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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1974, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Good afternoon Hodges was a True Friend of High Point 4a thursday october to 1974 thoughts for today so Barnabas went to Tarsus to look for Saul and when he had found him he brought him to Antioch. For a whole year they met with the Church and taught a Large company of people and in Antioch the disciples were for the first time called christians. A acts 11 25,26. A there never ten found in any age of the world either philosopher or sect or Lute or discipline which did so highly exalt the Public Good As the Christian a sir Francis Bacon English essayist. Ford s tune up president Ford has thrown a widespread but thin skinned Gauntlet Down against inflation. Coming As it does after the much pressed economic Summit meeting the presidents anti inflation proposals revealed in an address to a joint session of Congress on tuesday Are routine. Nothing was expected from the Summit meeting nothing much is offered now. The proposals do stress the pervasiveness of inflation in our society. Indeed president Ford warned that inflation can Quot destroy our country our Homes our the plan is deficient however in failing to focus clearly on the problem and what to do about it. The president seems to spread the bitter Medicine out to everyone he then Calls Forth a Public relations gimmick a a Lapel Button with the words win a whip inflation now. Neither the gesture nor the slogan is a rallying cry for the people in their economic struggle. The problem president Ford faces is political As Well As economic. He has shied away in both instances. He did not propose an increase in the Federal tax on gasoline because of the Strong reactions from Congress where the House of representatives and one third of the Senate face re election he did advocate a surcharge on taxes paid by families whose income is More than $15,000 a year. While the surcharge will also apply to corporate taxes president Ford nevertheless would place an additional Burden on Middle income americans. The political consequences May be As severe As the reaction to any increase in the gasoline tax. The political rest Veness of Middle income americans in recent years spurred the Rise of gov. George Wallace of Alabama gave president Nixon his Large Victory in 1972, and focused their concern even More on inflation and what to do about it. Obviously the presidents plan does not do enough politically. It places an added tax on the Middle income group while providing tax credits for businesses and calling for More Public work and unemployment compensation for the jobless. The political reaction shows in the objections of even Many Republican congressmen and senators to the presidents tax proposals. Other aspects of the anti inflation plans Are less controversial. The president wants to increase funds available for mortgages he Calls for stricter enforcement of the antitrust Laws he will remove acreage limitations on Rice peanuts and Cotton and he wants to conserve on Energy consumption. Concluding his speech president Ford appealed for americans to Quot grow More waste less and Quot drive less heat americans will respond to that Appeal to the degree they feel everyone is doing his share in the fight against inflation. To convince them of that remains president Ford s big Challenge. The premature verdict it seems to us most vital that the Reading Public resolve that they will avoid concluding in their own minds guilt or innocence in connection with the City a police department investigation hearings until All the evidence is in. By necessary Structure the hearings tend to present Only one Side of a subject at a time. Thus it is possible that any one Days reporting of testimony May be interpreted As with the absence of the first planned live radio reporting of All sessions ordered eliminated by the courts the Enterprise has redoubled its efforts to provide As full and accurate accounting of the testimony As is possible. The three press seats allocated to us Are being occupied from opening Gavel to evening recess. It should be remembered that the hearings procedural rules permit Cross examination Only in specific instances in projecting the news which a member of the police department is directly accused by a witness of criminal act or misconduct. Secondly the rules provide for rebuttal testimony Only at the completion of the presentation of the investigators witnesses. It is Likely nay positive that there will be subsequent testimony in direct contradiction of some of that now being heard. Enough has been said already to know that someone has to be giving the truth an awful stretching. While the Council is sitting As a fac finding body with the expressed aim to learn the truth so that proper Steps if any prove necessary can be taken the Public is inevitably sitting As a jury on a matter of obvious Public concern. We must remember the Standard admonition to juries that we listen and absorb but put aside any thought of determining if there is guilt or innocence until All the testimony has been heard. Sniping at the Cia the past two years have not been kind to the american intelligence Community in general and especially not to the Central intelligence Agency. Tainted by watergate the Cia is now taking it on the Chin for having spent $8 million to Quot destabilize a the marxist regime of Chile slate president Salvador Allende the Senate foreign relations committee immediately launched an investigation into the matter. In addition Sens. Howard h. Baker r Tenn and Lowell p. Weicker