway 62. He has gotten behind the new 1-85 project for which contracts have been let up to the Guilford county line. While i-85 from Thomasville to Lexington has been resurfaced the traffic signal system a vital improvement within the City of High Point has been fully funded and is in process of installation the English Road improvement to Thomasville was t in the Highway priority scale but with help of former Thomasville mayor Harvey Carpenter recently named to the transportation Board that was cleared for safety improvements along with tile resurfacing Bob Vaughn has done a faithful Job on the state transportation Board and he is entitled to the gratitude of a Community better for his helpfulness in getting our streets and highways into better a and safer a shape and usefulness. As we elect a president on tuesday we As North carolinians must also make the choices for the men who will Lead the state for the next four years the Campaign Between Democrat Jim Hunt and Republican Dave Flaherty has failed to ignite passions As has been the Case in the National contest our Choice is Between two honorable men. Both of whom have Strong backgrounds of Public service and who can be counted upon to go vigorously to the task of advancing the general welfare of the state of North Carolina. Our vote will go to Jim Hunt As much As for any other reason in the belief that the two party system is unworkable when it does no More than match a governor of one party against an overwhelming legislative majority of the other. Even had Jim Holshouser been a Man of immense personal strength the current circumstance would have reduced him to the same figurehead status that he has represented for the past four years. North Carolina needs to move ahead on Many fronts and it can do so far More effectively if it has a governor and a legislature working together toward those ends largely the same thing can be said in the match Between Jimmy Green and Bill Hiatt who want to be lieutenant governor on top of that fact is the great mismatch Between Green s experience in the legislature and Hiatt s near total Lack we would urge votes for Jim Hunt and Jimmy Green on tuesday is Congress what we expect it to be for l. Richardson Preyer the North Carolina sixth District s rep l Richardson Preyer will resume his seat for another two years after tuesdays election his Only opposition is from candidates under the labor and libertarian party banners. A Wise. Warm devoted and popular our religions Man. Richardson Preyer is in our View one of the most state Manly men in the Federal government. North Carolina will be doing the rest of the nation a great favor by keeping in Congress one who represents and understands the Broad needs of the nation beyond the narrow interests of a single congressional District. Churches work on merger by Carlyle Adams in Italy the two major protestant denominations Are in the process of merging they Are the Waldensian Church dating Back to the 12th Century and the italian methodist Church. The Waldensian Church known in Italy As Chiesa Valdese corresponds to the presbyterian or reformed Church in the English speaking world All the Steps in the merger Are expected to be completed by 1979 both churches Are already training their clergy at the Waldensian Seminary in Rome. Question much has been made of the Catholic churches reaction to the views of the Republican and democratic candidates on the proposed amendment to the u s. Constitution to allow prohibition of abortion Ford and Carter Are both protestants. How does Tbs in hefty a candidate. Eugene Mccarthy who la a Catholic stand on this Issue answer an aide to former senator Mccarthy in his Washington office told this columnist. A the senator a definitely against an anti abortion amendment or Mccarthy himself wrote Quot the question of abortion is essentially one for the individual s moral decision the state ought not to interfere except within the limits of the 1973 supreme court decision a he added Quot with that exception the government should remain Neutral or. The question of abortion just As it respects the consciences of those who support abortion it should respect the consciences of those who oppose it. Question. When will the jewish new year be observed in 1977? answer it will begin at Sundown of september 12 question How Long has the salvation army been established in the United states answer since 1880 that was 15 years after it began in England. Editor s note questions on religion and the Bible May be addressed to or Adams in care of this newspaper All questions must be signed by Jack Anderson by United feature Syndicate Washington the integrity of Congress was enunciated in its earliest Days by Thomas Jefferson who returned a gift to a Baltimore merchant and wrote sternly it is a Law. Sacred to me while in Public character to receive nothing which bears a pecuniary value Quot Jefferson s words were read. Admired and quickly forgotten from the earliest Days of the Republic the votes of congressmen have been bought by lobbyists compromised by women and traded for Large and Small favors even As we write this the Justice dept is investigating allegations that South korean agents have passed out Cash and gifts to members of Congress there Are also 101 other ways that congressmen cheat the taxpayers we have written about them until the words Are tired Congress has produced an occasional statesman but More typical has been the limited politician with a narrow background and parochial interests his is not the ennobling Power to shape bold National policies or the awesome authority to make great decisions More characteristically. His is the Petty privilege to frustrate and delay the proposals of others to hold up the appointments recommended by the president to bargain selfishly for patronage and pork As the Price of his support for National programs he inhabits a private privileged world that is largely insulated from the outer world Capitol Hill has its own police Force its own Banks its own ways and Means. It has Barber shops and Beauty shops shops for carpentry electrical work and. To insure that congressional Bottoms Are properly cushioned upholstery shops. There Are steam Baths swimming pools and gymnasiums where overweight legislators can cavort in private the trappings and the traditions alike Are dedicated