Conn have introduced legislation to establish a 14-member congressional oversight committee for ail Federal agencies with Intel Genee functions. These include not Only the Cia but also the Fri secret service defense intelligence Agency and National Security Agency. The idea of an intelligence oversight committee is hardly a new one. In an extensive Survey of the intelligence Community in 1966, a team of new York times reporters found that the Quot overwhelming consensus a of those interviewed was that Congress should not attempt to Quot control the Cia through a special committee. It was Felt such a panel Quot might become a new intelligence Empire on Capitol Hill that could exert a direct policy influence on the Cia separate from and challenging the presidents policy if the Cia did nothing but gather and evaluate intelligence it would have few critics. But the Agency also engages in Covert political operations abroad and these occasionally have brought it into disrepute. The disastrous invasion of Cuba at the Bay of pigs in 1961 is perhaps the classic example of a bungled Cia adventure. From time to time the Agency s intelligence gathering activities by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus paeans of Praise pouring Forth in Wake of the death of Luther h. Hodges come from every direction virtually every Community better for his helping Young and old even from politicians who were cold to him until he wrested Power of the governorship and handled it ably and Well in times of trouble. Few communities have As much to be thankful to Hodges for As High Point we cd Early found him exemplifying qualities of leadership and High Public service admired and respected by High pointers willing to put Strong shoulders to support of such a Leader As was Hodges. Few people Are aware of it but it was Hodges As a member of the state Highway commission in the Early 1930s who made a study of the Grade separation project Here for the commission and recommended As generous financial support As possible in those Days when Highway funds As Well As other state funds were so scarce that Little other than Ordinary Road maintenance could be supported. Governor j. C. B. Ehringhaus had just named Capus m. Waynick to the Highway Board chairmanship. Being from High Point chairman Waynick directed Hodges to investigate the project probably the most single significantly progressive improvement since the Railroad bisected the City and see if that need was what City manager Eddie Knox and City officials portrayed it to be. Hodges came Here saw the menace of those Crossings arresting Cross City traffic movement and Quick As he was to size up a problem and seek solutions concluded that with Federal and state Aid plus some help from an almost broke City and an equally financially hard pressed Southern railway there could be effected a corrective that would endure to Benefit of the Community and the Railroad. Then about the same time a Small silk Mill got into the squeeze of those depression Days and was acquired by Earl n. Phillips together with the late r. B. Terry and j. P. Rawley. But they found it Little More than a breakeven proposition and they succeeded in inducing Hodges then vice president of Marshall Field amp manufacturing division to buy it and add it to the string of Mills he ran at Leaksville Spray for the Chicago mercantile outfit. Hodges later sold it to the late j. Spencer love for Burlington industries which expanded the Mill into what is now its Hillcrest division. When Hodges became governor upon the death of the late William b. Umstead of Durham he was Quick to Call upon High Point friends for important work of his administration. Amos r. Kearns now president and treasurer of Crown hosiery Mills had been named by governor Umstead to the Board of conservation and development where he was serving As chairman of the state Parks sector a position to which Hodges reappointed him and added further responsibilities in the realms of business and Commerce areas of tremendous concern to him. But illness prevented Kearns from accompanying a % a a a / 7 j a a 9 Ripi a emf if a and now for the Good news a Washington merry go round Hodges on an Industry Hunting trip to England and Europe. However one who did make that trip was Henry t. Dowdy who accompanied Hodges and Earl n. Phillips whom Hodges had named to the state ports authority where he did a great work of development of water traffic into Morehead and Wilmington to Europe where they turned up amazing Industry potentials including Willy Korf who was to buy the National Springs company Here and make this his North american base. Dowdy steeped in Republican ideology and background became so impressed with Hodges easy straightforward and effective manner that he has been a staunch Democrat even since that conversion. Waynick whom Hodges made major general Waynick when he appointed him adjutant general of North Carolina was a mainstay of Hodges administration. The two worked splendidly together. Pavnick took Over direction of the . Development corporation a setup which strongly encouraged Industrial growth and expansion throughout North Carolina. After getting that to working smoothly Waynick was lured by the late h. Smith Richardson to come to new York City to become executive vice president of the Richardson foundation one of the larger National outfits dedicated to leadership development. But governor Hodges persuaded Waynick to come Back to Raleigh and become adjutant general a position in which the High Pointer added another remarkable chapter to an outstanding career in the Public service. After Hodges became Secretary of Commerce he called upon general Waynick to go to Buenos Aires Argentina to open a Trade fair for this country. Another High Pointer who enjoyed a close working relationship with Hodges was Jack Burris who frequently entertained him at his St. Petersburg fla., Home and who had him named honorary vice president of life Assurance company or Carolina something that caused that firm s Stock to double within Only a few Days. Forgive the personal mention but i enjoyed a pleasant relationship with Hodges across the years. I came to know him in 1935 on a Mission for the Enterprise. He visited us during our stay in Florida where we shared Mutual Friendship for the late de r. Johnson. He induced me to serve As chairman of his statewide better schools committee which we like to think Laid groundwork for the later major Advance in Public education he had me head As chairman his governors committee for the constitutional amendment which gained time for adjustments necessary to the integration of Public schools in this state. We were together at Rio de Janiero where i was his aide when he chaired the International convention of rotary. He took me with him to conferences of governors and other events for he was a delightful Host and traveler it was Ever a Joy to be with because he generally knew where he was headed and How he was to get there. He packed the House at High Point College with scads of folks standing outside in the rain to hear his commencement address then turned Over the honorarium to the schools leadership program on which he served along with or. Norman Vincent Peale Gen. William Westmoreland and other notables. He was a continuing supporter of the College Here sending a sizable gift each year. He was the kind of selfless fellow Good people liked to work with without expecting pay or other Reward because he gave so generously of himself. To High pointers who knew him and appreciated his Fine and gracious nature he exemplified the Best in government As he did in business civic and Church life and this state and its varied communities Are stronger because of the inspiration and Quality of his Public service. He was for Many of us a Contact with greatness. Cia covers up sex bugging scandal by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington the Central intelligence Agency apparently has violated the Law in an attempt to cover up an explosive sex bugging scandal involving two Cia officials. Now under the prodding of capital viewpoint the National wiretap commission the Justice department is finally digging into the Case. It was a bizarre affair from the beginning. A suspicious wife feared her Cia husband might be having a homosexual affair with a Cia Superior. She hired private detective Donald of Finger an sex police detective to investigate. Tape recordings contain dramatic evidence that the detective and his chief assistant Robert Peters provided a tiny Micro transmitter for the wife to conceal in her Home. Thereafter the two private eyes with the wife listening in also cause embarrassment As when the u-2 spy plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers was shot Down Over the soviet Union in 1960. President Ford and Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger both defended the Ciao a Covert activities in Chile As in the Best interests of that country As Well As of the United states. Others Are not so certain Quot special operations pose dangers not Only to the nations against which they Are directed but to ourselves a wrote David Wise and Thomas b. Ross in Quot the invisible government a a Book about the . Intelligence Community. Quot they raise the question of How far a free society in attempting to preserve itself can emulate a closed society without becoming indistinguishable from the Ciao a involvement in watergate tangential and reluctant though it was has raised questions about the nature of the Agency a activities within the United states. Victor Marchetti and John d Marks authors of a recent Book about the Cia believe that americans Are justified in feeling apprehensive Quot nurtured in the adversary setting of the cold War a they wrote Quot shielded by secrecy and spurred on by patriotism that views dissent As a threat to the National Security the Clandestine operatives of the Cia have the capability the resources the experience a and the inclination a to ply their skills increasingly on the Domestic the Cia s capacity to defend itself against such attacks is limited by its overriding need to operate in secret. To provide a detailed rebuttal might expose sensitive matters of National Security. Still the move for greater congressional oversight of the Cia is gathering Force and May become Taw. Did watergate teach us anything by Ray Cromley newspaper Enterprise Assn. Washington for a Short time there was Promise of a new Post watergate morality in Washington. That Hope faded fast. With some fanfare Congress has been pushing through Quot clean elections a Law so filled with loopholes exceptions and complications that it is a travesty of morality. A congressional Quot Reform Quot Bill is bogged Down in internal infighting with Little Hope it will pass this session a or next. That however is just As Well. The Bill is a thinly disguised Power grab masquerading under a pious name. The most ill Begotten attempt of ail was that of a bipartisan group of senators who under the name of consumer Protection attempted to change the language of a House consumer Protection Bill to enhance their Power and emasculate the executive Branch. This Bill was supported by some of the most prestigious men in the u. S. Senate. The senators and representatives