to the Comfort and convenience of the members it is a spoils system a a system contrived that is. To spoil the congressmen even the elevators marked members Only whisk the anointed to their floors leaving their constituents to struggle for space in the Public lifts. Each member is provided a suite of ornate offices Complete with carpeting panelling and leather appointments. Enthroned behind a massive desk and framed by flags he is attended by trucking subordinates. The office Walls usually Are adorned with plaques scrolls and inscribed photographs of the great All attesting to the excellence and importance of the occupant the senior members Are assigned private hideaway offices in the subterranean recesses of the Capitol building in protected isolation they can catch a Nap. Rendezvous with a pretty Secretary or simply get away from the hurly Burly Sens John Sparkman d Al and Frank Quirch i Idaho happen to trave adjoining hideaways linked by a bathroom bar which could be entered from either Side but the 76-year-old Sparkman by right of seniority outranks the 52-year-old Church so orders went out to Board up Church s Entrance and leave Sparkman with his own private toilet and boozing facilities a the Carpenter however got their directions mixed up and boarded Sparkman s Side Church did t enjoy the unexpected luxury for Long one Day. He found his new bathroom bar sealed off Sparkman had expropriated the facilities As evidence that the seniority system is still intact in the Senate. Congress also exempts itself from Many of the Laws it enacts for others the civil rights Laws work safety regulations and other strictures done to apply on Capitol Hill. The government departments. Whose appropriations come from Congress Are also eager to placate its members sen Charles Percy r Iii for instance commanded a Pentagon limousine and an army helicopter to Rush him to Dulles Airport because he was late for a plane it flew him to Denver for a skiing vacation members of Congress receive deferential and obsequious treatment from Many quarters the flattery lends to inflate them with self importance. Although outwardly they maintain a Humble pose. For the Public does t abide arrogance in elected officials some Are exemplary Public servants whose contributions will never be adequately appreciated but others Are irresponsible opportunists who slide through their careers without making any real contributions the collectivity and secrecy obscuring the unheralded dedication of the former also cover up the dereliction of the latter Only the insiders can truly Dis Capitol viewpoint to Guise tile doers from the drones. The rules and customs that prohibit one congressman from disparaging another prevent the Public from Ever sharing in this knowledge. The system is ideally constructed. Therefore for the person who regards his membership As an Avenue to special privilege and personal gain there is a code of conduct which is Seldom enforced the Only real guide is the individual s conscience the wining and dining of legislators is a major Industry in Washington Campaign contributions sometimes become almost indistinguishable from bribes in addition to the annual $44,600 salary each member can trim half a dozen congressional allowances. The stationery shops restaurants and other Capitol Hill establishments offer Only bargains All subsidized. Of course by the tax payers the minor excesses in variably Lead to larger outrages. Which Are countenanced by Congress the transgressions of morality and the Law have become All too commonplace on Capitol Hill the tragedy is that most members of Congress Are honest and honorable men who serve the nation belter perhaps than the voters deserve but in the convivial and confidential atmosphere under the Capitol dome they condone the outrages protect the perpetrators and resist reforms for our regular readers not much in this report is new we have harped on the same theme for years we raise it again because tuesday is election Day the voters can bring about a change in the ethical stun Dards of Congress by mandating a change in its membership the least that conscientious citizens should do is to demand some genuine reforms in Exchange for their votes one place where voters care by Don Oakley newspaper Enterprise Assn. There is one place where voter apathy will not be a problem on election Day. At 2 of pm november 2, almost half the three million american citizens of puerto Rico will allow themselves to be locked in school classrooms or confined in tents inside they will wait up to two hours until their names Are called in alphabetical order. Then they will sign a Register receive a Long paper ballot and go inside a curtained Booth to vote for governor legislators mayors arid councilmen. After everyone has voted they will be free to go. There is no Law that says puerto Picans hav to vote this Way except the Law of custom the unique balloting procedure has Long been a tradition on the Island Commonwealth wholesale disinterest in the political process simply does not exist among puerto Picans this year even As some forecasters predict that a minority of eligible u s. Voters will turn out on november 2. Over 80 per cent of puerto rican voters will visit the polls gathering in Masse in their precincts this kind of turnout is not considered unusual since fully 95 per cent of voting age citizens in puerto Rico Are registered to vote this is almost As High As Australia where although there is a Fine for not registering to vote registration has never exceeded 96 per cent. There Are other signs that participatory democracy is alive and Well in puerto Rico each of the four political parties has its own Flag and during the election Campaign the party flags snap and flutter Over nearly Ever House and alongside every Roadside night rallies Are Well attended events yet with All their political enthusiasm. Puerto rican voters have shown themselves to be somewhat conservative extremist actions by the new York Center fall nationalists have been universally repudiated on the Island itself the vast majority favors continued close relations with the United states either through statehood or the present Commonwealth association. Now if Only we could import some of that puerto rican political enthusiasm to the Mainland

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