turn deaf ears to proposals that they practice what they preach and make Public their financial holdings and business interests though they demand this and More of secretaries of defense and vice presidential nominees they re asked to confirm. They regularly refuse to compel their membership to follow the most rudimentary conflict of interest rules. That is they cling to their right to hold corporate directorships labor Union posts Law firm connections and to maintain investments in businesses with axes to grind before Congress. Members regularly vote on measures in which they have a personal financial stake. Few Are willing to put their investments in Blind trusts. A sizeable minority if not a majority regularly vote Quot yes Quot on measures which markedly assist their major Campaign donors. One Seldom hears for example of a congressman voting against the milk lobby if he has taken an important contribution from that group. New reports filed with Congress make it Clear those lobbying groups whose contributions played such a role in the watergate investigations of the 1972 elections have even More Money to spend in 1974 a and Are distributing their funds even More cynically than two years ago. The milk lobbies have $2 million available for spending this year. The political action arms of unions have something Over $5 million. A news Story recently revealed that the political action groups of the various divisions of the american medical association state and National had made Campaign contributions to almost half the House of representatives since the 1972 elections. Interestingly the list of recipients correlates closely with a roster of those voting for Ama proposals. The maritime unions have put a third of a million into the campaigns of congressmen who supported them on a major shipping Bill. These unions have another $800,000 or so More available for Friendly legislators. Where then has the torture of watergate gotten us was it Only to remove one president one vice president and a number of their henchmen is that All we have bought important As it is it is not enough Laws will not change the picture. Only publicity will. Some organization is needed to record and make Public every vote of every senator and representative and correlate those votes with each member s own financial interests and his donors interest. Then it would be dear which congressmen Are creatures of lobby groups and which Are not. Monitored the Bug from a neighbors House and from a parked car the tapes disclose. One night As Uffinger Peters and the wife were huddled around the radio Monitor in the car they heard the two Cia officials engaging in what sounded like a compromising act. The eavesdroppers according to the taped evidence immediately barged into the House with a camera. There was a scramble As one of the Cia men lunged at Peters camera. Uffinger floored the fellow with a punch to the face and the wife and two private eyes departed triumphantly with the film. The episode got Back to the Cia whose Security chief at the time Howard Osborn began a secret investigation. The two accused Cia officials whose names we have agreed to withhold for professional and medical reasons told us they informed the Cia about the Bug. Under Federal Law bugging is a crime and failure to report the crime is a prison offence. Yet the Cia made no such report according to the Fri the Justice department and the . Attorney David Hopkins who has jurisdiction Over the Case. The wife meanwhile sued for divorce and the two Cia officials were eased out of their jobs one through retirement the other through forced resignation for a time it appeared that the Cia coverup had been successful. Even court records of the divorce were mysteriously suppressed not necessarily by the Cia. But then detective Uffinger fired his assistant Peters and the veil of secrecy began to slip. The disgruntled Peters talked about the Case to businessman Richard Bast formerly Washington a most celebrated private detective who beats Peters at his own game by bugging the conversation. Because Bast was present at the bugging it should be pointed out this was not the similar violation of the Law. Peters told All about the sex bugging episode. The Cia officials Quot wife put the Bug in for said Peters. Quot it was my suggestion. He Uffinger said told her How to set it up and where to place the Bast reported the incident at once to . Attorney Hopkins. This normally would have triggered an i depth Fri investigation with massive interviews and affidavits. But Fri agent Charles Anderson satisfied himself with Little More than a statement from Peters who despite the evidence on the tapes denied he knew anything about the bugging offence. Hopkins and the Fri then dropped the Case for Lack of evidence. It May be merely a coincidence but a key figure in the bugging incident was an Fri informant. We have Learned that Uffinger the private Eye not Only had been slipping information to the Fri but had called his Fri Contact Man Washington Fri agent Charles Harvey for advice on the situation. The Case would have been killed if Bast troubled Over the coverup Hadnot taken it to the new Federal wiretap commission. This is presided Over by former army adjutant general Ken Hobson a Man of ramrod integrity who forwarded the Case to the Justice department. Assistant attorney general Henry Petersen who wanted no More coverup criticism after the watergate investigation has reopened the Case. He has ordered Hopkins to conduct a Quot four Square investigation into every aspect of the bugging and the Cia coverup

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